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Knock on Wood by banshee
Chapter 3 : Classes
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Scorpius Malfoy – Scorpius Malfoy dating Rose Weasley – kissed me. Now, I'm standing here like an idiot, gaping at him with my mouth opening and closing like a fish. He looks sort of surprised in himself, but he's about to smirk; I just know it. Damn though, he's a great kisser. He quickly moved towards me before I could protest, and I let him kiss me again. It was euphoric; it was everything I’d wanted for so long. I could feel my heart beating in my throat as he moved his hand up to my cheek, pressing deeper into the kiss.

Then that light clicked on again. I shoved him away.

"You’re dating Rose!" I whispered loudly, shoving him into the wall. I know the whole phrase is cliché, but why did something so wrong have to feel so right? Why did I have to fancy him this much? Bullocks.

"I'll break up with her,” he said, grabbing for my hand again. He squeezed it tight, and locked eyes with me. My knees were melting as I let my face soften into a small smile. He wants to break up with Rose. This, I could work with. I let him slide his arm around my waist, and kiss me again.


"You’re dating Rose! As in present tense, d-a-t-i-n-g, Scorpius!" I whispered, putting a loud emphasis on the ‘i, n, and g.’ I shoved him away again as I watched the corners of his lips curl up into a smile. That git, I knew it.

The fluttery feeling in my stomach was not helping at the moment, and why did my knees have to feel so weak? He looked shocked, but he had that stupid, stupid, smug grin on his face, knowing he had 'won'. So I did the only thing I could think to get myself out of this wonderfully awkward situation as fast as possible.

I ran. (Some Gryffindor, right?) I booked it all the way to the Gryffindor common room. I took a few deep breaths to calm down, before looking at the portrait hole.

"Password?" The Fat Lady asked me with a smirk. Let's just say that ever since fourth year she hasn't liked Fred and me too much. We may have accidentally set fire to her frame with a whiz-bang firework. She didn't have to be so rude about it though, she wasn't even in her portrait at the time.

"Bullocks, I didn't get it. Come on, you know it's me, please!?" I begged, but she crossed her arms and shook her head. That twit, I could see her paint flecks smirking. I begged for another minute, but when she continued to refuse, I took matters into my own hands.

"Fred!? Al? Sophie!?" I shouted through her portrait, pounding against it. She jumped out of her frame, and sat in the next frame over complianing about 'no respect', but still refused to open. "Come on guys, I’m locked out!" I turned back to the Fat Lady and was about to threaten fireworks, when I heard a voice behind me.


I jumped and slowly turned around; it was Professor Longbottom. "I heard you all the way from the staff dorms," he said, raising an eyebrow.

"Err, thanks professor. Sorry about that," I muttered sheepishly.

"Not a problem. I had to come up here anyway, can you give this to Sophie for me?" he asked, handing me a textbook. "Forgot to give it to her at dinner."

"Yeah sure, I can," I said, accepting the textbook. He turned and left, so I gave the Fat Lady a smug grin before I climbed through the portrait hole.

"Did you guys not hear me?" I asked when I saw Fred and Al sitting in front of the fireplace along with Sophie. She was sitting in a nearby chair with her nose buried in what I recognized as our new Herbology book.

"Huh?" Al grunted, turning around.

"Never mind," I sighed, sitting in my favorite chair. I started to let my thoughts drift to what just happened with Scorpius, as I tried to figure out what all of this meant. If he wanted to leave Rose like he said he did, and he liked me back...

"What's wrong, Hannah?" Fred leaned over and asked quietly, effectively bringing be back to reality.

"Huh? Oh, nothing," I said quickly, faking a smile. He wasn't convinced, but he dropped it.

"Soph, this is from your dad," I remembered, tossing the book in my hand over to her. "Where's Rose?"

"She went to bed, something about something I wasn't really listening to," Al mumbled, still caught up in wherever his brain was.

"Nice," I muttered, looking into the fire. We sat and talked for a while about the tournament, before my exhaustion got the better of me.

"Soph, you coming?" I yawned as I stood up, stretching. She nodded, so we waved goodnight to Fred and Al, before heading up to the girl’s dorm.

"What's up Hannah? You've been weird since you got into the common room," Sophie asked when we got into the seventh year girls' dorms. I glanced over to my other dorm mates, Rose was asleep, and our fourth roommate, Lyra Thomas, was reading. She looked up and gave me a small smile, not wanting to interrupt our conversation.

