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A Muggle Romance by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2-Living Like A Muggle
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I had been going to the pub for a week straight with or without my coworkers; I always sat at the same table and ordered the same thing by the third night she wasn’t even taking my order anymore just bringing me my beer and burger. I preferred butter beer to the muggle stuff and Kye’s cooking to the bar food but oh well I was completely taken with this girl. My eighth night there in a row she sat down when she brought me my second beer.

“I know you don’t come here every night for the food; it’s good but it’s not eat the same thing here every night good.”

I smirked at her, “I quite enjoy the burger here.”

“I’m sure.” She ran a hand through her black hair letting a few pieces fall over her right eye.

I took a bite of my burger chewed it slowly, swallowed, and then took a sip of my beer. She was watching me the entire time.

“Well I better get back to work.” She stood up and adjusted her skirt and smile at me, “If you need anything else let me know.”

I could tell she wasn’t British, not even European; her accent was definitely American but if she took this job she wasn’t a tourist she lived here. Most Americans who moved here did so because they were uppity business types who accepted a promotion and huge raise to move to another country; why would some girl who doesn’t even look 18 move to another country to be a waitress in a pub? Doesn’t her family miss her? Questions kept popping up so when she brought me my check I smiled as I handed her my money including a generous tip.

“Do you want to go get some coffee?” I asked.

“Sure mister,” she smiled, “I get off in about fifteen minutes I’ll meet you at the place around the corner.”

I smirked again, “My name’s Draco.”

“Draco huh? I’ve never heard that one before.”

I just nodded my head, “See you in a bit.”

I walked out into the cold night; January wasn’t getting any warmer here. I walked to the end of the block and made a left the neon sign for ‘Lee Lee’s Bistro’ was the brightest thing on the street. I had a pep in my step as I made my way to the door of the brightly lit coffee shop. It was a place open late many pub owners and workers got coffee here after their late shifts. Looking around there were all types owners, day laborers, waitresses, and even a few wizards. I sat down by myself and a blonde waitress came over and smiled at me.

“What can I get you hun?”

Usually I would have noticed how pretty she was but I was far too preoccupied anticipating Gillian’s arrival.

“Uh cappuccino thanks.”

She nodded and walked away. Fifteen minutes seemed like forever but she came in and scanned the room; seeing me she smiled and came and sat down. She took off her leather jacket and put it on the extra chair next to her; she was still in her work skirt but instead of the button up and tie she had on a baggy hoodie. When she rolled up her sleeves I noticed she had a tattoo on each wrist; I didn’t understand why muggles did that being stabbed thousands of times didn’t sound like a good time to me. Then again many people got the dark mark, that wasn’t comfortable to get or have removed so as I mused I kind of understood. Her right wrist held a purple Egyptian symbol call and Eye of Horus and her other wrist held a pink lily. I found myself wondering if she had any other tattoos.

“I have 4 more.” She laughed.


“Yeah I have a pair of tribal wings on the top of my back, tiger lilies and a dog on my thigh, roses on my right foot, and a four leaf clover with the quote ‘Níl gache uile fhánaí caillte’ on my left foot.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s Irish Gaelic for ‘Not all who wander are lost,’” she smiled as the waitress came back with my cappuccino.

The blonde turned to her, “What can I get you?”

“I’ll have the same.”

The waitress left again and I looked at her, “Why do you get those?”

“They all mean something to me I don’t want to forget, I like getting tattooed.”

Then she went into her knapsack and pulled out a small plastic bag with body jewelry she put a ring in her lip, a stud in her nose, and bar with two balls through her tongue; all while I watched astonished.

“I’ve had most of these piercings since I was 14, except the tongue ring I got that when I was 16,” she chuckled at my bemused expression.

“How old are you?”


“Wow I definitely thought you were younger than that.”

She laughed again and it was such a beautiful sound, “Well then how old are you?”

“Nineteen,” I replied, “You’re not British are you?”

“What gave me away?”

“No accent, you’re American aren’t you?”

“Yeah I’m from New Jersey originally.”

“Why here, Americans don’t move here to make pounds and pounds as waitresses.”

The waitress came and gave her the cappuccino she had ordered, “Can we not talk about that? So what do you do?”

I didn’t know what to say I ran through my head the list of muggle careers I knew of, “I’m in law enforcement.”

It was the truth; I just wasn’t in the law enforcement I knew would come to her mind.

“You’re a cop?” she let out another laugh, “Priceless.”

“What you don’t like cops?”

“They have never done anything for me.” Something dark flashed in her eyes briefly then it was gone.

“Doesn’t your family miss you?”

“My mother’s dead, my father’s a junkie I’m lucky if he remembers he has a kid, and that’s about it for.”

“I’m sorry both my parents passed away so I kind of know how you feel.”

She reached her hand out and squeezed my hand then picked up her cup to take a drink. I felt the warmth of her hand on mine and wished she had left her hand there. I noticed her straight hair was curling at the ends; must be caused by the slight humidity signaling it would probably snow either tonight or tomorrow.

“So do you live around here?” she asked.

“No I live outside London, what about you?”

She blushed, “Uh here and there.”

“You’re homeless?!”

“Kind of, I haven’t saved up to rent a flat yet.”

“You can stay with me rent free until you get on your feet.”

It came out without thinking, I invited a muggle to live with me what in Merlin was I thinking. She was eyeing me suspiciously.

“Why would a stranger let me stay with them for nothing?”

“Bloody hell does no one help each other out in the States?”

She shook her head, “Not me, except my mom.”

“Well what do you say?”

“I’ll try it for a night, anything weird and I will kick your ass from here to the USA and back.”

