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Falling Through Thin Ice by JR Nite Dragon
Chapter 6 : A New Year
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 A/N: I am aware that there isn't a time change from muggle London to Hogwarts, but this just goes with my plot. So please don't freak!! Oh, and thanks to GreenNiteDragon for the blueberries idea. She loves them in this too, just, not as much. Ha ha!

Oh, and I am so sorry for the years between this chapter and the last. I got lazy and didn't finish typing this up, then I got writers block and was worried that I wouldn't be able to go on after this chaper. But, lucky for you, I've gotten my spark back after re-reading what I have written before this. Hope you enjoy!

**~JR Nite Dragon~**


I woke to the sound of birds chirping. I hadn't noticed that the whole ceiling was made of a domed glass. Why didn't I notice that last night? I thought to myself, mentally smacking the back of my head.

I sat up and stretched. As I yawned I covered my mouth and looked at the time on my watch. I was up later than normal.

I ran to the bathroom door and knocked making sure not to walk in on Malfoy. When no response came, I ran in and brushed my teeth while taking a shower. When done I raced around. First using the toilet, then brushing through my hair with an enchanted brush, taming my curls (I got a book of cosmetic enchantments from Ginny for my birthday)

When done with all of that I ran to my closet. I rummaged around and got out with my skinny jeans, a skin tight t-shirt, and a sweat shirt Emma gave me from the U.S. It said Washington DC (the USA Capital) Then I ran out my door for breakfast.

Normally, I got there early every morning to get a blueberry muffin while they were still warm. Somehow, today, I got there before anyone else. And by the smell of it, I got there right after they set the food out.

I took another look at my watch... it still said I was late... Then I realized I had forgotten to set my watch behind an hour. Here at Hogwarts it was behind an hour. Oh how dumb I felt...

Oh well, I thought, might as well eat now. Maybe two muffins are in store for this morning. What a way to start the new year!

I got a full plate of food with one muffin. I ate everything! I never eat more than one muffin, I was shocked. After that I grabbed another muffin and ate it slowly, waiting for Harry and Ron.

By the time they got there, the hall was filled with talk and laughter as friends caught up. As soon as they sat down Ron piled as much food as possible on his plate.

“Morning 'Mione,” Harry greeted with a smile. He was sitting to my right.

“Mmgf Mmne,” Ron tried to also greet with a mouth full of bacon. He sat across from me, a spot even saved for Luna next to him.

Then about a minute after they sat, Ginny plopped down at my left, looking a little miffed.

“Hey, Gin, what's wrong?” I asked a little worried that she was going to explode.

“No one waited for me this morning...” she said, looking around me to glare at her boyfriend.

“What?” Harry said, trying, unsuccessfully, to sound like he didn't know. And gave a look that said 'I'm innocent!'

“You didn't wait to walk with Gin, your own girlfriend, to breakfast?!” I scolded.

“Well, I didn't know how much longer she was going to take... I mean, Ron and I were all ready to go...” He defended.

“That is NO excuse!!” I told him. He just sat quietly and ate his breakfast. I rolled my eyes then felt a prickling at the back of my neck. Like someone was watching me.

I turned around slowly, but no one was looking at me... and somehow, I looked away ans wasn't bothered by the feeling for a while.

When I felt it again I just ignored it. Then there was twice the feeling, this time one on my face, the other still on my neck. I looked to see who was at the Griffindor table staring at me and I looked right into the eyes of Neville, and then he turned a slight shade of pink.

Because we had made eye contact, we smiled at each other and his pink went a little darker. After a moment we both looked away and I tried to join the conversation. But when I realized they were all talking about Quidditch (even Luna who had joined us while I was looking at Neville) I stopped listening.

After a little bit the feeling on the back of my neck got annoying, so I excused my self and left the hall. The whole way the feeling never stopped.

As soon as I was out of the hall and in the corridor, I was relieved of the prickling. And then I remembered something; I was supposed to check with Neville about my fever. Surely he was worried about me, because by the time he got there I was done eating.

