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Not Just Another Love Story by kira lovegood
Chapter 4 : Changing winds
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Hey! Thanks to all my lovely reviewers! You guys are AMAZING!!

So, erm.. I hope you guys like this chapter!

Disclaimer -
I do not own HP. JKR does :P


Seventh Year Woes


Dear Draco,

The manor is utterly empty and I feel like a helpless woman in this place. Your letters are the only rays of light that keep me going through these darker days. And over chrismas, I plan on shifting to the Black Mansion, my ancestral home. So many painful memories here! Mr. Ollivander visited me a few days ago, Molly and Arthur, the order were kind enough. Do not worry about me, honey. However I'll be delighted to have you, Blaise, Pansy and other friends here for chrismas. I wonder how you are doing in your school. We, Malfoys are now being humilated and looked down by everyone. But this won't last forever, son. Your father was never a true Malfoy. Remember your uncle Rudolf, he was a generous man, brave and kind. I want you to be just as brave as him. I want you to show the world what a true Malfoy can do. You are now free to lead your life in a right way. And I will always be by your side.Stay safe from the death- eaters. Take care, son. I'll always love you.


- Narsicca Malfoy

Draco brushed off the tears that threatened to leak from his eyes. True, these were the darker days of their lives. He snorted. He was her only ray of light? What should he do to keep her safe and happy? He remembered how his mother had narrated the adventures of his deceased uncle, how she wished he was brave, kind, like him.  Rudolf Malfoy, the ex- death eater who was the first man to plot against the Dark Lord, the man who dreamed of freeing the Malfoys from the clutches of the dark wizard, but in vain. He was stubborn, witty yet had a compassion towards the half bloods and even muggleborns. He had been their inspiration.

 Draco always wanted to be like him. But, he was scared, there was nothing he could do. He had to follow the dark lord. He tucked the letter into his pocket and sighed.

"You okay, mate ?"

He glanced up from his spot to meet the eyes of his best friend.

"Yeah, " Draco smiled, "its just.. mother is feeling a bit lonely and I promised I'll write her everyday."

Blaise nodded,  " well, you don't want to be late for transfiguration. Right?"


Together, they walked out of the owlery.

"So how did the patrol go? I bet that Loon drove you crazy, huh?" Blaise asked as they stepped into Mc. Gonagall ' s classroom.

"Oh, yes. But it wasn't that bad. We worked in silence."

Blaise raised a brow, "really?"

Draco smirked. He had spent nearly two hours with the crazy girl that day, only to know that she wasn't as loony as everybody thought.

"Yeah.. She's with me in runes and she's not that dumb. I guess, we can manage!"  Draco flashed a grin, "besides, we don't have a reason to dislike Potter or his friends right?"

"Oh Merlin! The next thing you'll do is to befriend the house- elf lover ! You aren't going to go out with Hermione Granger! Are you?"

Draco laughed, "Oh my! No.. Relax, I don't plan on that. But, we can be civil, if that's what you're suggesting. Also, I can see, you're already being nice to her. What about Rose hmm?"

"Drake! Rose is a muggleborn too! And she's my friend! You've said it yourself, you wanted to be a person you always wanted to be! Its the same case with me! I don't want to hex Granger just because she's a mud- muggleborn!"

Draco smiled and patted his back. They were casually sitting on  the desk in their class when they heard a loud thud.

"What is that?" Blaise stood up at once, his eyes scanning the surroundings.

"We'll have to check, " Draco muttered as he stormed past him.

Out in the corridor, the to teenage wizards were greeted by the sight of a weeping first year lying on the floor. Nott, Bulstrode and a few other death eater lovers were apparantly enjoying the scene.

"Merlin!" Blaise exclaimed as Draco rushed to the poor boy's aid.

"You alright, huh?" Draco asked the boy, helping him to his feet.

The boy nodded, wiping the fresh tears that streamed down his cheeks.

~ ~ ~ On the other side

"I just can't wait till saturday!" Ron exclaimed, "finally! We' ll have whole of Hogsmede for ourselves, with out any death eater pals sneaking in!"

Harry, Ron and Hermione were walking down the corridor that led to the transfiguration class room.

"I'm excited too! But, I guess, I won't be able to spend too much time, you know.. with  home works, assignments and all!"

