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Being Summer by PygmyPuffLover
Chapter 10 : The Tenth One Has Arrived
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I guess Merlin was on my side for once, because after I had spent the entire of dinner nearly snapping my neck as I tried to look for that Kyle bloke that had asked me on the date, I noticed him watching me from the end of the Hufflepuff table.

Under the pretence of asking him where he wanted to meet on the Hogsmeade weekend, I went over and accepted his invitation. I thought that his bloody face was going to tear in half he smiled so widely.

Well, the most I can do now is hope that he's not a raging psychopath that is going to take me to the shrieking shack and attempt to have his wicked way with me.

My imagination tends to run away with me at times.

But this is it – the day of the big date. And how do I start off that big date? Well, by standing in the middle of the room in my knickers and bra and moaning to Dom about how I'm So Wonderful and Marvellous (Erin) has probably already decided what she's wearing.

Dom is going with her new boyfriend – no, not the one she snogged the other day, the next one – and Penny is going with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. No, not Voldemort, but the bloke could be the re-incarnation of him and nobody would be able to notice the difference.

"I could wear this, but I might as well be wearing a giant sign on my head that says 'I'm a giant whore'." I said, tossing one of my netting catsuits – do not ask – over my shoulder and onto Dom's bed.

"Well, considering that you bought that to wear to the Halloween last year, I don't really think that it's the kind of thing that you would wear on your first date with some guy that is also known as the Hufflepuff Manwhore." Dom said mildly, blowing lightly on her nail after she finished filing it.

"The Hufflepuff Manwhore? Is he really known as that?" I asked, turning around and shooting Dom a surprised look.

"Yeah, how did you not know? You never pay attention when I gossip to you, do you?" I shot Dom a wide smile in apology and turned back to my open wardrobe.

A ballgown? Nope, that won't do. A pair of mini denim shorts and a blouse that Dom cut the chest off of when we first watched that film... what was it called – Mean Girls? Nope, that might give off the wrong impression. High waisted jeans and a tight grey jumper – well... that's the least objectionable of them all so far.

That will do.

I bet James' date is going to be wearing some kind of mini skirt and belly top like the whore she is. Which one is Erin, again?

"Alright, I'm wearing this." I decided, pulling the clothes out of my wardrobe and waving them in Dom's vague direction. She cocked one eyebrow and nodded approvingly, before turning back to her nails. So nice to feel appreciated.

"Right, so let me get this straight." Dom said, getting off her bed and brushing down her pyjama shirt. "You woke me up at six o'clock in the morning so I could lie in my bed and watch you flutter around in your underwear, moaning about how nothing in your wardrobe looks good on you anymore and you might as well just go into an ugly home?"

"Yes." I said flatly, and then flounced off to the bathroom to get a shower.

"Why is she getting so wound up over this date? Does Scorpius not know that she's going on the date or something?" I heard Penny whisper to Dom.

No, Penny my darling, it's nothing to do with that – well, Scorpius actually doesn't know that I'm going on this date – it's actually to do with the fact that if I run into... certain people, then I don't want to be looking like an ugly cow.

And those certain people are most definatley not James and his date. Because I am not arsed about whatever they do.

They could go shag in the middle of the three broomsticks and I wouldn't care in the slightest.


"I can't believe that both of you are ditching me on the first Hogsmeade trip of the year." Connor grumbled, crossing his arms and digging both James and I in the ribs. We both turned to look at him with identical sheepish expressions.

"Sorry Con." We chimed, and he tried to hide a smile as he walked a little faster to get away from us.

Well, that would have been fine and dandy if it hadn't left James and I walking along next to each other in awkward silence, his arms swinging like pendulums by his side and my hands clapping together in time with our footsteps.

We reached the door outside the entrance hall about a minute later, and James turned to look at me, a serious expression on his face and cool indifference clouding the real feelings in his eyes.

"Have a nice date." He said stiffly, and I nodded.

"Yeah, you too." I was just about to step around him and enter the entrance hall when he grabbed hold of my wrist and spun my around until we were chest to chest.

"Summer, just be careful, yeah?" I frowned in confusion and he sighed, deciding to elaborate. "I know you think you can handle it, but I know what guys are like. I was walking up to the common room after breakfast this morning and I heard him betting with his friends about how long it would take to get into your pants. Seriously, look after yourself. And if he makes you feel uncomfortable, just leave. Come and find me." I nodded and he leaned down, kissing me on the cheek.

