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Long Live by thekingscross
Chapter 8 : What I Learned in Girl Scouts and The Fugs
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Mia jolted awake with a start.


That tends to be what happens when someone sticks something wet into your ear.


“Wet Willy!” the all-to-annoyingly-familiar voice shrieked in her ear.


Mia covered her ears and shriveled her neck in an attempt to escape.  Then she remembered that she was not a turtle.  She could not sink back and hide in her shell.  She needed to strike back at her enemy.


So instead of reverting to the initial girly reaction of shrieking “Sirius!” aloud for the whole common room to hear, Mia decided on another plan of attack.  Knowing that she was currently lying on the same couch as her adversary, Mia acted swiftly.  Coming out of her cocoon, she emerged to see her rival facing her.  Smirking.  The git.


She acted fast.  She reached out as if going for his ear.  He, expecting this, raised his arms to protect his precious ear.  Mia grinned.  This was exactly was she was hoping for.  She grabbed his arm, which he had moved directly in front of her while attempting to shield his ear, and twisted it harshly.


His reaction was immediate.  His body was forced to turn around so that his back was now to her.  His back was pushed upright.  His head jostled from the movement.  His right-arm, however, remained stuck behind his back.


Then, he screamed like a little lady debutante who was missing her date.




Well, maybe that wasn’t quite so ladylike.


“OH MY FUCKING WIZARD GOD!” he panted.  “Let go woman!”


“Nope.” Now she was the one smirking.  She could feel it.


She held onto her grip firmly as he struggled to free himself.  There was no point.  She had been told on several occasions her grip was viselike.  She turned his arm further.


This time he didn’t screech like a banshee, but instead morphed his face into a mask of pain.  If Mia had a decent evil laugh in her, she would have been cackling at this point.


“Bloody HEEEEELL,” his voice seemed to go up an octave each time she wound his arm further away from it’s ordinary anatomical position along the side of his body.


“Where’d you learn how to do this?” he asked as he meaninglessly attempted to escape her clutches. 


“Oh, nowhere,” she paused, “girl scouts.”


“Psh!  Yeah, right.  More like the royal guard.  Come off it, Jones.  Were you a special agent in a former life?  OW…ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.  Was that really necessary?”  Sirius asked as Mia twisted his arm so that it now resembled a curly fry.




“Yes what?  You were a spy in a former life or that was really necessary.”




“Ah, the truth finally comes out.  I had suspected there was something fishy about you, Jones.”


“Are we really pulling out the surnames, Black?” 


“I believe the situation calls for it, Jones.”


“In that case, maybe I should twist your arm just a bit further.  I think that if I tug it just the right way, I might be able to break bone.”  Mia said sarcastically.  Mia did not think that she might be able to break bone.  She knew that if she positioned it in just the right way she could shatter several bones in a manner of seconds.


Sirius chucked meekly.  “Yeah, right.  You’re pulling my leg.”


“On the contrary, Black, I’m pulling your arm.”  Honestly, she needed to work on an evil laugh.  It would be so amusing to frighten him with a good malicious cackle right about now.  “...And,” she added as though it were an afterthought, “I’ve always wanted to try…you’re not that fond of your right arm are you?”


“I’m right handed!”


“Ah, you can switch.”


“I command you to release me.”


Mia guffawed.  “You command me.”


“Yes.  I command you.  I’m trying and authoritative approach.”


“How’s that working out?”


“It’s going spiffing.”




Mia smiled as Sirius made another futile attempt to free himself.


“Miiiaaaa,” the poor boy whined, as if she’d actually succumb to his pleading. 


“Siriiuuus,” she mocked.








“Sirius,” she said firmly, all patience evaporated.




“CLAAARIBEEELL!” came a voice from the stairs.


“SHANTIIIII!” Claribel shouted back.


Mia peered around Sirius to see that Claribel was lying in an armchair next to the fireplace, where the flames were slowly flickering.  Claribel looked to have been watching her and Sirius’ battle—if you could call it that, seeing as she had basically kicked his sorry arse.  Claribel’s long blonde hair was spilling over the shoulder of the chair, her feet kicked up high in the air.  Her eyes were wide open now, looking refreshed.  She must have taken a nap too.