Ron groaned at Hermione's out burst, " 'Mione its our bloody first week and you've started already!"

"Oh shut it, Ronald! You must concentrate on your studies too, if you want to be an auror in future! Just because we won the war doesn't mean we can ignore our studies!"

Ron grunted as Harry chuckled, "blimey, mate! Somethings never change!!"

"Yeah.. " Harry smiled.

 Hermione narrowed her eyes.

"You were saying?" she glared at Ron who laughed nervously.

"Nothing Herms.. I think that's bloody brilliant!"

Hermione laughed despite Ron's sarcastic tone.

"What's going on there?"

Ron, Hermione turned to look in the direction Harry was pointing.

Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini were glaring at the other slytherins who were seemingly disgusted by the latter's behaviour.

"What do you think you are doing Nott?" Malfoy snarled, shooting a death glare, "don't you know, you're supposed to be in your class right now!?"

"Its none of your business, Malfoy! Besides I don't take advice from the likes of you! You and you're pals are even worse than those filthy blood traitors!"

Harry couldn't believe his ears. What was going on? Why were the slytherins insulting their own class mates?

"Shut up, Nott!" Blaise stepped in, " why don't you go shove your pathetic arse somewhere instead of tormenting innocent first years?"

Nott let out an evil laugh, "wow, Zabini! Its you and Malfoy teaching me manners now, hmm? You seem to be infected by Saint Potter's preachings? Why the change of heart?!"

"Its all over! Voldemort is gone and can't you just be a human being at least for once? Learn to live, Nott!" the blonde glared at his old acquaintance.

"The war might have ended for you, but not for us! The time is looming closer, count your days Malfoy! You will repent!" Nott smirked, turning to walk away.

"Bloody evil git!" Blaise exclaimed watching his retreating form. Draco smiled.

"What!?" Blaise asked grinning slightly.

"You were acting like Weasley for a moment, there!" Draco chuckled as Blaise turned purple, "just kidding!"

He then turned to the small boy sitting on the floor.

 "Oh, hey! So what's your name?" he asked, extending his hand.

"Arius Brooks! T- thank you for helping me!" the boy got to his feet shaking his hand with the tall blonde wizard.

"Oh, Brooks! Hmm.. well, the next time some one bullies you, just hit them with whatever spell that comes to your mind, okay.."

The boy nodded as Blaise spoke, "honestly Drake! He's a first year! What spell will he use?"

The boy grimaced. Draco chuckled, "in that case, well, you can always go to our head mistress.. since you're in slytherin, I could take you to her. May be, I can even teach you some spells. I'm a prefect, you see. "

"You will?"  Arius smiled, " you are really a nice person. What's your name?"

Draco grimaced a bit, "you can call me Draco. This is my friend Blaise. "

Blaise winked, "anytime boy! Now, can you walk back to your classroom?"

Arius nodded, "well, yes. Nice to meet you Blaise!"

With that he broke into a run.

Draco dusted his robes and sighed. Blaise turned to him.

"Drake, do you think Nott was serious?" he shook his head, " he seemed almost.. evil!"

"Oh! Just ignore him, mate! " Draco smiled.

He and Blaise spun around just in time to spot the golden trio. Draco smirked as he walked past them in to their transfiguration  classroom.

Harry, Ron and Hermione stood on their spot, legs rooted to the floor as they watched the scene. Did Draco Malfoy help a first year?

Harry's mouth went dry. He had always known Draco wasn't evil. But this was more than what he expected.

"Don't be too surprised Potter! We are human beings too! We aren't that cold hearted as you think!"

~ ~

Harry took a deep breath as he followed his friends inside. For the first time in his life, he was feeling guilty. He had always assumed that Malfoy, Zabini and all the slytherins were arrogant, self-centred, egoistic. Never in his six years of schooling he had thought they could actually act like human beings. But the way Blaise spoke, it all made sense. They certainly had a change of heart over the summer. If they wanted to make a fresh start then why not him? ' Forget Voldy, forget enmity. Enjoy the last year of study at Hogwarts. ' Yes, that was it.

Transfiguration had never been so much fun. Harry, Hermione cornered their professor after class explaining her what they had witnessed a moment ago.

