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Abroad by youknowwho013
Chapter 3 : Wotters, Quidditch, and Fabulous Dancing
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I love food. And Disney Movies. And Cheese. And British accents. And food. And Nutella
(heaven in a jar). And I might possibly like Al Potter, even though I wonʼt admit it to any
of my new Hogwartʼs friends. Well, except Rose, she figured it out the second I ran from
Albus when he told me he liked me in Gryffindor colors.
I have been worried about Tash though. We have only been here two weeks, and so far
Tash has had “special meetings with certain boys,” about TEN FRIKINʼ TIMES!! I mean
COME ON! We need her to settle down and get a nice dude. And Tash isnʼt picky, she
just wants a good guy, who treats her right, and is nice to look at.

At this moment I am Albus observing, where he is talking to Rose looking absolutely
adorable, when he starts coming towards me. EEK! Do I look good? Maybe I should run, done that too much already. Umm, quick! Think of something to say! He
stops right in front of me, Rose right on his heels.

“Uhh.... ʻEllo Govnaʼ!” I squeek. Yes...SQUEEK. I really have a way with words donʼt I?
Rose slaps her face behind Al, while he just gives me weird look. *Sigh* Xandra....will u
ever learn?

“Ummm...hello. I was coming over to ask you if you know anyone willing to try our for
beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team...” He trails off, looking at me like Iʼm a witch or
Oh wait...

“You have a space for beater?” I perk up instantly. “I play beater! Can I try out?”
Al and Rose look surprised. So what if Iʼm a girl, that doesnʼt mean that I am a weakling!
Call me weak...and I break yoʼ face!

“Uh, sure thing. Actually that would be great! My brother James is captain this year, and
he is holding tryouts today at four. Well, Iʼll see you later Rose! Bye Xander.”

He walks away. Look at that view! Ow-ow! I could stare at him all day...and if I try out for
the Quidditch team I could spend more time with him. In the changing rooms...where he
would...change...shirtless. OMG. I HAVE to get that spot on the team more than ever.
Not just for Al though. I miss quidditch more than I miss my parents! I know, I know,
thatʼs terrible! But itʼs true.
...wait. He just called me Xander! That is a guys name! Seriously? Do I look like a guy? I
have BOOBS for goodness sake! Ugh...I donʼt have a chance. Time to wallow in misery.

“..Xandra! Xandra! Hellooo! Anyone home? You have been staring off into space for five
minutes!” Rose yells. Woops.
“Sorry Rose, itʼs just that your cousin is so cute!”

“Gosh, I hear that enough from his fan club! I donʼt need it from you too! Anyway, I play
keeper on the team, so you have to make it! We can hang out even more!”

“You do? YES! I will have a quidditch buddy! Are you the only girl on the team?”

“Ya, that is why you have to try out! There are too many guys! Okay, how about we head
up to the tower to get our stuff, then we go down to the pitch. Itʼs....ITʼS THREE FIFTY!
RUN XANDRA RUN!” Hah! You call me dramatic! Rose sprints down the hallway, me
right on her heels.

WANT THE BABY TO POP OUT OF HER!” I run after Rose, yelling this as I go.
Everyone stands back, whispering. God.

One thing I have learned so far at Hogwarts, is that gossip travels fast. Really fast. Like,
so fast that one second you are perfectly happy, sitting at the table in the Great Hall, not
eating because you just arenʼt hungry; then BOOM! People suddenly come up to you
and ask if you are anorexic, and that I look unusually skinny, and: “Wow Xandra! You
really have a problem donʼt you? I just look so sickly!” Just...just no.


Rose and I rush up to the room, grab our brooms, and throw on our clothes. I throw on
my soccer (excuse me...footbal!) shorts and a sweatshirt, while Rose throws on her
quidditch robes. I donʼt have quidditch robes! 

We finally get down to the pitch, and find a crowd of people swarming around. Some in
the air, some on the ground. Rose and I rush towards the pitch, just in time for her
cousin, James, to stand up and yell to get our attention.

“OKAY! PEOPLE! LISTEN UP!” Everyone quiets down. “I would like to welcome you to
the Gryffindor quidditch try-outs. My name is James Potter, captain of the team this
year. I would like to start off by saying that if you are in the first year, or not in Gryffindor,
then leave!” No one moves. “NOW!” About a third of the people walk slowly off the pitch,
muttering to themselves.

“Okay, lets start off by having the seekers over there,” James point off to the right. He
starts a drill with them, and I lean over to talk to Rose.

“Hey! Rose! Psst!” She looks over.


“Why didnʼt you tell me you have so many cute cousins! Look at James! He is H-O-T

“I thought you have a crush on Al....”

“I do, itʼs just that I like to look...nothing wrong with that. Besides, he doesnʼt even call
me by my right name! He calls me Xander! Xander! That is a guys name!”

