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Keep Breathing by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 3 : Sirius's Suspicions
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Chapter 3- Sirius suspicions

Sirius POV

Weeks went by very fast. We were all piled up in homework, so we didn’t talk to each other much.  Lindy was welcomed to our group and we all got attached to her. She became Remus’s and James’s little sister.

Lindy was affecting me so much without even knowing. Something strange was happening to me and it had to be because of her. I close my eyes I see her soft blue eyes staring back at me and her soft curls that framed her face. Her smile made me smile and I couldn’t take my eyes of her. I know, I know. You’d think I was smitten but I probably wasn’t. It had nothing to do with love.

I hated it how Remus would always catch me staring and start laughing or sometimes, whistling. 

Lindy POV

It was Wednesday; we were all sitting in the common room wondering what to do for our free period. Alice was out with Frank and we were just bored without her.

This Sunday was my first Hogsmead trip. Sirius promised to take me everywhere since everyone was booked.  Remus finally asked Marlene and Peter asked a girl from Huffelpuff. James still thinks that if he acts nice to Lily that he’ll be able to take her. Everyone thinks he can’t but I supported him.

“What about going to the Library.” Remus offered.

“Yeah, spending more time with books is exactly what we need Moony. “Sirius commented.

“We could go.” I replied. I really didn’t mind what we did.

“Take Lindy!” James added. Remus chuckled.

“Quiddtich!” Sirius yelled.

“No!” Marlene said.

“Quiddtich it is Padfoot.” James got up and stood in front of us.  “Raise your hand if you wish to play or learn how to play Quiddtich.” I raised my hand. “Sirius, Lindy, me, Remus and Lily! You want to play Evans?”

“Well, I don’t mind but someone will have to help me.” 

“No problem. I’ll help you.”  Lily nodded and blushed. “Sirius will help Lindy.”

“Sure!”  Sirius agreed and got up. “Peter and Marlene, what are you going to do.”

“I’ll watch. It will be fun to watch.” She giggled.

“I might go meet Jenna.” Peter informed.

“Let’s go!” Marlene bellowed.

I stood in the middle of the Quiddtich pitch, staring at how high the hoops were from the ground. It was a huge distance and I’ve also never been on a broom. 

“Are you scared of heights?” Sirius whispered in my ear from behind. I kind of am but I had to try for them. I turned around. “No, just never been on a Quiddtich field before.”

“This shocks me!” Sirius mocked. “Do you know the basics, did they teach it to you at home school?” he held two brooms.

“No. I’m a beginner. Only read it in books.” He nodded and smiled.

“Well then we better get started. I’ll show you one step at a time and you’ll copy. Ok!” I smiled widely. “Use my broom, it will be more comfortable.”

In twenty minutes time I was in the air. Just hovering nothing more. Remus, Marlene and Sirius were taking this as a comedy show. Every few seconds they’d crack up laughing.

“Sirius.” I called.


“If I fall, please catch me.” I stared at the ground; I was around 10m from it.

“Lindy! I won’t even let you fall.” I looked into his serious eyes and nodded. “Ok the way you balance on the broom controls the direction in which it will fly; shifting your weight forward will bring the handle down and so make it descend. Shifting your weight closer to the broom makes it speed up. Shifting your weight left and right makes it turn. However, it is possible to spin one's body around the broom, and still have it continue traveling in more or less a straight line. Got it?”

(Thanks'_Guide_to_Harry_Potter/Magic/Brooms for the info.)

I nodded and followed his instructions. I found myself flying at a reasonable speed around the pitch. “You’re doing great. Now try to go faster and higher.” He encouraged.

‘No matter what Lindy, don’t look at the ground.’ I kept telling myself.

After a few laps I stopped near Sirius. I wasn’t confident and I’m sure he knew. “Are you okay?”


“How is my little sis finding Quiddtich?” James joined in and flew towards us with Lily.

“It’s fun and also scary” I whispered the last bit to myself.

