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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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 My god I'm so sorry this had taken so long, I've been like crazy busy and haven't had anytime to come on here at all, I swear if anyone is still reading this I will get the next 16 or so chapters up as soon as possible, I'm terrible :(




 I stood in the kitchen looking in the cupboard trying to work out something for dinner but we were certainly running low on food supplies. 

I was reaching into one of the top cupboards when I heard footsteps behind me

 "Nice" came his smooth icy drawl 

I spun round to see Malfoy dressed in jeans and a white v neck tee leaning carelessly on the door frame I had to admit he looked good but still I frowned at him trying to understand

"My shirt rides up on you when you're looking in the top cupboards, but it certainly looks good on you though, shame you never borrowed my stuff in the prefects dorm" he winked 


"Oh for Merlins sake Malfoy, will you grow up" I groaned pulling my shirt down after realising I still only had lacy red underwear underneath, I headed out of the room and back upstairs swiftly grabbing a pair of grey trackie bottoms from the wardrobe and heading back into the kitchen


"what are you doing anyway?" he questioned sitting at the table by the door, I moved back to the cupboard. 


"I'm trying to find something I can actually have for dinner, we're running low on microwavable food" I said leaning on the counter


"I think we're going to need to go shopping" I added 


"Well how are we going to do that with no muggle money?" said Malfoy lazily as he lifted his feet onto the table. 


"No idea" I said turning back to the cupboard, this time being careful not to expose my bottom. 


"This will do" I muttered grabbing a box of noodles 


"What is that?" cried Malfoy looking at the box in my hand with a look of disgust 


"Dried noodles, it's the only quick food we have left and you can have this or make some more burnt toast yourself if you like?" I said with a grin walking over to the oven 


"Fine" snapped Malfoy crossing his arms defiantly 


I poured the dry noodles into a pan with some boiled water and left it on the hob. 


"I don't understand how you can work all this muggle stuff" he grimaced looking around the room 


"I told you, my cousins a squib" I lied again 


"I've stayed at her house and had to learn all this" I added continuing my lies, malfoy rolled his eyes and fell silent. 


I busied myself cooking the noodles in silence while Malfoy watched. I could feel his gaze on me every time I moved.  


I didn't know what was up with him lately, I was so used to him insulting me or telling me I need to put more effort in with how I look and now suddenly I've been on the receiving end of his charm and compliments that were normally reserved for the short skirted girls he normally chased. 


I don't trust this new behaviour he must have a scheme in his mind or something? or maybe he wants to get on with me so he can pass the class? well whatever it is I'm not falling for it. 


I served the food and placed it in front of him, his already pointed nose looked like it pointed up even more when he saw the messy noodle slop I offered. 


"Really?" he questioned his grey eyes moving from the food to me 


"Do it yourself next time" I retorted through gritted teeth as I sat down at the table with my bowl 


Malfoy didn't answer he just began to eat, he didn't seem to mind it to much which actually made me feel almost successful. 


I began to eat my food and the room was silent except for the noise of our forks scrapping in the bowls. 


After a while my bowl was empty and I felt reasonably satisfied with the noodles I stood up and took my bowl over to the already full sink of washing up to do. 


"That wasn't too terrible Harris" came Malfoys voice from behind me his breath on my neck making me jump out of my skin, I had no idea he was that close. 


"You're welcome" I mumbled as he reached around my body placing his bowl next to mine on the counter by the sink his body warmth radiating from him to me.


Malfoy walked off out of the kitchen, I turned around  to the empty kitchen leaning on the counter trying to catch my breath. 


Finally I left the kitchen and walked down the hall, something on the doormat caught my eye. 


I headed over to the door and picked up a large white envelope with out names on. 


"Malfoy we have another letter" I called out heading into the living room where Malfoy had already made himself at home on 'his' sofa. 


Malfoy turned his silver eyes away from the TV to me as I sat down on the other sofa letter still in hand. 


"Well open it then" he hissed as I sat staring at the envelope  


I smiled at his reaction, that was the Malfoy I knew. 


"Alright" I replied trying not to smile to myself 


I opened the letter and glared at Malfoy


"I'm not reading it to you" I said coldly Malfoy sighed and pulled himself off the sofa and sat next to me so he could see the letter too. 


'Draco and Aurora

I hope you have enjoyed your first week settling into muggle life, I bet you thought you were getting away easy.




Well think again the holidays are here and you have 3 weeks worth of tasks to accomplish, and here is your first weeks task, I will write to you at a later date with your next task.

Now firstly, you will need to find your nearest supermarket and get some food supplies you get either take the bus or dare to drive. Enclosed you will find you bank card with all the muggle money you will need for the year, I can trust you to figure out how to work a cash machine (the pin is enclosed).

 Secondly you will need to find muggle friends, you can do this through going out together or joining an evening class or just bumping in to someone, it's up to you.

 Lastly I want you to host a muggle style evening for your new muggle friends, this means cooking a meal and providing entertainment.

 Not too hard for you first task I hope you're having a splendid muggle time

Professor Barns'


"Well that's great" I groaned leaning back on the sofa 


"This is going to be impossible" frowned Malfoy also falling back on the sofa "I'm never going to pass this" he grunted getting up and moving back to his sofa 


"I'm sure we can do this" I soothed, Malfoy made a noise that sounded like he'd said 'unlikely' 


"I'm going to go for a bath and then go to bed, so I'd appreciate it if you get out of here" I said eyeing his lazy form on the sofa 


Without another word I headed up the stairs into the bedroom and through to the bathroom. This bathroom was just as amazing as the other except it was even larger, and it was glizeningly white with a bath that could almost rival that from my prefects dorm in the centre of the room and opposite the door on the far side was a huge shower with tiled seats that looked as though it would fit 6 people in, I stripped off and sunk into a long hot soak. 


I pulled myself out of the bath after an hour long dip and dressed in a fresh pair of PJs, my red hair dripping wet, normally I'd dry it magically but now I'd have to use a hairdryer and that would take me like another half hour to do. 


I stepped out of the bathroom and wandered through to the bedroom and it looked like a different place. 


The room was tidy, the washing basket empty the floor was clean and the bed was made with clean white silk sheets. 


"What the?" I began in confusion. 


I headed out onto the landing where that also looked clean, I slowly walked downstairs following a trail of tidiness, peaking to the now spotless living room and all the way into the almost tidy kitchen. 


Malfoy stood at the sink washing up all the plates and dishes that had sat there for a week 


"Malfoy what are you playing at?" I hissed eyeing him suspiciously 


He spun round his hands covered in soapy bubbles he looked a little surprised to see me, I suddenly felt very self conscious with my dripping hair and make-up less face. 


"I was sick of the house being filthy" he muttered coldly turning back to the dish's 


"Right Well can you keep it down I'm going in the living room to sleep" I muttered turning towards the door 


"You can have the bed tonight" said Malfoy gently as I was about to leave 


"Uh thanks" I replied walking out of the room and heading up to bed leaving Malfoy in the kitchen. 


I crawled into the soft warm bed, the fresh summery sheets providing me with amazing warmth and comfort as I drifted to sleep.


Malfoy stood alone in the kitchen fishing the washing up alone, he felt proud of himself, this was the most effort he'd ever made 


Even he wasn't sure why he was doing it, partly because he wanted a tidy house and partly because of......well that he wasn't so sure of.





Hope this was ok, please feel free to r&r 



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