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My love for orange juice is stronger than you think. by CassidyFelton
Chapter 6 : Shopping, crazy french ladies and getting ready.
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Hmm, maybe if I wear a fucking duck costume people will start paying attention to me.




Not that I can go out buy a duck costume, put it on and come back and have this conversation still going, or maybe I can? I am in Hogsmeade right now. But won’t they notice if I walk off? Meh probably not.




You’re probably wondering what is so interesting that people aren’t listening to the amazing Cassidy? And who is this amazing Cassidy with? And You’re probably also wondering what the fuck she is doing in Hogsmeade when she is supposed to be in class.




Well one; They’re talking about nothing important, they’re talking about colours and types of dresses and wondering the masks that get given out will go.






Two; I’m with, Rose, Elaina, Kayley, Alex, Al, Scorp and Dane.




Three; Alex and Al said some weird thing that the eight of us were sick, and were not allowed to be in within a foot of another person without them getting infected. They somehow got Madam Pomfrey on their side too, probably by promising not to leave the hospital wing early.




And well in addition to one the boys aren’t talking about dresses and so on, I actually have no idea what they’re talking about they’re at a different table and with the masks; it’s a masquerade ball.





Woop de fucking doo.




I’m ecstatic (sarcasm), we’re also not supposed to go with a date, some guy is suspected to come up to us during the night.





Whatever. Maybe I’ll bring Juice. At least that way I’ll be with someone. I will be alone the whole night, it’s a bit of a downer actually.




But anyway, I’m not really in to this whole shopping thing, not with Rose, El and Kay anyway. They take for ever.





Anyway back to the first point, no one is listening to me. So now I’m going to leave, I stood up slowly careful not pull their attention to me. I slowly took a few steps back then booked it out of the three broomsticks. Passers by were shouting at me and giving me rude hand gestures. Seriously people these days.





I stopped when I got in front of the new dress shop called Aiment la mode chic. That’s Some fancy ass name. Anyway, I wondered my way in and an old classy lady bustled her way over





“Hello, dear! How gorgeous you are!” She sang In a heavy French accent.




“Erm, thanks?” I smiled at the lady. She was wearing a fitted back dress that came to her knees, red heels and a pearl necklace. She is the epitome of classy.





“Looking for a dress, m’dear? Hmm let me see you.” She played with my hair and circled me like a hawk circling its pray, soaking in all my features, I feel violated. “Belle fille, vous auriez l'air absolument divin en rouge, laissez-moi voir .. hmm” She mumbled and then walked off and was grabbing a whole bunch of red dresses off of the shelves.





Da fuq did she just say? 




She came waltzing over with an arm full of red dresses and the odd black one. “venez avec moi” she smiled and grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the changing rooms. I assume she said come with me but who would know? PEOPLE WHO SPEAK FRENCH WOULD! “Here sweets, try these on”




“Thankyou miss” I smiled at the posh French lady.




“Please call me Valérie dear” She smiled.









After trying on an extensive amounts of dresses and not finding the right one I was kind of sulking about the shop. Val (We’d bonded and were onto nicknames, she calls me Cas) was determined to find me the perfect dress and after combing through the shop about three times Val started getting angry at herself. “Pourquoi ne puis-je trouver la robe parfaite pour elle!” I’d hear her shout in frustration.




She stopped suddenly and looked up from the dress rack she was searching through mumbling something about “why didn’t I think of this earlier”, before running off into the back room.




I pulled out another dress and pulled a face, It looked like it has a cape and tentacles. Not even Victorie Weasley could pull that off.




Actually maybe she could.




Damn Veelas.




“I’ve got it! I got it!” Val came out from the back room excitedly holding up a dress. I put the super alien thing down and stared at the dress in wonder.




“Well let’s try it on then!” I Exclaimed and danced towards the dressing room with an extremely happy Val following close behind.








“Thank you so much Val!” I smiled as I handed over the money.




Extreme amount of money might I add.




Daddy won’t be too happy with me.




“It’s no worries Cas, it’s looked so perfect on, it was basically made for you!” She smiled at me and handed over my the bag with my dress and a few accessories in it.




“au revoir, Adieu, vous sera la plus belle de la balle” She called out as I exited the shop.




Sure, whatever that means. Now I wonder where everyone is, I looked down both ends of the street and decided to make my way towards the three broomsticks. I sat on the bench out the front after checking if they were still in there.




I sat down adjusted my scarf and pulled my jacket tighter around me, it was getting relatively colder. I can’t wait for it to snow, I love the snow.







I’m bored Houston.




Oh I just realised I didn’t have to go get a duck costume earlier I could have just metamorphed my face with a beak, oh. Ha, ha ha. Haaaa. Yeah I’m smart, I wonder what would happen if a metamorphed my whole body into a duck? Hahahaha, I’m going to try that. On the holidays though, I don’t want to walk around Hogwarts if something goes wrong. Haha can you imagine that? A giant duck making a potion!




AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!! I’M SO FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD! I AM SO- “Uhh.. Cassidy… are you alright….?” I stopped laughing and looked up to see Al and Alex standing there.




I blushed.






Oh well that’s embarrassing. “Yeah, just had a… funny thought” I replied slowly and looked down at my hands.




Allof a sudden I was wrapped up in Alex’s arms and he was squeezing me so tight I couldn’t breathe. This happens too much with my family. I think we need an intervention.








Did that even makes sense?





I wriggled out of his grasp and gasped for air. “No. More. Hugs. Can’t. Breathe.”




“Where have you been!? Everyone had been so worried about you, the guys and I saw you run out of the shop but the girls were so oblivious!” Alex got out all in one breath.




“Um, chill bro. I just got my dress” I held up the bag and smiled. It was a big dress, it was in a box with an undetectable extension charm so it wouldn’t get ruined. It was also quite heavy.




Hmm… mwuahaha I am an evil genius.




“Can we see it?” Alex smiled and tried to peak into the bag.




“Most defiantly not! You’ll have to wait and see I smirked at him. “Though you could carry it for me if you like? That is if you could carry it all the way to Gryffindor tower”





Alex and Al laughed at me, “It’s a dress it can’t be that heavy” Al said reasonably, nodding his head.




“Whatever I bet you can’t carry this all the way to Gryffindor tower” Alex snorted and grabbed the bag off me.




“Come on let’s go the others have already gone ba- how the hell is this so bloody heavy!?” Alex was weighing the bag.




I smirked “It’s a big dress”

"How much did this cost?!" Alex said, shocked with the weight of it.

"the cost doesn't matter" I waved him off.

"Dads gonna kill you" He mummbled and set off for Hogwarts.

We made our way up to the Gryffindor tower.

"Wait you got him to carry it on purpose didn't you?" Al asked laughing.

"What? Me? Never! How could you assume such a thing?" I said in a feign voice. I put a hand up to my heart.

Al laughed.

I smiled and looked down he has a cute laugh. 

Al looked over at me "Your smile is cute" 

I looked up at him in surprise, blush creeping it's way onto my cheeks. Alex rolled his eyes and walked ahead carrying my dress with stuggle.

I was about to reply when bitch face came running up behind him, "Allie, sweetie!" She squealed and flung herself at Al her fake hair flying everywhere. 

Allie? Seriously? Makes him sound like a chick. 

I couldn't help but laugh, she looked over at me, if looks could kill i'd be deader than Voldemort. I rolled my eyes. At least Al had the decency to look embarressed. 

I walked off.






I made my way up into the dorm swinging my bad back and forth, but it was heavy and my arm started to hurt so I stopped.




When I opened my the door, Rose, El and Kay jumped me, and started questioning me all at once!




















I pushed past them and sat on my bed “Firstly, I went dress shopping-“ I motioned to my bag that I had placed next to me. “Secondly, I couldn’t find a good dress and thirdly, I dunno. Horrible friends you are.” I huffed and laid back onto my pillow.





“Well can we see the dress then?” El asked as she sat down on the edge of my bed fingering the bag.




“Sure, knock yourselves out.” I mumbled not caring whether they see it or not. Wow all that shopping wore me out.




Maybe if I take a little nap…








I rolled over and fell off the bed. Ow.




I sat up and looked at Kayley who was now holding up my dress. No sleep for me.






“Show me all yours?" I smiled and stood up taking my dress and hanging it in the cupboard.






The rest of the week included me avoiding Al and bitch face, flicking Alex’s nose, and being bored. I don’t even know what happened in class. I was busy, flicking Alex’s nose…




Don’t ask Houston, don’t ask.




“CASSIDY ! YOUR TURN IN THE SHOWER!!!!!!” Rose sang as she danced out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe with pink, green and yellow rubber duckies.




I chuckled to myself as I stood up from where I was laying on my bed and walked towards the bathroom, Rose had put the soaps and face cleaners in the shower ready for all of us to use. All of them being organic and had a sign that clearly said that the product were not tested on animals. I smiled as I stripped off my clothes and got in the shower. I love Hogwarts showers, they are exactly the right temperature without you needing to do anything. 




Once I had washed my face and hair I slipped out of the shower and magically dried myself and my hair off, I slipped on my bathrobe, which my the way was so much better then Rose’s, it had little cartoon dinosaurs on it, what? Dinosaurs are frickin’ cute!




I looked up at the mirror and screamed…






Okay not really but I look absolutely horrible, I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and I just bloody horrible. In the corner of the mirror was a little post it note with writing on it, I picked it up and inspected the paper. It had different spells on it, I copied the one that said freshens face and the bags under my eyes disappeared, woah, okay umm, there’s also a hair removal one, I looked at my legs. I guess I’ll do that spell then.  





