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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 27 : The End of an Era
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"Can you believe you're getting married tomorrow?" Ron laughed, a grin on his face, as he and Harry looked themselves up and down in the floor length mirror, checking to make sure their tuxedos were perfectly fitted.

Fleur already considered Harry part of the family, and had made it quite clear that anything 'less zeen perfect' was not to be accepted. In her eyes, if the outfits were sloppy, so would the be the rest of their married lives. It was an out there theory, but Harry didn't want to make his future sister-in-law upset over something so mild.

Harry shook his head, a lop sided grin on his face, "The day's tomorrow and I still can't believe it."

"You ready?"

Harry took a deep breath, "Yeah. It's going to be a weird transition, but Gin and I are in some ways already like a married couple shouldn't be too weird."

"Right," Ron said, not knowing how else to reply. Given that his best friend was getting married to his little sister, it's not like they could talk about some of the stuff they would had he been marrying someone else.

An adult or not, Ginny was still his baby sister. Knowing on an unspoken level what surely went on with her and Harry behind closed doors was one thing, but him hearing about it first hand was another.

Completely. Inappropriate.

"I hear your cousin Dudley and that wife of his are invited. Dunno why you bothered though, it's not like that muggle is gonna show his face here."

"He's coming," Harry said bluntly, laughing when Ron's face made an expression that made him look completely dumbstruck and frankly quite stupid, "Yeah, I got the reply a couple weeks ago. I didn't tell you?"

"No, I think you some how left out that little detail!"

"Well, don't get your knickers in a twist Ronald," Harry said with a loud laugh, attempting an impersonation of Mrs. Weasley and failing miserably, "You know now!"

"Whatever," Ron laughed, "Now let's get out of these tuxes, I'm hungry and if we do anything to these tuxes, Fleur will have our heads."



Ginny threw herself on to her four poster bed the same way she'd done a million and twelve times before, having to smirk at herself when the bed groaned slightly at the feel of her weight being placed so violently on it.

She looked around the room, noting the Holyhead Harpies posters that decorated the room. It seemed like just yesterday her dad had taken her to her very first Harpies quidditch match now, although she had yet to tell Harry the good news. She had just gotten an owl that she had been moved through the preliminary trial for the new season team, and was in the top ten to be on the team.

Looking around, a particular picture caught her eye, it was old, the edges were frayed from where she'd held it so much and it wasn't nearly as bright as before. She picked up the picture, if you held it one way, it was an image that Colin Creevey had not-so-secretly taken of her and Harry the first time he'd seen her since she'd sent 'The Valentine's Card'. It was an awkward image; neither of them were too comfortable around each other. If you held in another way, it was a picture of her and Harry on the night that they told her parents of their engagement.

She smiled, the memories flooding back to her. She stared at the picture for several moments until a knock came from the wooden door, and Mrs. Weasley shuffled inside, her face blotchy and red.

"Oh, Ginny," Mrs. Weasley sniffed as she saw her only daughter on her bed, "I can't believe this is the last night you'll ever sleep here."

Ginny got up from where she was reading to stand with her nearly sobbing mother, "Mum, I'm always going to be just a floo away."

"I know, sweetie," Mrs. Weasley sniffed, "It's just that, it seems like yesterday I was holding my baby girl in my arms and now she's about to be leaving."

"I'll always be your baby girl, Mum." Ginny sighed, "Besides, you love Harry."

This brought a smile to Mrs. Weasley's face, "That I do. He's a good lad. He'll be an excellent husband, I'm sure, and an extraordinary father when the time comes."

"I know he will. You don't have to doubt Harry. What you see really is what you get," Ginny laughed.

Mrs. Weasley let a smile spread across her face, "I know dear, and I am happy as long as you're happy. Now, let's go, we've got your last check dress fitting in a half hour."

The women disapparated from the burrow to the dress shop where an ancient Madam Malkins was waiting with Ginny's dress clutched in her frail hands

All of a sudden Ginny found her stomach full of butterflies like she hadn't felt in a long time. Those innocent, pure, young love butterflies that she thought you could only get with your first real relationship. They fluttered in her stomach. In less than twenty four hours she would be Ginevra Molly Potter. Mrs. Potter.

"You ready?" Madame Malkin asked, a polite smile on her wrinkled, but with beauty, face. She had obviously seen many young women in the same situation before and was used to the jitters Ginny was feeling.

Ginny looked to her mom, whose kind smile was comforting, then back to Madame Malkin, "Ready."

She was handed the dress, excitement flooding through her.

"Now, I'd like you to go right back there, behind that curtain is the fitting room." Madame Malkin directed, "I just need to have a word with your mother and I'll be there momentarily."

Ginny did as she was told, a smile on her face.

Madam Malkin turned to a tear filled Mrs. Weasley, "Strange sight?"

Molly gulped, "It seems like just yesterday that was me."

The tone of her voice sounded far off; distant.

"Time goes too quickly," Madame Malkins smiled to herself, "I myself remember the time when that was me. Given the time period I was a mere two years younger, but I still remember the day quite clearly. My mum could barely hold herself together it seemed."

"That's my baby with a wedding dress in her hand. It seems like yesterday she was gripping her first bottle." Molly brushed back a tear that had escaped her eyelashes.

"Your daughter will soon understand. Time will pass by quickly and in the blink of an eye she'll be in your shoes, watching her daughter do the same thing."

Before another word was spoken between the two a nervous sounding Ginny's voice broke out, "I'm ready."

