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Susie Q, Where Are You? by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 15 : 15. Ray of Sunlight
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Chapter 15: Ray of Sunlight

"Breathe in through your nose, ladies, and out through the mouth! Fee-eel the positive energy fill your lungs as

you inhale, MMmmmMMMMMmmm, and fee-eel the bad go out!"

"I'll tell her where she can fee-eel what kind of power," I muttered, as I sweated like a pig, while huffing and

puffing on my all fours.

Em, on the other hand, looked as gracious as always. It was our first time at the Perfect Birth class - which I actually

agreed to go to, since I was bored out of my wits, and Em got on my nerves - and we were by far the least psycho


If you don't count the fact that the rest of them thought we were lesbian lovers, and were scared we would 'infect'

them, I mean. I have never been left so speechless, when thye wnated to know our relationship. Luckily, Em saved the

situation by saying my 'husband' was a very busy man.

"Fee-eel the marbles under your palms, ladies!"

"I'll tell her where she can shove her marbles," I huffed, as I clutched the marbles.

Apparently, they were supposed to relieve the pain and make you calm - so far, it had no effect.

"Kadhiroli is a well-respected and wise birth instructor!" Em hissed, as she flung her hair away from her face. "She has

been mentioned in several articles - I researched!"

If physically possible, I would roll my eyes.

"I'm in so much pain right now," I said through gritted teeth, just as a pair of flip-flops appeared next to me. "That I

cannot even think of a comeback!"

"Pain, young one?" Kadhiroli - which she said meant 'brilliant like a ray of sunlight', but we could just call her Kadhi -

said, suddenly kneeling right in front of me.

"Well, no, I--"

Before I knew it, she had pressed her palms on my shoulders, and squeezed so hard that I let out a small cry of pain.

Before I could smack her, she had already let go, and was back on her feet. I sat up, rubbing my shoulders, as I glared

at her angrily. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!?"

"You're no longer in pain, are you?" she said calmly, her grey eyes sparkling.

"What, by creating more pain!?" I hissed, while Em slowly rubbed my shoulders.

"Shush!" she said, staring admiringly at Kadhi, who circled the small group of equally exhausted and messy looking fat,

sweaty pregnant ladies.

"It is an ancient method to remove pain. Monks used it when they were being tortured in the old days. This is another

option for a natural birth without having to reach out for those dreadful spells and potions the Healers will offer you."

Kadhi was a tiny thing. She wasn't much taller than me, and even skinnier - had I not been pregnant, I mean. Her raven

black hair was tied in a loose plaid down her back. At first, I thought her colourful clothes would give me some kind of

seizure, but it was her annoyingly slow and gentle voice that drove me crazy. I kept leaning forward, almost waiting for

the next words to come out - the introduction alone was very painful.

Kadhi looked around the group of suddenly frightful women, all of them eyeing their husbands in alarm. "Is there

anyone else in pain?"

I felt betrayed. hadn't we all taken an oath at the beginning of the class to 'share the experience' and 'the feelings'?

Didn't that include sharing the pain, too?

So much for chivalry.

"So," Em said, as we mimicked the next position; Em leaning against my back, and stretching my arms back. "Have

you talked to your dad lately?"

I grimaced. "He's not my dad," I said. "Biologically, yes, but he didn't raise me. My real dad is dead."

"I know, I know, I know," Em sighed. She pulled my arms harder, and I grimaced again. "But it's been what? Two


"Three," I said, trying to match Em's strength.

"What are you planning to do?"

"Destroy him," I said, trying to shrug. "I just don't know how."

"I cannot believe you resigned," she muttered. "It was such a nice job you had!"

"Really?" I said, rolling my eyes. "Because I found it really bothersome."

"You could've handed it to me!" Em pointed out.

"Less talking, more zen, girls!" Kadhi's surprisingly stern voice chirped.

I glared in her general direction, before looking away. "She has zen in her arse..."

"Susie!" Em giggled, but her giggling was cut short. "Um, Susie?"

"What?" I said, pulling away. I followed her frozen stare, and saw a familiar person stand in the doorway to the giant

gym. I gaped, just as Em squinted to see better. "Is that--" I began, just as Em gasped.

"Is that your sister!?"

And it bloody well was; Sienna was here.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

Em never really liked my sister - probably because their personalities collide too much, and partly because Em has

always been terrifies of Sienna.

And to be honest, now I can see why. The look on Sienna's face, when I got up - with great difficulties and much help

from Em - her eyes zoomed in on my bump, and stayed glued there until I reached her. Her perfectly manicured fingers

clutched a giftbag, while her designer bag was flung over her shoulder. I noticed how tan she was - had she gone on a

vacation with Ali and the girls? - and how weird her blue eyes looked compared to the tan. Her dark hair - as long as

elegant as ever - was pulled in a tight bun. Neither of had said a word since we had sat down at one of the tables in the

cafeteria. If I had known she would come to visit, I would've tried to look more graceful, and probably not arrange our

meeting in a hospital.

"How are the girls and Ali?" I asked suddenly, sipping my water.

