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Ron's First Sleepover by Turtlerose555
Chapter 1 : One: What's a Sleepover?
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Alright, this story is kinda pretty much off cannon from the original Harry Potter story line. So, they're just regular magic kids attending Hogwarts without having to worry about any danger in the world. The girls are kinda more mature, but the boys act like huge idiots in this story. Enjoy! Laugh! And don't ask questions, because like I said, this is way off cannon.
A/N: Also, the bit of the song Dean sings is called "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves.

~One: What's A Sleepover?~

4:47 P.M.

Hermione was in the Weasley's backyard, chilling in a lawn chair by the swimming pool, ready to get a summer tan on.

"Ahhh," she sighed, "What a nice evening to just relax..."


"Well, so much for that idea."

Ron came running out the back door and stood in front of her, blocking the angle of the sun from hitting her.

"Why is that crazy, blonde girl at the door?"


"The girl who's obsessed with the Quibbler! Looney?"

"Oh, Luna's here!"

"Yeah, her. And my sister is accompanying her!"

"Oh, and Ginny's back! They must be here for the sleepover party!"

"Sleepover? What's a sleepover?

Hermione looked at him disbelievingly.

"No annoying questions now please. Hey, I'll tell you if you go get those girls!"

"Okay!" Ron exclaimed, and he whisked off, only to return two minutes later with Luna and Ginny in tow.

"Alright, they're here! Now what the hell is a sleepover?"

Ginny and Luna looked at him as if he were stupid.

"What? Have you lived in a cave your whole life?" Luna shouted at him.

"If by 'cave' you mean Downtown Britain, then yes. My body needs its own cleaning service.

"Uh that was rhetorical question," Ginny grimaced, "And ewwww. But anyways, a sleepover is when you have one or many of your friends spend the night over at your house."

"Oh...Wait! So that means you guys are gonna be up all night giggling and having fun while me and Charlie are stuck with the dishes!"

"Uh huh," Hermione said, "Or, you two could invite some people over, but you guys have no friends, so won't happen."

"Be right back," Ron muttered, and he took off. He then returned about a few minutes later, with Harry and Dean Thomas. Ron then looked at Ginny with begging eyes.

"Can they stay over, Gin, Please? Pretty please?"

"Huh?" Harry and Dean exclaimed.

Hermione looked surprised, ""

"Great! Thanks! Bye!" He then took off again, with Harry and Dean in tow.

"Alright, what just happened?" Luna asked, blinking hard in confusion.

"Harry's gonna spend the night with us!" Ginny sighed while lost in a love trance.

"Ron owes me big time," Hermione groaned.


In a hallway...(5:02 P.M.)

Ron leaned up against the wall with Harry and Dean. Harry and Dean still looked utterly confused.

"Alright," Ron started, "The reason why I brought you guys over here is because I wanna have a sleepover!"

Harry and Dean looked at Ron as if he were stupid.

"Ron, you do that sleepovers are for girls, right?" Harry asked.

"Well, yeah, but I'm jealous of Ginny and Hermione! They're spoiled! They get everything! So, are you guys in, or are you in?"

"Well given the choices, I'd say we're in," Dean said.

"Awesome! But first, we must create a plan of TORCHERING them! Mwuahahahahahahah!"

Dean looked slightly scared at this, and Harry could only shake his head.


In a broom closet (5:07 P.M.)

"So, tell me again why we're in a broom closet?" Harry asked.

"Harry, I just told you a million times that this is gonna be our hideout!" Ron replied.

"Well, what if I'm claustrophobic?"

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It means he's afraid of Santa Claus, stupid," Dean told him.

"Oh...HO HO HO!"

"Stop it, Ron! You're scaring him!"

"Alright, you guys are so lucky that I'm not claustrophobic," Harry groaned, "But anyways, now that we're in a closet, what do you guys wanna do?"

"Well," Dean started, "Luna brought her video camera. You guys wanna record something on it?"

"Sure!" The other two exclaimed.


Living Room (5:21 P.M.)

"Dammit, how do you work this thing?" Dean muttered as he fumbled with the camera.

He accidently pressed a button and a video clip of him singing horribly in the shower began to play.

"(On camera) I'm walking on sunshine! Woooaahhh! I'm walking on sunshine! Woaaahhhh! I'm walking on sunshine! Wooaahhh! And don't it feel good!"

"Oh," Dean blushed, "How did that get in there?"

"Dude, you sing in the shower?" Ron questioned

"Wait, He was singing?" Harry asked disbelievingly, "I could've sworn he was shaving a cat..."

"Well let's see you guys try to sing, then! I bet I'm better than all of you put together!"

"You're on!" Harry challenged, "But how are we gonna sing?"

"Ginny has a karaoke machine in the basement," Ron suggested.


