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Paint It Black by amymoni
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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My name is Iris Avery. I am seventeen and I am a Slytherin.

Those are the things everybody knows about me.

I am also a Metamorphomagus.

That is something most people are not aware of. The few that are, all had the same reaction to finding out.

"Ah... That explains your name."

Yes, it does. "Iris" was my mother's idea of a name when she watched her newborn baby's hair change colour seven times in an hour.

My mother was killed when I was ten.

I've never used my powers ever since.

Now I go by Grey.

Or at least I try to. My dad still calls me Iris. My dormmates call me Avery and so do the professors.

So who calls me Grey?
Lily Evans does.

My friendship with Lily Evans started exactly a week after her friendship with Severus Snape ended.

I had known her before that, of course. We took classes together, bumped into each other in the corridors and basically lived under the same roof, except in different common rooms.

I was also the only Slytherin to say hello to her whenever I saw her waiting outside the Slytherin common room.

How do I know I was the only one? Well, you just had to see her face the first time I greeted her. Lily Evans had never looked so surprised.

Until the day I sat down across from her in the library, a week after her fight with Severus, that is.

"Hello, Evans. Haven't seen you in a while."

Her eyes widened and her eyebrows shot up in surprise, but she got over it fairly quickly.
Smart as she was, she understood immediately what I meant.

"You won't be seeing me anymore."

Her smile was sad but her voice was determined enough for me to know that she meant it.

"That's a shame. I always liked the effect your presence outside our common room had. While you repelled everyone away, I could enjoy some solitude near the fireplace. Got to sit in my favourite armchair, too."

Lily laughed.

She actually laughed.

You may think that is not that big of a deal, but it actually is.

See, I can't joke. I really can't. It's like a mental illness or something. I can make people laugh occasionally, but it's always accidental and it never, ever, happens when I actually intend to.

"Well, if you miss me that much, me, Alice and Mary spend time by the lake every Sunday. You could join us, if you want to. I can guarantee you no Slytherins are going to come near us there either," she told me with a smile.

See, that was Lily joking.

I am able to detect a joke. I just cannot make one.

"Maybe I will join join you then," I replied.

Then I couldn't resist continuing.

"But damn it, Evans. What is it with you and Slytherins? You can't go a week without having one of us in your life."

And with what I would have called a mere observation, I made Lily laugh again.


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