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Predictably Sponanteous by PolyJuice_
Chapter 2 : Rumors and Little Ones
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I was dreaming I was lying peacefully in a hammock, somewhere tropical. It was so luxurious. The wind was slowly blowing across my face, cooling me  from the humidity. The sun, perfectly tanning my pale skin, was shining down on me at the perfect angle. Suddenly, somewhere in the distance, a shrill voice interrupted my calming vacation. As it grew closer I could distinctly tell what it was saying. "Jen!" It cried, getting louder and louder with each moment. Quite unfortunate for me however. 

I sighed and slowly opened my eyes, taking all the time I could. 
 "Jen! Wake up! You're already late for Hogsmede!" Lily screeched. "Ooh! And plus you wouldn't want to be late for your date with Aaron, which you are ditching me for by the way.  So I expect a full report and girl talk when you return." 
I just stared at her bemusedly as she went through my closet looking for something for me to wear. 

Aaron was, according to the magical list posted outside the Gryffindor common room, single handedly the most hunky guy in Hogwarts. He was the type of guy for relationships however, which was a small issue and a slight turn off. But I'd cross that bridge when I came to it.  Merlin was he hot though.  Sort of like Sirius, but in a different way. Sirius had that whole 'tough, bad boy' rugged look going for him. Aaron on the other hand was swoonworthy because of his 'kiss-me-I'll-make-the-perfect-boyfriend' look. Both perfectly acceptable. 
I could never date Sirius however. I have high standards when it comes to guys, and I will not stoop to incest. 


As Aaron and I wandered the streets aimlessly wasting time we chatted, and I found out so many things about him. Things I didn't even know about Lily. Simple tid bits such as his favourite colour and his hometown. I was nice having someone to just make small talk with and it made me wonder if I was wrong about this whole thing. If I wanted a boyfriend after all. Aarons voice rang out, intterupting my inner monolouge.
"So I hear you're quite the quidditch player?" Aaron asked as we left the horribly girly coffee shop, Madame Puddifoots to scour the shelves of Honeydukes.  I scoffed. That was the understatement of the century. 
You see when I first came here, no one thought I could play quiddich. 


My mind flashed back to tryouts...
"Jennifer Quin!" Timothys voice had rung out across the pitch. I could hear snickers as I walked up to the captain to begin my try outs. You see, people were not biased about me being a girl. No, they had no problem with that. I, however, came across to most of the team as a wussy.
I'm not sure how they got that rubbish notion in their thick skulls, but hey. To each their own. 
Let's just say I  removed that thought once I had beat out both of the current beaters, one of the chasers, and the seeker. I left feeling quite proud of myself indeed. 
I chose to take the spot of beater along with Black. 
As I left, I could hear Timothy laughing at the others. 
"Look mate, I told you she was good".  

"Ahh.." Aaron said knowingly. "The issues of women, so very trying and hard." 
"Shut up" I said, whacking him on the shoulder. "Besides, you would know about womanly issues." I declared. 
We were on our way to the three broomsticks for a butterbeer. "How's life as a Ravenclaw? All the smart-arses treating you well? If not, I may have to beat them up for you" 
"Ah, yes. That would boost my manliness. Have my girlfriend go beat up some guys for me? Haha yeah right." 
Somewhere around the word girlfriend I had frozen. 
Aaron seemed to notice my little freeze up and looked slightly abashed. "Oh..well I just know?" 
"Oh yes. I'm sure I know exactly what you meant" I muttered. "Oh shit!" I cried. "I'm late for detention!" I leapt up, but as I was about to depart Aaron suddenly asked me, "You're not leaving on account of me are you? I'm dead sorry. It was a mistake, I-" 
I cut him off with a kiss, "Well. If your previous statement was a request, sure. I'll be your girlfriend." 
His eyes lit up with excitement, and was about to say something else but I kissed him again and said, "I'm really late now, see you later, I'll join you for dinner at Ravenclaw?"

"Lils." I said, planting a mock pout on my face as she dragged me up to the dorms after my dentention with McGonagall. "Do we really have to do this?"  She didn't dignify that with a response, which I considered quite rude, and I expressed that thought. She just scoffed. 
"So! Tell me everything!" 
I gave a rather fake, high squeal, mocking her. 
"Well let's see! I shagged him and left" I lied, smirking. 
"Who'd you shag?" came James' voice behind me. 
This infuriated Lily to no end and she screamed at him for sneaking up to the girls dorm, and demanding how he was able to. The Marauders had this thing about sneaking up to see me, they would merely wait until the common room was emtpy and would grab their brooms and fly up to meet us.
"The Queen of England, followed by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury" I said, continuing our previous conversation. This pushed Lily over the top and she threw her hands up and said, "Fine! I'm leaving". As she left we heard her mutter something's that no one ever expected to come out of Lily Evans' mouth. Ever. 
"I don't see why she hates me" said James dejectedly. 
"Ah mate. Reading between the lines I'd say she thinks you're a bit pompous." Came the responding grunt. 
"Hey, it's not just her" I laughed, following the Marauders out the door of my dorm and into theirs. 
"Let's see. Who's bed am I sharing tonight?" I questioned. "Ah! Remus! Shove over!" 

I was awoken the next morning by Lily storming into the boys dorm, her red locks flying. "Oh ho! I knew you'd be in here Jen! You know full well your aren't allowed to be in here!" She cried. "And sleeping with Remus too?! Ugh. You disgust me you little whore!" 
"Hey!" Remus snapped. "That's unfair, and untrue. What's wrong with you?" 
Lily just stared wide-eyed at him, she'd never known him to be one to stand up to her. They usually got on fairly well. "Yeah? Well tell that to Mrs. Slut bag here!" She sniffled, through her tears before leaving. 
"Well that was certainly odd..." I muttered before leaping out of bed and following her. "Sorry Remus..." 

As I left the boys dorm to go to the girls, I heard whispers about me in the common room. 
"Did you hear that?"
"The red head said she was shagging Remus!"
"What a slut!"
"Look! There she is now, coming from the boys dorm ." 
"She's even wearing his shirt!"
I looked down and saw that I was, indeed. Whoops. 
I passed through, grinning at the people involved as the whispers got louder. 
"I heard she was shagging Black and Potter too!" I added loudly and smirking as they all put their heads together to discuss the latest bit of gossip. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you Lily?" I exclaimed as I opened the door to the dorm I shared with the rest of the Gryffindors. 
"I'm so sorry...It's just that I feel like I'm losing you to the boys..." She sniffled.
"Ah" I replied wisely. "Look, you always were and always will be my best mate. You should know that by now Lils!" 
"I suppose...its also just the mood swings from the..." Here she stopped and clasped a hand over her mouth, wide eyed. 
"The what Lily?" I demanded. 
She paused, clearly trying to stall. 
"The pregnancy."

Thanks for reading, sorry for the cliffy! :)

Oh and by the way, no offense intended towards the Arch Bishop or the Queen. :) 
R&R as always please!

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