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Poison Ivy by KateRhodes
Chapter 14 : Halloween's evil plans
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 Friday 31st of October. Halloween, We had just gotten back to our room after the last class of the day. It was pampering time. We took all our toiletries and followed Lily to the Head’s bathroom. She had offered to take us there to get ready. I had been to the kitchens the night before and had gotten a few house elves to turn it into a spa for us. We got in the huge pool, which was already filled with warm water and special salts brought from the Dead Sea. I indulged in these only when I was home but I had asked my dad to get them for me. It was a massive party and I figured I could give the girls a nice exfoliating session for their skin.

-“This is wonderful!”- Meg exclaimed.


-“I know, thank you so much Naomi”- Jo added. I nodded, but did not say anything.


-“Will you tell us what’s wrong now?”- Lily asked. I looked at her, slightly puzzled.


-“Yeah, you have been kind of in your own little world ever since… Tuesday or Wednesday… are you okay?”- Rhea said.


-“I’ve been busy”- it was true, planning Lulu’s surprise arrival had been harder than expected and I had had to break my brains to come up with a good plan.


-“We know, but you’ve also been… meaner. If that’s even possible”- Lily told me. I smirked.


-“It is always possible”- I retorted. The sighed.


-“So, have you chosen anyone special for tonight?”- Jo asked casually. I raised my eyebrow.


-“What makes you think you can ask such a question?”- I enquired. I saw the fear flickering in her eyes almost immediately.


-“I’m sorry”- she muttered.


-“You should be”- I said, flatly. The truth was that I had not chosen anyone. I was way too confused. These past four days I’d been out running with Sirius twice. Both times, he’d asked me for a goodnight kiss. I had not given it to him. It was silly, but I was so aware of the power he had over me, of all he knew about me by now that I could not let him get attached. He could destroy me if he wanted to. I had to keep him on my side no matter what.


-“I think I’m going to let Mark kiss me”- Rhea announced, trying to lighten the mood.


-“I think he’s nice”- Meg approved.


-“Better than Diggory”- I said. Lily smiled.


-“Lewis is so nice, too”- she informed us. I rolled my eyes.


-“Dom wants me to spend a few days at his place during Christmas”- Meg blurted. We all looked at her. Okay, so Meg and Dom had been dating since the first week of school or so. That meant it’d been two months. Too early. Far too early.


-“And do you want to go?”- Jo asked.


-“I don’t know. I feel like it’s a little too early to meet his family… but he says… he says that we cannot afford to take things slowly… not with the threat of a war upon us”- she whispered.


-“Maybe he’s right”- Rhea said. They all nodded. I couldn’t bring myself to speak. Meg’s words had gotten to me. Dom was right, things could go absolutely wrong in no time. I couldn’t help but wonder, was I wasting what could be the last months of my life keeping everyone away from me? Was locking my feelings away a mistake? But then I couldn’t stop myself from realizing that I was so used to being mean that I had become mean. The only one who could make my nicest, which wasn’t very nice anyway, side was Sirius. And I did care for Lily and Rhea but not as much as you would expect me too. Had I become incapable of attaching myself to anyone? Was I going to die alone? Worse, if I died, would anyone but my father miss me?








It was official. I was in love with her and could not do anything to change it. I had tried. I had hooked up with three girls these past four days in an attempt to stop myself from thinking about Naomi 24/7 but all I managed was to feel bad with myself. Of course, not even James knew about this. I glanced at my friends, who were putting their costumes on. What would they say if I told them? Would they say I’m crazy? Would they support me? I knew it was the stupidest thing of my life, to fall in love for the first time with someone like Naomi, but it had just happened and I still had no idea how.


-“Oi, Padfoot! You ready?”- Prongs asked.


-“Yup, let’s go!”- I was dressed as Achilles, the Greek warrior.


