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You and I. by BlameItOnTheNargles
Chapter 1 : You and I.
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The world was made a happy place again the same night. My world? Wasn't. I never felt as much pain as I did when I saw you lying there with no sparkle in those gorgeous bright blue eyes. Your face emotionless.

Everyone tells me I should move on but I can't. I can't move on. You were the person which made me function. You made me complete. I had nothing until I meet you. I just stayed hidden into the background trying my hardest to go unnoticed but you noticed me. You saw I was different. You took a chance on me. You captured my heart and never gave it me back. We were so unlike but we fitted together perfectly like a jigsaw.

Our families hated each other. I hated my family. Since it happened your family has kind of become mine. They took me in and treated me like one of there own. I was so scared of rejection then that I didn't let you tell a soul. I loved so much I was afraid of loosing you because other people didn't approve but I should of known you wouldn't leave me because of that. I should have been brave, like you.

The sorting hat wanted to put me into Gryffindor you know. I begged it not to because of my family. I already suffered enough from them so how could I make myself suffer even more? I was a chicken. I wish I did get put into Gryffindor and I wish I stood up for myself instead of sinking into the background. I haven't spoken a word to my family since. There not my family. You and Millie are my family.

It's so hard to carry on. Each day goes on and I can't help but not think of you. I feel like ending it and joining you but I know you would never forgive me if I did something as silly and stupid as that.

Each night I dream of you. Always the same dream. The first time we officially meet. One of them cheesy muggle movie clichés which you always wish would happen to you but life would have to be a fairytale. I had one. I had a fairytale story right up until the end. The only difference was my life didn't end happy ever after.


I leaned back onto the grass as the air whipped viciously around me making shiver. I loved the winter. It was going to rain but I didn't care. I loved being out in the cold and the rain. It was like a heaven to me. My favourite time would be in a thunder storm just standing there while the rain pounced down onto my body and splashing out around me.

Today had been so stressful. I refused my families wishes for me to get an arranged marriage and it hurt. I didn't care what they thought. I remember that day this Summer and they first told me. I flat out said no and it physically hurt me. I just shut my eyes and sang loudly in my head until it was over. They had sent me another letter. I knew it was from them once that raven black owl landed in front of me showing the wax seal of my family. There going to force me to marry a random person but I won't. I don't care. I want it to be over with them. I want this war to be over. Everybody is the same. I am no more special than anyone so why do people think I am? It makes me sick to think about it.

Sickle for your thoughts.” A deep voice spoke instantly capturing me in. I felt the heat of another person sit beside me but I continued to look up at the deep sky which was filled with storm clouds just waiting to burst and dance around. Nature was a beautiful thing. I couldn't speak back. I couldn't find my voice. Why was he talking to me? The girl who hid.

You know it's rude not to talk back.” He laughed sending a melody through my ears.

Sorry.” Silence spaced between us. Even though we were so close to each other he felt miles away. I didn't dare look to see who the guy was that seeked me out. If I didn't seem interested he would leave. I would return to being invisible soon enough.

It's beautiful isn't it?” He broke the silence not wanting to give up easily it seemed but I could also be stubborn if I wanted to.


The sky.” I had to agree most people hated to look up at a sky filled with clouds but I loved it. I slowly let my eyes drift shut to make myself not look in his direction. I wouldn't cave in. Thunder struck making a smile appear onto my face as the the time pasted around us. He didn't leave. A splash of water caved onto the tip of my nose making my smile grow bigger as move drops of rain fell down on me getting quicker and heavier as they bounced down from the sky. I saw the light flash behind my eyes as the sound struck again. I was soaking wet but I felt peaceful and happy as my mind went blank.

Dance with me?”

What?” I asked shocked my body sitting upwards. I looked at the person in question which made my jaw drop. I thought it would be some Slytherin but it was the opposite. Why was a Gryffindor talking to me? Not just any Gryffindor but a Weasley. I took in his bright red hair which clung to his face while the water dripped off him but his eyes captured my own.

Dance with me?” He spoke again a crooked smile appearing onto his face while he stood up and held out a hand for me. I took his hand. I have no idea why but I did.


The dream changes though. It turns into a nightmare. I wake up every night screaming while tears poor down my face because I miss you so much. I just want you to hold me tight and whisper into my ear that it'll be alright but that is never going to happen. I just can't stay strong without you.

It's my fault she's gone. It's all my fault our little girl is gone. I wasn't strong enough. She was so brave like her daddy. She survived three long months after birth but her body was too weak and she finally gave in. She fought though. She fought her hardest but I guess she just wanted her daddy.

She was beautiful. She looked just like you with your hair and eyes but with my smile. The one thing you loved the most about me and she got it. She was the most precious thing ever. I thought I would get through it with her. She brought me that tiny ounce of happiness again before it was cruelly taken away from me. Your family adored her. The first grandchild of the Weasley family. Our little Millie.