On the opposite end of the room stood Shanti.


Shanti was wearing three inch red high heels, looking nearly as tempting as the forbidden fruit.  She had on an equally luscious red skirt.  Her dark brown skin seemed to radiate heat even in the near darkness.  To accompany her little red skirt, she had donned a black tank top that sparkled like the dying embers of the fire.  Her long locks of black hair were curled, cascading down her open back. 


“Damn.”  Mia heard Sirius say under his breath.


She pulled on his arm.  He winced.  She gave an evil chuckle.


But, Mia did have to admit it.  Shanti looked pretty smokin’.


“Where’s the party?” Mia asked Shanti, getting onto her knees so that she could properly see above Sirius’ fat head.


“Yeah, why do you look so good?” Claribel asked, staring at Shanti’s red heels with both confusion and envy.


“Good?” Sirius said exasperatedly.  “She looks better than good.  She looks—”


Sirius never got to finish this sentence.


“GAHH!” He cried out when Mia screwed his arm up his back.


“Motherfuc—what did I ever do to you to deserve this?”


“You exist.” Mia stated simply.  She then turned her attention back to Shanti.  “So, then,” she began again, “where are you going to show off that hot bod of yours?”


“Why can you give her a compliment but I can’t?” Sirius asked before Shanti could answer her.


“Because when I give a girl a compliment, I don’t end up sounding like a perverted git.” Mia answered.


“I prefer slimy git, thank you very much.”


“SO,” Claribel interjected before Mia could respond, “where are you going looking so good—or insert any other adjective that might fit in here, perverted or not—?”


Shanti strode over where Claribel was sitting, put her hands on her hips, and stared at her.


“Are you coming with?” Shanti asked.


“Coming with where?” Claribel asked.


“Are you coming with?” Shanti repeated.


“Coming with where?” Claribel asked again, giving Shanti a perplexed look.


“Great scots, woman!” Sirius declared suddenly.  “Tell us where you are going.”


Mia might have twisted his arm back farther had she not have been equally curious about the answer to the question.


Shanti was looking at Claribel fiercely.


“What?” Claribel asked her, widening her eyes and looking irritated.


Shanti turned to face Mia and Sirius.  “What about you two?  Will you go?”


“Go where?”


Shanti did not answer.


“Are we going into the unknown?” Sirius asked excitedly.


“The Department of Mysteries?” Mia suggested.










“Oh, good one!” Claribel giggled, appreciatively.  Sirius looked confused.


“Where’s Narnia?” he asked.


“In your closet!” Mia replied.


“Why would Shanti have to look so appealing if she’s just hopping into my closet?  It smells in there.”


Mia sighed.  The perks of having naïve pureblood friends never ended. 


Claribel took pity on him, “No, Sirius, it’s a Muggle book series.  The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.


“What?  I thought that the Muggles didn’t know about us!  What has the Ministry been doing all this time?” Sirius said in astonishment. 


“Oh, boy,” Mia muttered.


“There really is no point trying, is there?” Claribel asked, looking over at her.


Mia shook her head, “Sadly, no.”




Mia turned to Shanti.

“Sure,” she said, and Shanti almost smiled.  “If you tell us where we’re going.”


Shanti kept her face steady.  “I’ll take that as a no then.”  Then she turned and headed back to the opening of the girls’ staircase.


“A no to what?” Claribel cried after her.  Turning in her chair so that she was now sitting upright.


“MEEEEG!” Shanti called up the stairs.


Shanti tapped her foot.  She glanced at the ceiling.




“I’m coming.  I’m coming.  Jeeze, don’t get your knickers in a bunch.”


Meg appeared at the top of the stairs.  She looked, as she always looked in Mia’s opinion, effortlessly gorgeous.  She wore fitted jeans and a simple white blouse.  Her dark hair half up, half spiraling around her face: She had probably only spent several minutes working on her ensemble compared to Shanti spending several hours.


