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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 6 : Real shows and long nights.....
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~ Chapter 6

Draco was elated as he took the last few steps off the stage. The crowd was in an up roar chanting ‘1HourMore….1HourMore…..1HourMore’. Before, they knew Cooper and Devo were drenched in sweat and so were Draco and Ben. The four of them played their hearts out and the fans ate it up. They were in a state of ecstasy that none of them have felt before. Thomas Jay their PR manger came running up to them jumping in on the hug as soon as they came off the stage after their first set.

“Got a big night planned for you guys.” Thomas yelled over the still roaring crowd.

Draco looked around for Sari, but couldn’t see her anywhere. Just as he began to worry, Thomas Jay noticed the look in his eye.

“Don’t you worry, mate. I got you. She’ll already be there when you get to the after party.”

Draco knew who he was taking about, but didn’t understand how Thom would know about her. “Who?”

Thomas laughed at Draco question. “Really?! You think I didn’t see you walk in with her. Wow, Draco you should know by now that’s it’s my job to notice all the details.” Whilst laughing Thomas put his arm around Draco and then the other around Devo.
The band and Thomas started to walk towards the hordes of flashing cameras just outside the barriers divide the backstage area and the rest of the venue. Just before crossing the threshold, Thomas stopped just short, and turned to Draco and Devo.

“Just ace the radio interviews and you guys are as good as made. Then, you will be taken to a party giving to you in your honor. The record company is throwing it for you guys are some posh hotel in town. Now, smile here you go on your way to fame.”

With that Thomas pushed Draco and Devo into a curtained off area that had a table with microphone on it and filled to the brim with reported holding out recorders and flashing as many picture as they could.

Draco took a seat at the furthest end of the table. The other three followed suit. The interview went off without a hitch and the next thing they knew they were sitting in a black limo careening down the street. Cooper was hanging out of the sun roof with a bottle of champagne in his hand. Devo was sitting across from Draco with a smile on his face and a bottle of ‘Jack’ in grip. Ben was quietly looking out a window enjoying a cigarette watching the city pass by. Their dreams were coming through and they knew it. A collective sigh ran through the limo as the men relaxed and got ready for the night ahead of them.


t was just another morning where Ron slept over without asking. He figured at this point in his and Hermione’s relationship that his stay was implied and welcome. What he didn’t know, was that his ‘so called partner’ only tolerated him there with her every morning. Hermione liked her routine and idiosyncrasies. She had a method to her madness. It wasn’t that Ron was in anyway an inconvenience; he was just in the way. Hermione wanted to wonder around in her dressing gown to get coffee, let her body and mind wake up before figuring the day out. Ron on the other hand slept in, then rush through the morning in a whirlwind cause chaos in Hermione’s routines.
Hermione watched Ron reading the morning prophet while shoveling food into his mouth with breakneck speed. The coffee cup felt warm in her hands when she brought it to her lips. The cup was also useful as a distraction. It felt like as it reached her lips. It gave her an extra moment to look at Ron, hidden behind it while it passed in front of her face. Hermione watched him eat all the while thinking about why she wasn’t feeling anything.

Hermione felt like she had been going through the motions. Ron was perfect. Therefore she had to be the problem. Ron was kind, gentle, and loved her with his whole. They never fought. They never had a reason too. To the outside world they were perfect for each other, meant to be. Hermione couldn’t find one reason on why it wouldn’t work out for them. All the numbers just added up perfectly, no matter how she tried to spin it. She couldn’t understand why she felt nothing. Why when she looked in his eyes she want something more. Hermione wanted to feel something, to taste the passion. She wanted to feel in deep down in her belly. Hermione knew the feeling. She just didn’t know it with Ron.

With her eyes still transfixed on Ron Hermione place her tea cup next to sink, then backed out of the kitchen. She was about to turn the corner to go into her bedroom when she called to Ron. “I’m showering. make sure you lock the door when you go to work.” Hermione could hear a faint grunt hopefully, meaning that he had heard her. She almost didn’t care if he didn’t. If Ron forgot to lock the door and someone tried to break in to attack her it would at least change up the normality of her day. ‘Anyway, it wouldn’t matter’ she thought as she stepped into the shower. ‘I’m a bloody damn good witch, let someone try.’ Hermione started laugh as she lathered up her hair. Hermione has to be super careful not to get soap in her eyes while she laughed at her random thought.


His eyes darted across the room, all he could see was a sea of suits each one adorned with some sort of trophy wife clutching on to their arm. Not one face besides the ones he came in with was recognizable at the moment. The sea of faces was almost too much to bare. The flashing from the many cameras was blinding, Draco’s head swam for a minute. Cooper caught Draco’s moment and grabbed him to pull him through the gantlet of people. They made it to the back of the lavishly decorated room into a small roped off area protected by a gorilla of a man. The four of them took a seat and looked onto the party in their honor amazed by how many people were there for them. Thom found them not long after they took their refugee behind the velvet ropes. He walked through the ropes with a huge smile on his face.

“Whatcha think?”

The boys were speechless. Thom looked over his shoulder and gave a slight single to a tall red head. Draco’s stomach dropped when he saw that the tall red head was Ginny who was walking with such swagger toward them. She had been obviously laughing. Draco had to control a slight bit of anger beginning to rise inside of him from the thought of her laughing at him. But, it melted away as fast as it came up. Ginny stopped just before she reached the divider. A fat piggy of a man stopped her and hugged her. Her eyes lingered on Draco’s for a second to say ‘sorry’. Draco watched the scene play out; hugs followed by a few kisses and some whispering to each other. Ginny’s smile returned to her face, the piggy man followed her into the roped area and they both took a seat on the red velvet couches.

