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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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 Like promised I'm trying to gbet as much posted asap :)



I awoke the next morning feeling the most refreshed I had in a while, the sunlight bounced in from the open drapes.

I pulled myself out of bed and headed over to the wardrobe and pulled on my clean clothes for the day and turned round to the dresser mirror and pulled a face at my giant frizzy hair, this is why I should never go to bed with wet hair.

I spent a considerable amount of time applying my makeup and running my straighteners through my hair until I was finally read for the day ahead.


I looked at my reflection with a smile, my dark red hair fell down my back in a perfect sleek sheet and my make up was perfect. I was equally just as impressed with the clothes I'd chosen, I kept it casual with some faded skinny jeans and a red low cut logo shirt showing off my ample cleavage, now I was fully aware I put this shirt on on purpose I wouldn't deny it, I liked the attention I'd been receiving lately.


I headed out of the bedroom picking up my black school bag as I went and made my way down towards the living room where Malfoy was curled up on the sofa still dressed from the night before.


I stood in the doorway watching him sleep, watching his chest rise and fall gently, he looked so innocent with his Blondie hair falling gracefully. He looked so handsome you would never think watching him now that this was the boy that made my life and many others hell for the last 7 and a half years.


I wandered towards the kitchen to find something for breakfast, but there really was nothing left to eat, we would have to go and have breakfast out and then go shopping.


"Morning" croaked a tired voice making me jump


"You have got to stop doing that Malfoy" I sighed as he entered the room rubbing his sleepy silver eyes


"Doing what" he yawned and stretched, my eyes lingering over his muscular chest as the white shirt was stretched over the muscles


"Sneaking up on me" I replied shaking my eyes away


"What's for breakfast then Harris" he said lazily as he lent against the counter opposite me


"Nothing" I replied bluntly, Malfoy furrowed his brow


"Sounds tasty" he said sarcastically


"We need to go out and get something and then get the shopping, we're really out of food" I said turning away


"Fine, I'll go shower and get ready" said Malfoy yawning again


Without another word he lefty the room, I hadn't noticed but the entire time he'd been there my heart was beating very fast and I felt a twinge in my stomach, there was something about him lately that was really getting to me.


I made my way to the living room putting the bank card Barnes had given us into my bag and sat down on one of the sofas to wait for Malfoy.


After half an hour I heard his footsteps coming down the wooden stairs, I turned to see him leaning against the door frame in a carefree way.

Once again he looked stupidly amazing, the jeans and v-neck tee shirt look really suited him, today he was sporting a black shirt, his hair was wet and tousled and he smelt amazing.

For a moment I felt my eyes just staring him up and down, part of me wanted to jump up and ravish him, I swiftly shook that idea away.


"Ready?" I asked feeling my cheeks blush


"How do you propose we get to a supermarket?" he questioned bluntly


"Uh" I muttered standing up "We could drive?" I suggested looking out to the nice looking black car in the drive


"Drive? you have got to be joking Harris" sneered Malfoy as I walked passed him to the front door 


"Driving isn't that bad" I said frowning


Malfoy walked out the living room towards me, I stood at the front door and just as I expected the car keys and door keys were hanging on a hook by the door, I swiftly scooped the keys up.


"Come on" I ordered, Malfoy slowly walked towards me.


I opened the door and he walked outside brushing passed me sending butterflies through my body, I ignored the feeling and closed the door behind us and locked it.


I watched Malfoy strut over to the car looking the epitome of perfection, why was I thinking of him like this? it isn't right, he is just a stuck up arrogant toe rag and nothing more.


"Hurry up" he hissed at he lent on the passenger side door


"I'm driving then?" I smirked, clearly I would be driving, my mum forced me to do my driving test the second I returned from Hogwarts when I was 17 and luckily I passed first time


"Well I can't drive, I've never even been in one of these before" he said frowning.


"I hardly doubt I'd trust you, you'd more than likely drive us straight into the house and kill us" I said with a grin, Malfoy smiled back to me.


"More than likely" he said with a small genuine laugh, my eyes widened in shock to actually see him smile and laugh at something I'd said his pale face turned a shade of pink and he turned away.


I went round to the drivers side and hopped in closing the door then doing my belt up and setting the chair in position.

Malfoy waited a moment then got in and closed the door behind him, his eyes scanned over all the switches buttons and knobs in the car an almost scared look fell across his face.


"Do your belt up" I ordered, Malfoy looked to me and my belt then fumbled to do his own up.


"And this is all safe?" he muttered, I nodded 

"Can you even drive?" he questioned raising an eyebrow


"Of course I bloody can, I took my test at 17" I replied without thinking


"Why would a witch need to drive?" he asked eyeing me curiously


"So I could spend time with my cousin" I lied quickly

"Anyway enough questions I'm starved lets go" I muttered changing the subject.


I pushed the key into the ignition and turned the car on, placing the car in 1st gear and gently pushing my foot on the accelerator and we were off.


Malfoy held onto his eat as we began to move, he curiously watched as I changed gears and drove off down the street.



R&R and all that jazz :)


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