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The Divide That Corrupts Us by Ravenclaws United
Chapter 17 : Interrogations
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Written by StEph_M (Sony on the forums) and beta'd by PrincessPadfoot.

Barty Crouch was waiting impatiently with the rest of the teachers, he was starting to get nervous. Not that he showed it, but with all the teachers standing around wondering what was taking the last two competitors so long, had him fretting about what might have happened.

Barty wanted to know how it had gone in the Graveyard, whether his Dark Lord had gotten the boy and would be whole once more. He wasn’t sure if the Dark Lord was going to kill the boy, and if he did, what Barty would do when they questioned him.

He was coming up with a reasonable excuse when a flash of light illuminated what was once the Quidditch pitch. In it’s place were the two boys, one of them was dead.

It took a while for the rest of the teachers to notice that the reason Harry Potter was crying and huddled over Cedric was because the boy was cold and lifeless. In that time Barty had already started to edge closer to Harry, waiting for Dumbledore’s words to get him away from Cedric. He was planning to take Potter back to his office for questioning. If nothing more, Barty wanted to know if his Lord had succeeded.

As all the teachers crowded around the dead boy like vultures waiting for their chance to prey. The whole field had gone quiet; news was spreading fast over the stands about Cedric’s death. All that could be heard was sobbing and the call of his father as he made his way down the stand to where his boy lay. His cries where the loudest of all, as he cradled Cedric’s head. Barty waited patiently for Dumbledore’s word.

When they didn’t come he started to panic, Barty’s patience was
wearing thin and he wanted Harry alone so he could question him. Barty did the first thing that came to mind, after trying and failing to convince Dumbledore to let him take Harry, he moved at a quick pace to remove the lanky 14 year old from the scene and started dragging him towards the castle. If it was under normal circumstances and the teachers weren’t trying to calm down the distressed Mr. Diggory, people might have questioned the way Barty was treating Harry Potter. No one even bothered to look; they were all to fixated on what was still on the Quidditch pitch grass.


As Barty dragged Harry towards the school he made a point of questioning him about what had happened. He wanted to know if his Dark Lord had succeeded, but more to the point, if he had accepted the traitors that ran away when they thought him dead, back into his arms, without torturing them.

He let Harry ramble on about how Voldemort was back and killed Cedric. Barty didn’t really care about the trivial happens in the graveyard, he was more concerned with how Voldemort had succeeded and with his reward.

“Voldemort’s back Harry? How did he do it?” Barty Crouch asked Harry. He waited and listened as Harry explained what the Dark Lord had taken from Tom Riddle Senior, Wormtail and Harry himself. Barty had one last question that he wanted to know, he knew he would get a reward for his loyalty to the Dark Lord but he wanted to know how his Dark Lord had treated the betrayers.

”And the Death Eaters, how did he treat them? Did he forgive them?” Curiosity filling Barty’s voice. He didn’t get the answer to his question. Instead Harry started ranting on about how there was a Death Eater in the school, who was responsible for Harry’s involvement in the Triwizard Tournament. Barty already knew all this, and wondered if the boy had figured out it was him yet. He laughed when Harry accused Karkaroff of being the traitor. Karkaroff was a traitor, but to Barty he was a traitor to his master, not to Dumbledore. Karkaroff had scampered as soon as the dark marks had started burning. Barty was more then willing to sell him out to his Lord.

When Harry Potter didn’t believe Barty, he made the decision to announce to Harry that he had in fact been the one to betray Dumbledore and send Harry to the dark lord. It took a lot of convincing on Barty’s part to finally make Harry realise that he was the one who had done it. With Harry still in shock, Barty removed his wand and pointed it at the skinny boy repeating his question from earlier, only this time he was going to get his answer.

With each sentence, explaining why he wanted the answer to his simple question, Barty Crouch got angrier and angrier. He finally reached the point where he was telling Harry how if it weren’t for his helpful hint’s, poor Mr. Potter would have died in the first task.

He talked about all the things that he had done for Harry during the tasks to ensure his success, including jinxing Fleur and cursing Krum. Barty was proud of his accomplishments, bragging about never being caught by the infamous Albus Dumbledore.

Barty didn’t notice the figures in the fog glass behind him, he was too busy bragging to realise that they were becoming clearer and revealing the features of Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape.

Barty raised his wand, poised to kill Harry Potter so that he could return to his dark Lord with the news that he had killed the Boy who lived. Before he could say anything, however, the door was blown to smithereens. Pieces of the heavy oak door flew everywhere, scattering to the far corners of the room. The echo of the spell ‘stupefy’ sounded around the room as Barty Crouch was thrown backwards onto the floor. He was shocked, he had thought they would have taken longer, but before he had the chance to act, Barty was plunged into darkness.


When Barty Crouch woke up, he was in a chair and unable to stand. Barty felt exactly the same as he had before; apart from maybe a looser lip he wasn’t harmed. This surprised him; in the presence of Order members, Barty thought he would have already been dead.
Dumbledore asked questions of him, and where he would usually have stayed silent words spilled out of his mouth. Barty was shocked at first, but soon he realised that it wasn’t willingly, he was giving up all his lords secrets, it was Veritaserum.

Dumbledore was able to get all the information he needed. How Barty and Wormtail had gotten Moody into his own magic chest and why they needed Harry in the first place. Dumbledore even managed to find out how he had gotten out of Azkaban and a confession towards killing is father.

Through it all a little house elf named Winky was whining in the corner, warning Barty not to speak ill of Barty Crouch Snr. She was a loyal house elf, but nothing she said could stop Barty from spilling all the family secrets. To Barty, Winky’s cries were bothersome, he wondered why no one had bothered to get rid of the house elf.

Dumbledore drew Barty’s attention back to the questioning with two final questions, he answered the first with the whereabouts of Barty Crouch Snr.’s body which had been configured into a giant bone.

The last question, wasn’t really a question, but was the most important thing


Professor Flitwick and the Grey Lady continued to walk around the school, Flitwick repairing things along the way.

“Filius, don’t you see? We had someone like Barty Crouch in our house, someone that would go to such great measures to send a 14 year old to Voldemort and then try to kill him in our own school.” The Grey exclaimed. She refused to look directly at Flitwick, proffering to watch the grounds as if recalling the events of that day.

“Yes, but Helena, he was just one man. Why are you so inclined to cast Ravenclaw in such a bad light after the actions of one man?” Filius asked, staring up at the floating Grey Lady, waiting from a response.

The Grey Lady didn’t talk at first; she just continued to float down the Hallway. Seeming to consider her answer carefully. “You have given me no reason not to believe the wizards and witches that have come from our house are not all like that man.” She finally answered.

“Helena, there are so many good people in our house. One’s that fought along side Harry at the final battle.” Flitwick sighed. “Never mind that now, there is still one last part to Barty’s story” Flitwick turned towards one of the archways, flicking his wand he waited as the stones slowly returned to their original formation.

A/N: The bits in bold are from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Paperback, Page 585

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The Divide That Corrupts Us: Interrogations


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