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James Potter’s Greatest Wish by EmilyPotter2390
Chapter 31 : What happens to us now?
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Chapter 31: What happens to us now?

Lily’s P.O.V.

What happens to us now? Was the only thing our groups could think about… Tina would only leave the tower if we looked to see if Tony was there and we could give the all clear. Monique was trying to decide whether or not to talk to Sirius. She doesn’t want to upset him, but she misses him terribly. Sirius is the living dead at the moment. James and I think that he is just blocking all emotions.

“Lily sweetie, were going to have a guys night tonight” James said to me. I was surrounded by Monique, Tina and Natalie in the library.

“Ok James, see you later.” He gave me a swift kiss and was off.

“Are you mad at us?” Monique asked Natalie and I.

“No” I replied, “I am just going to really miss you guys. I wish you would stay.”

“I feel the same.” Nat replied.

“I can’t guys. I just can’t.” Tina said.

“We know” we said.

“Lil want to go for a walk after dinner?” Natalie asked.


We study for a few more hours and dinner time rolls around. The four of us walked down together and ate. The four of us were having trouble expressing how we felt about everything and this resulted in little talking between us. There has never been a time before that this has happened and I hate it.

Natalie and I leave dinner and begin to walk around the grounds. We walked and walked. At first we said little. It was a comfortable silence. We both were holding comfort in the fact that we at least had each other.

“Lil I am scared”


“Losing our friends, our relationship with the boys, our lives… everything”

“Well for graduation I am asking for an international owl from my parents. Well I am asking for money to buy one. We can both use it to talk to them.”

“Well that will help…”

“And as for the relationship with the boys we are as strong as ever. Sirius and Monique will figure it out soon I am sure of it.”

“I can’t believe they aren’t together anymore”

“I know. I mean I totally get supporting Tina, but will Mo regret that?”

“I have no idea Lily. I know I would, but you know Mo she makes a decision and that’s it. It is very rare when she changes her mind.”

“I know”

“What about our lives Lil? We’re muggleborn’s.”

“I will stay until my last breathe to fight. My children will be around their grandparents. This is my home I can’t leave it.”

“You are so brave Lily”

“No not brave just determined to do the best I can with whatever is thrown at me.”

Just then Natalie and I hear a noise that sounded like thundering paws. We start to back towards the castle, but we were too late a werewolf came out of the forest and bounded towards us. We tried to run, but it pounced on Natalie in an instant. The werewolf was inches from biting her and a large black dog knocked it out of the way.

“LILY!” I hear James yell. He ran towards us, “get in the castle right now!”

We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. The werewolf attempted two more times to get to us and the black dog repeatedly ran into it to save us. We got into the castle and I looked at Natalie. She was bleeding in a few spots where the claws had pierced her skin. We headed to my room and I asked my desk for a book on how to heal werewolf cuts. I heal Natalie’s wounds the best I can. She now had 4 small scars on each of her collar bones.

“That’s the best I can do hunny” I said.

“No problem. Everyone gets scars and mine are pretty cool looking” she said while she examined herself, “Why was James out there Lily? Will he be ok?”

“Umm Nat how much do you know about Remus?”

“Well I know it was a good chance that the werewolf was probably Remus tonight.”

“You know?” I said stunned.

“Lily I have known since I began to fancy him.”


“Wait, aren’t the boys supposed to be in your dorm tonight to cover for him?”

“Oh right” Shit. I guess I have to spill the beans, “They won’t be here… umm… Don’t freak out ok?”

“Ok?” Nat said confused.

“Besides Remus the Marauders are animagi”

“WHAT?! HOW?!”

“They figured out Remus’ condition when they were in Second year. When they ask him about it he thought he had lost his friends. However, the boys didn’t shun him; instead they decided to help him. Since second year they began to study about Werewolves and realized that Werewolves never attack animals. They realized by watching McGonagall transform that you could become an animal. In third and fourth year they studied everything they could about them and at the beginning of fifth year they realized they were strong enough magically to transform. After that the boys go and communicate with him as animals and it keeps him in more of his human brain.”

“Wow. Those boys are surprisingly amazing. How long did you know?”

“After the full moon before the first “Boys Night”. James asked me to stay in the dorm the night before and I didn’t know why. I became their cover story so you guys wouldn’t figure it out.”

“What are they?”

“Peter is a rat, Sirius is that great black dog that knocked Remus off you and James is a Stag.”

“Lil, your patronus.”

“I know”

“Wow. My head is spinning.”

“Breathe hunny why don’t you spend the night here”. We set up a bed next to mine and fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning to a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I called.

James peered through the door and said, “Nat how are you?”

“I’m fine why?”

He looked confused and ask, “Umm do you remember last night?”

“Of course” she said him and showed her 8 small cuts, “but I am fine. Lily healed me right up.”

“Oh good” he said and walked out of the room. We could hear him arguing with someone for a while and James came back in and said, “Lily umm could Remus and Nat talk in here for a while?”

“Sure” I said as I followed him. I knew something was wrong, but I was so afraid to ask. I followed him into his room and he pulled me into bed with him. He held me close and I shut my eyes. I knew then what was happening… The World was falling apart…

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