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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 14 : Comfort
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A/N: This chapter is slightly different to the others. I'm not sure how, but to me it feels slightly different. Also there will be about 10 chapters plus the epilouge left in this story. I would like to say a special thanks to ErinKyla and MiSTY VoLPe who have been my main reviewers through this story. Your support means so much to me. Thank you- Britt x

Luna’s P.O.V


 I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. I sighed and sat up. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably well things were going at the moment.

George was finally out of hospital and we are more in love than ever, and to top it off it was Christmas Eve. I had always loved Christmas, but this year it would be more special than usual.

George and I were having Christmas Eve dinner with my daddy and then heading over to The Burrow for Christmas lunch. It would be the first time George returned to The Burrow since coming to stay with me.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to see Daddy standing in my doorway with a tray full of breakfast.

       “George has gone last minute Christmas shopping,” he said setting the tray down on my lap.

       “Thank you Daddy,” I said glancing at the clock on my bedside table. It read 10:54am. I was shocked that I slept in so long.

       “You’re welcome my Luna,” he said, planting a kiss on my check. “Now I am going to wrap presents for tonight so don’t leave your room for a bit.”
I nodded, picked up my fork and started eating. It tasted amazing. Bacon, eggs and toast, my favourite.


I took a long shower after I finished my brunch. It was now just after one. I wandered back into my bedroom to find something to amuse me until Daddy was finished downstairs. All my gifts were already wrapped and stored in my wardrobe.

I bought something for everyone in the Weasley family, except for George. His was something special. I also bought some for my Daddy, Fleur, Hermione, Draco and Lavender.

I went over to my small bookshelf and pulled out a book. I lay down on my bed, fully intent on reading it when a loud crack sent the book flying out of my hands.

George appeared in the middle of my room, his arms full of shopping bags.

       “Luna,” he breathed, setting them on the floor and launching himself onto my bed. I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the edge of my nose. I hadn’t seen him this happy since Fred died.

       “Look what I bought.” He said leaping off my bed towards the bags on the floor.

He started pulling out item after item telling me who they were for. I stopped listening after the first couple, only nodding when he looked at me for my approval.

       “And this is for Fred.” He said, pulling out a massive box of joking products. I felt my breath catch in my throat. This couldn’t be happening. Not now.

Realisation dawned on George’s face when I didn’t say anything. He looked down and bit his lip, trying to hold back the tears. I crouched down and put my arms around him.

       “George…” I started, but he shook his head.

       “It’s fine Luna. I just forgot.” He croaked lifting his head off his arms and waving his wand over the presents. Just like that they were all wrapped in sparkling paper. He sighed and wrapped his arms around me once more.

       “I love you, Luna.” He whispered, kissing my ear.

       “I love you too,” I said leaning against him. We stayed like that for the rest of the day.




       “Luna, Dinner!” My dad’s voice came from down stairs. I glanced at myself one more time in the mirror, adjusted my dress one last time and headed downstairs.

George and my Daddy were already seated at the small dining table, the Christmas feast set out before them.

       “That looks great,” I said, taking a seat beside George.

Christmas Eve dinner was fantastic, but then came the best part. Presents!

We gathered in the small hallway where the Christmas tree was, I suspect it is full of Nargles. George and I had decided to keep our presents for each other until the next day, so gift giving went quickly.

I got my Daddy a miniature replica of George’s joke shop, and George got him a new copy of ‘The Tales of Beadle the Bard’.

Daddy got me an orange Pygmy Puff, who I named Purple. George received a pair of pants. This confused me slightly, but George looked happy with them.

After saying thank you and goodnight, George and I headed up to bed, to get a good night’s sleep for the long day that awaited us at The Burrow.




We arrived at The Burrow the next day armed with presents. This was a big step for George, returning to the place that held so many painful memories.

We were greeted at the back door by Molly.

       “Oh George, Luna, you’re here.” She said ushering us inside. “Everyone else is here so we can start with presents.” I glanced up at George as he put his arm around my waist.

We stepped into the lounge room to find Bill sitting with a very pregnant Fleur beside him, Percy with a very prim girl sitting beside him. I could only assume this was his girlfriend. Ron and Lavender were sitting slightly off to the side, their heads close together. Lavender’s hand kept fluttering down to her stomach. Harry and Ginny were standing talking to Arthur in the middle of the room, and finally Hermione and Draco were sitting on a couch looking very out of place.

Molly came in and clapped her hands. “Okay everyone presents time. Don’t worry about waiting for everyone to be watching just hand presents out until there is no one left.” I looked around to find everyone scattering over the room. George squeezed my waist before walking off towards his mother.

       “Merry Christmas Luna,” A voice came from behind me. I turned to see Ron standing behind me. He and Lavender must have separated for the time being.

       “Merry Christmas Ron.” I smiled leaning in to hug him. “This is for you.” I handed Ron his gift.

       “This is for you.” He handed me a small gift before ripping into his gift.

       “Wow, Luna, thank you,” he said holding up the small Deathly Hallows pendant I got him.

       “You’re welcome,” I smiled carefully opening the present he bought me. I held up a long, light blue dress.

       “Lavender picked it out. It is from both of us. A bridesmaid’s dress.” I looked up at him, then across the room to Lavender. Sitting clearly on her ring finger was a large ruby ring.

        “Ron, that’s great,” I exclaimed giving him another hug. The grin on his face was massive.

       “It was nice talking to you, but I must continue with my circle of gifts.” I nodded as he walked off with a bounce in his step.


A few hours later and ten people later I finally got to see George alone.

       “Merry Christmas, Luna,” he said kissing me deeply and handing me a small package. I opened it to find a gorgeous necklace with a tear shaped sapphire dangling from the end.

       “It’s beautiful, George,” I whispered squeezing him in a hug.

       “Nothing is as beautiful as you, Luna,” he murmured, taking the necklace from me and fastening it around my neck.

       “I have something for you as well,” I said handing him the large package. He opened it and gasped. Inside it was a scrapbook I made of photos of him and Fred. He looked up at me, his green eyes glistening with tears.

       “Thank you Luna, just….. Thank you.” He croaked pulling me in and holding me to his chest.

       “Luna? George?” Molly called. “Dinner is ready.” I looked up at him, kissing his tears away.

       “Come on George, let’s go.” I said taking his hand and leading him out of the house. It certainly was turning out to be an interesting Christmas. Then again, there is no one like the Weasleys.

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