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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 9 : chapter nine: Memorial Ball-Part 1
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James’ prov.


I couldn’t help but worry as I stared in the mirror, mom had sent me a muggle suit, I didn’t mind it but I just wanted everything to be perfect. What if Liz didn’t like it? I ran my hand through my messy black hair once again desperately trying to tame it. Curse my father for giving me his hair, black strands hung in front of my eyes. Merlin I needed a haircut, my heart was pounding me and Fred had been talking and I had decided tonight would be the night I would tell Elisabeth that I loved her. I was scared; a million questions were running through my head. What if she doesn’t say it back? What if she rejects me? I swallowed hard and adjusted my tie, which was green rose got it for me. It was a surprise, I would have thought my tie would be purple because Liz’s dress was purple but I guess it was a green dress. I paced the floor and stared down at my shiny black dress shoes. Just then the door opened Fred stood there, he was wearing an all-white muggle suit with a pink tie. His hair was slicked back but it had a few loose ends here and there.


“Ready James?” Fred said excitement written all over his face.


“Give me a sec” I said Fred rolled his eyes


“c’mon man she’s going to say it back I promise” he said with great confidence. I just stared at him, how on earth did he know that’s what I was worried about? Fred walked up to me and put his hands on my shoulders “because James I’m your best mate and we are family” he said answering my silent question. I took a deep breath


“I’m ready” I said


“that a boy” Fred said it was weird how he had picked up on muggle expressions. We walked out of the dorm and headed down to the common room. Jack, rose, Amy, Lilly, and Lilly’s date (Kyle) were all standing there. Rose walked forwards and made a fuss about my tie Fred laughed and pulled Amy close and told her she was beautiful I couldn’t deny Amy did look good. She had just the right amount of make up on not too much not too little; her brown hair was up in messy curls it looked much different than her normal straight hair. She wore a pink dress that was strapless it hugged her torso tight and it flared out a bit at her hips. It flowed all the way to the ground covering her feet. I glanced at my sister her hair was curled as well but it was down, red curls fell over her shoulders. I frowned at the amount of makeup she was wearing it covered up her freckles which I knew she hated. I was pleased with her dress, it was dark blue and it came down to her knees it had straps and a black belt that ran across her waist with a big black flower on it. The dress was very appropriate for her age. Kyle had blonde hair that was spiked up he was wearing traditional black dress robes as was jack. Jacks hair was the same as usual swept over his forehead. Rose finally stopped fussing with my tie


“there” she said shaking her head she tried to fix my hair she sighed and gave up leaving it in its messy state. I looked at rose she was beautiful her red/brown hair was long and flowing. She had a dark green flower corsage that matched her equally green dress it hugged her body tight until her mid-thigh were it flared out just a little bit and flowed to the ground. I started patting my pockets.


“I can’t find my corsage!” I said panicked Fred laughed as he gave Amy her corsage which was a white flower. I looked at Kyle with a watch full eye, he looked up at e swallowed hard then handed Lilly a pink corsage.


“Here” rose said handing me the green and purple colored flower corsage.


“What would I do without you rose?” I asked she pondered the question


“you would lose your head” she replied I pulled her into a bear hug. “Let go! James! You’re wrinkling my dress!” she screamed in my ear I let her go everyone was laughing at her.


“c’mon” Fred said we all followed him and Amy out of the common room. I felt all my worry disappear as I was with my family I didn’t feel so nervous anymore. We walked down the corridors and looked at all the other students wearing their dress robes and dresses. It seemed me and Fred were the only guys wearing muggle suits. My eyes searched for Liz instead I found Leah and albus standing by the entrance to the great hall. We pushed through the crowd towards them. Albus was wearing the same suit as me but he wore a blue tie. Leah’s hair was down and curly as always but it didn’t look as frizzy, she wore no makeup and had a strapless light blue dress that stopped mid-thigh. It was plane nothing fancy but she pulled it off.


“Albus? Where is Elisabeth?” I asked Leah answered for him


“she will be down soon” she said I looked towards the dungeon desperate to see her.


“you’re looking in the wrong place” rose said I looked at her confused


“we all got ready in the room of requirement” Amy said quickly I moved my eyes to the grand stair case and I saw her, she was…she was…. There were no words to describe how she looked or how I felt. Her dress was light purple and strapless, right under her bust there was a band of green and from the band down the dress flowed elegantly to the ground. Her hair to my surprise was blonde but it had a lime green stipe going through her bangs. The rest of her hair hung loose and flowing. My eyes locked with her beautiful purple ones I watched as she walked down the stairs. The perfect moment, the perfect girl, I was brought back to reality when Liz let out a small shriek and found herself sinking in the vanishing stair. I couldn’t help but smile it was so…so… it was so Liz. I could hear Fred’s loud howling laugh. I jogged over to Liz her cheeks were burning red and the tips of her hair were turning a deep crimson.


