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Granger Danger by hermioneluver
Chapter 1 : Confusion
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     A young man walked into the train station, looking around. His scarred face lit up as he noticed a wild-haired girl struggling with her trunk. He ran towards her.

     "Mione!" he cried, fondly hugging the girl and smiling. "You look fantastic!" He was right. She now looked outwardly like the mature woman she was inwardly.

     A pretty blush swept across her porcelain cheeks as she said, "Thank you, Harry." Noticing her trunk, Harry swept it up and set it on the platform. Suddenly, a tall boy with red hair and gangly limbs appeared, accompanied by his sister.

     A small smile graced Hermione's lips as Harry ran to the red-haired boy, passed him and began to plant sloppy kisses all over his sister's face. Ron's face turned almost as red as his hair when he saw his best mate passing him up for his baby sister.

     "Harry!" he protested. Again Hermione smiled. Ginny, Ron's baby sister, rushed over and hugged her. Her grip was surprisingly tight for having such small arms. Hermione linked arms with Ginny and Ron, Harry latching on to Ginny, and they all boarded the Hogwarts Express.










     Standing there, watching the Scar-faced famous Harry Potter, the Mudblood Granger, and the Weasel, Draco Malfoy felt something he'd never felt before. Envy. Envy that they could just forget the war and be happy. They were on the winning side. Of course they could.

     Draco could never forget. Especially that one night. It was seared into his memory forever.....

     Just as he was about to slip into the old memories again, he reminded himself of who he was. He was Draco Princeps Malfoy. He would NOT submit to weakness. He would carry on the famed Malfoy line and succeed his father in the buisness of cruelty.







     Hermione wasn't listening when Luna, Neville, and Impleo Rusticus, one of Luna's housemates, slipped into their compartment. Instead she was thinking about poor Fred. The way his body had just thumped to the floor, the life gone out of his eyes instantly. His mischevious soul silenced forever. 

     "Hermione? Hermione!" Luna's dreamy voice pierced her sorrow. She turned away from the window, wiping a tear from her eye. Impleo was staring at her.

     "Listen," he said, "If it's not a good time, I can go..." Sitting up a little straighter, Hermione swiped at her smeared mascara and said, "No, not at all. Please continue."

     Swallowing nervously, Impleo said, "Well, I was wondering if you'd like to come with me to Hogsmeade the first weekend this term?" He plastered an obviously fake-confident smile on his face. Hermione thought about it. She thought about it some more. And finally, she decided.

     "Sure, Impleo," she said. "I don't have to do anything that day." His smile softened a little, became more genuine as he said, "Thanks, Hermione. And please, call me Pleo-all my friends do."

     With that, he pressed his thumb into the palm of her hand, gave her a grateful look, and swept out of the compartment, leaving Hermione with the curious sensation of having a date to Hogsmeade.

     She smiled optimistically out of the window, certain that her life was taking a benevolent turn.


 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------             Hello, my lovely readers! This being my first fic, you shall have to forgive me for any discrepensies. I am in desperate need of not only a capable and tolerable beta reader, but also someone who can make me a banner...... I'm sure you've all read this type of fic before, (cliche nonsense) but I can promise you that the plot will thicken as the story progresses. 

     Dumdumdum...........Well, as I cannot think of a single reason why I should continue talking to you brilliant readers and writers, Ciao!

P.S. Those of you who are interested in the beta reader position, leave an e-mail adress on a review. I'll have to warn you, though, I don't check my e-mail often.....

P.P.S. Look up Impleo Rusticus on a reliable latin-english translation site. I think you'll be amused! 

                                            Love and cupcakes,



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Granger Danger: Confusion


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