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Intervention by Hermione_78
Chapter 6 : Six
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Chapter Six:

It was a very odd sensation. A kind that made you jump for joy so silently not to bring attention to yourself and that you just wanted to punch whatever inanimate object would bring the most pain to your fist. I was so happy and that pissed me off.

How could I let myself be so vulnerable? How could I let you talk me into this!? Albus destroyed me! I was left with nothing when we broke up, except my own pathetic, lonely life! Does that not mean anything? I deserve to hate him for all eternity!





Turn around.

I snorted, Why? All you have done is trick me into things I should be avoiding, for the sake of whatever is left of my sanity!

Because I’m behind you.

I snapped my head over my shoulder, my body following shortly behind. Sure enough, the scarlet haired goddess was standing in my room.

”So the devil finally took a step out of hell.” I smirked, crossing my arms across my chest, “To what do I owe this unpleasant visit?”

”Well, I feel as if I have been a little unclear about what lies ahead.” A little? ”Apparently, you are doubting this whole thing!” Apparently? "And with what knowledge I have of the future, I refuse to let you back out of this. We are heading in the right direction, can’t you see that?”

“I see where this is going! I know I still have feeling for Albus! Okay?! I’m not an idiot!” I spat through clenched teeth, “But I won’t do it! I can’t do this! Not again!”

”Yes you can!”

“NO!” I cried, “I don’t even know why I am doing this!”

“I told you...” she urged.

“Why should I believe you?”


“Because WHY?!" She said nothing then. Her eyes dropped and she bit her top lip, thinking. A moment later I shook my head, “Is this all some kind of sick joke? Am I the butt of some epic prank or something?”

”...of corse not! It’s nothing like that! I’ve told you the truth, I promise you!” She was pleading for my trust, ”I know the future, Olivia! I have seen it! I have seen it with my own eyes,” She rose her fingers over her temples pointing to her own eyes. Those eyes...I know those eyes! She nodded, I know you do.” she grinned, You have to believe me, Olivia! I know it doesn’t make any sense now! I wish I could tell you...I really do! But, the future...It depends on these very moments.”

I shook my head, “Why can’t you tell me?”

Her head shook once, "You wouldn’t believe me even if I could.”

“ I don’t care about that! Why can’t you tell me?!”

She sighed, "Because...the future is left to be known.”

“And that’s why you can’t tell me?!” I laughed, “That doesn’t even make any sense!”

”Olivia...If you were supposed to know the future, you would.” she swallowed, ”People aren’t meant to meddle with time...That’s why time travel was forbidden. Bad things happen!”

“Then why are you here? Isn’t that the same thing? Aren’t you meddling?”

She blinked.


Her eyes dropped from my gaze again.

“You...” And then it all hit me, “Are you...You’re meddling with time! Aren’t you!”


“You aren’t my guardian angel, are you?”

”It’s hard to explain.”

“Then. Try. Really. Hard.” My teeth were grinding and my fists were balled.

She ran her fingers through her curly red locks, sitting on my bed. "You want to sit?”

“It’s my bed...If I want to sit, I don’t need to be offered.” I sat.

”Do you believe in alternate realities?”

I blinked.

”It’s sort of like that.” she played with her hair again. Just one particular lock, ”I am you’re guardian this reality.”


”All the realities are connected, you see. If things would all go the same way then all the realities would be the same, does that make sense?”

Blink, blink. Nod-ish.

They never end up the same. Decisions are made that alter that future. Things happen that make the world go a different way than all the others that are not so great. And they usually can be fixed by more...decisions, before chaos takes over permanently.”

“Usually?” Blink

”Sometimes a realty requires, for example, me, to intervene. To help guide it along.”

“What do I have to do with all of this? How can a simple person like...ME...Make such an impact on an entire ‘reality’? I’m just me! I’m just Olivia!”

"It’s not just you...Albus and Olivia!"

“Okay...But, why?” I pleaded, “Isn’t there another way? There has to be!”

There is not other way. she did not speak.

Tears filled my eyes, “I’m just a kid!” I whined.

”But, you wont be forever.”

“What will happen if I don’t do it?” I spoke softly.

”What I told you when we first met...Chaos." She swallowed again, "I can’t tell you the future. It is not my place."

“But it is your place to change it?” I challenged.

”To guide it in a different direction.”

“Same thing!”

"No, it’s not!"

“Yes, it is!”

”It’s not!”

“It is!”



N....UGH! Olivia!”

Oh no! I groaned silently.

”That’s right... You can do it!" She smirked.

No, no, no, no. I bit my lips together and used a forceful tightness on my cheeks. I must have looked ridiculous.

"Come on! Let it out,” she laughed, ”You know you want to...! she sang.

I couldn’t fight it any longer. The right corner of my mouth lifted. And a smile emerged and I let it.