"Thanks, James." I smiled.

"Oh, and fair warning - shag him and I'll kill you." I laughed. "He's not shagging you before I've had a chance to." The smile fell off my face as I turned to glare at him.

James just winked roguishly and turned on the heel of his converse, heading into the entrance hall while I stood there and fumed.

I watched James enter the entrance hall and walk over to a tall girl who was standing with a group of giggling girls that I vaguely recognised as the Ravenclaws that got up at six every morning to cram in an extra hour in the library.

He stood awkwardly in front of her, his hands in his pockets and his eyes staring at the stone wall over her shoulder as though it fascinated him. Deciding that James was no longer interesting to stare at, I instead turned my attention to the girl opposite him.

She was tall, as I said before, but was still over half a head shorter than James' 6 foot 3 inch frame. Her blonde hair – huh, a blonde. Typical – came down to just below her shoulders and sat in delicate curls, her willowy frame accented by the loose blouse she wore and some deep blue jeans making her seemingly-endless legs look even longer.

I guess she wasn't as big a whore as I thought she was – and yes, I am aware of the fact that I'd never actually met the girl before.

James glanced around for a moment and then leaned forwards, freeing the blonde curls that were trapped in her collar. As he leaned back his hand brushed her face accidently, just above her jawbone.

Her cheeks flooded with colour and my breath caught in my chest.

James also flushed slightly, and hastily snatched his hand back before stuffing it into the pocket of his coat as though he was worried it might go back on an expedition to her face.

Erin shrugged slightly, tucked one of her curls behind her ear and said something to James, to which he merely nodded. She shyly reached out her hand and took his.

Something seemed to fall out of the bottom of my stomach as I watched James lead Erin over to the entrance hall doors, their intertwined hands swinging between them like they were actually a couple.

Staring at them like some kind of paedophile creeper from the bottom of the grand staircase, I tried to perform one of those self-analysis things that shrinks always recommend.

It bothers me that James is going to Hogsmeade with someone else, but believe me when I say I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I always think of him as mine – not my boyfriend, or my possession, but just mine...

I don't know.

But he shouldn't be with her, in any sense. He should be with Connor and me, like usual. Why has the twat got to go changing things now? It's annoying, everything was perfectly fine the way it was but nooooo, he has to go and change everything, it's just –

"Penny for your thoughts?" A voice murmured in my ear, breaking me out of my hysterical inner monologue.

I turned my head slightly to see Kyle... Someone-or-other standing within my personal space boundaries, his mouth pulled up into a smirk and his arms crossed over his chest.

He looked a lot more confident than he had when he asked me out. Maybe...

No, James and Dom are not right about him. They are just making stuff up because they are evil villainous monkeys. Yes. That is all. Night night.

"Uhm... sure. You ready to go?" I asked, smiling at him. He nodded, and without another moment's hesitation had wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his side, my face smushed against the side of his chest.


Because this is a completely normal thing to do with someone that you have spoken to once in your life.

We walked over to the doors (well, he walked and I jogged along, my head bashing obnoxiously against his ribs) and he pushed them open, pulling us into the blinding sunlight that was the Hogwarts grounds.

Who made the sun so bright, anyway? Why didn't it come with a dimmer switch?

"So, where do you want to go first?" I asked, after a couple of minutes of ploughing along in silence. I felt his chest muscles move up and down as he shrugged.

"I don't mind. Three broomsticks?" He suggested, and I said –


Wow, the two of us just don't seem to shut up around each other. Not. I shifted sideways slightly as his thumb slid into the waistband of my jeans, and I felt his breath on my forehead as he sighed.

We walked through the packed street, only waving to Connor as he wandered past with some bloke from the Quidditch team and Fred as he walked past with his arms around the necks of two different blondes, who looked like they had swallowed about a vat of enhancing potion.

Have they no pride? Honestly.

By the time we reached the Three Broomsticks I was actually counting the steps until my face would be freed. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world.

Kyle shoved the door open with his foot, shooting a roguish wink in the direction of the pretty barmaid and pulling me down next to him in the nearest booth.

"What'd you want?" He asked me, and I shrugged.