-“I am still not sure this was a good idea”- Peter said, looking at himself for the last time in the mirror. He was dressed as Count Dracula, meaning his face was all covered in white make up and his mouth dirtied with fake blood. He looked cool but I knew he was thinking he wouldn’t be able to kiss Hannah while wearing that amount of paint.


-“You look great!”- Remus complimented him.


-“I just… Hannah’s not gonna be very happy”- he said, shrugging. We laughed.


-“Well, Charlie’s sure not going to like Moony’s costume”- Prongs joked. Remus was a Samurai and, as such, he wore this helmet thing that had kind of a mask over his face. All you could see were his eyes.


-“I can take it off, you know”- he retorted. More laughter. We were in a good mood; the party was sure going to be great. We’d been to enough of Naomi’s parties to know that much.


-“We’re late guys!”- Peter complained. We left the room.




The party was… wow. I mean it. The Room of Requirements looked like the dungeons of the darkest medieval castle of all times. The decoration was sublime, Naomi had sure not forgotten the smallest detail. Everything was perfect. There was food, all sorts of food made in every scary form you’d think of. You had spiders, hands, eyes, mutilated faces… the drinks were all enchanted, no matter what you ordered, it would look either like blood or mud. Of course the taste was the finest; Naomi had had her dad send her spirits of the best quality. I took a look around and saw it was already quite packed but Naomi and her friends, or minions like she called them, had not arrived yet.


-“Look at that! I wanna try that pudding!”- Prongs ran after the tray carrying a… well, something like Frankenstein’s arm. I laughed and approached the drinks bar.


-“Firewhisky, please”- I asked the house elf.


-“Hello gorgeous”- I turned to see… ehm… Natasha. Yeah, that was her name.


-“Hey, you look good”- it was true. She was a vampire queen and a really hot one at that.


-“Thought you’d like it”- she winked.


-“Can I get you a drink?”- I offered. She smiled.


-“Sure, Bloody Mary, please”- she said. I was going to ask the House elf for it when I saw her. Wow. I mean…




She was wearing a dress clearly inspired in the classic Greece or Rome. It was torn and made of a really dark violet grayish silk. Her hair was perfectly tied up in a pony tail that fell in perfectly formed curls. Some tresses of hair had gotten out of it and framed her face. I could not believe my eyes. She had managed to look mysterious and dark yet sexy and alluring all at once. If the Greeks had celebrated Halloween, that’s how they would have looked like.


-“Hey! Are you there?”- the girl next to me asked.


-“Excuse me”- I could not even look at her. I was afraid if I took my eyes off Naomi for one second she’d disappear. Such a vision could not be real.


-“You were going to get me a drink!”- someone shouted behind me. I wasn’t paying attention. All I could do was walk towards her. By the time I got where she was, her friends had mingled with the people and she was alone with Rhea.


-“Hey”- I said weakly. Rhea smiled widely, Naomi smirked.


-“Sirius you look so good!”- Rhea exclaimed. I, finally, took my eyes of Naomi and looked at Rhea. She looked…


-“Rhea, you can’t look like that”- I blurted. She giggled.


-“I know, right? It’s so not me”- she said. Naomi chuckled.


-“Let her be, Sirius. She looks gorgeous”- she told me. I looked at her again.


-“You do, too”- I smiled. She almost smiled, too. That was an improvement.


-“I am Cinderella, by the way”- Rhea informed me. I looked at her. What?




-“Cinderella is a Disney princess. She is poor and has this horrible step mother who makes her clean the floors and stuff… and then one night she gets to go to the Royal Ball thanks to the help of her fairy godmother and she meets the prince and they fall in love”- she said.


-“That’s a nice story”- I had no idea what she was talking about, but she was so happy I was not going to ruin it for her.


-“We made the costumes way darker than they originally were, but that’s because it’s Halloween”- she added, smiling widely.


-“You did a great job!”- I congratulated them. Rhea chuckled.


-“Naomi is Megara”- she said. I raised an eyebrow.


