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Future Is Always Another Story by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 5 : Bonus Chapter: The Cave
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February 1998

"Merlin, how I hate Ron!" exclaimed Hermione as she flew into a cave where Sirius Black used to live in my fourth year. Hermione told me about it and I thought it'd be a perfect place for us to meet. We used fake Galleons that was charmed by the Protean Charm to communicate to each other.

"What did the Weasel do right now?" I said, laughing at her pouting lips. She looked so beautiful when she was angry.

Heaving deeply, she plopped down next to me on the sofa I conjured before and leaned her head on my shoulder. We became so close in only a month and I just confessed to her about my feelings a week ago, asking her to be my girlfriend. I was so happy that I kissed her deeply when she said yes. I was nearly convinced that she was an angel that was sent for me to lead me back to the Light path. I looked at her again and felt my lips tugged into a smile. I was a lucky man to have her as mine. I circled my arm around her as I pulled her closer to kiss her forehead.

"Ronald just forced me to make love to him again!"

My jaw clenched and my whole body stiffened. The dirty filth dared to touch my Hermione! Sure she was still his fiancee, but her heart was mine. Legally mine. Hermione seemed to notice my gesture. She quickly turned around to face me and cupped my face in her small hands. Her hands felt so warm against my cold skin that had been longing from the sun to shine brightly upon me.

"Draco, don't make him angered you. He may have claimed me to be his, but I'm forever be yours. When this War ends, I'll broke off the engagement. We're going to get married and I'll be yours for real. We don't have to hide like this anymore." I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself.

"Mione, he dared to-"

"But, he never did have me, right? And I will never let him to. What matters now is that you are mine and I am yours. Nothing else."

I sighed tiredly and let her win this arguementation. I didn't feel like talking. I was too tired to even sit up straight. Voldemort was angry again, as usual, because my failure to spy on Hermione and her friends. He chopped me into pieces and then literally stitched my body together again – magically, of course. Not so long after the torture session, Aunt Bella came and forced me to practice my Occlumency and Legillimency. My head felt like it was going to explode after two hours of practice. I was going to have a rest when Hermione contacted me through the fake Galleon. With the remaining power I had, I Apparated to this cave. I had been trying to look fine for only a few minutes and I felt like all power was gone. My sight became blurry from the tiredness and the blood-loss. I blinked my eyes furiously, not wanting her to notice my condition.

"By the way, how are you?" asked Hermione as she lay down on my laps. She caressed my jaw-line with her smooth thumb and I felt like gaining my power again.

"I'm fine, just a bit bored, I suppose. Snake-faced git keeps barking commands to my family. I'm so sick of him." I faked a pout like she had and she laughed. I smiled when her laughter rang in my ears.

"Never in my whole life I thought I'd see Draco Malfoy pouting." I laughed.

"Well, you just did, darling."

"You know what, you look so cute when you pouted like that." Her eyes were glinting in mischief. I glared at her, pretended to be angry.

"What did you say?"

"Cute, Draco. I just called you cute."

"Don't call me cute if you know what's best for you, Granger."

"Cute, cute, cute! Draco Malfoy is sooo cute!"

She jumped right on time before I could wrap my arms around her. She was leaning on the wall, grinning like a Chesire Cat. I stood right in front of the mouth of the cave, preventing her from running away out. She looked like she was calculating the risk if she did try to run from me. She threw me a wide grin, as if it was possible for her to grin wider, and ran to my left. I caught her easily and pulled her into my arms. She squealed in happiness when I spinned her around the cave. She punched me repeatedly but still so gentle than a real punch I'd experienced. I cornered her to the wall and began to tickle her. She screamed while trying to push me teasingly.

"Let me go, Draco!"

"Not a chance, Hermione." I spinned her around again but my leg tripped over a rock and we fell onto the cold ground below us. I flinched a bit when my back came in contact to the stone.

"Oh Merlin, I'm so sorry, Draco," she apologised.

"No, it's okay. It'll leave bruise, I'm sure, but I'll survive by the morning," I joked. She rolled her eyes.

"You're an arsehole, you know. I'm serious!"

"I'm fine, Mione. Really."

"But, you could've broke your back!"

I sighed and pulled her chin to me. "Hermione, will you just shut up for a moment and let me kiss you? Please?"

She scowled at me before finally yielding and kissed me fully on the lips. She ran her hand into my hair as I wrapped my hands around her waist. Her lips tasted so sweet and addictive. I had been dying to kiss her since the time she punched my nose. That was when I knew she was different. That she was not some stupid girl I thought she was. It wasn't helping that as years passed, she began to be more attractive than ever. I was so desperate when the first time I heard she got herself engaged to Weasel. I thought there would be no chance I could be with her. But now, she was mine. When this War ended, she would be mine for real. I was still afraid that I might hurt her every time I kissed her. She felt so fragile against me though she was stronger than any diamond ever found.

We spent the night by teasing each other while sitting in front of the cave. We stared into the stars and tried to guess every constellation in the sky. I used to do this when I was small – when Father wasn't really preoccupied to his beloved Dark Lord. Father, Mother and I would be sitting in the garden of the Manor, guessing all constellations we could. Until I was seven, I would laughed in happiness every time I found the Draco constellation in the sky. I was impressed when Hermione guessed nearly all of them. I knew Hermione was way beyond brilliant but it still surprised me when she showed me her abnormal wit.

"I think I should get back now," she said. I nodded. The power I had gained before was gone as I realised it would be weeks until I could meet her again. My head began to spin again and my whole body trembling in pain. Hermione's face became blurry in my eyes and I could barely hear anything. I was sure that my face was getting paler than it was already.

"Be careful, will you, Mione?" I said, trying to sound normal. It nearly killed me to only say a few words. I was as strong as a dying man.

When she smiled, I felt a slight of power came into me. It was amazing how she could be the source of my anything. "I will, Draco. It's you, who should be careful."

I closed my eyes in pain and flashed a small smile. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

I craned my neck to kiss her before letting her to Disapparate away. I watched the spot where she was sitting awhile ago and the pain in body became overwhelming. I curled on the ground, trying to ease the pain. Something wet rolling down from my nose. I touched it and found my fingers covered in red liquid. Blood. My Blood. I knew there was no chance I could get back to the Manor like this. I was too weak. I decided to sleep in the cave until I gained some power to Apparate back.

In the morning, when I got back to the Manor, Father nearly blasted me into pieces for my absence. Voldemort looked like he was disappointed that I managed to get alive after the torturing session, Aunt Bella forced me again to practice and Mother looked worried. I'd give away all my money if I could surivive this War, still in the right mind.

Author's Note:

Here's the first chapter of the bonus chapter! This chapter set a month after Draco and Hermione met in the Muggle cafe, after Draco warned her that Voldemort had been spying the Golden Trio secretly. And oh, all of the bonus chapters and the ones in Hermione's POV were written by Amelia. I wrote the rest of it.

We hope you guys like it! Thanks for reading and please review! :)

Sophie (and Amelia)

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