“You remember Big D, right?’ Ginny asked a little louder than she had to over the music.

Realization washed over Draco. He extended his hand and D took it. He was almost embarrassed with himself with not remembering the man who had gave him and his band the biggest opportunity of a lifetime. It was just seeing Ginny was a shock. Ginny was engaged with talking to Cooper about something that Draco couldn’t make out.

So, he turned to D who was sitting on his other side.

“Is this normal?” Draco asked D who just shrugged.

“Kinda, I would have thought there would be more people than this. Draco was floored, the place was packed to overflow. Draco played it off by laughing, D joined in his laughter while helping himself to a drink. Draco was toying with the idea of following suit, until he saw her across the room.

She looked so comfortable, as if this was her ultimate element. Sari went from person to person greeting each of them with a hug and a kiss on each of their cheeks. Every circle she dominated, until she was done with them, and moved on to the next. D saw Draco’s wondering eyes were lock on Sari’s every move.

“She’s something, isn’t she?” D said to Draco

For some reason jealousy began to form in Draco belly. “You know her?”

It wasn’t helped by D’s fit of laughter “You can say that?”

A look of daggers was shot in D direction. “No, mate it’s not like that. She is a cool girl, it’s just that….. that… she has a bit of a wildside.”

Draco was still transfixed on Sari’s animated way of talking. “Huh. In what way?”

D looked at him for a second, he wanted to choose his word carefully. “No, I mean she’s a good girl to have on your side that’s all. It’s just that I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley by myself that’s all.” He continued to laugh as the words came out of his mouth. Draco finally took his eyes of the blonde that was still making her way across the room and set them on the man next to him. D could see the confusion in Draco eyes and lend into Draco and said “she went with my business partner mine a while back, that’s all.”

Draco finally understood. He began to wonder what people said about Pansy after they broke up. Now Draco could laugh at the situation. He went to pour himself a drink, but Ginny stopped him by placing her hand on his. “Hey. I’m not being a good host if you pour your own drinks. Let me do that? Besides, it’s bad luck to pour yourown drink.”

Her smile calmed Draco’s nerves, he lean back and began to watch Sari do her thing again. To Draco it looked like every step she took was stopped by another person begging for her attention. Every now and then she would throw a smile in Draco directions that told him ‘I’m coming’. Once Sari reached the gorillas of man who stood in front of the divided section instead of stopping her like he had done countless times, since the band took it post behind the ropes the bouncer just let her in with a wink. Sari smiled at him and patted him on his chest. If Draco didn’t know better he would have thought the bouncer melted under her touch into little school boy, not the ruff and tumbly man that stood with such conviction guarding his post. The man seamed to thaw with her slightest touch. Draco was about to stand, but Ginny beat him to punch.

“Oh my God! Where in the Haiti have you been? It’s been f’ing forever.” Blonde and red met in a flurry of loud screams and hugs. The girls stayed together a little bit catching up with each other as much as they could in such a short time frame. Draco only made out Ginny last sentence. “So which one?”

Draco began to worry, first D knew her, then it seemed like everyone at the party knew her and now Ginny too knew her too and was asking which one? Many thought began to circle in Draco mind; How much does she get around for everyone to know her? How many other bands does she have an interest in? His fears were temporally shut down when he saw Sari discretely point at him. Her cheeks were slightly pink and there was a slight bit of anxiety in her eyes. Ginny whispered one last time into Sari’s ear, before turning to Draco.

“I’ve to get Harry. We’ll be back. Good to know I am leaving you in good hands.” She laughed and left the section.

Draco wanted to ask Ginny so many things before she left, but she didn’t give him a chance. Again Draco was beat to the punch. This time is was from D who was standing and sliding into Sari. He placed his big arms around her shoulders. Draco could see her demeanor change under his touch. She stiffened up as he hugged her and whispered in her ear before letting go. Within moments she regained her composer as if nothing had happened. She gave Draco a big smile and when he returned it, she took it as an invitation to take that the spot that D was sitting in next to Draco.

“Sorry I was late. I had a little business to take care of, before I could relax for the night. How was the end of the show?”

Draco wasn’t sure how to answer her small talk when there were much bigger things he wanted to talk to her about. Something was bothering him, he knew it, and so did she. When Sari got no answer she took the hint, she began to stand, but felt Draco’s strong grip before she could go anywhere. “It’s just been a long night.” Draco said
“I know where there is somewhere quitter” Sari answered with a raised eyebrow
Draco shook his head yes. Sari pulled him up, took him by the hand and led him through a secret door that was built into the wall on the other side of the room. It led into a bright and brilliant hallway. Sari explained as she pulled him after him that the club where the party was in was next to a hotel and had passages were built during WW1 & WW2 to get VIP to safety. Draco let Sari led him by his hand through a grand lobby made with ivory marble and gold leafing. Draco was pulled into one hallway after another, then through the kitchens and laundry room. “Where are you taking me” he finally asked just as they reached a shabby lift.

“I’m not going in there. It will be the death of us.”

Sari laughed and ignored him. She pulled him into the lift, the doors closed with a bang making Draco jump. “Don’t worry trust me.”



A/N: Hiya, the ball is just getting rolling. I hope you all enjoyed it. Please leave me a word or two in the review box. They fuel my writing. Thank you for reading my fic. Check out my other ones if you like this one.

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