"I'll tell you later," I said, knowing full well she'd forget to ask by tomorrow. The great thing about Sophie Longbottom was that she had a terrible memory that I took full advantage of at times like this.

"Alright," she shrugged, and climbed into her bed. "'Night Hannah."

"Goodnight Sophie," I muttered, pulling the curtains to my four-poster to close them. I sat awake for a long time that night, thinking about...Well, by now I shouldn't even need to tell you. He kissed me! And he wants to break up with Rose! Maybe this could be a great year...


I woke up the next morning to a Potions textbook dropping onto my stomach.

"wha’the hell?" I mumble-shouted, rubbing my eyes. I opened them to see that my dorm was empty. As I tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes, I could hear laughter and someone shouting "we got her!" drifting up from the common room. Forgetting the decency that I was just wearing pajamas, I grabbed my wand, and ran all the way down to the common room. I jumped the last steps, to see Al and Fred clutching their stomachs, nearly on the floor from laughing. Sophie was behind them shaking her head, giving me an 'I told them not to' apologetic glance.

"You think that's funny!? Fine!" I shouted, pulling out my wand. "Rictosempra!"

Through their laughter the two didn't realize I had my wand, so I saw fear flash in their eyes for half a second before they continued laughing, this time not being able to control it. I chuckled for a few seconds before running back up to the common room to change into my school robes.

After changing into my uniform, I grabbed my bag and went back down to the common room, to hear "Hannah, please! We're sorry, it was Al's idea!" and stuff like that. I let them suffer for another minute before I muttered the counter-jinx. Serves them right.

"Breakfast," was all I said once they stood up before I had them running towards the portrait hole. Sophie and I followed closely behind, laughing to ourselves.

Let's talk about awkward for a minute. Before I could stop them, they ran over and sat right by Rose, who had dragged an uneasy looking Scorpius over to the Gryffindor table for breakfast. I followed them slowly, sitting in between Fred and Sophie. As I sat, I dared a glance over to Scorpius, who upon noticing me, took his arm awkwardly away from around Rose and grabbed some bacon. I was about to smile, until he wrapped his arm back around her waist, and pulled her closer. The subtle sigh I gave was covered by Al's shouting.

All I have to say is: thank you, Albus Potter. It may not have been his intentions, but that boy knows how to get attention on himself when he wants it.

"Hey look, they set up the name submissions last night!" he announced with a mouth full of eggs, in turn spraying some of them at Scorpius. I'd have to give him a high five later. We all turned to see Joey Smith, who was a seventh year Hufflepuff and quite possibly the greatest Keeper the school has ever seen since my dad (sorry, Al), place his name into the goblet. The flames burst into a pretty blue for a second, before going back down to a dull orange.

"Did you think it over at all last night, Al?" I asked, grabbing more toast.

"Nope, I'm doing it," he said, digging through his bag and pulling out a piece of parchment. We all watched as he quickly scribbled his name onto the parchment before heading towards the goblet. I simply rolled my eyes and laughed; it was his funeral. I'd be watching safely from the sidelines when he got his head bitten off by a dragon.

"Me too," I heard Scorpius say, and before Rose could protest his safety, he was up at the cup the same time as Al, both dropping their names in.

"Did you at least think about it?" I said, turning to Fred.

"I think I'm going to let Al have the glory this time." He chuckled at Scorpius' obvious attempt to one-up Al. At this moment Sophie stood up from the table, promising to save the three of us seats in Herbology.

"So what classes do you guys have today?" Rose asked, also rolling her eyes at Al and Scorpius.

"Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Charms." Fred and I said at the same time. I gave him a small smirk before the pair of us laughed. Rose simply raised an eyebrow at us, before rolling her eyes again.

"I'll be in charms with you, but I have double Alchemy first," she said, pulling out her time table and reading it over.

"That sounds like it's going to be painful," Fred said, scrunching up his nose. I snorted, and Rose scoffed at him.

"Oh Fred, don't be silly, Alchemy is great!" she said, and went on to explain why we all should have taken it instead of Divination. Personally, I tuned her out when she went on like this, and I could see Al and even Scorpius were doing the same. Sure, Trelawney was a bit of a whack job, but all I had to do was say stuff like "The poodle I dreamt about last night means certain death" and I get an ‘O’. Easy enough; as long as I gave her death omens I would pass.

