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One Word by SilentConfession
Chapter 1 : One Word
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Sometimes it feels like life is just a series of one words. Like what we are – what we experience is better said in a word and the meaning is lost if you try to say more.

Like dust to the wind.

I tugged on my amber hair, burrowing my face deeper into my pillows trying to block out the word that kept ringing in my ears. I wanted to imagine that it was only a dream. That I’d wake up and realize that it was just a terrible nightmare. I never thought that one word could really describe life. It was just so simple. Too simple. How can it be meaningful when you can sum up your life as a tragedy or comedy, but that’s all it took. Nothing else needed to be said. No, it just took one and I knew what I was.

I fear my life has become a tragedy.

I always thought that it would be a comedy and that no matter what happened; I’d be happy in the end. I’m not so sure anymore and why? Because of that one word. One blimey word had the power for me to see the darkness. One small, measly thing, who would have thought it could’ve meant anything.

Because it came from him.


There is was again, that one word. Him. It’s such a puny, disgusting word, only three letters but I could see our story play out with just that. One word and there doesn’t need to be anything else said to know what it all meant. Only one.

Hate. Disgust. Suicide. Pain. Mudblood. All just one word but life dangles off them.

The Minister of Magic says a great many words in all his long speeches about the safety of the wizarding world. The thing is, with all of his pretty words, did anyone actually feel safe? Or did his speeches just heighten the feelings that people had begun to fear? If everything was fine and there weren’t any strange deaths, why would he need to speak at all? Would it not have been better for him to simply say unity? Just one simple word, that’s all it would have taken. Wouldn’t we then know what to do rather than sitting glued to our wireless or huddled around the Daily Prophet in hopes of some direction? Everyone knew what was brewing just below the surface. We all saw it and there was no place, no place at all for a girl like me. For a person like me. That’s why I knew my life would be a tragedy.

“Lily,” I slowly looked over to the door of my dormitory to Mary. “Lily, Snape’s been hanging by the portrait hole for ages now...” Severus... No, its Snape now. Will always be Snape for he reminded me of what I am in this war. A simple word, that’s all it takes to destroy a friendship, to destroy us. One word. Gods, but that one word meant everything.

Note: I really hope you liked this, this is my first try with something so short and trying to show life in such a small moment was definitely a challenge. I hope I achieved it and maybe showed something worth reading. Let me know what you think. If you liked this, check out the spin-off Let the Flames Begin. Which follows this till after their Hogwarts years from Mary's perspective. 

Thanks to VioletGryfindor, who's challenge inspired this work, I never would have dreamed of writing anything like this. All other thanks go to JKR herself, this is her world. 


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One Word: One Word


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