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When your life hits a bump by HipogriffDancer
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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Just realised I had actually left a chapter out whoooops but it wasn't an important one any way just more of a filler. Hoping that this story still makes sence but anyway here is the next chapter





“I have to go Draco”










“You know I can’t I’ll see you on Tuesday.”





“Fine” He sulked





He flooed out after one last pout.





I then flooed to the Burrow.





“Hermione you’re here!” Ginny squealed before pulling me into a hug “Look at you!”





I laughed





“Hi” Ron said before hugging me





Mrs Weasley walked into the room after hearing all the talking and squealing from Ginny.





She pulled me into a hug.





“Oh I can feel your belly!” She laughed





“Where’s Harry?”





“He’s at work, he should be coming soon.”





“Oh right who else is already here?” I asked





“Bill is upstairs with their baby and Fleur is trying to help mum in the kitchen” Ginny laughed





“Why the trying?”





“Mum doesn’t seem to keen to give up cooking for all her sons”





I laughed.





“I’m just going to the toilet”





I walked upstairs to the closest loo. When I was done I found Ron outside the door.





“Oh sorry didn’t mean to keep you waiting”





“I don’t need the toilet. I thought we could have some alone time.”





“Ron I haven’t been in to see fleur or Bill yet, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the baby.”





“Why are you all obsessed with babies?” He said raising his voice





“Ron maybe it’s the fact I’m having one!”





I stormed of downstairs.





“Trouble in paradise?” George said stepping out of his old room





“You know how stupid Ron can be”





“I’M NOT STUPID” He yelled





“Ron calm down” I huffed “Haven’t you ever heard of a joke?”



 “How are you doing?”





“I’m good keeping busy with the shop you know”





“When did you arrive?” I asked





“Just now decided it would be easier to apperate to our room”





Despite Fred dieing and George moving out of the Burrow he still refereed to it as his and Fred’s room.





“Well I’m sure Mrs Weasley will want to see you”





We walked downstairs he went into the kitchen I went to the living room. Ginny was sitting on the sofa talking to Mr Weasley and Ron was sulking in a corner.





“Ron I’m sorry I just haven’t seen them all recently” I whispered after walking over to him





“S’ok Hermione” I went and sat in the chair next to his





We made conversation for a few minutes then Harry flooed in.





After a hug and long kiss from Ginny he came over hugged me then gave a man hug to Ron.





“So how you doing Hermione?”





“Yeah I’m good. Exited for the scan tomorrow really”





“Yeah, well I better say hi to the others”










“I’m sorry” Ron said to me










“I was being all touchy and all, I am exited about the baby too. I’m sorry I said you were all obsessed.”





“Thanks Ron”





20 minutes later we were all sitting round a few tables put together in the garden. Mr and Mrs Weasley sat right in the middle of the tables. Bill, Fleur, Percy and Charlie at one end then George, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and me at the other end.It was really nice; I could see Harry and Ginny holding hands under the table it really made me smile. Fred wasn’t here. Percy didn’t talk about work but his new girlfriend and I pretty much kept a hand on my belly the whole evening apart from this it was normal to what would have happened before the war.





After talking about the plans for Monday I flooed home, where Draco was waiting for me.





“What are you doing here?”





“I came to apologise about before”





“Draco you didn’t have too…”





“How was everyone?”





“Good” I was actually quite surprised he asked





“I work with Harry now” He said noting my surprise





“He took a while but he is ok with me. I was thinking that if we could make some reason to become close I could come to the wedding”





“You want me to get married!”





“Yes. I would prefer it to be me but…”





“You want me to marry him…” I was shouting “get out Malfoy, NOW”





After he went I burst into tears went to the freezer and pulled out some triple chocolate ice cream.





I was crying then eating then crying.





I heard someone floo in and wrap their arms round me but I didn’t stop. I wasn’t even sure who it was.





“Ginny what can I do” I cried “D-Draco said t-to me h-he wanted me t-to m-marry R-Ron what a-about our b-baby?” I cried into the shoulder





“Um Hermione…?”





“Y-your not G-Ginny”





“Hermione it’s me Harry”





“I n-need the t-toilet”





I quickly went to the toilet and sorted myself out I stopped crying and cleared my face thanks to magic. I then walked back to my living room. Harry was sitting on the sofa looking very pale.





“Sorry about that”





“Hermione… What was that about?”





“It’s nothing Harry. Why are you here?”





“Ginny asked me to give you this letter. Now you can’t say that was nothing, what were you saying about Draco?”





“Look it doesn’t matter.”





“Ginny knows and you know that she would tell me”





“Ugh fine.” I sat down next to Harry “Well Ron and I had that big argument he really upset me so I went to a pub I had ONE glass of wine Draco was there I kissed him he saw how I was in a bad state. So he brought me home and I made the first move. It led to… and well I got pregnant. I love Ron but not in that way. I love Draco Harry, I really do. I tried to tell Ron but he was so happy then he told you and Molly everyone was so exited I couldn’t tell them. He took me to my first scan yesterday and his family healer is pretending tomorrow is the first one and today. He well he told me he wanted me to marry Ron but it’s his baby Harry. I love him but he doesn’t love me” I broke into tears again





“How did Ginny find out?”





“I told her I was pregnant 3 weeks ago. Then a few days later I went home to find Draco had cooked me a meal we had a good laugh. We were washing up together and ended up soaked. Draco took his top of” I saw Harry wince “Ginny walked in and put two and two together.”





“Hermione what are you going to do?”





“I don’t know. I guess I’ll just Marry Ron live unhappily. Then have a baby that ends up with Draco’s hair colour then I’ll have to be kicked out on the street with all the Weasley family hating me.” I cried





“How do you know Draco doesn’t love you? He has changed Hermione I work with him he is a really good at fighting the dark side down. He doesn’t care about the whole blood thing any more I think it was all his dad really”





“He told me to marry Ron and he would just come to the wedding!”





“I’ll sort it Hermione. You’ll see.”


So another chapter is through please review your reviews mean the world to me it cheers my day up atomaticly!

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When your life hits a bump: Chapter 6


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