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The One That Got Away by AriellaGranger
Chapter 7 : Back To December
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Hermione woke, slowly at 6 am, weak winter sunlight slipping through a gap in the white curtains of Hermione’s tower room, hidden above her office. The low light meant it was near impossible to see much of her room but it hardly seemed to matter. The piles of books beside her bed were all worn from her reading them over and over again. Stretching out on her bed, her hand collided with the warm skin of her husband. Ron had come to visit for a few days the week ahead of Christmas before heading off on some top secret Auror mission. Hermione looked at him as he slept. He looked rather stupid with his mouth wide open and a small puddle of drool forming on the teal blue pillow. It made Hermione smile.

“This is definitely the boy I love,” she thought very firmly to herself, pushing the thought of a half naked Draco in her husband’s place quickly from her mind.


It was the final day of term, meaning classes would end at midday and most of the students were already in the holiday mindset causing a fair amount of disruption in classes. Because of this Draco told his students that they could revise for exams, take notes or catch up on homework for their other classes if they needed to. Clearly this caused a semi quiet atmosphere which was perfect for Draco. It gave him time to think. He hadn’t talked to Hermione in almost 2 months. Having Ron around the last few days hadn’t been helping his mood at all. He was jealous; it was as simple as that. The first few months that he’d been back at Hogwarts it was like he was back in 7th year with her all over again....




“Draco! Wait up!”

Draco stopped at the doors of the entrance hall and turned to see Granger running towards him through the snow covering the grounds. Her arms were full of books as was the bag slung over her shoulder. Draco didn’t stop, merely slowed slightly so she could catch up.

“What do you want, Granger? I’m busy.”
“Well if you’d stop for two seconds I could tell you.” Draco finally halted, on the moving staircases and looked at her.

“You have to stay for the Christmas break. McGonagall’s orders. We have to monitor the students staying behind.”

“Where else was I going to go Granger? My parents are both in prison with no chance of getting out any time soon. Half the wizarding world thinks I should be in there with them.”

“Don’t get angry, I was simply passing on the message alright.” Hermione glanced around behind her seeing if there was any one nearby.
“And we’re alone, so can you please stop with the ‘Granger’ business.”

“I know, sorry. But you can never be too careful. So maybe we should just keep it to our common room and the library.”The staircase had stopped moving now and the two of them were walking along the 3rd floor corridor.
“And you know Hermione, I do have a free hour now,” he said staring intensely at her and a small sexy smile on his lips.

“Well what do you know, so do I,” she smiled back and set off ahead of him to the library, walking quickly past the shelves of thick and dusty volumes. On their way through they only past one other person, Madam Pince, the librarian who simply smiled at the pair of them and believed them to be very hard working students, they were in the library so often...
Quickly they reached the very back shelves of the restricted section. Evidence of their previous visits were everywhere. Cushions were piled high under a window through which very little sunlight found a way through the dust. 2 goblets were on an empty bookshelf beside several burnt down candles that Hermione quickly lit with her wand.

Draco took her waist and turned her to face him. Her bag was now thrown beside the cushions and the books Hermione had in her arms were dropped to the ground and forgotten. His fingers lightly brushed her face and tucked a loose curl behind her ear. A small smile was playing on her lips just waiting for him to say something.

“I thought Head Girls were meant to be good girls?”

“But doesn’t that mean Head Boys are too. I can never imagine Percy Weasley luring a girl to the back shelves of the library...”

“Luring? Who was lured here?” He stepped closer to her, forcing her back up against the shelf, their chests touching.

“Oh shut up already,” she breathed and wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him.


Draco’s hands gripped her waist pulling her against him kissing her deeply.

“Professor Malfoy?”

“I love you” she whispered.

Draco was brought back to reality. One of his second years was standing in front of his desk watching him carefully.
“What?” He asked, rudely, as he was unhappy at being taken from his rather happy day dream.

“I have a note for you. An owl fell in the grounds carrying a letter for you.” The young boy said before handing him the letter before quickly moving back to his seat.

Recognizing Pansy’s overly worked handwriting on the damp parchment, Draco gave a heavy sigh, knowing he was trapped in this reality.






Im SO sorry its taken so long to update and I PROMISE to never leave it this long again. Happy Reading-AG 

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