Shanti looked Meg up and down.


“I suppose you’ll do.”


“Whatever, so, where did you say we’re going?” Meg asked as she bent down to lace up her black converse.




Meg straightened up and fixed Shanti with a look.  “Because that’s not vague at all.”


“It’s really rather straightforward.  We’re going out.” 


“Yup, completely clear.”  Mia noticed that Meg’s voice, which usually dripped with sarcasm, sounded extra cynical.


“Yes, can we leave now?  These little bitches aren’t coming.”  Shanti said, grabbing Meg’s left arm and dragging her towards the portrait hole.


“Hey!” Sirius called at her.  Shanti was now opening the portrait hole. “I am not a little bitch, although I am a son of a bitch.  I can’t argue with you there.”


Shanti, who was still holding the portrait hole open, turned to leave, but instead she crashed into two people entering the room.  She smacked foreheads with a pretty redhead girl, tripped over a stair, and came down hard on the foot of a boy with scruffy black hair.


“Ouch.  That was my foot.” James Potter declared, yanking his leg away from the toppling Shanti.


Shanti began to tip over and would have fallen flat on her face if James hadn’t had the instinct to reach out and catch her.  Mia heard a crack as Shanti stumbled into James arms.


“Oh, no!” Shanti cried.


“Damn.  I hope your Dorothy heels didn’t cost too much.”  Meg said empathetically.


“Are you all right, Shanti?” James asked, quite kindly in Mia’s opinion for someone who had just had his foot stomped on with three-inch heels.


“Alright?  No, I am not all right, James Bloody Potter!  It’s nearly midnight!  It’s Friday night!  And I haven’t done a single bloody thing!  Now, to top it all off, I just broke my favorite pair of shoes!”  Shanti stormed away from the portrait hole and bolted up the nearest staircase.


Everyone in the room looked at each other.


Lily was the one to break the silence.  “Should I be the one to go tell her that she’s a witch and can repair her shoe?  Or does someone else want to?” She asked, rubbing her red forehead.


“I will,” James, picking up the broken red heel.  “If I don’t our dorm will most likely be destroyed by morning.”


“Bring her back down, would you?” Lily asked him.  “I think we should talk to everyone.”


James paused on his way to the staircase. “Now?” he asked, turning around to look at Lily in surprise.


Lily shrugged.  “Why not?  We’re all here.  Awake.  Will there ever be a perfect time to talk about it?”


James contemplated this, looking serious.  “I suppose not,” he replied but looked unsure.  He turned back around, dashing up the spiral stairs two at the time.


Sirius voiced what Mia was wondering.  “What are we talking about?”


“Just wait,” Lily answered him, sitting down on the floor next to the fire.

She looks stressed, Mia thought while looking at Lily.  Lily pointed her wand at the fireplace, gave a lazy flick, and the flames bursted into life once more.  Satisfied, she put her wand down and stretched her legs out in front of her.  Leaning back, Lily extended her arms out behind her and rested her upper body weight on her hands.  Her red hair extending almost to the ground, Lily leaned her head back and closed her eyes.  Mia watched on as Lily’s chest rose and fell slowly, like she was meditating.


Mia turned when she heard feet pounding down the boys’ staircase.


It was not James or Shanti who emerged from the entrance.


“Hey,” said Remus as he made his way to where the Gryffindor seventh-years were gathered around the fireplace.  Taking a seat on the far end of the couth from where Mia sat holding Sirius, he asked, “So do you lot have any idea as to why Shanti came bursting into our dorm raging about a busted shoe and her life being over and hopping into the closet shouting ‘Narnia, here I come!’?”


Claribel started to laugh, covering her mouth in an attempt to hide it.


“Shanti broke her shoe.” Mia told Remus.


“I did figure that much out for myself, thanks.” Remus replied sarcastically, and Claribel continued to muffle her giggles.


“Hey now mister, no need for any sass.” Mia scolded.  Mia looked at Remus.  She noticed that he was looking very tired.  He had monstrous purple bags under his eyes that were exacerbated by his pallid completion.  Remus didn’t laugh at her joking. 


