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Angst by TheDoctor
Chapter 1 : snogging
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Have you ever tried to get a Weasley to like you? No? Well then, you’ve got some sense in you. Especially since if you ever tried to go after Weaslette I’d hex you to the moon and back. No really, hands off.

Which brings me to my main point; Weaslette. Yeah, so maybe in a fit of...erm, fluffy daftness (all very manly you understand) I sort of... decided... erm, well, maybe I have a bit of a thing for her. I mean, not really you understand, just sort of, well.... uhm... oh shut up.

My point is that well, she might be slightly, a tiny bit... allot.. well, she’s pretty damn attractive. Nothing more you understand, good Merlin, I mean it’s not like she’s got a wicked sense of humour or anything. I mean, I can promise you that prank she pulled, the one where Dean Thomas ended up covered in very peeved pigmy puffs, yeah, I didn’t laugh one bit. No, it wasn’t just because I was also covered in pigmy puffs, Merlin, didn’t I tell you to shut up?

Look, the girls got eyes for Potty, it’s sort of painfully obvious. I mean, literally painfull, the last time I walked between her and Potter she threw a book at me because I was blocking her view.

Look, that’s not the point, the point is I’m a bit rusty in the whole ‘woo-ing’ catagory.  My first try at getting her to like me was by leaving a bunch of roses for her near her dormitory (anonymously of course) and thank Merlin for that because how the hell was I supposed to know that Sprout was growing bloody fanged roses.

The next attempt went slightly better, possibly because she made it. Look, like I said, I’m rusty, for the most part though, I can make girls swoon. As I was saying, she, well, it’s a bit delicate really, she came up to me in the hall between classes and well... She looked quite spiffing, red hair all aglow and eyes sparkling. She cornered me in a little patch of shadows and well... I’d say kissed me is a bit of an understatement, I mean, she sort of attacked my face with her mouth. Actually I had a bit of a fight or flight response, okay fine, flight response, I very nearly took off running down the hall. Thank Merlin I didn’t though because, well, much hearty snogging ensued.

Now I know I said she had a thing for Potter but let me tell you I must have been wrong ‘cause man have things changed. I mean, pre-snogging event she was all ‘Potter is the sun itself, I shall bask in his light’ but then in a series of minutes (consisting of a glass of pumpkin juice, a rushed exit from the great hall to potions and then running into me in the halls (what do you mean ‘was I watching?’)) everything changed. I mean really, changed.  Anyway post snog she slipped me a note telling me to meet her on the astronamy tower at midnight. How smooth is that?

Anyway the rest of the day was spent in agitated haziness, thinking about, what else, that snog. I mean, it was a bit... well, I mean, do most girls ust throw themselves at you in the corridor? In my experience it seems like all they do is bat their eyelashes allot and giggle. So. Much. Giggling.  Anyway she was a bit forward about the whole thing but hey, it worked better than my fanged roses so no complaining right?

Divination was a bitch trying to get through. I mean honestly what the hell does Tralawney expect me to see in that blood crystal? I told her I saw some batty woman with buggy eyes and a dodgy haircut, knowing full well that it was her reflection in the glass. Unfortunately she also knew I was talking about her. Alright so not the brightest idea.

When the class finally ended I can tell you I booked it out of there. I spent dinner staring at her across the great hall, she was also staring at me. Yes, I know, I’m handsome, I mean, how could she help herself? Poor dear, I feel sorry for her. Still, her looking at me meant I could actually see her face which meant I could be sure I wasn’t staring dopily at one of the other Weasleys. Ugh, imagine staring at Weasleking all love-sick, ick, I think I’d have to skip meeting Ginny in the astronomy tower and just go ahead and jump off instead.

Anyway dinner ended and I spent the next hour being well, angsty in the Slytherin common room. I mean, the angst nearly oozed off of me, I practically choked on the stuff. Pansy ended up huffing off to the girls dormitory because I refused to speak to her. Honestly couldn’t she tell I was trying to figure out a spell to speed up time? But I digress, much angst festing later the clock showed the time to be eleven thirty. Unable to wait any longer and also hoping to leave some time for sneaky avoidance of teachers I left.