-“And what’s your story, Megara?”- I asked her.


-“I’m going to find Mark”- Rhea said, leaving us almost immediately. I knew she’d done it in purpose. I had to thank her later.


-“So… your story?”- I smiled.


-“Megara is the sexy, naughty and bitchy girl who makes Hercules, a hero, fall in love with her just because she has a debt to pay”- she said, smirking.


-“So she makes him fall for her and then… what? Gives him in as payment to settle her debt?”- I asked.


-“Yeah, she trades him for her freedom”- Naomi replied. I narrowed my eyes.


-“And then?”- I asked. She looked surprised, but somehow pleased, too.


-“How do you know there’s more to the story?”- she asked me.


-“Because with you there’s always more to the story than it seems”- I replied, coming a little closer.


-“Well… Megara thought she could not fall in love with anyone”- she replied, vaguely.


-“But she did”- I ventured. She looked into my eyes.


-“She did”- Naomi whispered. I realized I wasn’t sure if we were talking about Megara or Naomi… or us.




-“She died because of it”- she replied, flatly. I was about to complain that it couldn’t possibly be like that when there was a commotion somewhere close to the entrance. Naomi turned around almost instantly and disappeared into the crowd, leaving me there, standing and wondering if she’d ever be able to fall in love and, if she did, how bad it’d turn out to be. Because I had learnt something that very moment: if there was anyone who could tame Naomi, it had to be someone who wasn’t afraid she’d die of love. And I sure was ready to die for her.








I hurried over to where the commotion was; worried that something had gone wrong. I felt people staring at me as I moved forward, separating the sea of people as I walked. I knew I had done a great job with my outfit. Sirius’ face had confirmed what I already was aware of, I was any man’s fantasy that night.


-“There you are! I was beginning to think you had not arrived yet!”- I heard her voice and smiled widely immediately. She was the reason everyone had gathered around the entrance.


-“Lulu! Welcome back to Hogwarts”- I greeted her. She kissed me on the cheek and turned.


-“Let me introduce you to my friends”- she gestured towards a bunch of extremely good looking people who approached us almost instantly.


-“Welcome”- I smiled.


-“Guys, this is Naomi Ivy. I met her in Barcelona at a muggle fashion event; she used to attend Beauxbatons but transferred to Hogwarts this year. She is the hostess of this wonderful party”- Lulu said, happily.


-“Very nice to meet you. Thank you for inviting us”- a stunning blonde said. I smiled at her.


-“It is my pleasure, please do enjoy”- I said politely. I was not particularly interested in these people, the only reason I let Lulu bring them along was because I was sure they were important people; the kind you want to have at your party.


-“Lulu did not make you justice”- a black haired boy said coming forward. He took my hand and kissed it gently. How charming.


-“Oh, please”- I said rolling my eyes. He smiled.


-“You went to Beauxbatons, parlez-vous français?”- he asked. His accent was extremely good.


-“Bien sûr”- I replied. Lulu chuckled.


-“I am going to get a drink, save me a dance and some time to chat; we have so much to catch up on!”- she exclaimed. Most of her friends smiled at me and followed her, not the black haired guy though.


-“Grandiose fête, felicitations”- he said. I smirked. I knew it was a great party; he did not have to tell me.


-“Je sais. Comment vous vous appelez?”- I knew he was testing me, trying to have me make a mistake. It was a common way of trying to flirt with English girls who claimed to be able to speak French. You made a mistake; he corrected you and offered to help you. Then he’d have to teach you how to make the most complicated sounds in the language for which he had to take your face into his hands… the rest, you can imagine.


-“Louis Latoure”- he replied. Louis, the most typical name ever.


-“Enchantée”- I said. He was clearly eager to make conversation, but I was so not interested in him. Yes, he was handsome but I couldn’t be bothered. I was about to excuse myself when someone interrupted us.