"Wait," Dean paused, "The dusty...cold...dark...b-b-basement? Did I mention that I'm scared of the dark?"

"You're what?" Ron asked.

"I'm...scared...of...the dark. Ever since I was like two, I've had a thing against dark places..."

Flashback (Dean: 2) (Luna: 2 1/2)

Dean and Luna were standing in the opening of a closet. It looked pretty dark inside.

"No, Luna! I don't wanna go in da cwoset!"

"Yes! You haf to! Therewes candy in therwe!"

"CANDY!" Dean exclaimed as he ran into the closet, "Heeyyy, therewes no candy in here!"

"Nope!" Luna exclaimed as she slammed the closet door shut, and Dean started to cry.

End Flashback/Resume story

"Even when I first met Ron and Charlie, I winced a little. No offence."

"None taken."

"Alright, then forget that," Harry said, "Now what?"

"Oooh! We can go sneak on the girls!" Ron suggested.

"Yeah! Maybe they're playing truth or dare!" Dean agreed.

"Yeah!...what the hell is truth or dare?"

"Let's just go already," Harry groaned.


Outside Ginny's bedroom door (5:36 P.M.)

"Guys, I'm not so sure we should spy on them," Ron said, rethinking this choice, "I mean...just look at what happened to Billy! He snuck in on Hermione, and now look at him!"

"Who the hell is Billy?" Dean asked.


Dean looked scared at that remark.

"Guys," Harry started, "Hermione cannot and WILL NOT kill us. Besides, we're too adorable to kill!"

"Yeah, but I'm the cutest one here," Ron said.

"You may be cute, but I'm HOT," Dean countered.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really!"


"Yeah! REALLY!"


"Shut up, you two!" Harry hissed at them, "Besides, you guys are just about as hot as an ice cube!"

"Hey!" The other two exclaimed.

"Well, at least I'm melting..." Dean said.


"Too late, dumbass..."

Ron pointed behind Harry, and Harry turned his head. Behind him, the door was ajar, and Hermione stood in the opening, arms crossed and glaring.

"Can I help you three?"

"Uh yeah," Harry started off nervously, "We were gonna ask"

"If could make cookies for us!" Dean exclaimed.

"Cookies?" Harry questioned.

"I can't help it! I'm hungry!"

"Uh yeah, cookies! And Ron said he couldn't use the oven without supervision, so we thought we'd ask you!"

"I can too use the oven by myself!" Ron exclaimed, " I can't."

"We have cookies!" Luna called out, pulling out a tray of hot cookies from beside her, "Fresh out of the oven!"

"COOKIES!" Dean cried out, and he raced towards the plate of cookies, which is yanked from him before he could even grab a cookie.

"Only if you play truth or dare with us," Luna said, holding the tray out of reach.

"Once again, I am conned by Luna for sugary delights," Dean sighed, "Okay, I'll play."

"Yippee! My first truth or dare game!" Ron exclaimed as he ran in and sat down next to Dean.

"Every day, he acts more and more like a 5-year-old," Hermione muttered, shaking her head, "Alright, all of you can play."

"Come over here, Harry darling!" Ginny called, patting the spot on the ground next to her.

"Who's fucking idea was this anyways, because it certainly wasn't mine," Harry muttered.

He walked over and sat down in between Luna and Ginny. Ginny scooted over and nuzzled him, but Harry shrugged her off roughly.

"Alright gang," Hermione said as she seated herself on the floor, "Since I'm the oldest, I'll start off."

"Actually Hermione," Ron interrupted, "I'm the oldest since-"

"I said I'LL GO FIRST!"

"Okay, okay, you can go first!"

"Alright, Ginny! Truth or dare?"


"Okay I! I dare you to kiss Harry!"


"Dammit!" Harry cried out.

Ginny grabbed Harry and kissed him full on the lips. Dean and Ron began snickering at them. When Ginny broke the kiss, Harry started spitting on the ground.


"Okay, my turn!" Ginny exclaimed.


"Okay, Harry!"

"Not again!"

"Truth or dare?"


" are Neville and Seamus doing right now?"

"Um...I think they're working right now."

"What? They don't have they?" Luna asked.

"Oh no. Neville's working on his Potions report. Seamus' just working out.


Meanwhile, at Harry's apartment

Neville and Seamus are sitting down in the living room playing chess.

"Uh...King me!" Seamus shouts out.

"Dude, what fucking game are you playing?" Neville shouted out disbelievingly, "Last time, you yelled out 'Go Fish'!"


Back at the Weasley's house

"Okay," Harry said, "Now that's that over with, Ron!"

"Hermione? I'm scared..."

"Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to flap your arms like a chicken! And cluck like one too minute!"

"Hell no."

"Ron, you have to. You picked dare!"


