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Falling, Falling In Love by falling in love
Chapter 2 : Heads
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(A/N): This is the second chapter, I'm sorry it took so long for me to update i had a bit of writer's block! Thanks to everyone that reviewed, It really made my day! I hope this chapter is better! Please read and review! (If anyone knows how to get a banner, Please review and tell me how, I'm pretty confused about it! Thanks! ~Shelli!) this chapter is WIP so its short right now, or it could be turned into a filler chapter. I'm still working on it! Please R&R

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed for my first chapter! It really means a lot.

I looked up at Professor McGonagall, as she placed the sorting hat onto each of the first years head.

"Gryffindor!" The sorting hat called out. My eyes started to unfocused as my mind wandered the depths of my brain. This was going to be a new year, the first year after the war. My friends were all chatting happily. I quickly stole a look at Malfoy out of the corner of my eye. He seemed distracted. Professor McGonagall’s voice suddenly made me break away from my sea of uninvited thoughts.


“This year, our head girl will be, Hermione Granger!” she pronounced, a rare smile etched upon her face.


My face broke into a huge smile, adrenaline pouring through my veins causing my heartbeat’s pace to quicken. Clapping thundered through the Great Hall, the starry ceiling’s constellations and stars shone with a brightened intensity. Ghosts weaved around all of us cheering the hollow cheer of the ghosts. The cheers and clapping faded ad Professor McGonagall quieted us down.


“And the Head Boy this will be Draco Malfoy.”


Stunned silence. Eyes stared. Heads turned. Eyebrows furrowed. The silence cut through the room like an invisible knife slicing through the night. I looked at Malfoy. His ivory skin reflected astonishment. His silver orbs held amusement, and a bit of reluctance. He realized I was looking at him and he stared back. Heat rising on my face, once again, I turned away.


Why am I blushing!?! That doesn’t mean I like him! He has been awful to me since second year. Maybe he’s changing. Maybe he wants to change.


I shook the thoughts away from my overloaded brain. A clear confident voice spoke.


“The feast shall begin!” At those words, The empty plates filled themselves with every dish imaginable. The food gave off a delicious scent. I grabbed a steak and kidney pie off of a plate and devoured it in no time. I hadn’t realized how famished I had been until now.


After what felt like hundreds of servings, we finally stared at the empty plates with full stomachs. Harry and Ron were busy talking about Quidditch. I sighed and turned back to my plate, waiting for the headmistress to tell us to our dorms.


My gaze drifted over to Malfoy again, who had a distant expression glued to his face. I wondered why he was acting so different. Then it hit me. The war. Everyone had come back to finish their education after the war and i realize that the war changed all of us. It showed us, proved to us that anythign could happen. It tore families apart. The War contradicted to many purebloods beliefs, becuase a half blood, blood traiter, and muggle-born and the rest of the light side defeated Voldemort. They defeated the one person that controlled all of their lives. The defeat had turned everyone against all that they had ever believed in.

Maybe it had put Malfoy in a new perspective. Maybe it made him realize that we were all equal. Maybe that's what I saw in his eyes earlier. Maybe he is struggling to break free from the grasp of his father's teaching. And maybe I can be the one to show him how to live again. To show him to be free, to be himself.

Although I might never be able to put past what Malfoy had done to me in the past six year, I can still try. I can still try to reach out for him. I want to see the other side of him. I know he can be different. Deep down, I know hes never wanted to be any part of what his fathers taught him. I can see it in his eyes.

Suddenly, a shrill voice broke past our silence.

"Drakie aren't you going to do something about that Mudblood???"


A/N: This is still WIP so its really short. I;ll probably add more though so stick with this story, and please PLEASE PLEASE review so i can change it to make it better!

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Falling, Falling In Love: Heads


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