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Recipe for Disaster by The_Dark_Side_Gal
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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 Chapter 2:
“Haha, erm hi” I said scratching the back of my head, giving a nervous grin. He gave a deep chuckle before giving a small smile.

“So, you are the wonderful Miss Granger? Professor Dumbledore spoke very highly of you during my lessons. It’s an honour to finally meet the girl.” He said, extending his hand. I extended mine, and as he took it, he brought it slowly up to his face and kissed it gently. Heat burned from where his lips brushed the back of my hand, and it took all the restraint I had to not pull away. He looked up, and I was paralysed as he gazed into my eyes. He blinked and I was released, and I blushed, looking away so I wasn’t caught in his gaze again.

“*cough* so there is no need to introduce yourself, because I, well I have grown up with you on my television. It’s just so... weird to have you here. I mean in front of me. It’s just... wow...” I trailed off. So much for professionalism. I tried to telepathically apologise, but it wouldn’t work, or so I thought.

“Hey it’s no problem; I get it all the time. Would you like to lead the way Ms Granger?” Jake gestured dramatically towards the staircase. I nodded and made my way towards the staircase. Just before taking the first step, I stopped, a thought coming in.

“Oh by the way, call me Hermione. It’s too weird for someone my age to call me Ms” I let out a giggle, and Jake chuckled along. I walked along the corridor, easily chatting to him. I was surprised at his knowledge of the magical world and how mature and sophisticated he acted. We had lots in common actually, including favourite food, colour, author (“Arthur Conan Doyle obviously!” We had both cried during our quick fire round) and other such stuff. It was a great chat. Then we came to the serious stuff.

“So what’s your first lesson?” I asked, curious about how smart this guy actually was.

“Advanced potions. What is that?” Jake looked at me in confusion, and worry. I laughed and gave him a quick pat on the arm. And there was that spark from earlier, when he kissed my hand. I looked at him, and he shrugged.

“It’s the worst lesson for a new guy. Sorry, but Snape is terrible. A great teacher granted, but very house-oriented. Talking of house, which one are you?” I rattled on, finally able to go on the professional role.

“Er, Gryffindor. Is that good?” Jake watched me as I felt my face light up. Thank God!This would make our friendship so much easier. Well, if we did become friends.

“Yes, that’s great actually,” I laughed at his face, before taking a sniff in the air. “Can you smell that? It smells like,” I took another sniff, “a love potion.”

“You can tell that by its smell?” Jake raised an eyebrow.

“I recognise what I smell, which is what we did during class a while ago.” I announced. “Go on, you smell,” I got excited and started jumping. I always loved investigating what people smelt in their potion. It was always so interesting to find out what the ‘one’s’ going to smell like. I was jumping very highly now, using Jake’s shoulders as support.

“Okay okay, just stop jumping” Jake laughed, and took a big sniff. “Okay I smell, oranges, chocolate, and... spicy mild wine” Jake looked away from me, seemingly embarrassed. I laughed it off, and then glanced at him once again.

“We forgot your disguise!” I yelped, completely forgetting Jake’s embarrassment. Jake was a very recognisable being to anyone who had lived in the muggle world for more than an hour.

“Oh right, I completely forgot.” Jake shrugged, obviously not bothered at how his celebrity status could very much get him into trouble. I heard a few footsteps echoing down the large corridor, and the hiss of the devil. I panicked and started glancing around, my mind mentally calculating how long it would take for me to push a 15 stone man-boy into a doorway made for a 5’9” being not the 6’2” this guy was. My answer: just enough time.

“I have just the thing! Just, move into an empty room, and quickly!” I hissed pushing him into the closest unlocked door. He ducked quickly, just before his head whacked the door frame, which I was grateful for as it would have been very, loud, if he had hit it on the door.

“Why are we sneaking around?” Jake whispered, obviously wondering why I had pushed him into the room so quickly.

“Filch is coming, with his devil in disguise cat Mrs Norris” I throw a dark look towards the door. That cat was always scaring my Crookshanks away and I always had to waste my time looking for him on my own, because no one else liked him.

“Filch?” Jake looked confused, so I explained to him, as quietly as I could. I heard a quiet meow coming from the other side of the door, so slapped my hand over Jake’s mouth, as he was laughing at my story. He froze, then relaxed and slowly moved my hand from his mouth to his shoulder. I let my hand lie there, shocked at both my movements and his. As we heard Filch mutter and walk away, Jake let out a snort. I giggled lightly, resting my head on his chest, adrenaline pumping through my body.

“Shall we get on with my transformation then?” Jake asked as I sighed. I nodded and delved into my bag, pulling the glasses out. I had kept them in there for a while, as I was just waiting for the perfect time.

“Here put these on,” I said passing them to him, before delving into my bag once again, looking for my wand. This time, my wand was a just in case thing, which I was grateful for. I hadn’t let go of my wand since first year, so now I was glad my hand could breathe without it.

“Why?? Glasses don’t suit me you know” Jake grimaced, twirling the glasses in his hands.

“Well it’s either wear those, and let me do my thing, or strip naked and let me do my thing, and I don’t know how long that’s going to take.” I let out a light giggle, imagining Jake naked. I blushed as my mind drew the image downwards, and I turned away. Jake chuckled, and I heard him shuffle so he was sitting on the desk.

“Well what do the glasses do?” Jake said, still twirling the glasses. I smiled, and turned back towards him. As I did though, Jake’s fingers slipped and the glasses dropped to the floor, snapping in half.

“Noo!! That was my project for my transfiguration classes!” I gasped, dropping to the floor, picking up the pieces of my time.

“Hermione, I’m sorry. It was an accident, I’ll strip for you if you want,” Jake wrapped an arm around me. I looked up in shock, and then burst out laughing at his sincere face.

“Well you can if you want to but... I do have a spare pair. However I did think it was going to be Ron who broke them” I laughed, thinking about my boyfriend’s

“Ron?” Jake tilted his head, while I laughed at his puppy dog expression.

“My boyfriend” I smiled shyly, as I handed the next pair of glasses to him. I heard Jake mutter something under his breath, but when I looked at him questioningly he just smiled and shrugged.

“So how do these work?” Jake looked through the glasses backwards, upside down, and any other way which meant he wasn’t actually wearing them.

“You put them on, think about what you want to look like, and I wave my wand, and that’s what you look like.” I smiled at him, but Jake still hesitated.

“It’s either them or you get naked, and I do each limb one by one, starting with the shrunken leg” I gave a wink, then gasped as Jake started to unbutton his shirt.

“No no no! Just try the glasses. Please??” I shielded my eyes with one hand, waving the other at him. I heard him laugh.

“Fine, but just to let you know, any muggle girl would be happy to see me strip for them” Jake sighed. I laughed before waving my wand. ‘This is strange it’s almost like we’ve known each other forever’ I thought, still giggling. This year was going to be interesting.

“Well, I’m not any ordinary muggle girl now, am I?” I laughed, watching the transformation take place, and stood in awe at the Adonis that stood before me.


A/N: What do you think?? Honestly well that little box down there is perfect for honesty thank you 


Me xx

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Recipe for Disaster: Chapter 2


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