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Unprepared by MissIncendio
Chapter 7 : Hate Bubbles
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Chapter Seven

There are moment in life when all you want to do is throw back your head, shake you fists at the sky and scream 'WHY?' This one on of those moments.

I looked over my shoulder to where he was sitting and saw the disgusted look on his face that I'm sure was on mine too. My lip pulled up over my teeth in contempt, as we stared each other down, both of us not moving an inch.

“Please take a seat with your partner, Miss Weasley.” Professor Alban called from the front of the classroom, raising an eyebrow threateningly.

“Yes, Professor.” I mumbled, as I gathered my books and trudged across the classroom.

“Weasley.” He greeted me coldly as I sat down.

“Malfoy.” I retorted, as slid my chair as far away from him as possible.

“Okay, class.” Alban, nodding contently now that I had sat down. “To get to know your partner and to help me find out where we all are, we are going to have a partner test. You will be allowed to talk but quietly, and you will get one test between the two of you. Write it as a normal test, and work together, I will not tolerate one partner doing all the work.”

He flicked his wand, and paper flew around the room, one landing on each of the tables.

“You have thirty minutes.” He said.

I glanced down at the test, then at Scorpius. We locked eyes for a moment, hate bubbling behind both our eyes.
I glanced up to the front of the classroom where Professor Alban stood, arms folded. He glared back at me, arching an eyebrow threateningly.
I looked away and sighed tiredly. I would just have to work with Scorpius. I pulled my quill and ink from my bag and looked at the first question.

Question 1) Describe Amortentia.

'Amortentia,' I wrote, 'the most powerful love potion in the world and is recognizable by its distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen. It smells differently to each person according to what attracts them.'

I finished writing and looked at Scorpius, daring him to correct me. He gestured for the quill, and I gave it to him, confusedly. I was sure I had not gotten it wrong.

Scorpius quickly added another sentence to mine, then angled the paper so I could see his writing.

'Amortentia is also recognized by its steam which rises in characteristic spirals.'

How could I have forgotten that? It was one of the most obvious things about the potion! Hiding my rage and distress, I turned away from Scorpius and read the next question.

Question 2) Name three ingredients in the Confusing and Befuddlement Draught.

Scorpius quickly scrawled down the first two, sneezewort and scurvy-grass, then paused and looked at me. His brow was furrowed, like he couldn't remember the last one.
Sighing, I snatched the quill from his hand and added the last ingredient, lovage. I raised an eyebrow at him cockily to which he glowered at.

Question 3) What is Murtlap Essence used for?

I knew the answer right away, and quickly scribbled it down.
'Murtlap Essence, which is a solution of strained and pickled Murtlap tentacles, will sooth and heal cuts and other wounds.'

I looked at Malfoy, daring him to say I had gotten it wrong. I knew I hadn't. He didn't even look up, he was already reading the next question and grabbing the quill from my hands.

Grudgingly, I surrendered the quill and read the question. The rest of the questions went like the beginning; one of us would write and the other would add something on.
When it came time to collect our papers, I was sure we had gotten an 'O'. I wished I didn't have to share my good grade with him, if there was any way I could cause him to fail without me failing too, I'd take it. I shot him another murderous glare, which he returned just as hatefully.

“Alright, students.” Professor Alban said, his sharp voice ringing through out the class room. “We are going to be making the Draught of Living Death. The partners with the best potion at the end of two hours will receive twenty points for each of their houses. You will find the instructions on page 10 of your copy of 'Advanced Potion-Making'.

I flipped to the page in my book and looked down at the ingredients, while Scorpius began building a fire. Leaving the book on the desk and walking to the cupboard containing the ingredients, I quickly gathered up asphodel in wormwood, valerian roots and a sopophorus bean.
I returned to the desk to find a fire blazing under our cauldron and Scorpius reading over the instructions, his forehead creased with confusion.
“What?” I asked, setting the ingredients down on the table. “My book not to your satisfactory?”