"They're fine," Sienna said stiffly, her eyes darting once more to my bump. "Missing their favourite aunt."

"I'm their only aunt," I pointed out.

Sienna smiled. "I've missed you, Susie," she said, her lips suddenly trembling. Awkwardly, I gave her hand a pat over

the table, before pulling away. "What's going on?"

I knew at once what she meant. I gave the bump a gentle pat, before meeting Sienna's eyes. "I'm pregnant!" I said,

trying to sound cheerful. "S-surprise...?" I tried, before Sienna burst into tears.

I looked around in panic, as my own sister sobbed hysterically. People turned around in their seats to stare at us -

some Healers even stopped to give us looks of utter concern. I grabbed Sienna's hand, and dragged her away form the

table, scanning my surroundings for a more private spot.

I decided to take over the storage room.

After shoving Sienna in it, I followed right behind, and closed the door. With a single gesture, I had pulled out my

wand, and muttered 'Lumos', and glared at Sienna. "What's wrong with you!? It's not like I'm going to die!"

But nothing could possibly calm her down; there she stood, wailing like a little kid.'

"Sienna," I pleaded, grabbing her shoulders and giving her a small shake. "Why are you here?"

That made her stop crying. Instead, she peered at me in the little light we had, and gulped. "I was worried... mama...

m-mama has been acting weird ever since you left, things are really different, and Sirius--"

I blinked, and watched Sienna suddenly fall silent. "What about Sirius?" I said slowly, feeling the familiar pang of pain

hit me like a bullet.

"He's..." Sienna said, shaking her head. "I don't know."

"You don't know," I began, letting go of her shoulders. "Or you don't want to tell me?"

Sienna glanced at my bump again, before pursing her lips. "I don't know."

I stared at her for a moment, before bolting through the door. Sienna followed right behind me, as I stormed down the


"Susie, where are you going?" she called, trying to keep up with me.

"I'm going to see Sirius," I announced, as I reached the doors out of St. Mungo's.

"NO! WAIT!" Sienna said, and reached out to grab my hand.

I shoved her hand away, just as Em wheeled out, holding a giant teddybear. I glanced at the bear over Sienna's

shoulder, and noticed the word 'MOM' printed on the bear's belly. I turned my gaze back to Sienna, and stared her


"Give me one reason not to," I said through gritted teeth.

When she gave none, I turned around, ready to Disapparate.

"NO! DON'T!" Sienna shrieked, and grabbed me at the last minute.

I looked over my shoulder just in time to see Em throw aside the teddybear, and grab a hold of Sienna's bag.

And then the three of us Apparated to London...

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~


I looked up from the ground, as I slowly got up. Em was quickly beside me, checking if I was hurt. She helped me up

on my feet, never letting go of me.

"Are you hurt?" she asked, trying to get my attention.

"What did you expect me to do, huh!?" I shot at Sienna, as she brushed herself off. "Just go on with my perfectly fine

life as before? What's - wrong - with - Sirius!?"

I felt Em's grip loosen, as she stared at me in shock. "That's why you did that?" she whispered.

"Do you understand how reckless that was!?" Sienna boomed, suddenly right in my face. "Apparating such a long

distance in your current state is not only dangerous for you, but for your unborn child as well! Ask any Healer - you

know it's true, Susie! I know you take risks, but I never thought you'd go this far!"

"DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I'M LIKE, SIENNA!" I roared back at her, until she backed out of my face. I started

walking down the familiar alley, looking curiously around. It hadn't changed at all, I noticed. As I reached the main

street, I was aware of the pair following me quietly. I looked around, feeling a smile tug at the corners of my lips.

I was home.

I took a step in the sunlight that peeked through the clouds, and to my great surprise, saw another familiar person just

leave a shop across the street.

It was him, right there, across the street; Sirius Black.

No doubt about it - it really was Sirius Black. His hair was a little longer than I remembered. He had the same scarf I

had seen him wear that one winter - I hadn't seen that scarf since then. He hadn't shaved - I could tell, even if I stood

across the street. I took an eager step forward, but stopped dead in my tracks, as a beautiful woman followed after

him from the shop, and threw her arm casually around his shoulders. I watched them in silence, as they walked down

the street, together.

"He's..." I whispered, feeling tears sting my eyes. A car honked loudly, and I took a step back. Sirius automatically

turned around to look towards the sound, and for a short second, our eyes met. I blinked, and when I looked towards

him again, he had already looked elsewhere. "He's... happy..."

I knew how childish and unfair my comment was - of course I had wished him to be happy, but I hadn't expected him

to get over me so fast. The way I had left him had been wrong and unfair - but if he had really loved me, would he have

been able to get over me so fast?

And if I really wished for his happiness, why did it still hurt me so fucking much to see him with another woman?

"Come on, hun," Em whispered, leading me away from the street. "Let's... let's go home."

I nodded once, letting her lead me away.

He was over me.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

A/N: I wish I could update mnore often, I really do :( Anyway, I hope the small guest-appearance of Sirius made someone happy, even if it was ridiculously minor! :P
- Lily xxx

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