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Your Guardian Angel by weasleywizardwheezes101
Chapter 1 : Your Guardian Angel
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Your Guardian Angel

When I see your smile, ears roll down my face,

I can’t replace.

And now that I’m strong I have figured out,

How the world grows cold and it breaks through my soul.

And I know I’ll find, deep inside me,

I can be the one.


I, Scorpius Malfoy, have made a mistake. And a big one at that. I should have never started dating that girl. I was too blind to see it at the moment, but I lost my best friend in the process. Rose shouldn’t have had to go through what she did. It was so selfish of me.

            She was everything to me. Everything from her smile to her weird habit of braiding small strands of her long hair when she was nervous made her all the more special and unique.

Seasons are changing and waves are crashing,

And stars are falling all for us.


Everything I ever did was for her, now she would barely glance in my direction. I broke up with Bethany. I’ll show Rose I can be the one.

Days grow longer and nights grow shorter.

I can show you I’ll be the one.


I found her after an hour of searching sitting up in the tree house we built in the Forbidden Forest back when we were second years. I climbed up the ladder and poked my head through the hole in the center of the structure. Rose was incinerating small pieces of paper as she threw them up in the air and drifted slowly back down.

I will never let you fall,

I’ll stand up with you forever.

I’ll be there for you through it all,

Even if savin’ you will send me to Heaven.


I had to laugh at the sight. It was totally something Rose would do if she was angry. I bent my arms to place on both sides of the hole and hoisted myself up to sit in the tree-house with my legs dangling through the open hole.

            I just sat there as nicely as possible and didn’t say a word, I just watched her incinerate tiny pieces of paper.

            “I’m surprised you found the place,” she said suddenly but didn’t look up at me and continued to watch paper burst into flame and crumple to ashes at her feet.

            “I’m not stupid you know, just sort of blind,” I retorted. She scoffed and finally looked up at me. Her eyes were boring holes into my head. She was pretty angry.

            “Where’s Bethany?” I shrugged and tilted my head to the side to look at her.

‘Cause you’re my, you’re my, my

You’re my true love, my whole heart,

Please don’t throw that away.


“Up at the castle I suppose. We broke up this morning. It just wasn’t working out that well. I was kind of in love with someone else at the time and she didn’t really like it all that much.” I laughed casually and looked up at her to find her glaring at me yet again.

            “You’re an absolute idiot!” I was sort of taken aback. “Do you even realize what you’ve done?”

            I stared at her with eyes wide and a confused look set into my face. “Uh, no, actually, I don’t.” She shook her head which made her long curls fall over her shoulder.

            “You’ve just made every girl at Hogwarts hate my guts.” I was still confused. “They’ll all think you broke up with Bethany for me, because I put you up to it.” A female’s mind is truly an amusement park.

            “Well, I sort of did do it for you.”

            “Well, that does it then. I’m officially the most hated girl at Hogwarts. Thanks a lot.” She then got up from her spot on the floor, pushed me out of the way and climbed down the hole.

            I laid against the wood floor and cursed myself for saying the wrong thing. She really is difficult sometimes. I got up and jumped down the ladder to the ground. Rose was maybe fifty feet from me. Her curls in her ponytail swung back and forth as she attempted to storm from the forest.

‘Cause I’m here, for you.

Please don’t walk away

And please tell me you’ll stay!


I called out to her. “Rose!” She swung around to look at me. “Please don’t walk away.” She crossed her arms over her chest. I walked up to her and placed my feet firmly in front of her. “Please tell me you’ll stay. Don’t throw us away.”

Use me as you will

Pull my strings just for a thrill.

And I know I’ll be okay

Though my skies are turning grey.


She rolled her eyes but didn’t turn to walk away. “Rose, trust me. You do trust me right?” She nodded her head and looked down as if she was ashamed. “Listen, I’ll never let you fall, I’ll stand up with you forever. I’ll be there for you through it all. Just stay. Please?”

I will never let you fall,

I’ll stand up with you forever.

I’ll be there for you through it all,

Even if savin’ you will send me to Heaven.


I saw a small smile tug at her lips, and then she hugged me. I gladly wrapped my arms around her. She’s my entire world, and I love her.

            I let her go and looked down at her. “I’m still scared what all those girls will do to me,” she said shyly. I kissed the top of her head and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

            “Don’t worry; I’ll protect you from the haters. Just think of me as your Guardian Angel.”

A/N: So there you have it:) Basically my favorite song in the whole word put to my favorite pairing...I just had to do it:) Anyway...this is my first song-fic so I hope it was okay...oh and be sure to look up this song if you've never heard it before...It's called Your Guardian Angle by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:) Be sure and leave a review too!

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