My copy of 'Advanced Potion-Making' had once belonged to my Uncle Harry, who had given it to me because 'my sons would never appreciate the book and probably wreak havoc with its contents.'
I had been confused at first, but upon opening it I realized what he meant. The book was covered in scribbles which turned out to be everything from helpful hints to made-up spells. I treasured it.
I couldn't believe I had been stupid enough to leave it out for Scorpius to see. No one knew I had it, not even Alice or Al.

“Someone's written all over it!” He said, looking disgusted. “Couldn't have you afforded a new one?”

“Well, excuse me for not throwing away the reason I'll be getting an 'O' this year.” I countered.

“What are you babbling about?” He replied scathingly.

I sighed and began measuring out the proper ingredients. “That book,” I said, in a quiet tone. “belonged to Severus Snape, that's his writing, and it's never led me wrong before. Trust me.”

He just turned, shaking his head disgustedly at me. The steam from our caldron was making his cheeks flush. Memories from the room of requirement swam in my mind as I thought of the last time I’d seen him red like that. I shook my head.
No. Hate. Only hate. I gritted my teeth and tried to shove the memories and feelings down. They just fought harder to the surface.

“What are you doing?” I cried sometime later.

“Following the instructions.” He grumbled as he tried to cut up the sopophorus bean.

“I told you to follow the writing! It's right! Crush the bean with a silver dagger, not cut!” I snapped, frustrated. I could feel my hair growing bushier and bushier under the humidity and my back was really starting to ache. Why couldn’t class just be over already?

“Like I give a damn what you say.” He sneered.

“Just crush the bean.” I sighed, exasperated. “If something happens, I'll tell Alban it was all my fault.”

“Whatever, Weasel.” He jeered, as he gave up his efforts to cut the bean, and pulled out his silver dagger.

“Wonderful, a clear winner.” Professor Alban announced to the class, nodding proudly at Scorpius and I. I smirked wickedly at Malfoy. Ha.“Twenty points to Gryffindor and Slytherin. Now for homework, I want an essay about the properties, effects and preparation of The Draught of Living Death. Due by Monday, must be at least twelve inches long. You are dismissed.” He concluded and swept back into his office.

“Good job, Rosie, Scorp.” Al said, smiling at the tow of us as he approached our desk.

“Thanks.” We replied at the same time, which caused me to flush scarlet again.

“So, Rose,” he started as he walked out of the classroom, “what caused the party idea?”

“Oh, nothing, just thought it'd be a good way to start the year.” I said, nonchalantly as we climbed the stairs.

“Well, I for one can't wait.” Albus grinned wickedly. “I haven't gotten drunk since that night at the club.”

“Al, that was two days ago.” Scorpius chuckled.

“So?” He asked.
“Well, I'm putting you in charge of the alcohol. Make sure there's a ton.” I cut across whatever Malfoy was saying as we enter the Great Hall.

“Oh, I will.” Albus said, rubbing his hands together mischievously. “Just make sure you don't have too much, Rosie dear. We all know what happens when you do!” He winked and elbowed Scorpius.

“Albus!” I exclaimed angrily.

He grinned at me, and left for the Slytherin table with Scorpius. “Later, cuz.” He called over his shoulder.

Frustrated and mad, I stalked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down next to Alice.
“What's wrong?” She asked, looking concerned.

“I have a jerk for a cousin.” I answered, piling food on my plate. “Why the hell do you fancy him?”

“I have no idea.” She answered.

The day passed by quickly, and so did the week. Before I knew it, I was sitting in Muggle Studies on Friday afternoon listening to Professor Wilkinson ramble on about witch hunts in the 1500's.

I let my mind wander, having already read all about the witch hunts in the summer. I replayed the week in my mind, it had been very boring, nothing exciting really. Dom had already hooked up with Andrew Cane, a Ravenclaw seventh year. Alice and Albus were flirting with each other. Fred announced tryouts were to be on Monday night. And classes with Malfoy were torture.

