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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten: Memorial Ball- Part Two
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Elisabeth’s prov


I looked up at the sky, I watched the white flakes falling beautifully. I closed my eyes for a second I wanted to remember this moment for the rest of my life, the moment James told me he loved me. I smiled before opening my eyes and taking James’ hand. We walked back to the ball in silence, there was nothing to be said, we had already said it. I felt warm and fuzzy with James beside me I felt safe, with his words in my head all my worry’s and sadness went away. There was just James, just his messy black hair, just his brown eyes, just him, just James. I sighed in happiness, and cuddled into his arm.


“There you are!” I looked up to see Fred standing there “well c’mon! You’re wasting precious minuets on the dance floor!” he yelled over his shoulder as he ran into the hall. I ran in front of James and pulled him towards the dance floor, I recognized the band, mudbloods I rolled my eyes at the irony. Upbeat music filled my ears I let it take my body over and I started to sway with the music. Each beat washed through me, I danced to it as if the music was controlling my moves. James was behind me with his hands on my hips he moved with me. We danced forever, switching styles as the songs changed. Amy and Rose left a while ago complaining about sore feet. Leah was around somewhere, Fred and Jack were talking to some quidditch buddies, Jack was seeker for Ravenclaw. I stopped dancing looked up at James and frowned. He raised an eyebrow at me


“feet sore?” he asked I shook my head


“thirsty” I replied. The small white tables had been move to make room for dancing, there were chairs and a long table at the back which held sweets and punch. I headed straight for it and poured myself some muggle drink called root beer, James did the same. I chugged my drink letting the ice cold liquid run down my throat. It burned a bit but it quenched my thirst. I felt something hard hit my back I turned to see Fred standing there holding a few pastry’s in his hands. I glared at him


“lets switch dance partners!” he called I smiled


“ok” I agreed


“nice to see you give me up so easily” James said behind me I kissed him before walking over to Fred


“how do your feet not hurt?” rose asked I pulled up my dress revealing my purple flats, I laughed as rose and Amy gasped and started saying they should have thought of it. This reminded me, I took out my wand which I had hidden and pointed it at my dress in an instant it shortened to right above my knees.


“It worked!” I looked around to see a barefooted Leah doing a weird dance while smiling at me. She seemed proud of her accomplishment. I laughed at albus’ face as he watched his girlfriend dance, priceless.


“Liz let me used that” rose said motioning to my wand I handed it to her. She then pointed at her feet shoes I didn’t catch what she said, she slipped her feet back into her heels “better” she said with a smile


“do me! Do me!” Amy said Fred burst into laughter and Amy blushed realising what she had said. Rose just shook her head and charmed Amy’s shoes before giving me my wand which I hid away. Fred bowed in front of me holding out his hand,


“dance with me my lady?” I put my hand in his an evil smile crept onto his face as he kissed (using his tongue) the top of my hand. I shrieked and pulled it away he just laughed and walked to the dance floor. Amy and James did the same, dancing with Fred was nothing like with James, it wasn’t as intimate. Fred danced opposite of me he occasionally twirled me but other than that we kept to our own side. The song changed from fast to slow, students scrambled to find there dates and those without one went to sit down. Fred went off to find Amy and I went to find James but he found me first. He snaked his arms around my waist, I turned and put my arms around his neck. It reminded me of earlier, I sighed and leaned my head on his chest. His hands rested a little too far down my back but I didn’t mind. We swayed together just enjoying the moment, enjoying each other. It seemed as if time stood still, before either of us knew it the song had changed but we didn’t part. James pulled away from me I frowned at his actions I saw Scorp standing behind James


“er-mind if I cut in?” he asked I felt shocked James looked down at me for an answer. I looked at him wide eyed