“Well how about a game.” Everyone agreed.  “Sirius and Remus verse Lily, Lindy and me.”

“Sounds great Prongs.” Remus approved.

“And I’ll cheer for the girl’s team!” Marlene shouted. “Sorry bro, you’re counted as a girl.”

“Hey!” James shouted.

“Let’s start” Sirius said.

We all took our positions and because we only had three people, I became chaser, James was seeker and beater and Lily was keeper. On the other team, Sirius was seeker and beater even though he and Remus played both Chaser and keeper.

They let all the Quaffle, bludgers and the golden snitch out.  There was no going back now. As soon as Marlene threw the ball in the air I sped towards it and grabbed it.

“Go Lindy!” Sirius shouted.

“You’re on Remus’s team, traitor!” Marlene yelled.

I focused on the hoop and headed to it. When I heard Remus behind I threw the ball. It landed smack bang in the middle.

“15 points to the girls.”  Marlene announced.

“Sorry Remus.” I felt bad.

“It’s a game Lindy, you shouldn’t feel sorry.” He smiled and took the Quaffle. “Be careful of the Bludgers.”

Remus sped to the other side in no time but thankfully Lily blocked his throw. “That’s my g…” I shot James a look which changed his comment. “Nice one Lily!” I smiled back.

“Did you hear that? No stupid comments.” Lily informed.

“Isn’t that good.”

“Yes, but it’s so not him.” She stared at James who was retrieving the Quaffle. “I guess he’s maturing.” 

After thirty minutes the game ended because James had caught the snitch. We all got of our brooms and laid on the grass while Sirius complained how the match wasn’t fair.

“So what do you think about Quiddtich?” James asked me.

“Um… Honestly, it’s not as great as you make it sound.” I lied.  “You over sold it to me.” I shrugged and faced him.

“You did not say that!” James started tackling me.

“Ahhhhh. Ok! OK! Stop.” I got up and ran away from James. He just followed and roared like a bear.

“I’m coming Lindy I’m going to eat you.”  

Sirius POV

“I mean we only had two players and James is a seeker. How could we win that? AND I HAD REMUS! No offense bro!” I stopped arguing and watched James and Lindy run around the field.

“James finally got his little sister that he always wanted.”  Remus observed.

“How was it being treated like one from him?” Lily asked.

I groaned. “He told you!”

‘No, Lindy did.” She pointed at Lindy.

“He told her!” she probably had a good laugh. “Anyway it should be him that becomes embarrassed after all he couldn’t tell I was a man.” I started laughing awkwardly, not knowing the meaning of what I had said.

“No, Sirius. Not funny.”

“Got ya!” James yelled. “Lindy!” My head shot up to face James. Lindy was on the ground lying in James lap. I got up and ran to them immediately.

“What happened?” I demanded. My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was about to burst.

“She stopped running and suddenly fell.” James shook her and shouted. “I think we should take her to the Hospital wing now!”

I picked her up and ran, followed by James, Remus and Lily.  When I reached the Hospital Wing I placed Lindy on the cot. “Poppy!” 

“What’s going on in here?” Poppy walked in.

“It’s Lindy; she just fell on the ground after Quiddtich.”  James screamed.

“She played Quiddtich? Oh God. Anything else happened?” Poppy came and started checking Lindy.

“She ran around for a while.” I added.

“Ok I need you guys all out of here.”

“No!” James sat down on a chair. “I’m not leaving.”

“You need to now. The sooner the better for Lindy.”

I grabbed James and pulled him out. Lily hugged him and cried. “What Happened?” 

James held her. “This is all my fault, if I didn’t chase her, this wouldn’t have happened.”  

“No! James you were just running with her. That’s normal. It’s probably something internal.”

We all waited outside. Remus and Marlene decided to go to class and get all our homework and inform the teachers about our disappearance.

James POV

It felt like forever. It has only been two month but we all got attached to Lindy. She was practically my real life sister.