We never talked, but bickered over everything from who was right in Arithmancy to who could cast the better charm to who was the better Quidditch player.
I spent most of my time wishing I could curse his pretentious little face off him. Unfortunately, Albus and Scorpius had become a part of our group and were hanging out with us most free time.
I just couldn't get away from him! While Al seemed to get along with everyone swimmingly, Scorpius seemed too preoccupied with insulting me to make new friends. Still, somehow, he had managed to charm Alice and Dom, both couldn't understand why I hated him so much.
Oh, how I wish I could hit him.

I shook the thoughts of cursing and/or hitting Scorpius out of my mind. I still had a ton to do for the party. Straight after class, I was meeting Alice and Dom in the Great Hall to eat the fastest dinner possible.
Then came the actual getting ready part, which to Dom, who adored clothes and make-up, could be quite a lengthy process. On top of that, I still had to go to the Room of Requirement and get the room ready for the party.
Even after consulting Al, Ry, and Dom, I still couldn't decide what to make the room look like. Sighing, I figured I'd just have to wing it.

“Okay, everyone, I think that's it for the day.” Professor Wilkinson smiled out at the class. “Have a good weekend.” She smiled again, and walked into her office.

“Finally.” Alexandria Lise said as she got up from her desk beside mine.

I smiled at her and replied, “I know what you mean.”

“Can't wait for the party though!” She smiled brightly as we exited the classroom. “I so need it.”

“Me too.” I agreed.

“Well, I gotta run, I'm meeting my friends. I'll see you at the party!” She waved goodbye and left, her long blonde hair rippling down her back.

“Bye!” I called as I turned down the corridor that led to the Great Hall.

“Rose!” A voice behind me called.

I turned to find Al walking up to me. “Hey, Al.”

He grinned at me in that sneaky way of his. “I got a ton of Fire Whiskey, and several other varieties of drink.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Other varieties?” I said nervously.

“Oh, nothing to worry about just some Muggle stuff and such.” He said as we walked into the Great Hall.

“Okay.” I answered, still wary. “As long as you don't poison anyone.”

He laughed, and left for the Slytherin table, “No promises.” He said over his shoulder.

Rolling my eyes, I walked over to where Alice and Dom were sitting.

“Hello, hello.” I sang as I sat down.

“Hiya,” Smiled Alice, “how was cl-”

She was cut off by Dominique. “No time for talking! I only have two hours to get us all even more gorgeous, I need every minute. Mange, mange!” She finished in French.

I sighed, and began shovelling mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and fried chicken in my mouth.

“Now, let the master work.” Dom said, sitting my bathrobe clad self in a chair in the middle of our dormitory.

Circling me like a predator would its prey, she waved her wand and my hair instantly dried itself. She picked up a curling iron and enchanted it so it would curl my hair as she did my make-up.

“Please, don't make me look like a slut.” I begged as she began testing eyeliners on my wrist.

“I can't promise anything.” She mumbled. “Eyes closed!” She commanded, waving a black pencil menacingly.

I sighed and shut my eyes obediently.

“Dom, what should I wear?” Ryan voice called from somewhere behind me.

“I already have your outfit planned, you're wearing a yellow dress.” Dom told her, before ordering me to open my eyes.

“But I don't have a yellow dress.” Ryan said, confused, as she plopped down on the floor beside my chair.

“No, but I do.” Dom said matter of factually.

“Oh.” Ryan replied, as she watched Dom apply my make-up.

Minutes slipped by as we gossiped about who we thought would hook-up with who tonight and other silly things. Finally, Dom declared me finished.

“And here's your dress.” Dom said handing me a terribly small bundle of black and cream fabric. “Don't mess up your hair.” She warned.

