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Of Angels and Demons by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Yups! It’s time for the sequel! Obviously, this story is also a crossover with Supernatural. If you have never seen the show, I highly recommend it. Reading of the pervious story is advised. This story is set after season fives My Bloody Valentine, (since after that episode is where the plot bunny began) will run parallel for a few episodes and diverge completely at Point of No Return. Though there are spoilers for all of season five.

Like with the previous story, there will be a cast list at the beginning of every chapter, giving faces to the original characters of that are in the chapter (Besides Sam and Dean of course, since they are canon characters). Also, the recommended music to listen to while reading this chapter is Sentinel Prime from Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Score by Steve Jablonsky.

Caitlyn Davis -- Megan Fox

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter or Supernatural.

Chapter 1

It was all too much like the last time. Sam’s screaming and pleading echoing through his head. Nursing a bottle and trying to shut it all out. Though things were different this time around. Sam had gone into the panic room to detox of his own free will, not because Dean and Bobby had tricked him into it in an effort to get him off of the demon blood that Ruby had gotten him addicted to. And they were only in this position again because of Famine. His power had gotten to everyone in the town, even Cas. The angel had lost count of the burgers he had eaten and then went nuts when Famine gave him a tray of raw hamburger to distract him. Everyone except him, that is. Because he was apparently dead inside.

Dean took another drink as Sam yelled and begged to be let out of the panic room in Bobby’s basement. To get away from the things that he was seeing that were not real, away from what the demon blood in his system was making him see.

“That's not him in there. Not really,” Castiel said from where he stood beside the door of the panic room.

“I know,” Dean replied, trying to keep out Sam’s screams.

“Dean, Sam just has to get it out of his system. Then he'll be-“

“Listen, I just, uh...I just need to get some air,” Dean said, cutting off the angel. He pushed away from the beam he was leaning against in the basement and walked up the stairs. He felt Bobby’s eyes on him from the living room as he emerged from the basement, but opened the back door and walked out of the house without ever looking toward the older hunter.

He walked through the scrap yard, over to where the Impala sat. The ground was damp and the air moist. But Dean did not notice. All he could hear was Sam yelling to be let out of the panic room and Famine telling him that he was dead inside, which is why he was not affected by the horsemen’s power. The only one not affected. I can see how broken you are, how defeated. You can't win, and you know it. But you just keep fighting. Just... keep going through the motions. You're already...dead.

He lifts the bottle in his hand, but he cannot drink it. It will not help his problem. Maybe Famine was right. Maybe he was dead inside. He looks up at the moon, high up in the sky with clouds floating across it.

"Please… I can't,” he broke off, his voice breaking and his eyes burning. “I need some help. Please?”

Something wet trickles down his cheek and his sniffs. He continued to look up at the sky, waiting. Waiting for something, anything that would help them. They were fighting the devil, and losing. Ellen and Jo were gone. All that was left fighting was him, Sam, Bobby, and Cas. Bobby was now in a wheelchair and Cas was cut off from heaven and its power.

“Hey Dean,” said a soft, familiar female voice from the other side of the Impala. Dean turned to see a woman with dark brown, almost black hair smiling at him softly. Her pale blue eyes that had been icy when they had first met now had warmth to them.

“Caitlyn,” he said, staring at the woman. It had been two years since he and Sam had seen her and her siblings. A witch that got her power not from demons, but from something in her very blood. The last time they had seen her, she had been getting over being possessed by Lilith. And she had caught him having a chick flick moment. He cleared his throat. “Looking good.”

Her smile widened and she let out a soft laugh as she walked around to the front of the Impala. “Thanks,” she said, leaning against the hood of the black car. “Bobby called us. Thought you could use some help.”

Dean walked over and leaned against the Impala beside her with a heavy sigh. “Yeah.”

Caitlyn was quiet for a moment, looking up at the night sky. “Bobby told us what happened tonight,” she said, looking back toward him.

Dean said nothing but could feel Caitlyn’s gaze. They had taken out Famine, but it had not been easy. Sam was drying out from the demon blood, Cas probably had indigestion from all the hamburgers he had eaten, and he was apparently dead inside. A great big, black nothing. An empty whole that seemed to grow larger every second.

“That’s not true, you know.”

Dean looked over at Caitlyn, frowning slightly. “What’s not true?” he asked.

Her pale blue eyes bored into him. “You’re not dead inside.”

Dean stared at her. How had she known that? “How-“

“It doesn’t matter how I know,” she said, cutting him off. She pushed away from the front of the Impala and moved over to stand before him. “What matters is that you believe the lie that Famine told you. It’s not true, and it never will be. He told you that to throw you off balance. He did not affect you because what you desire, he cannot give you in any way, shape, or form.”

Dean glanced away from her, clearing his throat. “And what’s that?”

She smiled. “Love. And not the kind that cherubim specialize in. The bond between family that Famine will never be able to give,” she told him. She then reached up and placed her right hand on his cheek. It was soft and warm against his skin and smelled sweet. “You are not dead inside, Dean. You are not broken and going through the motions. What’s inside you is not a great black abyss, but bright and warm. Not dead. Never dead.”

Dean closed his eyes, trying to believe her words but being unable to. He felt her remove her hand from his cheek. He opened his eyes, only for them to widen. She was no longer standing in front of him. He glanced around. There was no sign of Caitlyn Davis anywhere.


He turned to see Castiel standing before him, his blue eyes wide. “Who were you just talking to?”

Dean glanced around for Caitlyn one last time, but it was as if she was never there. “Caitlyn. Said Bobby called them.”

Castiel frowned. “Dean, none of the Davis siblings have been here in two years.”

Dean stared at the angel. “Then who the hell was I just talking to?”

The angel reached into the pocket of his tan trench coat and pulled out an amulet. Dean’s amulet. The amulet Sam had given him for Christmas when they were kids and that he let Castiel borrow just after Lucifer was released because it was supposed to burn in the presence of God, the only one that could help them now. “Dean, the amulet burned.”

Dean’s eyes widened. If that amulet burned, then God had been nearby. Caitlyn had never been here at all. It was something else, or someone else. “Are you saying I just talked to God?”

Castiel glanced around the junkyard before looking back toward Dean. “I believe you did.”

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