"Butterbeer is fine." He nodded and then got up off the chair, sauntering over to the bar and slipping our drink order in the middle of a sleazy innuendo. The barmaid glared at him and stalked off to pour our drinks. Sighing, I laid my head onto the headrest of the chair and watched the doorway.

If I was with James and Connor right now, we'd all be heading down to the Shrieking Shack and playing a game of who-can-reach-the-roof-first (we have not yet alerted Penny to the existence of this) or walking round Zonko's and trying to stop James throwing the samples of dynamite at random Slytherins.

But no. Of course that is not happening.

Stupid James.

Stupid Fred. What does he think he's doing, messing everything up? Couldn't he have just kept his beak out of James' business? Noooo.

Harumph. This is all Fred's fault.

I was staring at the door without really seeing, and it wasn't until the couple that had just entered sat down into the booth next us that I realised who it was.

James. And Blondie.

He looked slightly bored, his jaw set, his eyes cool and distant, whilst she was chatting away with her arm linked through his. A beam was set on her face as she babbled away.

James sat down with his back to me, and she dropped into the seat next to him, laying his hand on the table for him and putting her palms on top of his clenched fists. She smiled cheerfully again – seriously, what is it with people and being so goddamn cheerful?- until James eventually spoke.

"Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure, a gillywater would be nice." She replied. Does James only date really nice people, or something? Because seriously, people like that make me want to kill myself.

I don't think I could deal with another Natalie.

Kyle returned soon, dropping down next to me and handing me my drink, snapping me out of staring between James – who had moved to the bar by this point – and Blondie.

"So, who are you trying to make jealous?" Kyle asked conversationally, leaning back in his seat with a completely comfortable look on his face. His hand was curled coolly around a tall glass of Firewhiskey, and the deep green sleeves of his shirt had been hastily rolled up to show his forearms.

I choked slightly on my drink.

"What? No one! What makes you think that!" I squeaked. Wow Summer, way to go at making him think that you have nothing to hide. You are such a ninja.


Kyle grinned and took another sip of his drink.

"You weren't gonna go on a date with me, and then all of a sudden you want to, and, well, don't take this the wrong way, but girls are normally throwing themselves at me. You're not. So back to my question. Who are you trying to make jealous?"

I sighed and looked at him.

A boy I didn't know. A boy that I was on a date with, just because I got caught up in the heat of an argument and wanted to make a point. A boy that could help me get back at James.

"James Potter." I eventually answered. Kyle's eyebrows shot up into his fringe and his glass nearly slipped from his hand.

"As in, your best friend James Potter?" I rolled my eyes at his extreme dimness. How many James Potters were there in this school, exactly? As I nodded, his mouth dropped open. "Hang on... you like James Potter?"

Wait, what? Where did that come from?

"What? No!" I protested, and Kyle's eyebrows drew together in confusion.

"Then why do you want to make him jealous?"

"I don't want to make him jealous."

"Wh- wait, what?"

I sighed and slapped a hand to my face. This is getting ridiculous.

"I can't tell you why, but I want to make it very clear that we have never dated. Never. But I want to get back at him. And I thought that going on a date with someone else might be the way to do that – he gets overprotective, you see." Kyle nodded. "I'm not trying to make him jealous – I'm trying to... rub it in his face. Give him a taste of his own medicine."

There was a heavy pause.

"Is this because he is on a date with that girl over there?" Kyle asked, nodding to their booth.

"No – well, sort of. It's very complicated." I tried to explain.

"Look, I don't really get what's going on here." He said, shrugging his broad shoulders. "But I like you Summer, you seem pretty chill. As long as you say that you've never dated Potter, then I believe you. And I'll help you get back at him."

My mouth fell open in surprise.

"But... why?"

"Any excuse to get back at Potter for that Quidditch match last year. Publically snogging his best friend might be a petty way to do it, but hey, I never claimed to be a Gryffindor." I grinned. "But seriously, you owe me one."

I nodded. "Of course."

"And don't think I won't collect."

Watch out James, my love. Let the games begin.

About half an hour later, James finally realised that were sitting behind him. Yeah, not the brightest, that boy.

"Oh, hey Summer!" James said, a grin springing up onto his face for one of the first times this whole day. But then his whole demeanour changed, and his face became a lot colder. "Davies."

Is that his surname? Davies? I should probably get around to learning that.