“Yes, mam.” I teased and fake saluted her as I pulled the dress carefully over my head.
I glanced in the mirror as I tugged at the hem. I sighed. It wasn’t going down any further. I looked back at the mirror.

The dress was very short and very tight, typical Dom style. It was cream around the bust where the fabric was cinched, folded, and creased artistically. Below that, it was a soft black fabric that hugged my every curve and stopped on my upper thigh. Oh, the things I wore for Dom.

I couldn't deny I looked good though. My eyes sparkled a bright blue, thanks to a load of black eyeliner and smoky black eyeshadow. My skin glowed, my cheeks were flushed pink and my lips were stained a luscious red.
The dress accentuated my little curves and made my legs look longer than usual. Dom had somehow managed to get my hair into a cascade of perfect ringlets which spilled down my back.

“Quit gawking at yourself, you look gorgeous.” Dom said, coming to stand beside me in the mirror. “Wow,” She looked me up and down, “I am amazing at what I do.”

“You are.” I agreed smiling.

“Thank you, thank you, now here are your shoes.” She handed me a pair of black peep-toe heels.
“I am not wearing those! I’ll kill myself in them!” I back away from her.
“You will wear these! They go with the outfit! You will not ruin all my work because you’re scared of shoes!” She screeched, shaking the shoes at me.
With her hair in curlers and her makeup half done, she looked terrifying.
I took the shoes, and slid them on grumbling.
“Now get upstairs! You have a room to make!”

“Shit, right.” I said, sliding on the shoes. “Have fun with Alice!” I called as I grabbed my purse of the nightstand, and rushed out of the room.

'I need a room for a big party. Kinda club-like but nothing over the top. I need room for dancing, but with lots of tables for drinks and couches to sit. It has to look good. But make sure no teachers or students under fourth year can get in.' I thought as I paced in front of the blank space of wall on the seventh floor.
It was hard to believe the last time I did this I was with Scorpius, less than a week ago, using it as a place to hook-up in. I shook my head at the thought. I needed to concentrate. Finally a door appeared, and I stepped inside.

The huge room was dimly light, with a dance floor on one side with an enchanted music system pushed in the corner. Big cushy red couches sat around a fire place on the other side, and a couple more couches were spread out around the room. Tables littered the space in between and were surrounded by bar stools. Roman-like columns lined the walls so it looked like they were holding up the ceiling.
I walked further into the room and noticed a small section of couches and bean bags roped off in the corner. A sign hung over the rope that said 'Rose and friends only.' I grinned, the room was perfect.

The door banged open.

“Where do you want this?” A gruff voice said. I turned to see Scorpius carrying a box of what I assumed was drinks.

“Over on that table, Malfoy.” I ordered, pointing to a table lining the wall beside me.

He set the box down and gave me a once over. “You look beautiful.” Only Scorpius could make a compliment sound like an insult. I felt myself flush all the same.

“Thank you. Shame I couldn't return the compliment.” I sneered. I was totally lying.
Scorpius looked seriously good in his white button down and black jeans. His hair was a sexy mess on top of his head and his dark grey eyes glinted smugly. He knew I was lying.

I cleared my throat nervously, “Does Al have the rest of the drinks?”

“Yeah, he should be here-”

He was cut off when the door flew open to reveal several boxes of floating alcohol, followed by my black haired cousin.

“Hi there, hope I wasn't interrupting.” Al smirked when he saw us, and flicked his wand so the boxes settled on the table.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest but smiled as I noticed a group of curious people poking their heads through the door.

“Come on in.” I called.

Let the party begin.

GAHHHHHH! So sorry everyone! I put the chapters up in the wrong order!! This is supposed to be the chapter before 'Dance Now, Think Later' Sorry, I'm a little brain dead, blame exams! And thank you to everyone, who's reading and reviewing!! Love you all! I'm now over a 1000 reads in total so I'm pretty stoked :) Anyways thanks, keep reading!! And reviewing :) Thanks to Dmlong and Ella for the awesome reviews!

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