“I’m not going to try anything.”

I made a promise even though I desperately wanted to; suddenly I realized a lot had to change before she came to my house.

“I need to use the men’s room be right back.”

I apparated from the men’s room to the house; first I explained the situation to Kye who just smiled at me.

“Guess we will be needing that muggle car after all.” She laughed.

“Yes and you need to look like muggle help. Can you drive that thing?”

“Kye will take care of everything Master Draco should not worry. Kye will be seeing the master in twenty minutes or so.”

I sighed with relief I loved that little elf; I apparated back to the coffee shop and composed myself before going back out to the table. She had ordered us each another cappuccino and smiled at my return.

“I thought you changed your mind and snuck out the bathroom window.”

“Never I’m always good to my word; can’t have pretty girls squatting or sleeping outside it looks like it’s gonna snow.”

“Well thank you Draco.”

We finished our drinks and I paid much to her protest; then I heard a car horn. Behind the wheel of the car my mother had bought on a whim after my father’s death was a middle aged brunette woman with blue eyes.

“There’s our ride.”

“You have a chauffeur?”

“She does a little bit of everything.”

I beamed at Kye as we climbed into the car.

“Home Master Draco?”

“Yes Kye; Kye this is Gillian and Gillian this is Kye.”

“Nice to meet you Kye,” Gillian smiled at the elf in woman form.

A fifteen minute ride to the manor and the girl beside me gasped, “You live here?”

She sounded astonished as we drove through the gates and up to the manor.

“Yeah it’s a little much huh?”

“I’ve never seen a house this big!” she exclaimed as we got out the car.

I took in a deep breath and didn’t breathe again until we were inside the house and I saw all the talking moving paintings and other wizard and magic objects were all hidden.

“It’s beautiful,” she spun around on the marble floor of the foyer staring up at the crystal chandelier.

“Thanks I inherited it.”

“How many rooms are there?”

“Well dining room, kitchen, ball room, foyer, three sitting rooms, two living rooms, basement, attic, study, library, four bathrooms, 4 master bedrooms with private bathrooms, and 3 guest bedrooms.”

Her eyes were wide, “Wow, and it’s just you here?”

“Just me,” I responded.

“No family visits? No friends? No girlfriend?”

“All my family’s gone, most of my friends and I are out of touch, and I haven’t had time for a girlfriend in about two years or so.”

My last girlfriend, if you can call her that, was Pansy and thankfully her obsessive pug-face was in Azkaban. I could see a look I knew in her eyes; pity, she pitied me; I couldn’t blame her sometimes I pitied myself.

“Well why don’t you go upstairs and pick a room. Wait don’t you have things you left somewhere?”

She shook her head, “Everything I own is in this back pack.”

She shook the bag as she walked up the stairs; and I shook my head, poor girl. There was something dark in her past; something she was running from I could tell. I wasn’t going to push her; I went to my room and got a pair of sweat pants and a muscle tank top before going down to the room she had picked. I knocked and she told me to come in.

“Here I brought you something to sleep in.”

“Thanks,” she smiled and went into the private bathroom and changed.

“I’ll take your dirty clothes to Kye, she’ll wash them tomorrow.”

She handed me the entire back pack, “It’s all dirty.”

In the tank I noticed she was rather thin; but more pointedly I saw the scars on her right shoulder and on her wrists. Her tattoos covered most of them but some were still visible. She didn’t seem alarmed that I was staring.

She shrugged, “Life’s tough.”

I nodded, “Well good night.”

I walked down stairs and handed Kye the knap sack; inside was three red ties, three black skirts, three pairs of nude tights, three white button ups, two pairs of jeans, her baggie hoodie, and two t-shirts. I shook my head again as I left the pack outside her door before returning to my room to sleep.

I got up the next morning and had completely forgotten there was someone living with me; I walked down into the kitchen in just my boxers and sat down at the island. There was no Daily Prophet next to my coffee and when I looked up to Kye to ask for it instead I saw a blushing Gillian trying hard to concentrate on her plate of her eggs and bacon.

“I am so sorry.” I jumped up from the island, “I uh I’m gonna go put some clothes on.”

She said nothing just stared at the food and blushed further so I rushed off. I returned to the kitchen a few minutes later dressed in a suit for work and resumed my coffee and started the breakfast Kye had put down for me.

“Do you need a ride to work?” I asked her.

She finally looked up at me, “When do you have to leave?”

“In about fifteen minutes,” I replied.

“I have an afternoon shift so I’ll walk.”

“Nonsense,” Kye shook her head.

“I think Kye is saying she will take you.” I laughed.

“Are you sure you won’t have other things to be doing?” she addressed the woman formerly known as an elf.

“Nothing at all miss.”

“Okay I have work at 2.”

“Yes miss, all your work clothes is clean.”

“Thank you Kye.” Gillian smiled.

“Well I better be going now.”

“Don’t you need a ride?”

“Oh no I prefer to walk in the morning.”

I walked outside and knowing there was no possible way to see from the kitchen to the front yard I apparated to my normal place and walked the half a block to the ministry; I got to the office and put on my robes which I had in my briefcase; before going over to my desk. About fifteen minutes later Harry came out of his office and took a seat across from me.

“Morning Harry,” I didn’t look up from my work.

“Morning Draco how is everything?”

“Fine, why do you ask?”

“Jason saw you leave the coffee shop with that waitress last night.”

“Jason needs to stop stalking me or I may start to wonder about him.”

Harry chuckled, “So what’s going on?”

“Oh she’s staying with me.”

No one would ever be able to imitate the look of shock on Harry’s face.


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