Are they honestly having a staring competition? Seriously, what are they in, Primary School? Are they really having a good game of who-can-go-the-longest-without-blinking? I am ashamed to publically associate myself with these people.

I clicked my fingers sharply in front of their noses, and they both blinked in surprise at the same time. Huh. So I guess they both lose. Does that mean I win? Yay!

"You could join us at our table, you know –" James started, but he cut off pretty quickly, his face flooding a lovely beetroot colour and his hands clenching into fists at his sides. He had stopped talking the second Kyle had leant towards me and started nuzzling my neck, pressing kisses along the bottom of my jaw and underneath my ear.

"OI! Do you mind, I'm trying to talk to my friend, you know." James snapped, and Kyle lifted his head up so he could smirk at him.

I have to hand it to the boy; he is a bloody good actor.

"We're fine here, thanks James." I smiled, trying not to smirk as Kyle pressed his lips against my collarbone and a little of the colour drained out of James' cheeks.

As James turned around, I expected Kyle to lift his head, but nothing happened. I gently moved my shoulder and lifted his face off me, but he merely grinned and my once more and pushed his face onto mine, his lips rough and aggressive, forcing mine open almost immediately.

I had to fight the knee-jerk reaction to bite his tongue.

I had just raised my hands to his shoulders to push him off me, when there was an unmistakable sound of a glass smashing from the next table. I glanced over Kyle's shoulder and saw James staring at us, the remains of a broken cup clutched in his clenched fist.

And so instead of shoving Kyle off me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, not flinching when he wrapped his arms around my waist or when he broke away and started pressing kisses down to my neckline.

"Do you mind? This is a public place!" James yelled from the next table, and Kyle pulled away.

He smirked at me for a moment and then pulled me onto his chest, wrapping his arm around my waist and picking up his glass of Firewhiskey in the other hand.

"Oh, this is fun. This is very fun." Kyle muttered into my hair, and I rolled my eyes.

"Other than the fact that my best friend now thinks that I am the Whore of Hogwarts, I have to admit, that was pretty fun. Watching him squirm, I mean. Not the actual snogging." Kyle pulled my head off his chest and looked down at me, annoyance and surprise mingling in his eyes.

"Is that some kind of comment about my snogging? Because I am a fucking fantastic snog, I'll have you know." I laughed and nodded.

"I wasn't making a comment about your snogging, don't worry." I laughed.

"So you agree, I am a great snog."

"I am not answering that."

"Then I'm not helping you anymore."

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. "Fine, it was a very good snog. Clearly you have a lot of practice." I cocked an eyebrow at him. He chuckled.

"I'm very skilled at other things too, you know." He murmured, his voice suddenly becoming a lot huskier. He leaned down and pressed a few soft kisses onto my collarbone, his hands running across my chest and then pressing against my hips.

I squawked ever so attractively when I realised exactly what he was implying.

"Don't be insane." I hissed, and he chuckled against my neck.

"So I give up my entire afternoon to help someone I barely know, just out of the goodness of my heart, and I don't even get a shag out of it?" I grabbed hold of his head and pulled him off me, nearly hissing cobra-style when I realised that he was smirking. Smirking.

"I am not going to have sex with you, Davies." That was his surname, right?

"Alright, alright. No need to get pissy with me, clearly I'm not as good a fuck as your precious Jamesie-poo."

He did not just say that.

He did not just say that.

If Connor was here, this would be right around the point that I yank my earrings out with a screeched 'Connor, hold ma shit!' and launch myself at Kyle, throttling the living daylights out him.

But no, I shall restrain myself. Because I am a calm and controlled individual who believes that violence and revenge are the never the answers.

"Bloody hell! Jesus woman, you can't elbow me there! I want to have children someday!" I smirked to myself. Does that make me a sadistic bitch?


Ah well.


Half an hour, we still hadn't left the pub. Does that girl ever shut the fuck up? She has just been sitting there, nattering away, and because she hasn't left, we can't either.

We have to be where they are; otherwise the whole thing is completely pointless. I might as well actually be on a date with Kyle, and that would most likely kill me. Seriously, if what comes out of his mouth is what every boy thinks like, then the future of the human race is doomed.

I'm serious. Doomed.

"Look, Erin." James said, finally breaking his fifteen minute silence and speaking over her. "As much as I'm enjoying this conversation –" Conversation? What is this marvellous sounding thing? Something that actually involves two people talking to each other? "I think that we should probably get moving – I need to go to Zonko's and it's probably going to get dark soon."