I caught eyes with Scorpius while Rose was going on with her lecturing at Fred. I wondered for a minute if he told Rose about what had happened last night. And then, he winked at me.

Why did I have to love his eyes? I gave him a small smile, getting the answer to my question; No, he didn't, and wasn't planning to tell Rose. It was going to be our secret. After that I looked away, fixing my eyes on the goblet at the front of the great hall until it was time to go to Herbology.

Sophie was already in the classroom when Fred, Al and I piled into greenhouse three. She waved me over to the table of four, to which Fred and Al followed. I stifled a laugh when I saw Sophie blushing; Al had just sat next to her after Fred took the seat next to me.

'Sod off,' she mouthed as Professor Longbottom started the lesson. I fake-acted like I was hurt and threw a quill at her, but she caught it before it hit her.

Herbology was up there with one of my favorite classes for two reasons: For one thing, we never had classes with the Slytherins, it was always with Hufflepuff. That meant I didn't have to deal with Scorpius, which in turn meant no spilling on myself. Plus, I got to dig around in the dirt so it's like a childhood pastime come true.

"Alright class. Today we are going to be harvesting leaves from the Venomous Tentacula Plant. So pair up, each table will get two plants; I expect twenty leaves by the end of the lesson. Once you've finished, you can start a two-foot essay on Venomous Plants – due Monday. Oh, and for the love of your fingers, wear your gloves," he sighed with a shake of his head, causing the whole class to laugh.

"I get Sophie!" Al shouted before anyone else could as he leached onto her arm. He was lucky; Professor Longbottom was busy; Sophie's face looked like an over-ripe tomato. Fred and I both instantly started to complain. Sophie was the best at Herbology, and we all knew she'd be done in ten minutes.

"I'll go get us plants," she muttered, excusing herself from the table before she died of embarrassment.

Harvesting the leaves proved to be much more of a difficult task than we expected. Every time we would go for one, the vines would come back and attack our hands, making harvesting the leaves nearly impossible. Fred and I got the idea after an hour of getting attacked over and over, that one of us would distract the vines, and the other would clip.

"You have to distract it!" I shouted, pulling the clippers away from him.

"It's your turn!" he shouted, taking the clippers back.

"Come on, Fred! It was your idea!" I said, reaching for the clippers, but he held them over his head, where I couldn't reach. I was about to pull out my wand, when I heard Sophie.

"Why don't you guys just split it? Ten each," she said, like it was the most obvious answer in the world. She and Al had long finished, giving them time to sit down and make fun of us.

Fred and I both gave each other a surprised look, not having thought of that. He handed me the clippers and winced as the plant attacked him, while I quickly snipped off ten leaves.

Because of all our arguing, Fred and I didn't get a chance to start our essays before class was over.

"Oh guys, tryouts for the Gryffindor Quidditch team are this Friday." Al reminded us as we were on our way to Care of Magical Creatures, my other favorite class. "You two need to be there to help me find a new Seeker, and two new Chasers."

"Isn't Rose trying out?" I asked, remembering her dad was the Keeper after mine left. Our Seeker had graduated last year, leaving the position open. Last year, Rose was adamant about getting the position for at least one year after he had left.

"She doesn't know yet," Al sighed. "With Scorpy as the Slytherin captain, she doesn't want to go against him," he continued in a high pitched voice, sounding very much like Rose.

We were almost crying though our laughter by the time we got to Care of Magical Creatures.

"Albus, How was yer holiday? How'er yer parents?" Professor Hagrid asked happily as Al ran over to give him a hug. Al always told us how close his parents were with Hagrid back in the day, so naturally he grew close to him as well.

"They're great Hagr- err, Professor; it's good to see you." Al said, breaking free of Professor Hagrid's death grip.

"Best sit near the front today, kids," Hagrid whispered to us, to which we nodded politely. Usually, that meant sit in the back row, because you will probably be soaked in some sort of foul smelling liquid by the end of the class. Unfortunately, Al never believed us when we told him this, so he dragged us to the front row.

One thing I didn't like about Care of Magical Creatures was who had just walked in. We always had classes with the Slytherins, which included Scorpius. He had his usual smug grin on his face as he walked in with his best friend, Theodore Whitley. That smug grin that sadly I loved. Thankfully the two of them went to the opposite side of the classroom.