“I think my mom…” James mumbled before sending Scorpius a warning glace and walking away. Stood there awkwardly looking at my feet. Scorp took my hand and placed it on his shoulder then he took my other hand in his. His free hand rested on my back much higher than James’ had. I had a little bit of respect for Scorp right now, he had just asked to cut in while I was dancing with my boyfriend. We danced and swayed to the music I had to say that Scorp was a better dancer than James. It was hard to imagine I had felt safe and warm in his arms, I used to think Scorp was huge and could protect me from anything. James felt so different, James had big muscles and wasn’t as stick thin as Scorp. If I didn’t know better I would say Scorp was a seeker, he had the build. James I would assume him to be a beater. I looked at Scorp he was trying to avoid my eyes. The truth was he had protected me from everything but himself. Deep down I knew he never meant to hurt me but he had, he had hurt me bad. I knew I could forgive him but I would never forget. I glanced over his shoulder and saw James dancing with his mom. I smiled at the fact, James didn’t care about what other people thought he was all for public displays of affection. Scorpius on the other hand wouldn’t be caught dead dancing with his mom. I sighed and waited impatiently for the song to end, it was dragging on. Finally it ended


“thanks…” I mumbled at Scorp before going to find James. He was in the same spot as before but Sarah was talking to him, I scowled, James was showing no sign of interest her just glared at her. I watched frozen in place and Sarah wrapped her arms around James’ neck and kissed him. My heart was in my stomach. James pushed her off immediately and started yelling at her he looked exactly as I felt. Sarah smiled wickedly at me before exiting the hall


“Liz!” James called after me as I followed her out.


“Sarah!” I called she turned I walked right up to her “how dare you!” I said trying my best not to raise my voice as there were a few students around us. Sarah raised her eye brows


“how dare I?” she huffed “how dare you! You don’t deserve him! You’re a filthy ugly freak! He should be mine! You think he loves you? Huh fat chance, he probably hasn’t even shagged you because he doesn’t want to get dirty! You slimy freak! If he really loved you he would shag you!” she yelled each word was like ice I didn’t even reach for my wand I made a fist and punched her square in the nose. I head a satisfying crunch she shrieked. I punched her again in the stomach. She fell to the ground and I jumped on top of her repeatedly punching her in the face. Blood covered it she didn’t look so pretty now did she?


“You whore I yelled!” before punching her again “filthy skank!” was yet followed by another punch. I smiled as she tried to cover her face. I heard people calling my name I ignored them and aimed for lower down hitting her stomach and ribs repeatedly. Someone grabbed me around the waist. I struggled I felt a second pair of hands on me. It took both Fred and James to pull me off her. I watched as Sarah cried by my feet she was covered in her own blood. I spit on her. Looking around it seemed like all the people who were in the great hall had come into here.


“Professor Slughorn! Take miss carter to the hospital wing!” I heard McGonagall say she walked right up to us and pointed at me and James “my office now!” she said strictly me and James followed reluctantly. As soon as McGonagall turned her back James took my hand ‘are you mad at me?’ he mouthed ‘why would I be?’ I mouthed back he smiled widely ‘good job!’ he said I tried not to giggle. I looked over my shoulder to see harry and Ginny following us quickly. Once in McGonagall’s office we sat in the two hairs in front of her desk. Her office looked dark it had weird silver trinkets and such in it. Dad had told me McGonagall hadn’t changed it from when Dumbledore was head master. His picture along with Snape’s picture was on the wall among the former headmasters and mistresses. If I want mistaken Dumbledore’s portrait winked at me. “Explain yourself” McGonagall said to me after speaking with harry and Ginny. I told her all about the kiss and how I confronted her, I told her exactly the works Sarah said to me, James looked at me with horror and concern on his face. It hurt bad to repeat the words. McGonagall frowned “fifty points from slytherin” she said “another fifty for what miss carter said to you, and you have a months’ worth of detentions with Mr. filch and you cannot participate in the upcoming quidditch match” McGonagall said I didn’t object I deserve my punishment. I would do it a million times again just to see Sarah like that. “Go straight to your dorm not back to the ball” she said me and jams took that as our leave. We walked out of the office, as walked out just before the door closed I could hear Dumbledore’s portrait say


“now that is a hard punishment, I myself would have…” I smiled albus Dumbledore was sticking up for me.


