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Made For Each Other by VeeKAY
Chapter 9 : Confrontation
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again, a superrrr stunning CI by the lovely (sol) @ TDA :) Kristy, you blow my mind. thanks so much! :) 

Hermione was eating breakfast down at the great hall. She had woken up, in the same clothes that she had fallen asleep in. Not bothering to change, she had sat herself next to Ginny at the Gryffindor table. Draco had come in 10 minutes later, also in the clothes he had worn yesterday. It seems Blaise noticed, as he gestured towards his crinkled robes, his mouth forming words that Hermione could not hear.

“Hermione…did you hear what I just said?” Hermione looked around, and saw Harry standing in front of her, with his large green eyes flickering between Hermione and the Slytherin table. Blushing, she realised that she must have been staring at Draco again.

“Sorry, I didn’t…” Hermione faltered. She had just noticed Ron walking up to Harry with a determined look on his face. Ron stopped beside Harry and looked at the floor. “What do you want Ronald?” Hermione snarled, her eyes flashing.

“Whoa, easy, we just wanted to talk to you Hermione” Harry defended, hoping that his best friends wouldn’t get into another fight in the middle of breakfast.

“Why do you want to talk?” Hermione’s eyes furrowed and she tried thinking of all the possibilities of which Ron and Harry would feel the need to talk to her.

“Can we talk in private?”

“Fine, five minutes. I don’t want to be in the same place with him any longer than five minutes.”

“But if we were out by the lake, it’s not technically a room…okay, okay” Harry hastily backtracked as Hermione shot him a quelling glare.

The three Gryffindors walked in silence out of the castle, where Hermione stopped by the edge of the black lake. “Okay, what do you want to talk about Harry?” Hermione tried to ignore Ron, who was still standing slightly behind Harry, staring at the grass.

“Malfoy, Hermione. Are you with him or something? I swear that it was your voice when you sent that spell to Parkinson at the ball, and you’ve spent lots of time in your common room, and I heard Malfoy isn’t staying long periods in the Slytherin common room either. And yesterday, I heard you two talking in the Library, and you were calling each other by your first names. Since when did you get so close to him?”

Hermione froze, staring at him. Was he more perceptive than she had given him credit for? Ron finally spoke up, his tone full of contempt and jealousy. “This morning, you turn up in the same clothes we saw you in, and we overheard Zabini teasing Malfoy about having on the same robes as yesterday. Did you think sleeping with Malfoy would do you any good?” He added bluntly.

Hermione gasped, and recoiled as if Ron had slapped her. Did he just accuse Hermione of sleeping with her former enemy of 6 years? Hermione willed the tears to stay in her eyes, as she snapped back,

“FINE! Alright, I give up. No I have not slept with Draco, but yes, we are dating. HAPPY?” Hermione stormed, and threw herself onto the ground, where she sat in a stony silence, while Harry and Ron processed this information. Ron was turning purple, and mouthing the words ‘dating’ and ‘Malfoy’ while Harry just stood there looking dumbfounded.

“Hermione…are you serious? You're dating Malfoy?!” Harry said finally, his voice numb with shock.

“Yes, I am, but you can’t tell anyone.” She replied shortly, still refusing to look at them.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE DATING MALFOY? THAT SLIMY GIT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. YOU ARE GOING TO BREAK UP WITH HIM BY TONIGHT. UNDERSTAND?” Ron roared, his expression frightening, but Hermione didn’t flinch as she got up, eyes glinting with fury.

“How dare you tell me to break up with my boyfriend! It’s all the enmity between Slytherin and Gryffindor; Draco’s a very nice person really!” Hermione yelled, furious tears leaking from her chocolate brown eyes.


“Since I tried to be civil to him!” Hermione cried, a little frightened by Ron’s furious behaviour. Before Ron could retort, Harry (who had been silent due to his shock) intercepted.

“Hermione, are you sure? Malfoy’s been really horrible to you in the past. Are you just going to forget all that?” He asked quietly.

“I know he’s been terrible to me since our first year, but ever since the war, he’s become really considerate and I do believe he’s changed. He hasn’t called me Mudblood or Granger for almost 3 months now. And I really do love him.” She pleaded earnestly with Harry.

