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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9: Diagon Alley
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A/N: Just want to say a quick note... THANK YOU SO MUCH TO MEGTHECHEF43 AND ARIESGIRL40 FOR REVIEWING!!!!!! It really means a lot, no matter how cheesy that sounds :D I only own the plot and Timmy and Doris.. Rights go to J.K. Rowling.  Thanks for reading!

X AussieLottie



I couldn’t help feeling elated as I walked through the crowded streets of England with my parents. I was BACK! I had completed my quest and I was going back to Hogwarts in just over a month and in less then a year I would be a graduated witch. I was so pleased to be in Diagon Alley again, looking for a new pet, as Crookshanks had gone missing ever since the attack on the burrow last year. I missed him yet I knew that Crookshanks had served his purpose in my life and was now probably in a better place, I hoped. I gazed into Eeylops Owl Emporium, searching for an owl that appealed to me, I suddenly saw a gorgeous white snowy owl, it looked EXACTLY like Hedwig, I gasped in pleasure at the stunning Nyctea scandiaca. Would Harry like it? I wondered, I walked into the shop and before I knew it was standing directly in front of it, which was actually a female.


“Hello Girl!”


The owl hooted back in response. I had to take her. Harry needed a pick me up. He wasn’t himself although he’d never admit it. Maybe this would help. I gazed around searching for an owl for myself. I searched around and saw a stunning Tawny owl, as I turned to look at it, it seemed to be gazing right back at me. I had found my match. As I lifted both of the cages up, I grinned to myself. Harry would be thrilled! I exited the shop after paying, and met the surprised expressions of both my parents...


“Two owls Hermione?” Dad asked.

“Uh. Well, one of them is for Harry, Hedwig was killed, last year” I explained.

“Oh my!” My mother exclaimed.

“Yeah, well, I was wondering if I could go over there later to give it to him, I thought that maybe, if it is okay with you, I’d go after we got home and maybe stay overnight?”

“You are grounded Hermione” Dad said.

“I know, but I just thought…”.

“Hermione, just this once” My mother cut in.

“THANK YOU!” I smiled to myself, my parents were so easy going!


Before I left to the Burrow, I rushed to my room to grab the essentials for my overnight stay. I dragged a brush through my wild hair, when this failed, I grimaced before giving up and waving my wand and performing an easy vanity spell. I flew down the stairs, taking them two at a time before reaching the kitchen where both my parents sat drinking tea. The house was practically exactly how it had been a year ago, with a few Australian pieces squeezed in here and there. I pecked them both on the cheek before going through to the living room fireplace and grabbing a handful of floo powder. I stepped into the grate, owl cage in hand and tossed a handful of the green powder and said, “The Burrow!” With a wave of hot air and a mouthful of ash, I arrived at the burrow. After a moment of silence I heard my name being called.


“HERMIONE!” Screeched Ginny, flinging herself at me.

“Ginny!” I screeched back at her, pulling her in for a hug. She drew back as she realized I was covered in ash.

“What’s with the...OH MY GOSH AN OWL!” Ginny yelled.

“It’s for Harry” I said looking around for him, “Where is he anyway?”

“He’s at work. Catching Death Eaters.. You know, the usual…” Ginny replied, clearly missing him.

“So you’re home alone?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t say alone Hermione” Molly uttered grinning broadly.

“Molly!” I laughed giving her a hug, it was great to be back in England!

“Hello dear! How have you been?” smiled Molly.

“I’m well, my parents are back safe and sound too which is a bonus!” I replied.

“How are they?” Ginny asked.

“What took so long? And what was that news about a complication with the memory charm?” Ginny questioned.

“Well, it’s a long story, would you rather sit down?” I asked.


Once Ginny and I were seated comfortably around the kitchen table and Molly had scuttled off to do odd jobs around the house, with tea in hand, I began to explain my adventure.


“Well, Ginny, after you said goodbye I apparated to Australia and found a hotel, the following morning, I began my search for my parents, using a telephone book, I-“

“Wait, the telephone is that muggle communications device right?”


“So the telephone book is the encyclopedia of telephones?” Ginny queried.


“Right, gotcha, continue”

“Well, as I was saying. I used a telephone book to get all the addresses of people with my parents’ name, Wendell and Monica Wilkins. I found them on my 13th try and then I saw my Mother was pregnant. And I-“



“Well. What happened is it a boy or a girl, is she still pregnant or has she given birth?”

“I’m getting to that. So anyway, as I was saying, she was pregnant, I got really depressed and I went to a bar to get drunk-“

“You? Drunk?”

“Yes” I said curtly.

“I wish I’d seen that! But seriously, that isn’t like you!”

“I know. But in my defense, I was depressed.”

“How drunk did you get?”

“I passed out…”

“Whoa! That drunk huh?”

“WELL. Anyway. I went to the bar and guess who I ran into?”


“Draco Malfoy.”

“NO! How?”

“Holiday house..”

“Oh. So go on.”

“Well, I threw up over his shoes and then I can’t remember.”

“Well, what do you remember next?”

“I woke up in his house!”


“I woke up the following morning, in my bra and knickers, in his bed with him next to me.”

“Wait. You and him..?”

“NO! I thought that he HAD taken advantage of me, but no. He just cared for me when I was unconscious, apparently I passed out after puking all over him.”

“What? Why would he do that?”

“I don’t know. It was nice of him though. You know, Ginny. Don’t say a word or I will murder you but, I think that I may, possibly, like Malfoy.”

“WHAT!? But he is a bastard. His aunt tried to kill me and tortured you!”

“Yeah, but that wasn’t him, that was his aunt. And besides, he didn’t ever do anything. It was always his parents forcing him.”

“WOW. You must REALLY like him to be overlooking all of his flaws.”

“Well, Ginny. The war changed everybody. Maybe it changed him from a cocky bastard into a relatively nice guy.”

“Maybe” Ginny said doubtfully. “Well go on!”

“Well, Draco told me to just go back and confront my parents. I went back and heard from my Dad that my Mum was being a surrogate and that she was due to give birth in two weeks. Well, two weeks later she gave birth. The woman she was a surrogate for came in, left with her baby and took off. So my mum was baby-less. I then removed the spell from my parents and then after they ripped into me for an hour and grounded me to eternity, we packed up their house in Australia and now well here I am”.

“Oh. Well, that isn’t as interesting as I’d hoped” Ginny said, clearly disturbed by the lack of danger.

“I know! No Death eaters, no mad megalomaniacs. It was pretty easy. So, anyway when is Harry due back?”

“In,” Ginny flicked her eyes over to the family clock, I saw that where Fred’s clock hand had once been, Harry’s now stood. A sad pain struck my heart as I noticed this. “Two hours” Ginny stated.

“Great. Just Great.”


And for the first time in a long time, life really was.



A/N: Please R/R, it makes me grin like an idiot!

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Drowning Down Under: Chapter 9: Diagon Alley


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