The halls were deserted, thank Merlin but I stil felt the need to practice my awesome powers of blending in with the shadows. So it was only after several spy rolls and a few dramatic leaps that I reached the base of the astronomy tower. I decieded i would make a better impression however if I played it smooth for the grand entrance. This meant no backflipping up the steps, no it meant ‘sexy sneer to the right, sexy sneer to the left’ with a few backward head nods for good measure. Finally I reached the door leading onto the little landing at the top of the tower. I shoved it wide and strode through, well, to be honest it was more like a strut but I digress.

She was there, her hair caught in the moonlight and billowing outward behind her, I pretended not to notice that the ‘sexy hair billow’ effect was obviously the work of a spell because there was no breeze at all.

“Hey.” She says, obviously in her best sexy voice, hey it’s a good one, I gotta admit.

“Hey.” I respond, intending to sound equally awesome and attractive but my voice decided to crack right in the middle and the whole thing failed rather miserably, but hey, laugh and you die.

I would transcribe the rest of the conversation to you but unfortunately it’s rather impossible, seeing as the rest of the nights was spent well, snogging. What can I say, she’s a forward type of girl.

The next day we planned to meet in the library during lunch. Which we did. However it seemd she’d done quite allot during the inbetween time, but youll get what I mean later. Anyway I ran my hand through her flaming hair and the little strands ran burning through my fingers. No really, she had angered one of the twins (Merlin knows how I’m supposed to keep them apart) and they’d slipped her some sort of potion to make her hair literally burn. She’d had to wrap her head in wet cloths to keep from causing any real damage. However you do see what I mean about her being up to stuff between our meetings, I mean, not that it takes much to provoke the twins, even I know you have to be thick to get on their bad side. They just take way too much pleasure in others misfortune, or in helping kids skive off divination. I have to admit I’d love a skiving snack box, I mean, bloody brilliant those things are.

Back to our meeting though, we were staring at eachother. My silver orbs meeting her hazel ones, the little spheres smashing into eachother before us. Wait, you thought I was still talking about our eyes huh? Pshhh, no way, I’m talking about my freezing spell (which takes the shape of a silver orb and also helps with the whole flaming hair thing) colliding with some hazel nuts (which are sort of orbish) that she threw at me because she was annoyed, I mean, the girls’ got a temper.

While some snogging did occur in our library meet up we also made a dicision, due to certain events (need I repeat our previous snogs?) we had decided that by sheer rules of dignity we had to be dating. So yeah, I’m dating Weaslette, did I mention she likes that as a pet name? We plan to go public soon...ish.

Two weeks later was soonish enough and we did just that, I walked her to all her classes and we held hands in the hall and also snogged in the hall... but honestly I swear to you she just has this wierd obsession with my mouth it wasn’t me. Once mid-snog I swear I heard the twins laughing at us but oh well, maybe dating their sister won’t get me on their bad side, I mean, slim chance, but still.

“Oh, this is brilliant, though, the possabilities of major whiplash are high.” The barely concealed laugh hidden in Fred’s words finally broke free as they rounded the corner and were no longer within earshot of the snogging couple.

“Quite right mate, bloody hell, when she finds out...” George trailed off, suddenly slightly more serious. Actually, allot more serious, he looked rather like he’d just stepped of the astronomy tower. “You do realize the magnitude of this.” His voice hanging between terror and ultimate glee. “We doped Malfoy and our own bloody sister with enough love potion to make Snape fall in love with soap, well, nearly.”

“Not to mention that burning thing with Ginny’s hair.” Added Fred.

“We’re screwed.”

“Royally, don’t forget that, at least we’ll be royalty.”

“Also dead.”

“Yes but at least we’ll be royalty.”

“I’m not sure that’s quite how it works.”

“Look, how long have we got till they start seeing sense?”

“No idea, lets just hope it lasts long enough for both of us to die happily and of natural causes.”


A/n: Eek, well, erm... I have no excuse for this, it's complete rubbish.

I would like to say however that I mean no offense to anyone who enjoys Draco/Ginny as a pairing, this was just my attempt at a ship that has never really worked for me when trying to write or imagine it.

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