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The Tale of Amelia Darvill by LilyFire
Chapter 1 : 01. A Minor Setback
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A/N: Credit to starryskies55 for giving me inspiration for this story. And I welcom any CC you are willing to give. I hope you enjoy this story :)

She twisted the hair band into a final loop around the blonde braid. She sighed into the mirror and ruffled her fringe. This would be the day she talked to him.

Albus Potter, the slightly strange boy next door who went to a private boarding school most of the year, was back now that it was summer vacation. And she was positive she would finally make first contact.  Yes, today would be that day.

Blue jean shorts and black tank top on, she smiled. She looked good. She looked for her cell phone-maybe she could get his number and they could stay in touch while he was gone, after they bonded over the summer.

That is, if she could find her phone. She had no clue where she put the blasted thing. It wasn't under the pjs from the night before, or on the bed or in her bag…then she heard it ringing. Under the bed, of course.

She checked to see what had made it ring, to see she had set a calendar reminder that this summer was the summer she would get Albus Potter. This wouldn't be easy. For one, she had to actually talk to him, and another, he had to realize she existed. Yes, Albus Potter would know Amelia Darvill by the end of summer, if it was the last thing she did.

Phone in hand, she ran down the hall and into the kitchen where her mother was just placing breakfast on the table. "Looks great, Mom," she said as she took plates out of the cabinet. "I'll finish setting while you get everyone else."

She had just finished placing the six places around the table when everyone trudged down. She smiled at her youngest sister, Astrid, who was sleepily rubbing her eyes. "It's nearly ten, wake up," she said with a playful nudge of the nine year old.

"Blue berry pancakes!" she said excitedly, ignoring Amelia altogether. "I love them!" Everyone sat down and began eating, everyone chatting excitedly. Amelia's older sister, Hayley, was telling everyone about her summer plans while the second youngest, Gwen, looked up in awe of Hayley. Gwen almost idolized their oldest sister. Their mum and dad just sat and listened while they ate, since they had to go to work soon.

As soon as breakfast was over, Hayley left to spend the day with friends at the mall and drop Gwen off at a friend's house on the way.

"What's Astrid doing today?" Amelia asked.

"We were hoping you would watch her," their mum, Hazel, said as she walked out the door, not giving Amelia time to protest. How would she impress Albus with her kid sister around?

She just sat around and watched television with Astrid all morning, which the young girl was fine with. After making them both egg salad sandwiches for lunch, she decided it was time to put plan Albus to work.

She told Astrid they would go out and play, and since she didn't see Albus out, they did for a short while. Then he came out of his house…with a girl she had never seen before.

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The Tale of Amelia Darvill: 01. A Minor Setback


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