“Yeah, don’t give her any sass, Moony, or she’ll put you in some freaky body bind.” Sirius said, wiggling a bit in Mia’s grasp, which she tightened at his comment.


“Struggling is useless,” she reminded him.


“OH, YES!” Shanti screamed as she came hurtling down the boys’ staircase.  “Let’s go!  Let’s go! Let’s go!” Shanti attempted to drag Meg up off the ground, where she was sitting next to Lily.  Shanti was holding her newly fixed heels in one hand and trying to pry Meg towards the door with the other.


“Lily said she and James had something to talk to us about,” Meg said, looking up at Shanti.


“So?  Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” Shanti had a mad glint in her eyes as she glared at Meg.  Meg shook her head and focused her eyes on the floor.  Shanti then turned her attention to Lily.


“Lily,” Shanti began, “can this wait until tomorrow?  It’s Friday night, after all.”  She batted her eyes.  Mia heard Sirius snort, and she grinned.  As if pouting would really work on Lily. 


Lily turned so that she faced Shanti.  “I’m sorry, Shanti, but no.  This is important.  It needs to be tonight.”


Shanti scrunched up her face, “On a scale from one to ten, how important is this?”




Meg, not even glancing at Shanti, patted the floor beside her.


Shanti looked unhappy as ever but took her seat next to Meg without any verbal complaint, crossing her arms and legs.


Mia looked up to see that the final two of the Gryffindors had joined them.  James plopped himself down on the couch next to Mia.  He seems stiff, she noticed.  He was rubbing the back of his neck and biting the inside of his cheek.  Next to him, Peter Pettigrew was sitting down.  Mia caught his eye and shot him a smile, which he returned a bit shyly.  Meg always said he made her feel uncomfortable, but Mia thought he was fine.  A little weird, she supposed, but who wasn’t?  The boys trusted him as their friend and that was good enough for her.


The group sat in silence until Shanti said, “So, Lily, what’s so important that it couldn’t wait until tomorrow to talk about?”


Lily’s eyes were still closed as she faced the fire.  She sighed deeply and turned around to face the group.  Crossing her legs Indian-style, she said, “James, did you want to start, or should I?”


“You go ahead, Lily,” James answered her.  Sitting next to him, Mia could feel the tension rolling off his body.  This made her worry.  Whatever made James Potter this anxious could not be good news.


Taking a deep breath, Lily began, “Well, I guess I’ll start off by asking which of you have been reading the Prophet lately?”


Mia shook her head.  She didn’t like reading the paper.  She didn’t trust people in the media.  Sirius, Shanti, Meg, and Peter also shook their heads.


“Of course,” Remus said as he, Claribel, and James had nodded at Lily.


Lily surveyed their answers, “Okay, then I suppose it’s best to start at the beginning.  For those of you who haven’t been checking in on the paper, it’s fine because I really hadn’t been until quite recently either.  There have been some really…strange things happening in the Muggle world recently.  I read the Muggle papers a lot this summer, and every day there was something new: a bridge collapsing with no sign of previous damage, a family murdered with no clue as to who committed the crime.  I suspected wizard involvement from the start, but I wasn't sure as to why this was all happening at the same time.  Sure, there have been slip-ups by wizards every now and again, but never so many so close together.”


Lily’s face was dark and determined, glowing by the firelight, as she continued.  “I took out a subscription to the Prophet—don’t look at me like that Mia, I know you don’t approve of that “old rag”—and I started to make some connections between what I saw in there to what the Muggle news was reporting.  Both papers were missing some crucial information, but I was able to fill in some of the blanks.  I suppose I should just get this over with,” she sighed, “I started to think that everything was happening because of a new dark wizard coming to power, like the one that Dumbledore defeated so many years ago.”


“Grendelwald.” James said under his breath.