Sure enough, Neville walked out of the Great Hall, eyes searching, worried. When he spotted me he walked over.

“Morning Hermione,” he greeted me with an adorable shy smile.

“Good morning Neville,” I greeted back, returning the smile, but less shy and more assertive.

“How's the fever?” he asked glancing at my forehead like he wanted to check. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my forehead.

“You tell me doctor,” I said with a sly little smile that he couldn't see. I could see him blushing and I knew tight there that I had done the right move.

“Good, you don't have a fever. Did you eat anything? I didn't get there early enough to see if you did.”

“I had a scoop of scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, three slices of toast, and two blueberry muffins,” I explained with a smile.

“Wow, that more than I eat! Of course you haven't eaten since two days ago. Well if you're feeling better I'll let you go. Can't keep the head girl from her duties,” he said with a little sadness in his eyes.

“I wasn't headed anywhere, if that's what you're inquiring... I was just going to walk around before we get our time tables,” I said, thinking that was a good idea as soon as I said it. “Would you like to come along? I would love the company,” I added feeling a pull towards him.

“Sure, ok, where to?” he asked with a little satisfaction in his voice, muffled by curiosity.

“I have no idea, just, walk...” I stated while gesturing down a corridor. He glanced down it and started walking down it. I had to jog to catch up with his long strides. When I was next to him, I grabbed his hand and entwined my fingers in his. He just glanced at our hand then kept walking.

We just kept going, turning once and a while, then I noticed that we were in an abandoned corner of the school, there weren't even any classes down here. I stopped still holding his hand and I looked into his eyes.

He held my gaze and I slowly, oh so very slowly, went in for a kiss. I gave him enough time to back away, but he just sat there waiting for the contact. When our lips connected, there was a shock, then I got a feeling like something or someone didn't want us to kiss. Somehow the shock excited Neville and he began to kiss me more aggressively. After a few more hungry kisses, he asked for entrance to my mouth. That's when I backed away and broke the kiss.

I noticed when I pulled away Neville looked like he wanted more, but his face relaxed in the next second and then he was apologetic.

“I am so, so sorry Hermione! I didn't mean to go too far, sorry...” then he looked sad when he said, “I understand if you don't want to be with me anymore, I just keep doing that, and there's a sign. Yet by the time the sign shows up, it's too late. One shock, and I lose control,” he was on the verge of tears now.

I couldn't take it anymore and I walked right back up to him and warped my arms around his waist and cried into him.

“Your not the only one who has a problem. Mine isn't as serious as yours, bit I've been... lustful, lately. So I have one more question... I know this is a little backwards, but, will you... be my... boyfriend?” at this I looked into his eyes to see them soften. He smiled and hugged me back.

“of course, Hermione, and we can help each other through our problems,” he kissed me on top of my head, “Now, would you like to head back to breakfast?” he asked as gently as he was hugging me.

“Sure. Maybe we'll have classes together.” I smiled.

“Ha ha ha, I don't think so, you're so far ahead of everyone. I also heard there's supposed to be a muggle class that muggle borns don't get to take.” he said looking a little disappointed about not being in any classes with me.

“Huh, I have to admit, I'm surprised that there is a muggle class. I think I should ask McGonagall if I could help out in that class.” as I said this his eyes lit up.

“Yeah, then you could help me with everything I don't understand. I have a hot tutor!” he stated. It made me blush a little knowing that he thought I was hot.

“Ha ha, I guess I could be your muggle tutor,” I said as he grinned.

“Oh, but what will I ever tell my girlfriend? My sweet, hot, sexy, amazing girlfriend! I hope she's not the jealous type!” he joked while putting his arm around my waist, blushing the whole time.

I playfully pinched his side. He wasn't ticklish there though.

We walked in silence the rest of the way to the Great Hall. When we were in front of the doors, he asked, “Do you want to show them we're an item by just walking in like this, or do you want to sit down and tell them?”

Without words I pulled his arm from around me and took his hand in mine. From the sounds coming from the hall, they were still eating. We looked at each other, took deep breaths, and walked in. No one turned to look and see who was coming in.