Sirius didn’t say a single word. He’s been staring at the door the whole time. After two hours Poppy came out and ordered out to leave. “You all need to leave before I call Dumbledore.”   

“Is she ok.” Sirius demanded.

“What happened to Miss Hill?” We all turned around to see professor Dumbledore standing there.

“Albus, it could have got bad. If they brought her later, it would have got shorter...” Poppy started but the rest became very soft whispers.

“What the hell is happening?” I asked.

“I need you to calm down Mr Potter. We all know you and Miss Hill are like family but we are going to have to wait till she wakes up.” Dumbledore replied calmly.

“You see Mr Potter she’s back to normal but her condition is a bit different. It might take her two or three days to wake up. So we advise all of you to go get some sleep and continue your classes. You can also collect Miss Hills homework.” Poppy explained.

“But…” Sirius started.

“No buts Mr Black.  Get to bed now!”  Dumbledore ordered.

I turned around and carried a sleeping Lily back to our common room. Sirius went straight to the dorm. “Lily, wake up sweetie.”

“James? What happened to Lindy?” I helped her to her feet.

“Poppy said that it will take her a day or two to come back to us. She says we have to attend classes and collect homework for Lindy. You look tired, go get some sleep.”  I hugged her reassuring her that everything would be fine.

“She’ll be ok, right.”

“Yeah, it’s probably an infection she had.” 

Sirius POV

It was Thursday and I felt like crap. Lindy hadn’t woken up and it was worrying me. I was trying to place a puzzle together.



 “How come we’ve just met her and we all feel so…” I didn’t know what to say. It’s been only two month since we met Lindy.

“Close. Because we love her and you do to and we all need to go to breakfast and eat food.”

I followed James and smiled slightly. “You and Evans are getting close to each other.”

“Yes but only because of what we’re going through.”

“I know mate but when Lindy wakes up and we all go to Hogsmead together, Lily is going to realise how nice you were to her.”  I patted his back. “A week til the full moon.”

“Yeah we need to make sure Moony ok too.”

I skipped breakfast and went straight to the Hospital Wing. The doors were open and Poppy was nowhere to be seen.

I went straight to Lindy’s unconscious body and held her hand.  “Hey Lindy! How you feeling? Everyone’s worried sick about you. We all really miss you so much. You need to come back. James keeps blaming himself for what happened. Poppy isn’t telling us what’s wrong with you. I’m getting this bad feeling and I need to see you smiling. Please come back. I promised to show you Hogsmead right and I know how excited you are about going. You have only today and tomorrow.”

I took a deep breath and smiled at her. “We all love you so much. We miss our quiet shy Lindy. I need to go now ok.”  I placed her hand gently and left her.

James POV

“James did you do the DADA essay?” Marlene asked.

“Yes. Lindy helped me, she edited as well.” I answered.

“May I borrow it, just need to check something.”  I handed the paper to her and faced Lily.

“Hey Lily, how’s the jelly?”  She looked up and smiled.

“It’s ok. I prefer pink and blue but  there’s no more.” 

“Marlene is you ok on your own?” 

“Yeah. Here you go.” She handed me my paper back and continued eating.

“Great. Come on Evans, we’re going to get you pink and blue jelly.” She laughed and followed me out to the kitchens.

Lindy POV

My body felt calm and relax. I could feel the air brushing against my skin. Everything felt so odd and different.

I could here talking. More like shouts calling out to me. I supressed all my energy and forced my eyes opened.

I eyes despised the sunlight that shone directly into them.

“Lindy!” I assumed was Sirius. “You’re awake.” I gently opened my eyes again and saw Sirius sitting beside me. His stormy grey eyes looked into mine. I took a breath at his sight. He looked beautiful, as usual but he also looked tired.

“Hey.” I said slowly.

“Lindy!” Sirius covered me with his arms and hugged me tightly. “How are you feeling? Are you fine? What’s going on?” all come out quickly from him.

