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Never Quite Lost by marauder lady
Chapter 15 : Musical Influences
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It's JKR's 

Chapter 15

Later that evening, after Francesca had opened a couple of her Christmas presents and all the dinner stuff had been washed up and put away, she sat with her parents in the lounge.  Terese and Sirius were on the sofa, Terese was lying on it with her legs draped over his and Colin the Cat stretched out on her lap.  Francesca was curled up in the armchair, happily browsing through some magazines her mother had saved for her. 

“Mum. Put some music on!” she said lazily.  Terese opened one eye and looked at her daughter. 

“You know where the CD player is!”

“The what?” Sirius asked.  He’d been used to using vinyl to listen to muggle music before he’d gone to Azkaban but he had no idea what his wife and daughter were talking about.

“CDs.  They’re like small records with muggle music on.” Terese explained.  Before they could say anymore, the fire suddenly flashed green.  Sirius apparated without another word and Terese grabbed her wand instinctively.  A minute later Harry rolled out of the fire place, grinning.  Terese grinned back and pulled him to her in a hug.

“Harry! You said you needed to work on your clue…”

“I changed my mind. Is that ok?”

“Of course it is sweetheart.  I was thinking of making turkey sandwiches soon.”

“Don’t lie mum!” Francesca teased.  “You said you couldn’t eat for at least another four hours.” Terese put an arm around her daughter.

“You’re a little Madam, Francesca Jones!” she teased back.

“Where’s Sirius?” Harry asked. 

“He apparated away… hopefully not too far.” Terese told him. “SIRIUS!”  She shouted.  There was a pop as he appeared back in the lounge. 

“You hollered, Babe?” he said grinning at his daughter and his godson.  “Alright, Harry?” he asked.

“Yeah, not bad.” Harry replied, settling down on the sofa while Terese bustled around getting him a drink and some food.

“Typical.  You get fussed over!” Francesca exclaimed jokily.  Terese put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders and shook her lightly.

“Cheeky” she said, before waving her wand and making a load of turkey sandwiches appear on the coffee table, along with a pitcher of hot butterbeer and a pot of tea.

“So show me some of these dc’s then.” Sirius said, returning to the previous conversation.

“It’s CD’s!” Francesca told him, laughing, as she and Harry showed him how to use the CD player.  Terese looked on smiling, as he always got excited over anything like this.  Francesca pulled out the CD Terese had got her for Christmas and put it on.  After listening to PJ and Duncan’s “Let’s get Ready to Rhumble”, Harry changed it (looking disgusted) to Blurs’ Parklife.  Once that had finished Francesca flicked it to “Trouble” by Shampoo.  Once that had finished, Harry immediately changed it to Warren G’s “Regulate”.

As Francesca started dancing around to Whigfield’s “Saturday Night”, Sirius decided to intervene.  He rifled through a pile of CD’s that obviously belonged to Terese.  A minute later, the Rolling Stone’s “It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll” filled the room.  Terese grinned as the two of them immediately started air guitaring, as Francesca looked at her mother in shocked amazement at her uncharacteristic behaviour. 

Sirius jumped up and pulled Terese up into his arms, dancing her around the room.  For the few minutes the song lasted, Terese felt like she was a seventeen again, dancing around the common room with Sirius, Remus, Athena, Peter, James and Lily when everyone had gone to bed.  When the song finished, Sirius twirled Terese back to her seat on the sofa.  Terese laughed.

“I didn’t think I’d remember how to do that!” Sirius said, sitting on the floor at her feet, helping himself to butterbeer.

“I should’ve known you’d like Mum’s old people music!” Francesca said, making Harry chuckle.  Sirius grinned at his daughter.  He remembered Terese and James saying similar things to James’ parents whenever they had their music playing.

“You… are too like your parents young lady!” he teased.  He went back over to the CD player and put in another disc.  “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple started playing.  Francesca frowned.  “We need to continue your education!” he said to both of them. 

They sat for another couple of hours, arguing companionably over the cd’s, making it feel like a proper family Christmas.  At one point Sirius out on “These arms of mine” by Otis Redding, which brought back so many memories for Terese that she had to go into the kitchen under the pretext of clearing up so that no one would see the tears in her eyes.

After a little while, Harry said, regretfully, that he had to go back to Hogwarts.  Terese had obviously told him he could stay but he said he had things to do before the Yule Ball on Christmas day.

After he had gone, Terese dozed off on the sofa, while Sirius and Francesca finished off the Butterbeer and turkey sandwiches.  It was the closest Francesca had ever been to having time alone with her father. 

“Have you enjoyed your early Christmas?” he asked her. 

“Yeah, it’s been good.”  She said.  “I’ve never seen mum like that before.  She’s never usually that… relaxed.”

“It’s not been easy for her, Cesca.”  He said softly.

“I know.  She’s just… different now. Although she did get a bit upset at some of the songs.”

“I think they reminded her of James.”

“She misses him.” Francesca stated.

“She does. You know they grew up together?”

“Yeah.  And she lived with him after her family died”

“He was like a brother to her.  And to me.”

“She’s never really talked about him before… I suppose she was trying to protect me.”

“She was.  Everything she’s done since she found out she was pregnant has been to protect you.”

“I just wish I’d known about you…”

“No, Sweetheart. You don’t. You would have thought you were the daughter of a convicted, psychotic mass murderer.  And there’s no way I would have had you to visit me in Azkaban.”

“But I didn’t know you for 12 years…” she began.

“I know sweetheart.  And I’m sorry for that.  I should have tried to fight… but I thought for a long time you’d be better off without me.” Sirius said, quietly. 

“Why?”  before he could answer, Terese stirred, slowly sitting up. 

“I must’ve dozed off…” she yawned looking at her watch.  “It’s late, Cesca.” She said.

“I know Mum.” Francesca replied.  “Can I just have a hot chocolate.”

“Of course you can Sweetheart.  Sirius, hot chocolate?”

“Please Babe” he said, smiling at her.  Francesca watched him watch Terese walk out into the kitchen.

“Dad?”  Sirius looked at her, surprised.  She hadn’t called him that before.  “Did you come back for Me and Harry, or for Mum?”

“I came back for my family, sweetheart.” He said.


Ok, so it's been ages since I posted anything, but finally worked this chapter out.  Enjoy x




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Never Quite Lost: Musical Influences


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