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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 9 : Love and Death
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The day of the Midsummer party was a memorable one. Everyone had a blast eating the delicious fairy food and danced all night long with one another and some of the other people there.




But the best part of the night was when Sev and Buffy went into their room after making sure the children were asleep…..



Night of Midsummer party Buffy and Sevs Room…



“Buffy?” said Sev once they were both in their room. “Yes Sev?”asked Buffy looking deep into his dark eyes. “Buffy you know I love you with all my heart. You have been there for me and our children for everything and I am so happy your doing so much better. Im also very touched you sang the song tonight for me. Now for you I will show you just how much I have missed you like I’ve done every night since you have been back.” said Sev looking lovingly and passionately into her green eyes.



Oh Sev...” sighed Buffy and went into his arms and kissed him passionately. Their lips moved in time with each other and Sev raised his hands up to Buffys hair and tangled his fingers in it. Buffy rose up his shirt and slowly started to feel Sevs strong muscled body. She moved from his lips to his neck moving her hands around his muscled body. Sev placed his hands on Buffys lower back slipping one hand down the back of her. She was in a total daze and all she cared about was how good it felt kissing Sev and how he made her feel. "I - Love - You" Panted Sev through the hard kissing and touching. That did it for Buffy. She peeled off her dress and pressed her chest against Sevs. Sev started kissing Buffys jaw line; he was leaning over her as he did so. He moved from her throat, down to her collar. He touched her body so gently and passionately and Buffy smiled when Sev gently kissed her stomach, they both laid on their king size silk covered bed and made passionate love all night.




The following few weeks were the same for Buffy and Sev, both felt as though they were teenagers (well it was like that all the time for them.)



As for the actual teens in the house…. 

A few weeks passed by and everyone was enjoying their time together. But at first it was a little hard for Harry and Draco to set aside their differences.



“Hey Harry!” yelled Draco. “What do you want Mal…I mean Draco?” asked Harry exasperated.




“Listen we have never liked each other due to everything and picking sides in this world. Also you and your friends will probably never forgive me for everything said and done but I just don’t want this fighting to continue. I only did what I did because I would’ve gotten beaten or worse for it at home.”

 Harry was a little shocked since they had just gotten into a fist fight the other day where Sev made them clean the house top to bottom with no magic for the past few days. “Well Draco it will be hard to forgive you for those things but if you are truly sincere then I would be happy to call you friend, maybe even so far as brother if we work this out. But I must tell you my friends wont be as easy to forgive especially Hermione seeing as you hurt her the worse. Yet I will try my best and talk to them on your behalf to say you have changed if you truly have.” Said Harry.






They both looked at one another for a long time not knowing Dillon, Mia, and Cyra were all watching them waiting to see what happens, hoping they could fix it all. Especially Cyra since she truly liked the new Draco.




“Ok Harry I know it wont be easy but I promise to show you all I really have changed and that one day I would be honored to call you my brother. You might have that whole saving the world complex about you and it is annoying seeing as im a Slytherin and we don’t have that but your still a good person.” Laughed Draco.




Harry laughed along but punched him lightly on the arm and said “Deal”. Dillon, Cyra and Mia all clapped and were happy for them and joined them to help finish the work.




Sev and Buffy couldn’t have been happier that all the children were getting along. Especially with what was coming…



A week before school started everyone had already gotten all their school books, Dillon Cyra and Mia would start Hogwarts that year and would be sorted once they got to the school. Dillon and Cyra would be in 4th year like Harry and Draco while Mia would be in 3rd year. Even though everyone was truly happy and had gotten through the summer and gotten closer, a few bumps were coming that had to be dealt with.


Harry walked into the kitchen one morning and saw everyone sitting around the table pale and sad. Buffy and Sev were talking quietly to one another. “Whats going on?” asked Harry. Buffy looked at Harry with tears in her eyes. “Im sorry Harry theres a few things we need to talk about.”



Harry sat down and waited. He looked over at Draco who looked scared, angry, sad, and pale. “Harry I’m so sorry to have to tell you this but Dumbledore was visiting your Aunt and Uncle the other day wondering about you and your Uncle left the house in a fit and was attacked by Death Eaters. Dumbledore managed to save your Aunt and cousin but your Uncle didn’t make it.” Said Sev looking at Harry sadly. Harry couldn’t believe it, his Uncle was dead? Why did he feel so numb. Wait. What was that running down his face? Were they tears? Why was he crying? His Uncle was a bastard and deserved every fucking thing he got. But yet he still felt saddened by his death. Why? 



“Harry” said Buffy softly. He looked up. “I know what he did to you all these years and everything you went through. I wish I had been there to show that ass a thing or two but I do know regardless of it all he was still your uncle. And no one deserves to be killed by Death Eaters or anyone for that matter. That’s not up for anyone to decide. Im only saying this because I know your probably wondering why you are feeling saddened by it all. But on the good side your aunt and cousin are safe. They are staying with Sirius for the time being. Also since Dumbledore saw that you weren’t there and have not been there for some time I contacted him personally before he went and said you were kidnapped or something and told him you are now staying with myself and Sev and will be until you are of age and decide to move out.”




Harry nodded slowly and was very grateful this family had become his own family and would be there for him just like his friends were. “Also Harry that’s not the only news that we have to tell you but this time its not about you its about Draco.” Said Sev.



Harry looked at Draco and saw him clench his fists. “His parents trial will be in just a few days and he will have to testify in court as will I seeing as I was a spy and saw all he did. Also we need to get Dracos mom out of jail because she only did everything since she was terrified of Lucius. And even if we do get her out Draco will still be living with us since we need to keep her hidden so the other Death Eaters cannot get to her. So she will also be staying with Sirius and your aunt and cousin.” Said Sev.



“Wait what do you mean? So she never did anything bad?” asked Harry. “No Harry she has always tried to help me and be there for me but my father,” he swallowed hard, “my father was a fucking brute and would beat her for doing anything that would, in his words soften me up” answered Draco in an angry whisper.



Harry nodded towards him. “Harry so you know since no one knows about Sevs personal life and how to all the Death Eaters I am supposed to be dead or still in the fairy realm we will all stay here while Draco and Sev go to court. Don’t worry about not being able to know what will be going on. I might only be a half blooded fairy but I have the powers of a full blooded fairy, also the power of a witch so I will cast a spell so we may see what goes on in the courtroom and none the wiser.” Smiled Buffy.



Everyone felt the tension leave the room as they all laughed at what she said. “Ok everyone I know we have a long couple days but lets try to relax and see it though. Everything will turn out all right and before you know it all this bad stuff will be over and we will be off to Hogwarts.” Said Sev. Everyone got up and went about doing their chores so they can then go out and play Quidditch, while Buffy and Sev went into their room for some alone time again.  




Hello lovely readers here is another great chapter for you all. Yes I know it was a little sad in the end but I promise it gets better after but then a huge fight breaks out. Not a physical one but one between two people that will have everyone choosing sides….hmmmm who will those two people be? Also there is a little surprise coming up too so hope you enjoy the story so far and please review!!!

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