“Slow down Sirius.” I laughed.

“Lindy! Lindy’s awake.” James, Lily, Remus, Marlene, Peter and Alice came rushing in. They all towered on top of me.

“We missed you!” Marlene screamed.

“Lindy, you scared the bloody hell out of everyone. I thought I had done this to you. It happed so unexpectedly.” James informed.

“Sorry!” I apologised. “How many hours was I out for?”

“You should say days?” Alice corrected. Days? Crap!

“You were out for a total of two and a half days.” Remus explained.

“You guys are going to hurt her if you stay like that.” Everyone immediately got off me at the sound of Poppy’s voice. “Everyone out for five minutes, I just need to have a quick check up.”

Poppy turned to me once everyone had left. “Have you told them?”

“No!” Was she crazy?

“You’ve made many friend sweetie. The all seem to love you dearly. They visited everyday but Mr Black stayed all the time. I had to push him out.” Her smile flattened and turned serious. “You are going to have to before they find out one day from someone else. If they had brought you any later, that could have shortened your time. You were in bad condition.” Poppy held my hand and let a tear fall out.

“I need time. I can’t tell them now. It will be too weird. I know when the time comes I’ll have to tell them. You need to be strong just like me and accept what is going to happen.”

She nodded and got up. “Drink this.” I swallowed the liquid and smiled. “You’re not allowed to run. You’re not fit enough. Each day you get weaker, obviously you won’t feel it yet but maybe on your last year. You better tell your friends.”

“Tell us what?” Sirius walked in with everyone. He had a curious look and so did James. “Are you hiding something important from us Lindy?”

“Tell you, that I have asthma.” I quickly made up an excuse.

“No running for Miss Hill. She has reached a terrible level of asthma and cannot run. If she does, her situation will get worse.”

“Why didn’t you tell us? We should have known that on the day we met.” James scolded.

“Sorry, I didn’t think it was important.” I whispered.

“Lindy! Of course it is. At least we would have known what happened. Everyone was so worried.” Lily came next to me and hugged me.

“Thanks Lily and I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. If you have to say sorry to anyone it should be Sirius. He didn’t talk, eat or sleep. He visited every day and talked to you.” Sirius was getting on my nerve. He was staring at me intently, as if searching for the truth. Not only that but I was having trouble wanting not to spend time with him. And that was not good. If I started having these feelings for him then everything would blow up. One thing I can’t do, is fall in love. I wouldn’t be able to give the guy anything. I won’t even be ableto give him a future.

“Thanks Sirius. It means a lot that you care.” I smiled.

“Just glad you’re alive, not sick or anything.” My mouth twitched at the last comment. He’s suspecting me. He knows something’s up. Not good!

“Well, I’m starving.” I complained. Sirius slipped a smile and laughed.

“Good. You need some food in you.” Poppy said while bringing a tray of food to me. The moment she left I looked at what sat on my lap.

“You better eat!” Alice ordered.

I frowned and groaned, which just made everyone laugh. “The food here is all you’re going to get, so eat up.” Marlene joked.

“But, it’s so dull and boring.” I whispered sadly.

“Marlene and Alice are joking Lindy.” Remus explained.

“What would you like? I’ll go get you some food to eat.” Sirius questioned.

“Excite me. I want something colourful and tasty.” I grinned.

“I want more jelly” Lily asked.

“I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” James added.

“I’ll have the same and so will Marlene.” Alice added along.

“Come on Moony. You’re coming with me!” Sirius left Remus no choice. When they left I turned to James and asked him a question.

“Why do you guys call each other funny names?” James started choking. “Are you okay?” And then he started laughing,

“It just suits us. We just started calling each other that.”

“Did anyone collect my homework?” I asked hopefully.

“Yep, Remus collected homework for everyone.” Peter informed.


“Well, after your incident, everyone was pretty much too worried and didn’t really concentrate in class.” Marlene explained.