Ron got up from his spot, and walked around, flapping his arms and clucking like a chicken. Harry and Dean burst out laughing at his act.

"Okay, that was lame," Hermione remarked as Ron sat back down.



"Truth or Dare?"

"Uh Dare."

"I dare you to give me and Dean a cookie!"

"Grrr..." Was all Amy could muster as she handed a cookie to both Ron and Dean, and they both looked happy about it.

"Hey! What about me?" Harry asked.

"What about you?" Ron shot back.

Harry growled and gave Ron the evil eye.

"Fine," Luna said after she put down the cookie tray, "Dean, truth or dare?"


"Give me back the cookie."

Dean groaned out as he handed back the cookie to Luna. Ron stuffed his in his mouth in fear of it being taken away from him.

"I should've eaten it when I had the chance..." Dean pouted, "Truth or Dare, Hermione?"


"Do you like Seamus?"

" WAY!" Hermione burst out, face reddening, "No, he's too weird and dumb! Why would I like him? Heh heh heh...heh?"

"Okay, so I'll put you down under maybe..." He said suspiciously.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Hermione asked, face still flushed red.

"Well last time I did dare."

"Okay, I dare you to swim one lap in the pool."

"P-p-pool? You m-m-mean the one that's filled with wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-"

"Watches? Watermelons?" Luna asked.

"Waffles? Won-tons?" Dean said.

"Water?" Ron said.

"Yes! That word!"

"Oh don't worry Harry," Hermione reassured, "It's the other pool, you know, the one filled with caramel?"

"Oh good, because I thought you meant-"



Weasley's Pool (7:06 P.M.)

Harry stood on the diving board in his swimming trunks, and Ginny's polka-dotted duck floaty. He gulped as he looked back at Hermione.

"'Mione, do I really have to do this?"

"Yes! Now quit your whining, and go already!"

Harry looked down at the water, and looked back at the others.

"Ginny, if I drown, please stay away from my funeral."

"Oh, don't worry, Harry! I know how to perform CPR!"

"Perfect. Either way, it's torment."

"Harry, you big whimp!" Ron shouted up, "Drown already so I can see Ginny torture you!"

"Yeah!" Dean shouted, "And after this, we can go inside for cheeseburgers and ice cream!"

"Cheeseburgers?" Harry shouted, "HOLD ON BABIES! I'M COMMING FOR YOU!"

Harry jumped off the diving board and swam a lap and back in about 7 seconds flat. When he climbed out the pool, all anyone could do was just goggle at him.

"I thought you couldn't swim!" Hermione exclaimed.

"I can't. That was just a reaction to the Cheeseburgers."

"Figures," everyone muttered out.

"Speaking of which..."

Harry took off the duck floaty and bolted for the kitchen.


Kitchen (7:13 P.M.)

"Okay, so you said there were cheeseburgers, and there aren't!"

Dean shrugged, "Well I'm hungry, remember? Now I can't stop thinking about food because SOMEONE," he glared evilly at Luna, "Wouldn't let me have a cookie."

"Well since everyone is hungry," Hermione said as she reached for the phone, "We'll order pizza. What do y'all want?"

"Hawaiian!" Ginny and Luna shouted out.

"Nice! That's what I wanted! So that's one Hawaiian pizza. What do you boys want?"

"ANCHOVIES!" They shouted.

"Hell no."

"The fuck? Why not?" Ron complained.

"Because they're salty little devils that make you breath smell like a serpent. The last thing we need is for you to breathe on me. So no."

" about pickles then?"

"Yeah!" The other two shouted.

"Alright, so that's one Hawaiian and pepperoni pizza."

"Damn..." The boys groaned.


After they order pizza (7:36 P.M.)

"Alright, what next?" Ron asked.

"Well, Luna said that they're gonna go do their hair," Dean said, "Hey, maybe we can-"

"NO. FUCKING. WAY." Harry stated.

"Got any better ideas, mate?" Ron asked.


"That's what I thought. Besides, Dean here needs a new do."

"Hell no! I like my hair!" Dean exclaimed as he made to guard his Afro.

"I get to comb it!" Harry shouted.

Ron shot Harry a concerning look.

"B-b-but I won't enjoy it," Harry countered.

"Okay, Dean, hop up in this chair here."


Dean sat down in the chair, while Ron pulled out, scissors, brushes, combs, and hair gel.

"Now close your eyes, Dean."


"Alright, Doctor Harry, I think it's time to operate!"

"Oh yes, Doctor Ron, it is!"

Ron snickered as he pulled out a pair of scissors, and Dean closed his tight and uttered out a whimper.


What'll happen to Dean's hair? Will Ron and Harry destroy it?

And will the boys actually enjoy the Sleepover like Ron thinks they will?

Laugh and Love! All this and more in the next update!

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