I try. I really do but while the world moves on I can't. On the outside I'm a solider travelling on but on the inside I'm a broken into a million pieces.

I haven't took it off since you gave it to me. The morning. Just that morning you gave me everything. You asked me to marry you and become your other half. I was so happy and we were going to tell your family the next day but it all kicked off that night. I wish I was with you that afternoon before hand. As soon as I heard about the battle I ran to Hogwarts because I knew you would be there fighting. I had to make sure you were okay and help you. I only cared for your safety. That night was torture for me. I never felt so much emotion before then. It broke me.


It would be okay. It would all be okay. My head spun as I clambered out of the rubble which fell on top of me. My body seared with pain but I had to find him. I know he will be here somewhere. That's just the kind of man I fell in love with. This morning I was so happy and overjoyed but now it has all been ripped away from me. I need him.

What are you doing here Katie?” I winced from the voice. I knew that voice. It belonged to my mother. She must be part of them. That must mean father was here as well. I spun around to see her with blood dripping down her cheek other than that she looked fine. “What happened to you Katie?” I knew I must of looked bad but I also know she didn't care for me.

I'm fine.” I snapped back.

Please tell me your here to fight for the lord.” She demanded which made me snort.

Mother I will never be on the same side as you.” I snarled in her direction finally having the courage to stand up to her. “You never cared for me. You just cared about your snotty little pureblood image. I was never on your side. You tortured me. My whole childhood was filled with pain because of you. You know what mother. I'm a massive disgrace to you and I'm proud of it. I'm in love with a blood traitor.” I heard her gasp in shock which made more anger fill up inside me. “Oh not just any blood traitor but a Weasley mother. That must hurt to have your perfect image ruined by your stupid little brat of a child. Am I right?” I laughed harshly as I saw her eyes flash with anger. Before she could do anything I raised my wand.

STUPEFY!” My voice boomed round the hallway as my mothers eyes widened before falling to the ground. My legs carried on running while I searched for him. I didn't even regret it. I felt proud and a weight lifted from my shoulders. I tripped over broken rubble making me fall to the ground my body grazed against the wall as my eyes squished shut from the pain with pulsed through me. I slowly sat up but my stomach churned at the sight. A boy no older than fifteen was lying there emotionless. He was gone. I felt tears slide down my cheek as I just stared at the poor little boy. His life taken away from him. He would have had no chance against a death eater but he tried. He must have been so brave. His deep forest green eyes were clouded over and it pained me so badly.

You'll be happy now.” I whispered gently to the boy before closing his eyelids. I knew at that point that many lives will end like that tonight.


It was over and I still haven't found him. I should be happy but I can't because I can't find him. I shut my eyes tightly as I walked into the great hall. He can't be gone. He can't. I was scared to even try and find him because I didn't know what to expect but I had to. My eyes travelled around the great hall and each movement it broke me. So many people gone and injured while others in pain because of there lose. I already knew my father was dead. I was glad. I know it sounds horrible but I didn't care. I had no idea what happened to my mother after I stunned her.

My heart dropped as I saw a group of red headed people crowed around a person. My legs automatically walked me over to them. I could see the back of his head. Relief washed over me but I knew he would be in pain as he lost one of his own. My legs took me faster I just had to hold him.

A scream pierced the room. It was my own scream as my heart shattered into a thousand pieces piercing into my body. I flung myself at the ground. I was wrong.

Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I cried as I pounded at his body begging him to come back. I knew it. “Please.” I clung to his lifeless form which was just lying there on the hard stone flooring. “Don't do this! Please don't. It's over. You can come back.” My voice broke sounding weird as my head clouded over in pain. “Please. I love you.” I begged knowing it would be no use. I needed him. He couldn't be gone. I kissed his lips but nothing happened. I knew they would be looking at me but I didn't care. I need him. I will be nothing without him. “Wake up. Please. For me...for our baby. We need you.” I cried onto him while I heard a gasp behind me and talking but it turned into a faint humming sound. I clung harder to his limp body while tears fell onto him. “I love you.” I whispered into his chest as the life fell out of me. I felt a warm hand touch my ice skin but I couldn't move. I can't let go of him.

Katie.” The voice was the same. It pulled me away but pained me even more. To see the face of the guy I loved so dearly yet he was gone. It wasn't him but I clung to him anyway as a piece of me died.

I love you Fred Weasley and don't you ever forget that.

Authors Note: So this is written for Milhali1432's Absolute Death Challenge.
So I hope you all like it. I would love to know what you think and how you also think I wrote. It is the first time I have written something so sad as this as I am normally a comedy writer.
Also please don't shoot me for putting this up before Three Simple Words! =D
Thanks for reading XD
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nada, zip, zilch, peanuts! Actually I don't even own peanuts! The world of Harry Potter all belongs to JKR! =)


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You and I. : You and I.


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