“You guys shouldn’t worry about me. I’m completely fine and healthy. If an incident like that happens, it means that I’ve got an infection, cold or I fainted.” I lied throughout the whole time. “It’s normal for it to happen.”

“We know, it just didn’t seem normal at the time and now we know that it is an asthma attack.” Alice replied.

“So we’ll be on watch.” James concluded. I smiled, I loved my friends.  I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I told them.

“Everyone’s order is here.” Sirius and Remus walked in with a pile of food. “Here you go Lindy.”

“Thanks Sirius. You’re my lifesaver.” Another slip. My lifesaver. I should have said a lifesaver.

“No problem.” He took a seat next to James. “So everyone in on Hogsmead tomorrow?”

“Yes.” everyone replied. I looked at James just when he looked at me. I pointed my head at Lily. He smiled at me and shrugged.

It was in the afternoon after I sent all of them back to the common room. It was really boring by myself but I didn’t want them to get bored either.

After I had taken my pills, I heard noises outside the door. I got up from my bed and walked towards the door.

Who could be here at this time?

I pushed the doors open and found Regulus outside. “Regulus.” I smiled. ‘What are you doing here?”

“Hey Lindy. I heard you were in the Hospital wing. I would have came earlier but I figured my brother would have been with you.” I frowned. “But now that you’re alone. How are you?” he smiled and walked in.

I laid back on my cot. “Better. It was just an asthma attack. I’m glad you came to visit. How have you been?”

“Same. You know the usual.” He paused and looked away for a while. “How’s the Hospital food? I hated it when was in here.”

“Why were you in here?” I was kind of nosy around Regulus but only because he was a mysterious kind of guy.


“You play?’” I didn’t know he played.

“Yeah, beater.”

“So is Sirius.” His eyes tightened a bit from the mentioned Sirius.  We sat there in silence for a while till…

“Lindy, you’ll never guess what happ…” James walked in all cheery and excited. “What the hell is he doing here?” he hissed through his gritted teeth.

“I’ll just leave. Be safe Lindy.” Regulus walked out after him and James glared at each other for a good minute.

As soon as he left James turned to glare at me. He walked over and took a seat next to me and sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”

“What do you mean?” I frowned.

“Didn’t I tell you not to hang out with him?” 

“And didn’t I say you can’t force me to?” I shot back. “Forget about him; tell me about your good news.”

James stared at me intensely. Then gave up and smiled. “Can’t even stay mad at you.” I smiled and hugged him. “Well, the good news is that Lily agreed to go to Hogsmead with me.”

“Really! That great James.” I hugged him tighter. “Remember not to do anything too clingy or stupid. Walk her around; take her out to lunch, but her something.”

“Thanks, Lind but the problem is that you’ll be on your own.” I loosened my grip. “What’s wrong?” “

“Wasn’t Sirius going to take me?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yeah about that. He said he was really sorry. Someone asked him last minute and he said yes.” my heart practically stopped when James finished that sentence. Sirius promised me and he blew me off for a random girl. “Are you okay?”

“Then what will I do?”

“Hang out with us!”

“No James, it’s fine I’ll go by myself. I actually want to. I need some time to myself.”

‘I’m not going to let you…”

“Please! I’ll come to you if I need anything.”


“I just hope Poppy will let me out tomorrow.” I sighed. “She might not let me out.”

“Of course she will. After all we’re the Marauders and we will get you out tomorrow because we aren’t letting our Marauder sister miss her first Hogsmead trip.” I laughed and smiled. “Get some sleep, you see us in the morning.” He kissed me on my forehead and got up. “Good night.”


Author’s review: I really need to know if this is going too fast. So please review. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a review to tell me how you felt and how I can improve. Heads up for next chapter: Lindy goes to Hogsmead with a certain Mr Black, but which one? Will Sirius leave his date and go with Lindy or will Lindy have to replace him?  It should come out soon. Thanks again.  


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Keep Breathing : Sirius's Suspicions


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