"Yes, Mr. Potter! "  Mc. Gonagall replied with a smile, " I'll take strict measures to control the bunch of slytherins who still needed to learn how to behave in this school. Glad to hear about Mr. Malfoy. We always wanted him to make right choices. Dumbledore was right, he was just a little boy who was tortured by Voldemort. We all know, how he treated the Malfoys."

Harry nodded, " that was why they switched sides. Dumbledore always believed in change of heart. And he was right! Professor, I wanted to tell you something.. The most important part, I overheard Nott speaking. Death eaters are planning for a revenge. Does that mean we need to wage a battle again?"

Mc. Gonagall chuckled, "no! The death eaters are very few in number! They expect to overthrow the witches and wizards of the order? Lets see! But, I will suggest you to keep an eye on Mr. Nott, just in case!"

Hermione and Ron agreed and soon they were sitting in the potions class.

Ron snorted as he made his way towards Pansy Parkison who huffed. Harry reluctantly strode towards his desk where Malfoy was already seated reading his text book.


He looked up from his spot, "Potter."

Harry sat down beside him, peeping into his text book. How could he have misplaced his book?

"Where's your text Potter?" came an agitated whisper from his blonde companion.

"I- uh..."

"Oh! Don't tell me you were so busy doing your victory dance that you forgot to buy the text books!"

Harry began clumsily, "um.. no. I kinda lost it here! And besides we couldn't celebrate after witnessing so much bloodshed."

Draco nodded, "yeah. I know."

There wasn't much of conversation between the duo. Harry was glad Draco acted like a  nice person. They didn't dwell much into the war related topics as that would only result in heart burn to either of them.

Draco was crushing a juggly bean when suddenly-



The students curiously watched as a distraught Pansy Parkison lunged for her partner. She was head to toe, drenched in some green slimy material, which was supposed to be their.. uh, potion.

"IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!" Ron barked, he too was covered in the green potion.

The slytherins couldn't ask for any other entertainment. They were laughing as Pansy growled.


Pansy was loud enough to attract the attention of their potions master.


Ron's tone matched his partner's and were glaring at eachother.

Pansy picked up the cauldron at hurled it over, aiming to hit Ron. Unfortunately, the cauldron  hit the potions master as Ron dodged it.

"This is insane!" barked Slughorn, "detention for a week!"

Slughorn's precious green robes were all wet and his expression was hilarious.

Harry laughed. Beside him, he could feel Draco smiling a bit,  shaking his head.

Pansy had started sobbing, beside her Wesley looked hopeless.

"Now off you go.. Wash the filth and get out of my class! Now..."

Ron glanced up at Hermione and Harry gave a weak smile and walked away. Pansy nodded to her friends as she followed him out.

"I'll crush these juggly beans!" Harry offered. Draco nodded.

Draco smirked as he moved towards the shelf.

Grabbing the moon rakes, he began walking towards his table.

Harry was stirring his cauldron. He dropped the juggly beans into it and almost added the moon rake powder.

"Potter! No! Its not-" Draco watched in horror as a black smoke errupted from it.

"WATCH OUT!" he ran just in time to push the scar-head out of the way as they both landed safely on the floor. Their cauldron had exploded.

"Melin!" Harry groaned getting up, "it wasn't the moon rake?"

Draco shook his head, "I thought you knew what moon rake looked like, Potter!"

Thankfully, Slughorn wasn't there in the class. Hermione rushed to his aid. Harry mumbled a small 'thanks' to Malfoy who had saved him from a nasty bruise.

Together, they cleaned up the mess, repaired the cauldron.

Slughorn examined their work after his arrival, "oh! All you did was to crush the ingredients!?"

Harry smiled meekly. Draco looked away.

"Oh! Its alright, youngmen! Its nice to see you two are getting along well! Now, you can go! You can finish the potion tomorrow!" he boomed.

"Thanks, professor!" Harry beamed at him as they walked out.

* *

Okay! So.. this chapter was about Draco and Harry's friendship..

No Luna / Draco stuff  here!     But hey! Here's a sneak into next chappie

Runes.. The Lovegood girl was already there.
"Hey!" she beamed at him. It was then he noticed the deep scar over her forehead. The death eaters, the mansion, images flashed in his head.

"Oh its not your fault, Draco!"

His eyes snapped. Wierd girl!




I tried my best to make this chappie error free:)


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