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Morph by lanniejo
Chapter 1 : Prefrace
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Gorgeous picture of Sillian Malfoy, done by the Wonderous moriarity at TDA!

As I stared into the golden eyes of the beast and saw my fate flash across its glimmering white fangs, I noted how very far I was from the Malfoy Manor.

After awaking violently from a nightmare of metal masked men plotting my demise, I came to find myself in a dance.

All summer I’d collaborated with Headmistress of the Salem witchcraft school to create one dance that gratified every crowd in a personal intense way. I’d seen other people perform it after we made it, and we were successful. The dance grabbed my soul and I found myself biting my nails at every leap of faith and plummeting spirits with the crescendo of an orchestra.

Now with my time devoted to practicing it in time for performing it for the Salem school, I found myself alone in the clearing at an ungodly hour. The idea didn’t seem so absurd because I’d done just that several nights in a row, with the hopes that the fresh air and cool night breeze would free my head.

The Malfoy Manor was private property and no muggle of other wizard could come onto it without spoken permission by a blood relative. That’s why I was so totally gobsmacked to find myself face to face with a werewolf.

I could see the muscles coiling under it’s shaggy fur, they bobbed like adam’s apples alongs its forearms, but they were the size of bricks.

The scent of rotten flesh rolled across my face in a hot flush as the werewolf sighed.

The mere seconds before it pounced seemed prolonged and dragged out into an eternity of my horror, every nightmare that I had a few hours ago; paled in comparison. I’d rather be in those twisted dreams than face the reality of this situation.

I gasp, and it cuts through the misty air between my trembling lips, seeming to break the hesitation.

The werewolf slams into me with the force of the ocean, its paws digging into my bare flesh; retracting shrill screams from deep inside my chest. My vision blurs as the werewolf bites my shoulder viciously.

In a blind trance I manage to retrieve my wand from my back pocket and shoot a patornus into the sky, not even noticing as the werewolf retreats into the dark fringe of the forest.

A fire spreads across my skin with the heat of a thousand suns, and I duly hear a voice screaming in agony. After a few minutes of writhing in the cold dirt I realize that these blood curdling screams resonate from me. The screams cut off and ebb into pitiful whimpers of pain, as my body elongates and joints pop with mind blowing pain.

Claws tears through the tender skin of my finger tips, tearing the skin as though its paper. Fur sprouts out of every inch of my skin and protects me against the cold breeze. The burning turns into sharp prickles until it all fades away and all I know is the hunger knots in my stomach.

A scent of flesh makes me dive headfirst in a bloodthirsty frenzy, it doesn’t even occur to me until the next morning that this werewolf has turned me into a monster.


Author's note: Hey sorry this chapter is so short, It's the preferace and I just wanted you to know how it happened to Sillann, this is just a new idea I had, tell me if it's worth using. Review!

Edited: 11/3/12

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Morph: Prefrace


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