"Can you handle this mom?" Madame Malkins asked with an easy smile.

Mrs. Weasley grinned, "Would I honestly miss this occasion?"

They two ladies headed back to where they'd directed Ginny, but each stopped in the tracks when they saw her in her dress.

Madame Malkins gasped and Mrs. Weasley started crying, full on crying.

"Mum," Ginny whispered, "It looks...alright, right?"

Mrs. Weasley nodded fiercely, "It...looks....beautiful," she sniffed.

"Thanks Mum," Ginny whispered before turning back towards the mirror. If she kept staring at her mom crying, she'd start crying to, which was not something she wanted to be doing.

"So, are you ready for tomorrow?"

"I know you're nervous about me getting married Mum," Ginny said, "But, I am beyond ready to be married to Harry. I love him, Mum."

"I know that you do sweetheart, I'm not doubting that. You know I care for Harry as if he was my own boy, I'm just not sure you know what you're getting in to. Being married is a big commitment, Gin, it's not like playing house."

"I know that, Mum," Ginny said with a slight rolling of the eyes, "But Harry and I are fully prepared. We want to be married."

"I know you think that sweetheart, but is there a reason to marry so young? You're only twenty, my dear."

"I'll be twenty one soon." Ginny said, point blank, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, dear, I know. I just want to make sure your getting married for the right reasons. I mean there isn't another reason you're getting married, is there?" Suddenly, an idea struck Mrs. Weasley and before her brain could tell her mouth not to speak, it was too late, "GINEVRA, YOU ARE NOT PREGNANT ARE YOU?"

The question was so loud, a few shoppers froze in their tracks. Seeing as this was obviously a private manner and she had other customers to tend to anyway, Madame Malkins excused her self politely to leave the duo alone.

It wasn't that Mrs. Weasley didn't want more grandchildren. but she was not one that promoted sex before marriage. In fact, she was quite opposed to it. Abstinence, in her eyes, was what you were supposed to do until a ring met a finger.

Ginny rounded on her mother, "Are you trying to say I look fat?"

"Ginevra, answer the question! I really don't know why I didn't think of this before hand! You've been so moody, face it dear, you have been a bit bloated and to top it all off you turned down your favorite breakfast this morning! Ginny, are you going to be a mum?"

"Bloated?" Ginny hissed, her overwhelming happiness gone.

"Yes dear. Bloated."

"Well, I've been a tad bit busy recently, mum!"

"That's why we're having this conversation!" Mrs. Weasley argued, "Because you've been a bit busy!"

Ginny wanted to throw up.


"Mum!" There had to be some law that said mothers couldn't discuss these things with their daughters, "I'm not pregnant!"

Mrs. Weasley cocked an eyebrow, "Don't you lie to me, young lady!"

Ginny spun around to face her mother, tears in her eyes, "I'm not lying to you, Mum. I. am. not. pregnant."

Mrs. Weasley knew something was troubling her daughter.

"Gin," Mrs. Weasley sighed as Ginny seated herself on the floor, "is there something you need to tell me?"

Ginny wasn't sure whether telling was the right thing to do or not. After all, Harry was the only other person who knew. She was torn, tell or leave it between her and Harry?"

Ginny looked at her mum and nodded.

The anger from moments before had passed, "C'mon dear. Let's go get a spot to eat, any place of your choosing and we can talk. The dress obviously fits anyhow. Would that be alright?"

Ginny smiled, "Perfect."

"I'm sorry for accusing you, dear. I really shouldn't have gotten so worked up. Even if you were pregnant, I'd be just as happy as I was when Fleur and Bill made their announcement that Victoire was on her way."


"Honest." Mrs. Weasley clarified.

"Thanks, Mum." Ginny said, hugging her mom around the waist. "And don't worry, I'm not pregnant. But, me and Harry know what we're getting ourselves in to. We can handle this, I promise."

"I know you can dear. If ever was a perfect couple, it would have to be yourself and Harry."

"Harry is pretty great, huh?" Ginny asked, her smile starting to return, although her eyes still were slightly bothered.

"The best." Molly agreed, "Now, let's go eat. This is honestly going to be the last time we eat together before you're a married women. Until tomorrow morning, you're still my baby girl."


A/N I sincerely apologize for the addition of another filler. It was necessary, but I swear the wedding part 1 is next!! :D

Well, thanks again for all the loyalty, I truly love you guys so much! And thanks again to my amazing Beta, EverMalfoy (EverDiggory), it means a lot :D

Well, anyone want a preview? ;)


Hermione burst through the heavy wooden door where Ginny was giving herself a final once over in the floor length mirror.

Hermione's nerves of something going wrong quickly subsided, "Oh, Gin," she gasped, her heart soaring with utter joy for her friend.

Ginny smiled, "So, it's alright?"

Hermione nodded, already sniffing, "You look amazing."

"Thanks, 'Mione." Ginny smiled before taking a deep breath, "You do too."

Hermione smiled, but then her mind drifted back to where it was when she site her destination on the room, "They're ready for you." She whispered, "Your Dad is...for the moment, mentally prepared and ready to escort you."

Ginny couldn't help but giggle at her friend's word choice, "Well...I guess I'm ready. This is it; I'm about to be married."

Don't worry, the vows will be in the Part 1, Part 2 is the reception, I'm not going to cliffie anyone! Promise! :D

Well, I'd love a message in the box below! :) *Wink* - *Wink* :D


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