I was pretending to take notes about half-way through the lesson when I got hit in the head with a crumpled-up piece of paper. I quickly reached and grabbed it off the ground. After making sure no one was paying attention to me, I uncrumpled it and read:


We need to talk about what happened yesterday. Meet me at the top of the Astronomy Tower tonight at seven. Come alone.


He signed his letter with an S. What a douche. But hell, he was a douche I fancied the pants off. I stuffed the letter into my bag, and continued my drawing of a Hipogriff. I must say, it's not too bad, even though its head is a little too big.

I jumped a little when I saw Fred's wand pointing towards my paper; I thought he was going to set it on fire or something. I wouldn't have put it past him, Professor Hagrid was lecturing today (some treat) and we all could use any kind of entertainment. To my confusion, all he did was tap it twice. I turned to look at him confused, to which he nodded back to the paper. He must have charmed my drawing because the Hipogriff was now chasing after a white ferret, would catch it, and bite its head off.

I had to do my best to stifle my laughter, which I failed at.

"Somethin th'matter Miss Wood?" Professor Hagrid turned to me and his eyebrow disappeared into his bushy hair.

"No, sorry Professor," I said, regaining my composure. I pretended to pay attention for a few more minutes before stealing a glance over to Scorpius. He was giving me an even more confused look than Hagrid.

"A'ight then. No homework today, but bring gloves next time kids," Professor Hagrid said, excusing all of us from class.

The only eventful thing that happened at lunch was Will Emerson from our house, as well as two Ravenclaw girls named Lola and Lydia putting their names into the goblet, each getting swallowed into the blue flames. After lunch, I got the joy of going to Charms. Nothing against Professor Flitwick, he actually liked us, something about Fred's dad I think; it was just that I got the unfortunate pleasure of sitting directly behind Rose and Scorpius. Thankfully for my sanity, Rose is one of the smartest students in the school along with being Head Girl, so she was more focused on learning than on Scorpius.

I took that opportunity to write back to Scorpius. I glanced down to the small piece of parchment and re-read:


7 is fine.


Hey, if he was going to sign his name with initials then I could too. I took the moment Rose was showing Professor Flitwick her flower petal changing charm to crumple up the parchment and throw it at Scorpius. I heard Al and Fred laugh next to me; they just figured I was throwing paper because I was bored. Which I was. Don't get me wrong, I do like Charms, but this charm was pretty easy, and we were spending the whole week on it and other color changing charms.

"Let's see you change this lily petal from orange to blue, Miss Wood?" Professor Flitwick squeaked as he walked over to me, levitating a vase of flowers onto my desk. I quickly waved my wand and changed all of the orange flowers to blue.

"Excellent job Miss Wood, and silently as well! I see Professor Lupin worked with you on that last year?" he asked, to which I nodded. "Thirty points to Gryffindor." he said happily, moving over to Fred. Fred managed somewhere between orange and blue, making a sort of purplish brown color. After Flitwick moved away from him, he nudged me, making me run a huge line of black ink across my notes. Well, notes that were covered with doodles.

"What?" I whispered, glaring at him. He ruined my Quidditch drawing.

"Can you help me with this tonight? Flitwick just told me we're having a quiz tomorrow and I can't get this stupid charm," he begged, holding his hands together and opening his eyes really wide. Pretty much it was the worst puppy dog face ever.

“You know that face doesn’t work on me,” I chuckled, pushing my hand into his face. “How about at eight?” I offered, remembering I needed time to talk to Scorpius.

"Thanks Hannah, you’re the greatest," he chuckled, giving me a hug that practically broke my ribs. I was just glad he didn’t ask what I was doing, although I suspected he wanted to.

“Fred, y’er squishin’ me!” I shouted, trying to breathe. After laughing, he let me go and I gasped, and hit him for laughing. After rolling my eyes, I turned back towards the front of the classroom. I caught eyes with Scorpius, who seemed to have been watching us. He gave me another confused look, before turning to the front of the classroom and shaking his head.

Was he watching me? I let my mind drift back to the kiss. I kept wishing I hadn't shoved him away. It was what I had wanted for three years, and the only thing standing between us was Rose. I wondered if he actually liked Rose. I wonder if he actually liked me. And how did Al manage to change his eyebrows pink? Good Godric help me.

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Knock on Wood: Classes


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