Seriously, James? It's half past two in the afternoon.

"Great, let's go!" She beamed, and both Kyle and I winced. People should not be that cheerful! It's not right!

"Jesus, even I wouldn't shag her – she'd probably never shut up through the whole thing." Ack. Mental images. ACK, MENTAL IMAGES.

Oh good lord. Why did I agree to this? I could have been walking around Hogsmeade with Connor but nooo, instead I am sitting under the armpit of a bloke I barely know, watching the most annoying bint in the world attempt to flirt with my best friend.

Add in the perverted comments that Kyle hisses in my ear every thirty seconds or so, and you've got yourself a right fucking party.

James got up out of his chair and walked a few steps, and then stopped. He turned around so he was facing his table, his movements wooden, and pulled her chair out for her, sticking his arm out poker straight and wincing slightly as she curled her fingers around his hand.

Jesus James, you're not being crucio-ed.

Can you imagine what he would be like if she tried to kiss him?

"Let's make like some legs and split." Kyle hissed, ignoring my mimed gagging and dragging me rather roughly out of my seat.

I staggered to the left, tripping over my own feet like the elegant ballerina that I am, and had to be yanked up by arm – which nearly got popped out of its socket, thank you very much – and dragged halfway across the pub.

I'm pretty sure James was pissing himself, but he sorted his face out before I could properly check.

His date didn't look best pleased that she wasn't getting his undivided attention, I can tell you that much.

We reached the door of the pub before James and Erin did, and after shoving open the door and pulling us both out into the chilly wind that was a fine September afternoon, Kyle wrapped his arm around my waist and tucked my head into his neck.

Seriously, am I ever going to get some fresh air today?

I am never going to be able to smell men's cologne again without remembering this day. This is quite obviously something that I really want to remember.

"So, where did you want to go again?" Urgh. Even her voice is cheerful. She's like some kind of chipper chipmunk all the fucking time. She makes me feel like some kind of cynical bitch that is never impressed with anything.

Shut up. I am cheerful sometimes.

"Zonko's. Fred is going to be there anyway, you can come and say hello to him." James sighed, pulling her past Kyle and I – oh-so-maturely shoulder shoving Kyle as he went – and heading off down the street in so fast you could barely hear what she said in reply.

Kyle and I began to speed-walk after them, trying not to laugh at the oddness of the situation.

I would make such a dreadful ninja.

"Oh wow! I would love to meet your family!" James turned his head to look at her.

"...okay. It's only Fred." Blondie shook her head, her curls bouncing around insanely, making her look like some kind of demented poodle.

"Yeah, but in spirit you are basically inviting me to meet a member of your family – this kind of shows how you feel about me."

Yes love, it does. It shows that he is sick to the back teeth of you and wants you to talk to someone else so he can try and preserve the last few of his brain cells that you have not already killed off.

"Right... okay then." James said, running his free hand through his hair and glancing behind him.

When he saw that we were walking behind him his eyes nearly bugged out of his sockets, giving him the very amusing look of some kind of puffer fish for a while.

But then something changed. His expression became more detached, calculating... and then he pulled on Blondie's arm using the hand that he was holding, dragging her towards his side and wrapping his arm around her shoulder, their position similar to ours.

I think I might have just choked on my own spit.

What the fuck does he think he's playing at? He hated her five seconds ago! Jesus, bipolar much?

He glanced slightly over his shoulder, and the corners of his mouth seemed to twitch upwards, like he was trying to hold back a smirk.

What the hell is he smirking for? Little git.

Kyle leaned down and pressed his lips to my ear – I did my best to not have him notice the resulting shiver of disgust – and hissed at me –

"I think he's playing back, sweetheart." What? Playing what back? I don't get what you mean.

I opened my mouth to ask Kyle to explain what he was talking about before I kicked him in a very sensitive place, when all of a sudden it hit me. It was a game – a game to see how far I could push James, to see what I had to do to make him feel what I felt.

It was a game. And in a game there are players. James is playing back – he's trying to do to me what I am trying to do to him. Kyle and Summer vs. James and Erin, essentially.

Well James, if you're going to make this into a war then you better be aware of one thing – you are going to lose.

"Then let's show him what a real game looks like."

