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Unexpected Fate by ewsoucf7
Chapter 1 : Unexpected Fate
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A/N: I hope you enjoy this guys. It was for hausofluucy's Lady Gaga challenge. The song I was given was Teeth, and there are a few references to it in the fic. Without further ado please enjoy and R&R! thanks!

Disclaimer:I do not own any of the characters...they belong to J.K Rowling.

      Pansy sat seductively at the end of the luxurious chaise long. She toyed with her hair a little as the soft curl twirled around her slender finger. She eyed him up and down, as though calculating her next move. He sat in front of her bewildered. He had to admit that she did look great. Her sleek figure seemed to absorb him. He did not know what had come over him. It was not like him. This after all, was Pansy Parkinson. He had been with her throughout Hogwarts, and she’d only been a source of irritation for him. But this wasn’t the Pansy that he remembered. She had become a graceful woman, a beautiful swan of a woman. He blinked quickly, lapping up the image of her.

      She smiled sexily at him. There was hunger in her eyes. She could not believe what unspeakable images were flitting through her mind. She blushed at the thought. She caught him square in the eyes. He was looking at her in the same way. She stood slowly, and floated towards him in one seamless move. She bent over him slightly. He gulped loudly. He was insanely attracted to her. He didn’t know what she had done to him, but he could not think of anyone else. They had been re introduced at a Quidditch game five years ago, and now for two years they had been lovers.

      The same old scene played in his mind. They would meet in secret at a posh hotel. They would stay the night, but only one night, and they would leave the next day. This had been happening at least once a fortnight for the past two years. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but she had him enchanted. He looked into the eyes of the woman standing over him. She seemed powerful, in control, beautiful, sexy. He smiled. She returned it. She doubled over a little more and placed a soft kiss on his lips. It was only a quick one, designed to linger in his mind. She knew he wanted more. He was ready. But she wasn’t. She wanted to wait a little longer.

      She moved over to the dresser and poured the two of them some pumpkin juice. She handed one to him. She sat next to him and cuddled into the crook of his arm. He sighed heavily. Pansy looked at him questioningly. She knew he was impatient, he always had been, but she was in control. All she wanted to know was whether he cared for her. She asked him. He made an indignant noise. He considered what she had asked. Of course he cared for her, but he knew he would never have a relationship with her. He remembered how annoying and obsessive she had been in Hogwarts. He shuddered. He didn’t want to be with someone like that.

“Of course I care for you,” he replied softly. She smiled at him and gave him another kiss, a deeper one this time. She was ready now. He knew she was. He kissed her back enthusiastically. He rested his hands on her waist. Her hands were stroking his arms, sending shivers up his spine. He moved his head to kiss her neck gently. She was in heaven. She wanted him to kiss her a little harder. She pushed his head down into her neck, so he was kissing her a little more forcefully. He playfully nipped her ear. A smirk played on her lips, though he couldn’t see it. She loved it when he was by her ears. She could hear his breathing getting a little heavier. Pansy lifted his head to look into his eyes. Oh, how she loved them. They were eyes which could calm a tempest.

      His eyes widened as he looked straight into the hazel eyes staring back. It was as though he could see…no, he could feel every emotion that she now felt. He was strangely connected to her at that moment. He felt something deeper. An emotion stirred. Pansy could see that his eyes were wide.

“Are you scared? We’ve done this before,” she stated earnestly. She had lost count how many times they had been here, but she had never seen that expression on his face. He was scared. He admitted it to himself, but he would never let her know. Truthfully, he was scared of the emotions she was stirring within him. He had not felt those emotions for a long time. He hadn’t realised how long it had actually been. In fact, he hadn’t even noticed that he was without it. Pansy continued to watch him carefully. She sighed heavily. She loved being with him. He made her feel alright. He was her saviour. Had it not been for his company she was sure she would have gone mad by now. She knew she wasn’t perfect, but hell, who was? Not even he was perfect, and he would be the first to admit it. He had provided her with guidance, when everyone else had turned their backs on her. He had almost been her saviour.

“What wrong?” she asked quickly. She feared she had done something wrong. It was not very often that he would become pensive when she was around. She was concerned.

“Pansy…I think…” he began. This was harder than he had originally thought. He looked directly into her eyes once more. They were eyes which were filled with hope, trust and concern. He did not want to alarm her, nor did he want to lose her. In fact, he wondered whether he should say anything at all. He stopped himself. The thought of losing her was much harder than anticipated. Yes he knew she wasn’t girlfriend material, but which girl was? Each has their flaws, he thought.

      He considered what her flaws were. Her obsessive behaviour perhaps? He thought of this for a few minutes. He did not like obsessive people. He was far too used to that. He had grown up with her, and knew how she could be. She would probably make him her religion if she could. He grinned a little at the thought. Many people would make him a religion. No, her flaw was definitely the obsessive behaviour. But he could look beyond that couldn’t he? He loved her. Wait, had he really thought that? His breath was caught in his chest slightly. Though it pained him to admit it, he did. He did love her.

      He thought about how many problems this development could cause them. He was slowly reeling each possibility in his mind, each of them worse than the last. No, they could never work as a couple. Never, ever. He realised that she was still watching him. He moved uncomfortably so that he had created a little distance between them.

“I think, I love you.” He spoke quickly; half hoping that she wouldn’t hear what he had said. He buried his head, partly for shame and partly for embarrassment. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say. In fact, he wanted to leave. A sickly feeling rose in his stomach. He looked up once more. He couldn’t be in love with her could he? After everything, he was choosing Pansy? He still had time to walk away. His eyes darted to the clock on the wall quickly. He needed to say something quickly. Something that wasn’t stupid. Something like…

“I’m sorry, I have to leave.” He left the building without even a second glance. He despised himself for what he had done, but he could not put himself in the position where he loved someone but did not want a relationship with them. He knew he was being terribly unfair to her; he had just given her false hope. He did not look back to see her response. He did not notice the tears of joy that had been falling down her cheeks. He did not notice how happy she was that a man had come to save her, the man who had made everything alright. He did not notice the wide eyed lady watching him as he left. No, the only thing that Harry Potter noticed was that she didn’t call him back. In reality, she said nothing. To him, that was enough clarity that she did not feel the same way. Not once did Harry Potter contact Pansy again, nor did he ever return to the hotel. One thing he did do however, he cherished every moment spent with the woman of his dreams, and often spoke of a deep unrequited love.

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