“Well, donʼt look at James, he is taken right now. Well, has been taken for the past two
years. He is dating Hillary Finnegan, and they are totally in love! Itʼs totally gross, yet
cute at the same time...” She trails off, her eyes following a blonde haired boy trying out
for seeker. He was really good too. He was diving and rolling everywhere. He stops
flying, goes over to James where they seem to have a brief conversation, then walks off
towards the locker rooms, Roses eyes following him the whole way.
Hmmm....interesting. I might have to use that for blackmail later....

“BEATERS! OVER HERE!” James yells. AAAK! Thatʼs me! What do I do? I am
unprepared! I havenʼt played for two whole weeks! TWO! I am going to make a fool out
of myself! In front of Al too! I am doomed!

In the middle of my rant, Rose interrupts me by pushing me towards where James was
pointing. Being the clumsy thing that I am though, I landed in the mud right in front of
James. Thanks Rose!

“Nice....I can see that you are truly graceful,” James helps me up, grabbing me by both
arms. He mocks me, smirking the whole time. I want to wipe that smirk right off of his

“Thank you kind sir, but if you could please let go of me, I would greatly appreciate it!” I
raise my eyebrows at him. (Unfortunately I canʼt raise only one eyebrow. I must make
do with raising both at the same time.)

“Sure.” He lets me go, and I stand up and glare at him. Or his chest really, heʼs frikinʼ
huge! Must be more than six feet.

“Ok beaters! I want you to get on your brooms and try to hit Mclaggen here with the
bludgers.” YES! I hate Mclaggen! Now I have a excuse to beat the poo outta him! I
mount my broom, bat in hand, and look at the other people trying out for beater.

Lets just say that I am screwed. They are all guys for one, and all huge and muscley
and....scary. *Gulp*

I watch all of the guys go up and try to hit Mclaggen. I have to hand it to him, he is a
fantastic flyer, and has only gotten hit once by some guy named Fred, who I can
officially call my friend because he handed me the orange juice at dinner last night. We
have a connection! Him and I are tight yo! Anyway....

“Plank, Alexandra!” Ugh...the first name again. I mount my broom, and take off. James throws me the bludgeor and I swing with all my might. It soars right over to McLaggen and hits him right in the stomache. He lets out a girlish scream and shakily flies down to the ground. I smirk.

Hah! Take that you creepy  perv! seriously, he follows Rose and me everywhere. I once looked over at him and saw him looking at Rose and licking his lips. Ya, it also turns out he was the one naked in the guys dorm a couple weeks ago. I try to avoid him at all costs. 

"Nice shot Plank! Not bad! I might even forgive you for injuring my best Chaser!" James walks over with a smile on his face.

Please let me get in! Please let me join the team!! Please please please!!!

"So congratulations! You made the team!" 

"I did?! YES! Uh-huh! Oh yeah! Who's awesome? I am! Mh! Yeah!" I stop singing and start doing my happy dance, which consists of mostly lots of arm waving and hip that I think about it, it's not really a dance, its more just spazzy movements. Hehe

I get more weird stares, and my cheeks flush. Nice going Xandra! Way to make a first impression! 

"Uhh, okay...after that interesting display of...dancing was it?"

"Yea it was dancing, and it was amazing! Don't deny it!" I interrupt

"Suuure. Anyway, after that dance, I would like to introduce the new beater...Xandra Plank!" 

"Hullo!!" I take a bow and step back.

"Xandra, here is the practice schedule, don't be late or you'll be kicked off the team..."

"Sir yes sir!" 

"And that's about it really, you can all go and shower up!" 

The team stalks off to the showers, Rose and I giggling excitedly behind them.

"You made the team Xandra! Good job!! You were fantastic out there!"

"Thanks Rose! By the way, who was that dashing young blonde that you were not so secretly staring at back there? Hmmm?" 

Rose stops, and tenses up for a second.

She whispers quietly, "Oh, I was hoping no one noticed..." she trails off and looks at me. 

"You won't tell anyone will you?" 

"Of course not!" I adopt a southern drawl. "Us Americans are mighty fine at keeping secrets y'all!" 

Rose stares at me. 

"Bloody Hell Xandra! Tash told me you were weird...but not that weird!" 

I smile sweetly.

"Why thank you Rose! I take that as a compliment! If your not weird, then your normal, and normal is boring!" I then run at a sprint towards the showers. Maybe I can even get a peek at Albus...I start to run faster...


Authors Note: Hey guys! Hoped you liked this chapter! This story is my baby, and I'm so excited to share it with you guys's just so exciting! :) ok, enough  with the cheesy stuff. I have been writing this whole story on my phone, cause at the moment I am computer less... Fun right? Anyway, I had this whole chapter finished on my computer, and then...*poof!*... All gone! Well, you see the little review-like box down there? Yes? Well, it's very hungry, and if not fed, will have a fit! A fit I tell u!! So read and review! 

....PS, I have nothing against southern people at all! I just added in that part cause Xandra is loosely based (ok, a lot based) on me, and I do that a lot. I'm a very interesting person....hehe, ok, sorry for the really long authors note! Bi!

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