 “Yes,” Lily confirmed, “A few weeks before school, I came across his name in an article in the Prophet  ‘Believed to be the work of Lord Voldemort’.  It was the only time he was ever mentioned by name.  It was as though the writers feared it, like he would attack them for merely mentioning it.  I continued to comb the papers for links to who this man really is.  Coming from our meeting with Dumbledore, I can tell that he has seen what’s happening too.  Of course he has, he is, after all, Dumbledore!"


She smiled a little, rubbing her eyes.


"This wizard is creating a following and killing innocent people." Lily said, eyes closed.  "The horrible thing is the Ministry can’t seem to pin anything on him, nor are they anywhere near catching him.”


Sirius squirmed, still in Mia grasp.  “We get it, Red, the guy’s bad news.  Did Dumbledore just want to tell you a scary story tonight, or was there something more?” he asked.


“No, he wanted to ask us something.” Lily looked at James for help.


James looked as though he wasn’t comfortable taking over, but said bluntly, “Dumbledore wanted to know if we were interested in joining the fight against Voldemort.”


Mia was shocked.  The room was dead silent for a few awkward seconds as everyone let that set in.


“You’re not serious,” Meg said skeptically.


“On the contrary—“ Sirius began, but Mia, knowing what he was about to say, hit him across the head and tightened her grip on the boy’s twisted arm.


“Do we look like we’re joking?” James asked.


Glancing at him, Mia thought that she had never seen James look less like he was joking.


“But,” Claribel began, “we’re just kids.  Still students.”


“We’re all of age.” Remus said, looking thoughtful.


“Still, isn’t it quite soon in the school year to be asking this sort of thing.” Claribel added worriedly.


“Voldemort’s not going to wait until we graduate Hogwarts to start recruiting.” Remus argued.


“That’s what Dumbledore said.” Lily nodded.


“If we commit to this now, we’ll be able to report to Dumbledore if we see anything suspicious.” Remus continued. “You know there are Slytherins just dying to join Voldemort.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them already had.  If they were to let in more of Voldemort’s followers—”


“Death Eaters,” James interruped.  “That’s what Voldemort calls his followers.”


“That’s cheery,” Mia said.


“Well I’d hate to think what could happen if Death Eaters were getting into Hogwarts somehow.” Remus said.


“But how could they possibly get in?” asked Claribel. “Is there a way out of the castle that Dumbledore doesn’t know about?”


“Yes.” Mia, Sirius, James, Peter, and Remus answered in unison from the couch.  The latter three turned to look at Mia.


“What are you talking about?  Are there ways out of the castle Filch doesn’t even know about?” Claribel asked, intrigued.


“What do you lot know?” Meg asked them.


“Well,” James said, “there’s really only one that’s usable, and you’d have to know it was there.  We’d be able to tell if any Slytherins knew about it, but that’s not the point.” He turned to look at Mia. “How do you know about it?”


“That was me, Prongs,” Sirius explained guiltily.  “I took her through the Honeydukes passage when we were left on the train.” His mood shifted as he glared at his friends.


“Oh, I had forgotten about that,” James rubbed his forehead, “I suppose it’s alright if the girls know now anyway.  Did you show her the map too?”


“Map?” Mia asked.


Sirius shot James a look.  “How was I supposed to know?” James asked defiantly.


“Because you have the map!”


“No, you have the map.”


“No, I have the map.” Remus said calmly.


“You have the map?” Sirius asked, looking now at Remus.




“Who cares who has it?  What’s the map of?” Mia asked.


“Hogwarts,” James supplied.


“All of it?” Claribel asked curiously.


“More than all of it,” said Remus.


“It shows all of the castle and the grounds.” Sirius said.


“And everyone in it.” Peter said.


“And where they are.” James said.


“Every minute.” Remus said.


“Of every day.” Sirius finished.


“No way,” Mia said slowly.  “Where did you get this map?” So this was why the Marauders knew absolutely everything about the castle.


“We made it.” Sirius said, still in her grasp.


“Made it?” Lily spoke up, “But how? That would be some really advanced magic.” She looked very impressed.


“It was James’ idea.” Sirius said.


“Brilliant,” whispered Lily.  Then she raised her voice, “Can we see it?”


“Some other time,” James answered.  “Shouldn’t we get back to what we were talking about?”


