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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 4 : Drama
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I was now being faced with a problem. That problem was that I had dragged Rose, Albus and Scorpius into this classroom and now didn’t know what the hell to say. I mean I was pissed off but also a little confused.

“We weren’t abducting you.”

“Pardon?” I replied to Al who had interrupted my thoughts

“We were not abducting you. Seriously we were only trying to help you out.”

“How was abducting us helping anyone out?” I found myself asking although by this point I was feeling even more confused.

“For Merlin’s sake, you don’t listen do you. We were saving you from Paul. Who probably would have spiked your drinks and done Merlin knows what with you!”

“Oh” Now I felt like an idiot and by the look on Rose’s face she mirrored my feelings.

“Does it affect you that much that a couple of slytherins saved your arses that you have to get all antsy about it and pretend we were going to abduct you. Why the hell do you think we would want to abduct you?” Obviously Al was getting the wrong idea, I didn’t have a problem with him being in Slytherin.

Although I knew it was a weak spot in their family. You see Albus is the only Wotter to be in Slytherin. Rose told me once that he’s always felt like anyone in his house couldn’t shake the Death Eater, Voldemort stereotype. Personally I think he’s taking it a bit too seriously though.

“I… We … I mean it wasn’t like that” But before I could finish Albus had already stormed off with Scorpius hot on his tail.
I looked over at Rose

“What the hell was that about? I NEVER even mentioned Slytherin! What the hell is wrong with your cousin! And why the hell didn’t you say anything” I shouted at her

Okay so maybe arguing about it isn’t the best solution but I’m pissed off right now. Albus Potter has no right to make me sound like some Slytherin hating bitch. I like Slytherin, for godsake the sorting hat considered putting me in the damn house. Well almost. I mean it mentioned it. Briefly. But still it didn’t mention Ravenclaw at all.

“Woah, don’t blame me for his temper tantrum!”

“Pfft, you can talk, did you hear what you said to Scorpius!”

“Yeah well me and Scorpius already don’t like each other so it doesn’t matter.” Pffft whatever but that’s a discussion for another day.

“Oh Whatever, Thanks for not supporting me!”

“ANYA” I heard Rose shout after me but I was already running back towards to the party.

Just because Albus is a prat and I’m pissed off with Rose doesn’t mean I can’t go back to the party and enjoy myself! I mean who are they to make me feel like shit! I’m going to do the only sensible thing in this situation and that is to go and get absolutely plastered and ignore Albus Bleeding Potter and Scorpius Bleeding Malfoy for the rest of the night. I’m all dressed up so I might as well enjoy myself. Who cares what they think. And if Albus thinks he stands a chance with any of the Gyrffindor Quidditch girls then he’s an idiot. He’s not even fit. Well not that fit. Well okay maybe he is fit but you know he’s totally not my type. I mean our type. My type what am I going on about. Anyway he’s a prat and we can all do so much better.

It was at that moment I walked into the ROR party. I grabbed a bottle of firewhiskey straight out of Kirsty’s hand and drunk the remainder of the bottle. Right that should make me feel better. Unfortunately the normal warm feeling just didn’t happen. I felt strangely cold, almost like I’d lost something.

It was at that moment I realised Kirsty was speaking to me

“…Suppose we all should of realised it was her. Though we both thought it was going to be you actually, especially because of the way he was staring at you the other day. I mean he was practically drooling.”

“Hang on, what are you going on about Kirsty?” I slurred, Merlin I think
that firewhiskey is already taking effect.

“What are you blind?”

“Just get to the point, I’m not in the mood”

“Jeez, I was only talking about Al and Helen”

“What do you mean Al and Helen?”

“Surely you can see! Look, they’re like proper getting it on. Looks like
we’ve solved the mystery of which Gryffindor quidditch player he fancies” Kirsty gushed excitedly

I looked over to where she was pointing and immediately noticed Al making out passionately with my room mate.

“Oh” was the only sound I managed. I couldn’t think anymore, it was like I was home but someone had turned of all the lights.

I suppose there’s a reason the sorting hat didn’t consider Ravenclaw. Funny thing is I think I always knew. I just didn’t want to admit it. So maybe I’m not completely stupid. Right? It wasn’t my fault really and I suppose there was nothing I could do now. Helen’s a tart, but she is a tart with a heart, which is why we all love her. Albus hates me so I suppose it has nothing to do with me anymore. The truth is, now I can see him with her, I can’t help wishing it was me. And with this thought occupying my head I slipped out of the door and gave up on it all.

The only place I wanted to be was my bed. I love my bed and my bed loves me. So that’s where I’m going.


“Anya… Anya please don’t ignore me. I know you’re awake.”

The truth is I just don’t feel like speaking to Rose right now. It’s not that I’m still pissed with her or anything like that. I just can’t deal with it right now. I don’t want to talk about last night… EVER!

Unfortunately Rose wasn’t having any of it. A realisation I had when she tore the covers away from me and clambered onto my bed.

“Err, What do you want Rose?” I said in an agitated tone. I mean I just want to sleep here, not much to ask is it!

“I’m sorry, you were upset by my stupid pig headed cousin. I should have told him to shove off.”

“Umm, whatever”

“Seriously Anya, I’m sorry, you were upset” The problem when it comes to Rose is I love her. As in friend love. I’m not a lesbian. So I just can’t hold a grudge against her.

“I forgive you, now will you let me sleep?”

“If you must, I have gossip to tell you later though”

I already knew what her gossip would be about. I didn’t want to hear it right now so I just turned over and tried to get back into my comfy sleeping position. For some reason I just couldn’t seem to get walm. At least I have Rose. She’ll never leave me.


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