I let out my deep breath and kept walking. Then I felt the prickling feeling again. I tried to ignore it and sat down in front of my friends.

In my absence, Ginny moved to sit next to Harry. When Neville and I both sat down still holding hands, they looked at us. Conversation halting. Ginny's eyes sparkled with gladness for me, same with Luna. Harry and Ron looked like their daughter was on her first date. They gave Neville the we're-going-to-have-a-chat-later look.

Neville nodded once to both of them and looked into my face and smiled. “I guess they're taking it well, love,” at that he let go of my hand to wrap his arm around my back and place his hand on my hip.

“Indeed, love,” I said as I cuddled into him. I was trying to relax, but the tingling turned into a burning tingling when he placed his arm around me... it was a nagging feeling.

We sat like that and joined in conversation with the others. They got more comfortable with Neville there as they talked to him.

“Attention, students,” the Headmistress announced, “all of your class schedules should appere in front of you after I make an announcement. The rumor of the muggle classes are true and I would like to introduce your teacher if I could. But I need to have a chat with someone first. Hermione, may I ask to see you up here?”

I looked around thinking that she might be talking to someone else. But, as I looked around, all eyes were on me, including Headmistress McGonagall. So I stood and made my way to the professor's table. As soon as I was up there the hall filled with chatter again.

I looked back to my friends and Neville gave me an encouraging smile.

“Miss Granger, as you have most likely heard, the muggle born witches and wizards don't have to take the muggle class – I believe you understand why. I would like to ask you to be one of the teachers for this class. You are so far ahead that you only have two classes in the morning. If you could take the morning ones, the other teacher will take the later ones.” Headmistress McGonagall said.

“Who's the other teacher?” I asked.

“A muggle who can only be here in the afternoons. She is very. You'll have to talk, and communicate for tests and what you'll be working on...”

“May I ask for a name?” I was wondering if I knew this girl...

“Emily Lancephere. She said that you told her about our world, and that you two are close friends,” she said with a smile.

“How did you find her?” I wondered aloud.

“Oh, your parents mentioned her in the letter they sent. She had been bothering your parents, asking how she could communicate with you here,” she chuckled under her breath.

“I'll do it!” I said. I was actually excited.

“Fantastic, your friend should be outside the door to the left of the table. Will you please go get her?”

“Of course!” I said, excited to see my friend. I quickly walked to the door, opened it, saw my friend's excited face, then was mauled in a hug.

We squealed in excitement and hopped up and down while still hugging. The whole hall was quiet and probably staring, but we didn't care.

“I cannot believe you're here!” I thrilled, letting her go.

“Me either! Oh my God, I missed you! I know it's only been one day, but after hangin' out the whole summer! I just got bored. Ahhh, it's nice that I'm home schooled! Now I can come teach in the afternoons.” Em babbled in her American accent. When they first heard her speak, there were sharp intakes of breath from the students.

“C'mon, you need to meet the Headmistress,” I said, pulling her along.

Your principal? She's the one who sent the note with a bag of... um... flew powder, right?” Em said trying to get the name of flew powder right,

“Yes, Em, flew powder,” I said, laughing.

“Miss Lancephere? I'm Menerva McGonagall, Headmistress of Hogwarts. It's nice to finally meet you. May I introduce you to the students?” she asked.

Em looked behind her with a quick glance. “Errm, sure...” she said, hesitating a little before she said yes.

“Alright,” she said, patting Em on the shoulder, “Students! I would like to introduce to you your Muggle Heritage teacher, Emma Lancephere. She is the same age as Miss Granger. She shall teach morning classes and Miss -ahem- Professor Granger will teach the afternoon classes,” I smiled at the 'Professor Granger' part, “I am not done with the announcement.”

When she was done, everyone clapped for Em and I, then the scrolls of time tables hovered in front of their rightful owners. Even Em had one to let her know who she had, when. I had an interesting one that had both Professor and student schedules on it.