“Oh, of course,” Lily said, collecting herself.  “I told Dumbledore that I’d do anything to help.  He’s started an organization called the Order of the Phoenix.  I don’t think he’ll let us officially join until we’re out of school, and he wanted us each to think carefully before agreeing to anything.  But my mind’s already made.  I’m fighting Voldemort.  I can’t sit back and watch him slaughter defenseless, innocent people.”


She looked around the room.


“Well, I know I’ll join,” Remus said.


“Me too,” Sirius nodded.


“Me too,” Mia agreed.  She looked at her friends, sure that their answers would be the same, but there were no more replies.  Claribel looked nervous.  Shanti seemed fascinated by her newly repaired shoes.  Meg rested her face in her hands.  Peter, well she had never really expected an answer out of Peter. But even James, brave and chivalrous James—the picture of Gryffindor—sat awkwardly on the couch.


“I really think that we should all take a few days, or even weeks, to think about this.” James said earnestly.  “I’ve heard first hand what Voldemort and the Death Eaters are capable of.  It’s not pretty.  I sound like a scared little kid, but in some ways, I still am, and so are you guys.  Look,” he paused, “I know that if any one of you were to join with Dumbledore’s group, I would too.  In a heartbeat.  I still think that this requires more than a single night’s thouht, and Dumbledore wanted at least that.”


When he finished, he made eye contact with Lily, who was staring at him.  He met her gaze for several seconds before she turned away.


“Well, Dumbledore certainly knows how to pick up the best for the job, huh?” Sirius said to the room at large.


“What are you talking about, Sirius?” Shanti asked him.


“Well, come on!  We’re awesome.” Sirius said.  “I’d bet that we’re the best year of Gryffindors to ever pass through the Fat Lady’s portrait.” 


Mia grinned, “Well, we are pretty cool.”


“Hell yeah, we are!” agreed Claribel.  Mia looked on as each of her friends seemed to relax a bit.


Shanti crossed her feet and layed back on the floor.  “You know, for people who think they’re so damn awesome, you lot certainly don’t do much on a Friday night, do you?”


“Enough with the moaning, Shanti,” Mia said. “We’ll plan something good for next week, okay?”




Mia felt James sit back and relax his head on the couch next to her, “I think Padfoot’s onto something, as far as a class of Gryffindors goes, I don’t think I’ve seen any that could measure up to us.”


Claribel snapped her fingers, “Agreed!”


“You all are so full of yourselves.  I can’t believe I’m even friends with any of you.” Lily said, but she was grinning now as well.


“Oh, Red, you know you love us!” Sirius said.


“I guess all of you have just been hanging around me and my big head for far too long.” James put in.


Mia and Claribel laughed at that.  Then they laughed harder at the expression on Lily’s face. 


“Hardy, har, har.” Lily said.


“Just joking, Lils.” James said, opening his eyes to look at her and smile.


“Now, back to the subject on how good-looking and awesome I am.” Sirius said.


“I don’t think that’s what we were talking about, Padfoot.” Remus said, glancing over to meet Mia’s eye from the other side of the couch.


“What were we talking about?” Peter asked.


“How awesome we are.” Shanti said from the floor.


“Yes! The Marauders!” Sirius declared.  “And the…hmmm.” He paused.  “Well, you girls don’t really have a cool name, do you?”


“Let’s give them one!” Peter suggested.


“Good idea, Wormy.  Any suggestions?” Sirus asked.


“Hey,” Mia interrupted, “Who said we even want a name?”


“I did.” Sirius said.


Mia frowned and twisted his arm a bit.  She had been holding him far to gently for far too long.


“OWWW!” he cried out.  “There’s no need for violence.”


“Let’s hear him out, Mia.  I want to know what our nickname can be.  You can strangle the poor boy later.” Shanti said, sitting up to look at the four boys.  “Well, what do you got?”


“Ladies of Gryffindor Tower?” Remus suggested.


“Too vague.” Sirius said.


“The Lionesses.” James said.


“Too cheesy.” Sirus said.