-“I see you’ve met my friend Louis”- his voice was so sticky it made me sick. I loathed Lucius Malfoy.


-“Enjoy the party”- I said coldly, leaving them as quickly as my high heels allowed.




I mingled with the people, chatting here and there about nothing in particular. An hour after Lulu’s arrival the party was getting great. People were dancing or talking, in small or big groups. No one was alone or bored. The music had not stopped and every track played was better than the one before it. The food kept coming out in regular intervals, giving the guests time to enjoy one refreshment before moving on to the next one. Drinks were all around. I was in a really, really good mood. Since everything was going smoothly, I decided it was time for me to have fun. I poured myself a cocktail and scanned the place, looking for my girl friends. I saw Lily dancing with Lewis so I decided to let them be for a while. After all, it had been a long time since Lily had paid attention to any boy. I knew she was only trying to deny to herself the fact that she did fancy James, but still, there was no harm in dating this guy for a couple weeks. I kept checking the place, trying to locate Rhea.


-“Darling! Why are you not dancing with a hot guy!?”- Lulu’s voice got my attention so I turned to face her. She was stunning.


-“I was just looking for my friend Rhea, you know, having some girls time before real action”- I joked. Being around Lulu was easy. We were both the same, only that Lulu’s bitchiness was more due to a horrible older sister than to parent issues.


-“Who is getting lucky tonight?”- she asked, coming closer. We kept our conversations private.


-“Haven’t decided yet. You? Any of your friends’?”- I asked. She chuckled.


-“I was thinking on doing Rex, the tall blond one but I’m not so sure”- she said. I smirked.


-“What’s the matter?”


-“Lucius, of course”- Lulu said. I rolled my eyes.


-“Lu, you can’t be possibly still infatuated with that dickhead”- I complained. She looked down. Lulu and Lucius had engaged in an on and off relationship for the past year. They met at Lulu’s first fashion event, straight after she left Hogwarts. I was okay with it at first, until dad had told me that the Malfoy’s supported Lord Voldemort.


-“I know he’s a bad guy, with the whole pure blood obsession and all… but…”- she trailed off. I watched her as her face contorted in pure hatred, so I followed her gaze. Holy crap.


-“I cannot believe my eyes”- I whispered. Lulu looked positively murderous.


-“Narcissa Black”- she spat in disgust. The sight was, indeed, disgusting. She was literally eating Lucius’ face.


-“I should have seen that coming”- I said. It was obvious. Lucius was a wealthy, pure blood bachelor whose ideas were perfectly in aligned with Narcissa’s. And he was hot. Of course she’d go for him.


-“I should have seen it, too”- Lulu complained.


-“What are you going to do?”- I asked her. She looked at me. I knew that look. She used any time she was scheming.


-“Is there anyone Narcissa likes? An ex? Anything? You have to help me!”- she commanded. I breathed, relieved. I knew the answer to that one.


-“Remus Lupin. But I have to warn you, he’s here with someone”- I said. She raised an eyebrow.


-“I don’t care. Are you or are you not Queen Bee?”- she spat. I glared at her.


-“You owe me”- I said.


-“I do”- she replied. I nodded and went looking for Charlie. The thing with Lulu was that we knew each other well, so words were not necessary. I knew what I had to do and she knew what she had to do, too.




It didn’t take long to find Charlie. She was, in fact, with Rhea. The Marauders were with them, too. All four of them. I smiled and Rhea poured me a drink.


-“Thanks”- I said.


-“You didn’t tell us that Lulu H was coming”- she told me. I smirked.


-“I like surprises”- I replied. She chuckled.


-“You should have heard Narcissa when she saw her. She was nuts!”- Charlie exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.


-“Of course she was”- I replied, coldly.


-“Found a date yet?”- James asked. I looked at him. God, he looked great.


-“What do you mean Prongs?”- Sirius added. I felt trapped. Shit. Anyway, I had no time for my boy issues, I had to get Charlie away from Remus. Quickly.