That's it Summer, fighting talk. That's the way to go.


James pulled into Zonko's a little while later, and was immediately greeted by Fred, whose booming voice managed to bounce around the entire store and then out into the street, so loud that even I winced. I feel bad for the people who were standing next to him.

"Jamie, my boy!" James raised his free hand and waved like a manic person, and then suddenly disappeared, his hand torn out of Blondie's as Fred ran out of nowhere and scooped him up into a hug, spinning him around and then setting him back down on the counter.

James flushed and stared at his cousin angrily, before glancing at the door and staring at me for a second.

"Freddie," Fred scowled, crossing his arms over his wide chest, "I want you to meet Erin, my date for this afternoon." Seriously James, when did you become the Queen?

"Cool to meet you, sexy chica." Only Fred. Only Fred could possibly get away with saying something like that.

Blondie giggled and held out her hand for him to shake, the smile on her face wide enough to rival that of Natalie. And that is saying something.

James suddenly turned around, flicking his fringe off his forehead and smirked in my direction as he saw me pretending to read the back of some random bottle. What's it even for? Oh. Fart powder. Lovely. Someone up there hates me, I just know it.

"Summer! Why don't you come and introduce yourself to my date?" I froze, and the bottle nearly slipped from my hand. Oh, he fights dirty. The little git.

"Sorry Potter, she's busy." Kyle stepped in smoothly before I could even think about opening my mouth and attempting to get out of it. And then without even so much as a wink of warning, Kyle had grabbed the tops of my arms and pressed me up against the wall, bringing his lips back down onto mine.

Seriously, I'm not asking for much here. Just a little wink of warning would be nice.

What if I had been eating chewing gum at the time? I could have choked to death. Wait, can you even eat chewing gum? Anyway, not the point.

"Hey! What do you think you're playing at, get your hands off her, or I will come over there and pimp slap that white-boy ass of yours!" Fred. Oh good lord, Fred.

I pulled away from Kyle in time to see Fred pull his t-shirt off over his head, revealing his lovely lycra superman vest, which was emblazoned with the words 'Captain Fred'.

Honestly. You could not make this stuff up.

I do not even want to know why he owns something like that.

And without further ado, Fred jogged across the shop, humming the superman theme tune, and after getting within a couple of metres of the pair of us (we were both standing completely shell-shocked, by the way) he cartwheeled to bridge the gap.

Yes, my six foot one, Quidditch playing best friend cartwheeled across a packed shop wearing a superman vest, just so he could wrestle me out of the arms of my date.

Which he is currently doing. Marvellous.

Fred slammed Kyle into a counter, lifting his feet a couple of inches off the floor and then standing there, looking like he wasn't quite sure what he should be doing now.

"Frederick Ronald Weasley, put him down this instant!" I might as well have been talking to a brick wall. "Fred, I'm serious!" I can hear James laughing from here. "Fred, I have bootlaces."

Fred's head whipped around almost comically, like some kind of cartoon character. A smile broke across his face, and before I knew it I was being greeted with the lovely sight that is all thirty two teeth in Fred Weasley's mouth.

And the sad news is it is not the first time I have seen them.

"Ooh, bootlaces?" He asked, and he immediately perked up as I nodded. Then some hesitation flickered across his eyes. "Wait, it's not the supply that you keep in your knickers, is it?"

What? What?

I do not even want to know what goes on it that boy's head. I don't think anyone would manage to make it out in one piece.

"Fred, I don't keep strawberry bootlaces in my knickers." I sighed, running my hand through my hair in frustration. Fred grinned, dropped his hands from Kyle's shoulders and letting his feet touch the floor again.

Pulling the bootlaces out of my bag and tossing them to Fred, he immediately skipped off to the other side of the store, leaving Kyle massaging his neck and me grimacing in apology.

"Sorry about that, he's... well, he's nuts." Kyle laughed, glanced slightly over his shoulder and then grabbed hold of my hand, his sweaty palm sliding slightly over mine. His hand was hot – too hot. It doesn't feel right.

Kyle smoothly drew his arm in, pulling me towards his chest, and wrapping his free arm around my waist. I nestled my face into the skin of his neck – seriously, does he just bathe in cologne? – and had to work to stop myself from smirking as Kyle buried his face in my hair and I saw James drop the box he was holding.