Student Schedule:

8 AM – Magical Healing with Madam Pomfry

9 AM – Advanced Magical Creatures with Professor Hegrid

10 AM – Wandless Magic with the Headmistress

11 AM – Free Period

12 PM – Lunch


Professor Schedule:

1 PM – Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw years 5-7

2 PM – Prep Hour

3 PM – Griffindor and Slitherin years 5-7

End of teaching for the day.


“Wow, my schedule sure is nice, but I have a lot of students...” Em said, sounding a little worried.

“Yeah, but you have the younger ones. They listen better. Let me see your time table,” I said holding out my hand.

“Time table?” she asked.

“Uhh, your schedule,” I said, remembering that she is American and they would call these schedules. I laughed to myself as she handed me her time table and I looked it over.


Professor Schedule:

8 AM – Griffindor and Hufflepuff years 1-4

9 AM – Prep Hour

10 AM – Slytherin and Ravenclaw years 1-4

11 AM – Free Period

12 PM – Lunch with Griffindor table

1 PM – Go Home or help Professor Granger (on your free days)


“Well, well, well, that really is a nice time ta- I mean, schedule, isn't it?” I said. “Hey, I want you to meet my friends.” I said when I handed back her time table.

I pulled her up to my friends at the Griffindor table. She smiled and waved at the group. Then, she turned to Harry and stuck out her hand and said, “You must be the famous Harry Potter,” he shook her hand and nodded, “It's great to finally meet you.” Then she turned to Ginny, “That makes you Ginny Weasly, Harry's girlfriend and Hermione's best witch friend,” Ginny shook Em's hand with a genuinely warm smile. “That leaves Ron and Luna!” she shook both of their hands then went on, “But I'm sorry that I don't know your face as well... She had pictures of everyone else. Are you Seamus?” she asked politely.

“Uhrrm, no. I'm Neville,” he said, smiling trough the disappointment.

“Oh! Neville! I've heard some really cool stuff about you. Like how you killed that horrible guy's snake with the Sword of Griffindor. I've also heard that you are sweet, kind, and really good with plants. You're the green thumb of the group,” she said grinning that she could remember all of what I mostly told her. She stuck out her hand. “It's really great to meet a fellow plant lover,” she grinned while he shook her hand.

I looked at my (now corrected) watch. “We should head to our classes. I'll go with Em – I mean, Professor Lancephere to see our room.” I said looking at all of them. Neville looked a little down, “I'll see you at lunch, sweetheart,” I said and bent down, gave him a peck, and walked toward McGonagall, pulling Em behind me.

“Is he your boyfriend?!” Em whispered in my ear, I nodded and she went on, “you didn't tell me about him!”

“It just happened this morning,” I whispered back, then we had made it up to McGonagall. “We would like to see where our classroom is, please.”

“Ofcourse, let's go, but, just a second.” She stood up to the podium and the hall got quiet for her to speak, “You are all dismissed. Please go to your 8 o'clock class,” when she had finished, everyone got up and the hall was once again filled with talking and laughter as they headed to their classes. She, then, turned to us and motioned for us to follow.

Emma grabbed my hand and we followed closely behind the Headmistress that I looked up to so much.

We came out of the great hall and kept forward toward the entrance of the dungeons.

“We're not down in the dungeons, are we?” I asked, worried.

“Oh, no, no, dear. Your classroom's door is near the entrance to the dungeons though,” McGonagall stated. I still glanced around to make sure. Sure thing, next to the stairs, just inside the archway to the dungeons, was a door I had never noticed before. Even when running for my life I hadn't noticed the door that could have been my escape last night.

We walked up to the door and in metallic letters, it said “Muggle Heritage”. As we opened the door, I heard Em gasp just as I did.

A/N- So? What did you think? I really would love to know!! Please comment. I would love to hear what you have to say about this so that I can always improve and keep moving forward. I understand if you don't like how I've changed the personalities slightly of Neville and Hermione. But, give it a chance? I promise Dramonie will happen soon enough!! <3


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Falling Through Thin Ice: A New Year


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