I after I had gone through some of the spells I went into the room and over to where Kayley was doing Rose’s make-up, El grabbed my arm and pushed me down into a chair, “I know exactly what to do with your hair!” She squealed and started pulling at my hair, after Rose’s make-up was done Kayley came over to me to do my make-up.




I feel like a model. Haha.




“There we go, hair and make-up done for you!” Kayley sung as she danced away towards Rose to help her with her dress.




“If you look in the mirror yet I will cut you” Elaina added sternly before going over to the cupboard to pull out her dress.




We have this thing that we have to get each other ready and then look in the mirror together, it’s weird but tradition is tradition.




“It’s no use, I’m ugly beyond help” Rose sighed and slumped onto her bed.




Woah, what  happened to her happy mood?




I’ll sing to her! I stood up and walked over to where she was laying on her bed, “You’re insecure, don’t know what for. You’re turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or!” I laughed when I finished.





Kayley continued, “Don’t need make up, to cover up, being the way that you are is enough!”




Elaina caught up “Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you”




The three of us looked at each other before breaking out into song.








Rose was laughing, “you dolts, hurry up and make me beautiful”










The three girls were dressed and currently helping me into my dress, once we were done we all looked at each other. “Ready?” I asked pulling out my wand.




There was a chorus yes’s and I conjured up a full length mirror the was wide enough to fit the four of us in it.








“We look hot” Kayley laughed.




I looked at my dress, it was a red strapless dress that was fitted until about my knees and then flared out in folds, I had a silver chocker on that was encrusted with jewels and a silver clutch, I was also wearing silver shoes, not that you could see them. My hair was down and pulled to the side with some of it curled my make-up being a gloss with smokey eyes.




Standing next to me was Rose wearing  a strapless green dress that flowed down to the floor and had trimming around her waist that crossed over and up around the top of it. The gold trimming sparkled in the light. Underneath the dress were the most gorgeous gold shoes. Her long red hair tamed to flow down in loose beautiful curls. Her make-up was simple nothing very different, a little lip-gloss and some mascara and eyeliner.





Next to her Elaina wore a royal blue dress similar in shape to Rose’s with silver and black flowers going across half of the bust. It was really quite beautiful with her blond hair half up and in curls that framed her face. Her make-up was a lot more striking, she had pink lips with a gloss over the top with dark blue eye shadow fading into black as it reached the edge of her eye. She had thick eyeliner and mascara which added to the edgy effect of her eyes.





Kayley’s dress was nothing out of the ordinary for her, it was a beige colour,  It was a v-neck that stopped just under her bust and it was fitted around her torso which was adorned with jewels . The length was about mid-thigh at the front but flowed down to her ankles at the back. She wore plain beige shoes. She also had simple make-up on and not much different from her every day to day look. Her hair was down in messy waves that looked stunning.




“We’re incredibly hot” Elaina agreed. “You look gorgeous and normal Cas!”






... aww, that's so sweet.




I smiled "WE SRE READY DO PAR-TAY! woop woop" I sang and started doing the thriller dance move. “ra, ra, ra a aaa” I sung. "I'M AN INVINCIBLE DINOSAUR!"




What Houston? Dinosaurs are cool.




“Until she does that” Rose stated as they all stared at me disbelievingly.




A/N: If want you to see what the dresses look like because I apologise for having sucky describing methods when it comes to clothes head on over to my account or page or what ever the hell it's called and there will be a link there.

Also, I put what Val was saying in french to make it seem realistic, If you speak french and that doesn't make sense I apologise, but going through what it says I'm pretty sure what is says. Also if you want to correct me feel free to do so.

The things Val said in english;


Belle fille, vous auriez l'air absolument divin en rouge, laissez-moi voir - Beautiful girl, you'd look absolutely divine in red, let me see


venez avec moi - Come with me


Pourquoi ne puis-je trouver la robe parfaite pour elle - Why can I not I find the perfect dress for her


au revoir, Adieu, vous sera la plus belle de la balle - Goodbye, Farewell, you will be the belle of the ball

It doesn't matter if you don't go up and read it in english, I just did it in french because it added a realisticness to the chapter for me. Once again If those sentences don't make sense and my French is crappier then i thought please let me know :)

I know it's been incredibly long!! Don't kill me! I'm sorry I'm sorry! I've just been having horrible writers block and i've re-written this chapter about four times, but finally here it is! Please Enjoy.

Next chapter is the ball, there will be alot of Al/Cassidy moments because obviously I y'know haven't put them in together much. 

Long Authors note so I should probably go, next chapter will be a bit longer, maybe not sure.

Also little disclaimer. I am not Jo, therefore I don't own this and I'm not richer than the queen. I also don't own What Make You Beautiful by One Direction or 1D themselves.

Please Rate and Review.

xoxo - C

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My love for orange juice is stronger than you think.: Shopping, crazy french ladies and getting ready.


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