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Just Say No. by MyMyMiss
Chapter 1 : The end is only the beginning.
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The end is only the beginning.

Today is going to my last day on earth. I am going to die. No, correction, I am going to be murdered.

The fan girls that kiss the very ground I walk on, and stalk me twenty four seven are going to be completely heart broken by this sudden change, although, if I ask them real nicely, they might just jump in front of my murderer and sacrifice their lives for my own.

If one had a Genie that wish might come true.

Actually if I had a Genie, I would ask him quite nicely if he could kindly wipe off the existence of Scorpius Malfoy and Mathew Longinton from the planet; forever.

Scorpius and Mathew have been my best friends since first year – former best friends as of now. Why? Well, let me ask you something, have you ever heard of a friend who would send you to your grave quicker than you could snap your fingers, because if you haven’t I would be glad to introduce you to Scorpius Malfoy and Mathew Longinton – I will need some company when I’m dead, and I am sure you will wind up in a similar situation to me when you befriend them.

In the past six years, our friendship has led to escaping the care taker eighty three times, blowing up and stinking out several classrooms and corridors, and have landed more detentions than we can keep on record – but this time they refuse to bail me out, instead they sit there and laugh, because they think me being murdered is funny.

And this is why I am officially disowning them.

As much as I would like to believe that I will disown them and find a Genie who will banish them to another magical realm, I know I won’t, because apparently I have a problem with saying no.

I, James Potter, wonder boy, most gorgeous smile and body award winner of Hogwarts three years in a row and now Hogwarts best bachelor, again,cannot say no.

And not being able to say no, is actually the only reason as to why I am going to die. I can try and blame it on as many people and reasons as I can think of, but truthfully it’s my fault because, as stated previously, I just can’t say no.

I suppose that the fault for starting this mess goes back to the person who I said yes to – Carlarney Artcher, who before, not too long ago, I hated. I had never hated someone so much in my entire life as much as I hated her, and it was an unsolved mystery as to why I had never taken a shine to the girl. However, for some reason I just couldn’t get along with her.

I didn’t understand why I didn’t like her. She was well liked among Hogwarts, always stayed on top of her grades, was very attractive and popular, among both the girls and the boys and she even played Quidditch – first girl for the Slytherin team in years, but I reside that to the fact the her brother is captain and that’s the only way she got on the team.

And so when she asked me if I would like to be her potions partner for the year, I almost lost my mind in the short time span it took me to say ‘yes’. Another bad thing is I can never refuse a pretty girl, and no matter how many times I said I loathed her and spat her name in vain, there was never any denying that she was very, very attractive.

However nice it might seem that I cannot say no, and it might appear that I am always the good guy, I’m not. Trust me. Not being able to say no is a curse – which has led me into some big trouble in the past, but nothing compares to the trouble I am in at the moment. The question I had been asked was almost ludicrous, and yet even though I knew that the answer should be no I still said yes.

I lied. Okay, I lied, and to the only three people in the world that made me feel like me.

So there you go, not being able to say no isn’t always good because I swear I was hit with a spell and cursed with this, because I constantly say yes. No matter whom I’m going to affect, make cry or even mad, I still say yes.

So that is why I am going to die. I am going to die, because I lied and said yes instead of no, because I can’t say no, and however confusing that might sound, I still think that’s pretty simple to follow.

I understand that I have a wanted poster and a warrant - as the muggle’s say - out for my arrest. I can see the headlines for tomorrow’s Daily Prophet now. Wanted Dead or Alive, "James Sirius Potter!"

Why is someone screaming at me? And why does that someone have to be my brother? Let me tell you being screamed at by my younger brother is never a good thing. The doors of the great hall opened with such force that if the scream of my brother didn’t wake the dead that definitely did.

And now here he comes like a raging bull toward me – or a drama-king as Lily and I say. His red faced, with fists clenched, and is screaming vulgar words at me, while headmaster Longbottom screams at him for foul language and professor Rabipson yells for the younger students to cover their ears and not stare. Al really does look murderous.

This is it. I am done for. I am going to be brutally murdered. By my own brother, with a wand - or possible his hands, whichever he decides is best - in the great hall, at eight twenty six a.m. on March the Third 2021, to be exact.

So, this is the story of how I, James Sirius Potter, Quidditch legend, Hogwarts best award winner and bachelor, again, am about to die. Feel free to get some popcorn, my story could take a while.

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