“Don’t tell my dad” I said to harry


“tell your dad what?” harry said with a smile.


“Miss Finnigan!” I turned to see McGonagall “make it two week detention” I smiled and silently thanked our old headmaster.




Instead of going to my dorm James came with me to the room of requirement. Earlier that day I had asked for a bath room. I was glad I had for I needed a hot shower. I let the hot water wash over me as I shampooed my hair I thought about Sarah’s words. Was she right? Could James ever love a freak like me? We hadn’t even shagged. I sighed rinsed my hair and got out. I look at myself in the mirror, I stood there forever altering my looks trying to make myself pretty. It was a wonder how I had gone from feeling so beautiful four hours ago to feeling completely ugly now. I decided to go natural, not morph, if I hadn’t been born a Metamorphmagus I would have really light brown hair, with brown eyes and freckles on my nose and cheeks. I dressed and walked out of the steamy bathroom. James stood there a towel in his hands. His tie was loose and his white collared shirt had a few specks of blood on it. I stepped aside letting him go into the bathroom. I could hear the shower start to run. I practically ran to my trunk and flipped it open. I dug through my clothes, books, parchment, and quills until I found what I was looking for. I held up the really short pair of pyjama shorts Leah had bought me one year for Christmas. There were pink and had lace at the bottom. I had no idea why Leah had even bought them, in my opinion it was far too girly for me. But at this moment I was thanking her silently. I pulled on the shorts, yup they were really short. I pulled on a tank top and then crawled into bed. I was shaking, was I ready? Was I ready to lose my virginity? I kept telling myself I was. That I loved James so I was ready. I sighed, I heard the shower stop, I pulled the covers over my head and took a deep breath. I let the covers fall at that moment the bathroom door opened. James stood there wearing nothing but his boxers. I watched him intently and he made his way to the bed he looked at me eye brows arched “nice shorts” he said sitting on the bed. I blushed I crawled over to him and threw my arms around his neck. I kissed him tenderly, his tongue traced my bottom lip asking for entry. I let him in our tongues danced together, heat swelled up inside me. I leant further into him, he fall back onto the bed. I sat on top of him my knees were on either side of his waist. My lips left his to trace his jaw, then his neck and shoulders. He moaned and his lips found mine again I kissed him with a hunger. My hands ran down his perfectly chiselled chest, he shivered and moaned against my lips. I wasn’t sure about what to do next, I was scared but I forced all my doubts and fears to the back of my head. My hands found the top of his boxers resting on his hips I was about to pull them down when he grabbed my wrists. I looked at him his eyes were closed he looked like he was thinking very hard. Slowly he slid me off of him. I landed softly on the bed.


“Not yet” he whispered rejection washed through me, I felt like crying. He noticed “hey” he said grabbing my face in his hands “not like this, not because of what Sarah said. We don’t need to shag to know that we love each other” he said whipping the tear that fell from my eye. He was right “I love you” he said locking his brown eyes with mine


“I love you too” I whispered before collapsing into his chest. He held me as I cried, Sarah’s words had affected me more than I thought. James pulled the covers over us and he held me close to him, eventually I stopped crying but he didn’t let go. How could I have doubted his feelings? Doubted him? The last thing I thought before falling asleep was that he was mine and I was his.

Diclaimer: everything recognizable belongs to the unbelievably awesome J.K. Rowling

HEY GUYS! I hope you LOVED this chapter! I am so happy with it! Please please please tell me what you think! Did you like Scorp? Did you like the fight? How about the Liz/James action? Please review! They honestly makes my day and leaves me inspired to write more! Well I hope yoou liked it!


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