”See...Now don’t you feel better? We’re back to bickering...” she awed, ”We’re much better this way!”

“Agreed.” I breathed out a chuckle followed by a long sigh, “I don’t really understand any of this...I mean, I know what you’re telling me. It’s just a lot to take in.” I admitted, “The other day I’m just Olivia Cho, the loser with the broken heart...Now I’m the key to what the future holds, er, whatever! Heh!” I chuckled nervously, “...That’s mad!”

”It feels that way.” She grinned, placing a sympathetic hand on my shoulder, ”But, you’re strong. And if I didn’t think you could handle it, I wouldn’t be here.”

My eyes shot to hers, “I’m wondering...”

She waited.

“What makes you my guardian angel?”

She turned her head, like she was focusing on something else and sighed, ”I wish I could tell you.” I let it go. I knew she wouldn’t tell me even if I had begged. ”Now, let’s go seduce that boy!”

“...The words coming out of this man’s mouth is so far, beyond scandalous! I mean, honestly, who says...” Anna was babbling about some tutor she was forced to meet with, after failing her pre-O.W.L.S, every Friday evening. Who I assumed she only pretended to loath because deep down she had a secret attraction to him, but would never admit it, “UGH!” She screamed, shoving a pillow to her face, “Merlin! Speaking of Pinheads...I heard through the grapevine that you and Albus are getting married this Christmas!”

I coughed uncontrollably from choking on my own water, “You heard what?!”

She laughed back and shrugged, “I don’t know. That little annoying third year, with the really loud habit to chew gum, was talking about seeing you and Pothead discussing what to wear at your wedding as few days ago.”

“Ah...” I grinned, “Yes, well, I’ve been meaning to tell you...I’m giving you the title, ‘Maid of Horror!’ What do you think?!”

“Why, I would love be apart of your atrocity!” she teased, “But, honestly, what is that about?”

I shrugged, “Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin are getting married a few days after Christmas and I was invited.”

“That Potter’s cousin, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah. Albus was just giving me a heads-up.”

She furrowed her brow, “...Okay?”

“Okay what?”

“Did the bride and groom invite you or did Albus invite you?”

“Well, they invited me...Albus was warning me because of the time I helped her with a lip gloss emergancy...” she was giving me a I-really-don’t-care-about-that-and-you-know-what-I-really-mean look. “They did...or are. I just haven’t gotten the invitation yet.” I finished my sentence guardedly.

“And you’re going?”

I nodded cautiously.

“To Albus’ cousin’s wedding?”

I nodded again.

“Albus will be there?”


“As you date?”

I shook my head, “No!”

“Phew...” she wiped her brow, “I was almost worried for a second...But, since we’ve cleared that up...Your invitation is in my dresser drawer.”

“Hey!” I scolded, “No need for hoardering my mail!”

“Well...” she began explaining herself, “I was concerned! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a concerned friend!”

I rolled my eyes and retrieved the invitation.

“You’re also invited to the bridal shower. And both invitation’s clearly say to bring a friend...HINT! HINT!” She yelled dramatically.

I read over the beautifully designed card for the bridal shower first. It was pink and pink and pink, with frills, and lace, and flowers, and pearls. Actually, just a little too much. The second line indicated I was alloted one friend(preferably female). I rose a brow, “It says one ‘FRIEND!’ And friends don’t hide other friend’s mail!”

She smirked.

The actual wedding invitation was even better then the bridal shower. It was perfect in every way.

“Can’t you just imagine this wedding? The invites are just a glimpse of how epic this thing is going to be!”

I nodded, “Probably. Victoire and her mother are perfectionists and strive to make everything the best. They’re part veela, you know?”

“Uh huh...” she was tracing her finger over the gems on the wedding invitation, “I bet they have party favors! OH! This is gonna be fantastic! I thought we might have to sit with my parents this entire break!”

“I don’t have anything to wear...” I admitted.

I rarely made Anna’s face glow this brightly. Typically it was because I allowed her to brush my hair...This was because I may have accidently asked her to help me dress for these parties...An entirely different invitation to my...body. A mistake. I didn’t mean it!

Dear God let me take that back!

I was scared.


Well, I'm sorry this was on the short side...And I appologize, as usual, because I didn't re-read or edit. I'm terrible about it, I know. I just get so overly excited when I do finish a chapter, that I just scurry and post! I love to see what you all are going to think!

And I really do hope you all like it! I'm trying to move my way through the story a little bit because I wanna get to some big parts...Without dragging on too much.

But, ANYWHO! I just wanna quickly thank my daughter for taking regular naps. Without that, this chapter would not have been possible. So thanks, my little peanut!

And uh....Review! Please and thanks! ---->RESPECTFUL

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Intervention: Six


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