-“Inside joke, mate”- he replied. I began plotting in my head, trying to find the best way to take Charlie with me without it looking suspicious. I could just ask her to do something but that would be a little obvious if Lulu came looking for Remus straight away after she’d left.


-“Oh, so you have inside jokes with people now?”- Sirius asked me. I looked at him, a little puzzled.


-“No, I don’t”- I replied. He looked confused, James just laughed.


-“Where’s Hannah?”- Remus asked all of a sudden. Peter smiled.


-“She’s gone to the ladies’ room, she’ll be back any minute”- he replied, happily. Rhea smiled sweetly.


-“Oh, good. Rhea, Charlie, come with me”- I commanded. They looked slightly confused but followed me anyway.


-“Oi! Come back, yeah?”- I heard Sirius shout at me as we walked away. I did not look back.


-“Where are we going?”- Charlie asked.


-“Ladies’ room”- I said, flatly.


-“Oh, good! Yeah, now that you mention it I could use the toilet”- she said. Thank Merlin she was so naïve. Now I had to get rid of Rhea. Luckily, Mark came to my rescue that very second.


-“Rhea! Wanna dance?”- he asked, approaching us. She looked at me.


-“It’s okay, go with him. Charlie is still here”- I told her. She smiled.


-“Thanks! Let’s go, Mark”- she took his hand and they disappeared into the crowd. I kept walking towards the ladies’ room, followed closely by Charlie.


-“You’re not as scary as they say”- she told me, casually. I glared at her.


-“You are more stupid than they say”- I retorted. She looked hurt, but I did not really give a shit. I wanted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible. We got in the bathroom and Charlie walked in one of the toilets. While she was in, I checked all others. We were alone. Good. I locked the door with a silent charm so that she didn’t know. Then, I waited.


-“I’m done, are you ready?”- she said, coming out. I pointed my wand at her. She looked confused.


-“I would say I’m sorry, but I really am not. ‘Imperio’”- the curse hit her full on the chest. After one second, she was mine.


-“You are going to go back to the party and act as if everything was perfectly normal. Find a guy, any guy who’s available and seduce him. I want you to hook up with him. If Remus comes to ask for an explanation say that you didn’t know exclusivity was required”- I told her. She nodded –“One more thing, when you leave the toilet you forget I came in with you. I went to talk to Louis and left you come in alone”


-“Yes”- she said. I unlocked the door and let Charlie leave. I waited a full five minutes before leaving the ladies’ room.




I made my way back to where the Marauders were. Peter was no longer with them, off with Hannah I guessed. I saw Lulu watching me, so I nodded lightly to let her know I had done my part. She smiled mischievously and poured herself a drink, waiting for the opportune moment.


-“You came back!”- Sirius said. I looked at him. He was a little drunk, I noticed. Then, upon closer inspection, I realized that all three of them were. I had a choice, to either get drunk, too or leave and save my life. But where was the fun in that second choice?


-“I did. James, would you get me some firewhiskey?”- I asked. He smiled and proceeded to pour it for me.


-“How’s the party going?”- Remus asked.


-“Great! Everyone’s having fun, everyone’s happy… you know, the usual at my parties”- I told him. He chuckled.


-“What happened to Charlie?”- he said. I put on my best acting skills.


-“Oh, is she not back? She went in the toilet before I did, got delayed by one of Lulu’s friends”- I said, casually.


-“She’s not back yet, she’ll be with Mia or something”- he said, calm. I liked that he was so cool and confident. Poor bloke.


-“Probably”- I nodded. James gave me the firewhiskey.


-“Here, be careful, it’s strong”- he said, winking at me. I smiled back, somewhat seductively.


-“My, are you trying to get me drunk?”- I said playfully. Sirius shot me the evil eye. What did he think? Only because he was the closest thing to a friend I had did not mean he had a claim on me.