“The Fab Five.” Peter proposed.


“Closer,” Sirius said, “But that’s not quite it.”  He snapped his fingers, of his left hand, dramatically.  “The Fugly Five.”


“What!” Mia’s mouth dropped, enraged.


“Hell no.” Meg said, glaring at Sirius.


“It’s perfect!” James shouted.


“It really is.” Remus agreed.


Mia felt her blood boil.  She watched as Shanti got up from the floor and walked over to where she sat with Sirius.  “Give us a different nickname,” she ordered.


“Nope.  The powerful nickname god has spoken.”


Shanti put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at Sirius.


“I don’t understand,” Claribel said, “what does fugly mean?”


Claribel looked at all the girls for help.  Meg had her eyebrows raised at her. 


“What?” Claribel asked.


“Shanti, please explain.” Meg said as she sprawled her body across the shaged carpet infront of the fire.


Shanti walked over to Claribel’s chair and whispered something in her ear.


“No!” Claribel said, looking shocked.  She glared at the boy nearest to her.  “I can understand them,” she pointed to James and Sirius, “but I expected better out of you, Remus Lupin.”


“Once a Marauder, always a Marauder.” Remus informed her.


“You know what?” Lily asked.  “I’ve decided to like this nickname, girls.  The fucking ugly girls—that’s us.  It’s perfect.  We can be called the Fugs for short.”


Mia gasped. “Lily.”


“What did you just say?” Claribel asked, turning toward Lily, eyes wide.


“The Fugs?” Lily asked.


“No, before that,” Claribel said.




“Before that.”


“Oh, fucking.” Lily said calmly.


Mia gasped again.  “Lily swore,” she whispered.


“Lily swore twice,” James pointed out, and he grinned at Mia.


“Oh, Lord, help me.” Lily said, shaking her head.


Mia leaned around Sirius to look at the watch on James’ wrist.  Nearly two in the morning.  “You know what, it’s getting late.  Let’s end this debate now.  We do not need a nickname.  They are obnoxious and for people who just crave attention.”


“Hey!  We don’t crave attention.” Sirius said defensively.


“Sirius does, though.” Remus said.


Sirius opened his mouth again to defend himself, but Mia twisted his arm and he merely whimpered a bit in pain.



“We shall remain nameless.” Mia said with authority.  “All girls in favor?”


“Ay!” said Meg, Claribel and Meg.


“Lily!” Claribel demanded.


“I still stay we should be the Fugs,” Lily said.


“It doesn’t matter,” Mia said, getting impatient.  It was past her bedtime.  “The Ay’s have it.”


“Yay!” Shanti and Claribel cheered.


“Wohoo.” Meg said with far less enthusiasm, spreading her arms and legs out like a starfish on the plush red rug.  Mia looked at her jealously, wishing she could do the same thing. But she couldn’t.  She still held…


“Will you PLEASE let me go?” Sirius shouted.


“What do you say?”


“I said PLEASE!”


“No, what will you never ever do again?” Mia asked him, not loosening her grip at all.


“I will never EVER again give you a wet willy whilst you are sleeping.”


Or awake!”


“Or awake,” he agreed, and she released his arm.  “Finally,” he gasped.  Mia watched him slowly stretch it out. 


“All better?” she asked him mockingly.


Sirius got up from the couch, shot her a rude hand gesture, and dashed madly for the staircase to the boys’ dormitories.  At another time, Mia might have flown up the stairs after him, but it was far to late for that.  She’d punished the boy enough for one night.  She rested her head on the arm of the couch until she heard Remus several minutes later.


“Well, I don’t know about you lot, but I’m exhausted.” Mia watched as he and the remaining two boys headed up to their dorm.


Mia watched as her friends also left the room.  She mindlessly followed after them.  Making her way to her own four-poster bed, she was asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.



Author’s note:

AGAIN! I’m sorry for those of you who have been waiting on an update.  Life—it gets in the way.  But thank you so much for reading, it means the WORLD to me. I love that there are people out there who care about this story. This chapter is long just for you ;)

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