"Erin?" He said, suddenly whipping around and nearly taking the head off Blondie with his elbow. As she opened her mouth – for the love of god, do not let her speak again! – he leaned forwards, squeezed his eyes shut and slammed his lips down onto hers.

A couple of girls standing near to them, who I dimly recalled as being quite serious members of James' fan club – please, do not ask – gasped and clapped their hands over their mouths.

Something was writhing in my stomach. Seeing him with her was bad enough, but kissing her. His hands around his waist, her hands in his hair – no. The Something was now twisting, worming its way up my throat and making me feel sick, my head spinning and –

It was like I had no control over my own actions.

I grabbed hold of Kyle's shirt, my fingers clenching around the thin material, my nails digging into my own palms, my blood rushing in my ears, and I slammed his lips down on mine harder than ever before.

I dropped my hands from his shirt and wound them around his neck, threading my fingers through his hair and letting him slide his tongue into my mouth. Some muttered cursing told me that James had pulled his tongue out of Blondie's throat and had noticed the pair of us.

A tinkling resonating around the store made me pull away, especially when I recognised the voice that accompanied it.

"What the bloody fuck are you playing at, Summer?"

Connor. Oh shitballs.

"Nothing." I murmured, my voice deep and splitting down the middle. I cleared my throat as Kyle dragged his hand across his jaw, clenching his eyes shut and opening them again, before stumbling rather dazedly to the back of the store, where he leant against a counter for support.

What the hell is wrong with him?

"So why the bleeding hell are you and James sucking the faces of random people in the middle of a store?"

Ahem. I would feel a lot more comfortable right now if there wasn't about fifty pairs of eyes staring at me. Honestly, don't the nosy buggers have anything better to do than stare at something that doesn't concern them in the slightest?

"I've gotta go." I eventually broke the silence.

Seizing hold of Kyle's hand, I dragged him from the store, pushing past Connor, who was staring at me with a mixture of suspicion and realisation on his face, the corners of his mouth hitched up into a very un-Connor-like smirk.

The second we had ploughed a about ten metres down the street, Kyle turned to look at me, still with a slightly unfocused look in his eyes.

"What the fuck was that? You asked me to help you piss off your friend, not to be assaulted and dragged into some kind of snogging war in the middle of a shop! Did you even think about what that could have done to my reputation." Kyle dragged his hands through his hair, his eyes trained on my lips.

Um... he does realise that my eyes are about eight inches north of there, right?

"Oh, what reputation?" I snapped. "Everyone already thinks that you're a manwhore."

Kyle raised his hands slightly in surrender and stepped back. "Merlin, no need to get so pissy about it. It's not my fault that he sussed out what you were doing – why the fuck did you even want to make him jealous?"

There was a moment of silence as I thought.

"I don't know."

"... Look, let's just go back up to the school, shall we?" I nodded, and Kyle grinned as he started babbling away, unaware that I was no longer listening to him. Because out of the corner of my eye, I had spotted something.

"You know, I would actually call this a fucking successful date – never before have I been snogged so many times by such a hot chick..."

His voice faded into the background.

Penny was sitting next to Kane on a bench just off a little side-street down the main road, her legs tucked up under her chin and her head resting on Kane's shoulder, her eyes closed and her nose against his neck. His chin was on the top of her head, and he was staring at their interlocked hands with the strangest expression on his face.

"I love you, Penny." He whispered.

"I love you too, Kane. I always will."

Closing my eyes slightly and leaning against Kyle's side for support, I continued to trudge up the street towards the castle, my stomach churning and my head spinning all the way.



disclaimer: none of this belongs to me. none of it. what a shame.

hello :D first off, sorry about how long this chapter took! there are a whole host of reasons (writer's block, i am drowning in homework, the chapter wasnt finished, i now have two other WIPS as opposed to just one) but the nub and gist is, sorry!

but this chapter is a little longer to hopefully make up for it all! 

soo... who hates me for the little penny/kane thing at the end there? im sure all of the penny/fred shippers want my blood right now, but hey-ho. there had to be a reason she loved him, right? and that is because he can be very nice... when he feels like it. and hey, lovely reviewer who asked for more fred last chapter - he was added especially for you! i know there isnt much freddie, but he shall be in the next chapter more, i promise.

anyway, sorry for the wait and i hope you liked the chapter,

ellie :) xx

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