-“Maybe”- James replied. I chuckled.


-“You guys, this is not funny”- Sirius said. James looked at him and I was a little surprised to see guilt flickering in his eyes.


-“Whatever. What happened to you? How come you’re not shagging something?”- I asked him. He shrugged and opened his mouth to reply but we were interrupted.


-“I cannot believe my eyes”- Remus said, softly. We turned around. He was staring at Charlie, who was snogging some random boy on the dancing floor. I expected him to be a little more… angry than that, but oh well.


-“What a slut!”- James said in aggravation. Friend’s support, lovely.


-“What the hell is wrong with that girl?”- Sirius complained. Remus sighed.


-“I guess it’s my fault. I shouldn’t date and you know it. She probably felt I was too cold or something”- he said. I frowned.


-“Why shouldn’t you date?”- I asked him. He shook his head.


-“Naomi! Here you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! Oh, hello”- Lulu’s arrival was what you call perfect timing. Of course, she had been waiting for it.


-“Lulu, these are the infamous Marauders. Well, three of them”- I introduced her to them.


-“Very nice to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you… and yes, I do remember you”- she said, flashing them smiles. Sirius looked slightly sick.


-“I’m gonna get another drink, excuse me”- he said, leaving us. I looked at James, questioning him with my eyes but he looked just as confused as I was. Whatever. Sirius has always been weird, anyway. Lulu had engaged in a passionate conversation with Remus, so it was just James and I. I looked at him and realized how dangerous the situation had become. There was only one way I could deal with it.


-“How do you feel about Tequila?”- I asked him, seductively. He smirked and placed his hand on the small of my back, leading me to the bar.


-“Are you sure you can handle it?”- he whispered in my ear. I took two shot glasses and poured the drink on them. He took one and we drank. It burnt my throat and blurred my vision for a second. Then, I felt it running through my veins. I loved the feeling, it was the closest I could get to what I felt when in animagus form. Invincible. And, that night, powerful. James’ lust was contagious and my body was craving for it. The difficult thing about going back to casual sex mode was that it was highly addictive and fighting temptation when the guy was as hot as James Potter was a hell of a lot of effort. And I wasn’t completely sure that I wanted to resist, anyway.


It was four in the morning. Everyone had left to their rooms. The last few hours of the party had been crazy, wilder than anything I could recall at the moment. I was beyond drunk anyway so my recalling abilities were diminished. My tequila game with James had got out of control, to the point we had had to sneak out to the grounds to get some fresh air. We ended up coming back to the party one hour and a half later but no one had noticed our absence. By that time, chaos had taken over the place. I had seen Lily kissing Lewis and then leaving the party, Rhea dancing with Mark as if there was no tomorrow and Lulu hooking up with Remus. Narcissa’s face had been epic. I had not seen Sirius ever since he disappeared a couple hours before and all my minions had been lost in battle. Lost as in got drunk and left one by one.







-“I need a cigarette”- I said to myself. I was alone in the music room because I had had to stay behind to help Lulu and her friends leave the castle. Now, I was just enjoying the quietness before going to my room. I was too drunk to sleep, anyway. I wandered around the room in silence. I felt restless. I sat on the couch.

-“I have some”- I heard him. I was not expecting him. I wasn’t expecting anyone, to be honest.

-“What are you doing here?”- I asked, turning around.

-“I was looking for you”- he replied.

-“How did you find me?”

-“I have my ways”- he came closer and gave me a cigarette and a light. I lit it and smoked in silence. He walked over to a couch and sat.

-“You shouldn’t be here”- I told him matter of factly.

-“Why?”- he asked, smiling. I leaned on the piano behind me.

-“I am drunk”- I informed him. He chuckled.

-“I know, so am I”- he replied. I evaluated the situation. I was alone in a dark room with Sirius Black and my self control had been lost long ago during the night.

-“This is so not happening”- I told him. He chuckled.