Neither one of them knew Draco had followed them out into the grounds, and was now crouched behind the bushes, listening to their every word.

“Hermione, I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into…” Harry replied, still rather stunned.

“I do know Harry, I've been with him for months now, and he hasn’t hurt me…” She decided not to bring up the time when Draco had left her, because he only did it to try and protect them both.

“WHAT?” Ron had tried calming down, but this new onslaught of information brought him right up to the edge. “FOR MONTHS? ARE YOU BLOODY OUT OF YOUR MIND HERMIONE? YOU BLOODY WHORE, YOU’VE ALREADY SLEPT WITH HIM HAVENT YOU?!” Ron had completely lost himself, yelling with fury and jealousy.

Hermione’s tears had escaped, flooding her face, as Ron yelled at her about being a whore. How dare he insinuate that she slept with people on a regular basis?! Hermione was heartbroken, like she had been stabbed with a knife, right in her heart. Even Harry was looking shocked at Ron’s nerve to call his best friend a whore. Draco felt blood pounding in his head as he watched Hermione sink to the floor, with tears running down her face. How dare the Weasel talk to his girlfriend like that?! Draco decided that now was the time to appear. He stepped out from behind the bushes, and trotted up to the trio.

“Weasley, how dare you talk to your head girl like that? Twenty points from Gryffindor, and a weeks’ worth of detention with Professor Snape.” Draco told him coolly, while Ron’s face flushed with fury as Draco knelt down beside Hermione and gently helped her up.

“Are you alright, love?” He whispered to her, and she nodded, clinging on to him for support. Harry just stood there, clearly at a loss for words or action. Ron however, started shaking uncontrollably, and he raised his wand to point at Draco.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Call. Her. Love.” Ron spat, glaring at Draco Malfoy with pure anger. When Draco ignored him, Ron screamed “GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU DISGUSTING SLYTHERIN PRAT!” and Draco turned to face him, his face a calm mask of cool determinedness.

“Watch your mouth Weasley, or I’ll make it two weeks. You're the one who cheated on her, so you can’t decide anything for Hermione anymore, including who she’s dating. And you have no right to tell me what to do, so shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it for you.” Draco advised, before turning back to Hermione, comforting and murmuring softly to her.

Ron felt angry, upset and disbelieving. How could Hermione go from Ron to Draco in a matter of weeks? Yes, he had cheated on her, but it was only once, and he figured that when she had calmed down and stopped being so stubborn, they would get back together again. Clearly not, now that she had the Slytherin Prince to play tonsil hockey with. Beyond all sense, Ron raised his wand and made a slashing movement, aiming at Draco. But his entire body was shaking so badly,(causing his wand to shake violently as well), and his spell was shot slightly to the right of the intended target. Unfortunately, the person on the right of Draco Malfoy was Hermione.

Ron’s spell hurtled shakily through the air, and landed a few inches to the side. Hermione had raised her head in alarm when Ron had slashed his wand, and her eyes widened as she saw the spell speeding right towards her. A loud bang told Ron the spell had made contact, and he waited with satisfaction for the smoke to clear, so that he could see Draco’s unmoving body on the ground.

However, when the smoke did clear, it was not Draco who was unconscious, but Hermione. Draco was screaming her name in desperation, and shaking her body, but she lay unresponsive on the grass, her lips slightly parted and her eyelids masking her brown eyes. Her body was limp, and her back was slightly arched. Harry had rushed forward in an instant, his frozen silence forgotten, and both boys were knelt beside Hermione, willing and pleading for her to respond to their cries.

Ron dropped his wand in surprise, grief and regret spreading through his body. He did not know what spell he had performed, but he had intended the recipient as much pain and agony as possible. But he was aiming for Draco Malfoy, not his ex-girlfriend, not the girl he still loved and definitely not one of his best friends. Ron slid to the ground, breathing heavily, his knees giving way to the crushing weight of grief, as he stared at the unmoving girl on the ground in front of him.

What had he done?

A/N: hope you like this chapter! :) I'm sorry if it’s a bit shorter than the other chapters, and I promise the next chapter will be longer. Can you imagine how mad Draco would be at Ron? Please leave a review, and tell me what you think about this chapter!

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Made For Each Other: Confrontation


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