-“Why do you assume I want anything to happen?”- he asked, playfully.

-“Oh, come on. Don’t try to pretend you’re not craving it”- I said flatly.

-“You are, too”- he said.

-“I am not”

-“You are”

-“It’s not happening ever again, Sirius”- I told him. It sounded more like a threat that I wanted it too, but oh well.

-“Why not? What’s wrong with it?”- he tried to disguise it as curiosity, but I could read the anxiousness behind it.

-“You’re my friend. Or something like that. I have plenty of guys to hook up with, friends, you’re the one and only”- I told him. He sighed.

-“Fair enough”- he replied. There was silence for a while. I wish I could hear what he was thinking. I thought that telling him he was my friend would make me feel less confused, better. I sure as hell did not know that it would actually make me feel worse. As if what I had just said was absolutely wrong. Why, I had no idea.

-“You disappeared”- I said. He looked uncomfortable.

-“I was in the party”- he replied, vaguely. I raised an eyebrow.

-“James and I looked for you, couldn’t find you”- I told him.

-“What’s going on with you two?”- he asked. The question took me by surprise.

-“Nothing”- I replied.

-“I’ve seen the way he looks at you, and you smile at him”- he said, accusingly.

-“I smile at many boys”- I spat. The conversation was annoying me more than I wanted to admit. But, again, Sirius annoyed me all the time beyond any logic so it wasn’t a surprise.

-“You can’t do this to James”- he said. I frowned.

-“I haven’t done anything to James but if I had it would still not be your business”- I snarled. He sighed.

-“He’s in love with Red, Naomi. Even you can see that”- he told me. Now that was confusing.


-“If you get with him Lily won’t give him a chance, ever”- he said. I wanted to slap him that very moment. Not because what he had said was particularly offensive but because he had made me feel something I had never experienced before. Guilt. I had not thought of Lily’s reaction; I had not considered her feelings. I knew, for a fact, she would forgive James because she was dating someone else after all and she did not seem to be particularly annoyed when he made out with Mia. But she would not forgive me. And I cared.

-“She will. It’s not like he hasn’t hooked up with other people before”- I said, irritated. He eyed me suspiciously.

-“You… you… tell me you didn’t”- he whispered. I looked at him for one second before replying. But I wasn’t counting on the intensity of his glare. He knew I was lying before I spoke.

-“I didn’t”- it was the weakest lie I had ever told. And Sirius could read right through it.

-“I can’t believe it. James, of all people! How could you?”- he stood up and came closer to me. The room was dark but I could still see the anger building up in his eyes. His jaw was tense.

-“I said it’s none of your business”- I was shocked to hear my own voice. All traces of coldness were gone. He growled and, for the first time in my life, I felt scared. The adrenaline rush was enough to give me my courage back.

-“He is my fucking best friend! My brother! You had no right to do this! You could have done anyone, anyone! Why him?”- he exclaimed.

-“He’s just another guy!”

-“No he is not! He is Prongs for Merlin’s sake! You… HOW COULD YOU?”

-“I said it’s none of your business, Sirius”- I snapped at him.

-“God Damn it Naomi, it is my FUCKING BUSINESS!”- I stood up and faced him. Our eyes met, green against grey in a hatred contest. The air around us became heavy, same as our breathing.

-“WHY? WHY SIRIUS? WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE A SAY IN WHAT I DO? WHY?”- I lost it. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe our closeness. Or maybe it was the fact that I could see I had hurt him and I did not like it. It hurt me, too.

-“BECAUSE…!”- he stopped dead. Silence fell like a wall between us.

-“Because?”- I whispered. He looked appalled as his eyes fell to the floor.

-“You shouldn’t have done this, Naomi”- he said, much quieter than I expected.

-“It is not a big deal”- I replied, nonchalantly.

-“For me, it is. He’s my best friend. I thought I could trust you… and him. Obviously I can’t”- he said, moving away from me. I was not prepared for what happened next. As Sirius moved away, I felt the world collapse around me. I felt empty. The pain took me by surprise and destroyed my fortress. I had to do something. I had screwed up and I had to fix it.

-“Why? Why would you want to trust me? You know how I am! You know I can’t be trusted!”- I asked him. Now it was his turn to look surprised.

-“You don’t get it, do you?”- he said. I frowned.

-“No, I don’t”- it was the truth. To me, this made no sense. I had hooked up with his friend, oh well. I didn’t see where the problem was. Yeah, okay, Lily would kill me but I did not see how it related to Sirius in any way.

-“Then I guess it was pointless anyway”- he sighed and walked towards the door. I watched as he reached for the door knob.

-“Don’t. Sirius, don’t walk away”- I pleaded. It was the first time in my life that I begged anyone. Tonight had been a night of a lot of first times for me.

-“I’m not one of your minions”- he said, opening the door.





-“Naomi, for Merlin’s sake, what’s wrong?”- I opened my eyes, confused. My head hurt.

-“What?”- I asked, confused. I blinked a couple times and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I was in the music room.

-“I went to get some food and you fell asleep. When I came back you were having a nightmare”- I looked at James as he spoke, trying to think.

-“It… it was a dream”- I whispered. He looked at me funny but I did not care. It had all been a dream. A really bad one.

-“What were you dreaming about?”- he asked, handing me a cup of coffee.

-“What’s the time? James, what happened? Where’s everyone?”- I asked, anxiously.

-“We stayed behind to help Lulu and the others leave. Then you said you needed to eat something or else you would feel like shit tomorrow morning so we came here, I left you and went to the kitchens. It’s around four in the morning”- he explained. I drank some coffee.

-“Thank, Merlin”- I sighed, relieved.

-“What the hell is going on, Naomi?”- he asked me. I looked at him.

-“No one can ever find out what happened tonight James”- I told him.

-“Why? What’s wrong with it?”- he questioned. I sat down and looked into his eyes.

-“You love Lily, don’t you?”

-“I do, so what? She’s dating Lewis”- he replied. I smiled.

-“She fancies you”- I told him.

-“WHAT?”- I had to chuckle. I had never seen anyone so happy in my life.

-“She does, she just hasn’t come to terms with it yet. You know, she spent so many years hating you it’s not easy to accept you’ve changed. But she will, believe me”- I said. He looked beyond joyful.

-“I can’t believe it. Naomi, you have no idea how much I love that girl”- he said, dreamily.

-“I know it, that’s why she can never find out”- I reminded him. He looked at me.

-“I don’t think she would mind. I mean, I am single, you are single, we were drunk. There’s no big deal”- he said. I raised my eyebrow.

-“I am her friend. She would never feel comfortable with me around you… and there’s Sirius”- I explained. That got him.

-“Shit. Shit. I knew there was something going on… what’s going on?”- he asked me.

-“I don’t know. We’re friends, kind of… I mean, given the fact that I do not know how to make friends with people… but he wouldn’t be happy”- I shivered at the memory of the dream. He looked worried.

-“Do you really think it is a good idea to keep it a secret? After all, it’s not like we haven’t shagged other people before”- he looked thoughtful.

-“To me it’s no big deal either… but something tells me Sirius and Lily wouldn’t just see it that way”- I said.

-“Okay, tonight never happened then”- he agreed. I nodded and kept drinking my coffee in silence, wondering if we would really be able to keep such a secret forever. After all, I always believed that two could keep a secret only as long as one of them was dead. And I was not planning on killing James, or myself.

-“We should probably get back”- I said.

-“You’re right, let’s go”- he helped me up and we walked silently back to Gryffindor Tower. We did not see anyone on our way back. I slid in bed in silence and breathed, relieved. Our secret was safe. It had to be. I fell asleep, promising to myself I would never think of how passionate James had been again.


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