“Oops” she said as I walked over I chuckled and shook my head. I helped her up, and pulled her to my chest. I noticed that the green band on her dress was actually tiny crystal beads that sparkled when she moved. She looked up at me


“you look…you look…” I said trying to find the words but she just leaned up and kissed me lightly. I was a bit shocked


“couldn’t resist” she said quietly biting her lip. I brushed some of her hair out of her face and kissed her deeply. Her lips moved with mine I loved how she reacted to my touch. Heat travelled through me as she moved her hands and started to play with the hairs on my neck I let out a small moan against her lips. She pulled away and started to giggle. I put the green flower corsage on her wrist.


“Come on” I said taking her hand we walked back towards our group. We were stopped by a blonde girl in a really short tight red dress.


“Hey Jamesie” she said I watched Liz roll her eyes


“Sarah” I said she started to play with my tie


“save me a dance” she said. Liz looked ready to kill


“don’t count on it” I said pulling my tie away from her grasp. Sarah frowned and glared at Liz before leaving.


“Gah she … she…slut!” Liz said beside me I laughed


“that she is” I agreed Liz sent me a dazzling smile.


“What did little miss plastic want?” Fred asked when we reached them. Fred had grown fond of his new nickname for Sarah and quite frankly so had I.


“trying to reserve a dance” Liz hissed causing the rest of the group to laugh, I heard Liz mumble something under her breath that sounded a lot like


“over my dead body… I will break her face” I chuckled Liz blushed a bit as she noticed I had heard her. Just then the doors to the great hall opened revealing the inside, it was elegant instead of the house tables it had many large circular ones with white table cloths. The hall had pictures of the dead hanging on the wall; they were all smiling in their frames. Right up front was the picture of the original order of the phoenix, along with individual pictures of mad eye moony, Tonks, Remus, my grandparents (Lilly and James), dumbldore, cedric Diggory, dobby, Snape, and Sirius. The rest of the hall had pictures of everyone else who died in battle in either the first war or the second or of people who we had just lost over the years. Lilly and Kyle ran off to sit with their friends while me, Liz, rose, Fred, Leah, albus, Amy and jack found a table of our own close to the front. Mandy came over to say hi to Liz, Mandy’s blonde hair looked similar to Leah’s and she wore a light pink almost peach dress with a floral design. “You have a date?” I heard Liz say her eyebrows were raised Mandy nodded and pointed towards a scared looking brown haired boy standing waiting for her.


“That’s Oliver woods boy” I said Liz looked at her sister


“he’s in second year” she said Mandy blushed


“I know but James is in seventh and you’re in sixth” Mandy defended Liz laughed

“go have fun” she said to her sister. I watched Mandy skip away just as McGonagall walked to the podium.


“welcome!” she said cheerfully “I’m so very pleased such special guests here tonight, as you all know it is usual we have the minister of magic and some former members of Dumbledore’s army come to speak, but tonight we have a surprise. I am proud to say they are my former students, would you all give a warm welcome to Harry Potter and his wife Ginny Potter!” she said the hall erupted in applause and whistling, I had known my parents had been coming but from the reaction from the rest of the students It seemed they had no mother and father took to the front.


“thank you professor!” my father said cheerfully he continued on with his speech about loss and remembering some people were crying, or had their eyes closed. I glanced at Liz her eyes were wide and sad, I reached under the table took her hand and squeezed it. Finally my dad stopped talking there was more clapping, my father looked from me to Liz then back to me he smiled widely and gave a slight nod followed by a thumbs up.


“Thank you Harry and Gin-er-Mr. and Mrs. Potter” McGonagall turned to the students “a moment of remembrance” she said and like every year we all stood bowed our heads and closed our eyes. Pictures of story’s my father had told me crossed my mind. Dad had showed me his memory’s in a pensieve this past summer I had been bothering him about it and he thought I was old enough to see. My father’s memories flew in front of my closed eyes, Dumbledore’s death, Fred’s death, Sirius’ death. The list goes on but the image that stuck out was my own memory, Collin… “thank you!” McGonagall said I was glad to open my eyes and sit down, no matter how many times people told me Collins death was not my fault, I still felt guilt deep down in the pit of my stomach. “I’m sure your all hungry so dig in!” with a wave of her hand food appeared on each of the round tables. I dished myself out some chicken strips and French fries. The food served at the memorial ball was all bought in muggle stores, it symbolises that blood didn’t matter or something like that. We all dug in, muggle food like this was fattening but it was so good. I glanced at Liz; she sat there emotionless not eating.


“Foods getting cold” I said she just sat there “Liz?” I asked concerned she looked at me then down at her plate


“lost my appetite” she said looking back up I followed her gaze to see Collins picture hanging on the wall. I was quite surprised had it always been there? Was I too stupid to notice? I stood up and grabbed Liz lightly by the arm


“come on a walk?” I asked she stood and followed me out. We walked in silence eventually we found ourselves out side it was quite cold we sat on one of the stone ledges and I pulled her to my chest. She buried her face, “Liz he wouldn’t want you to be like this” I said


“I know” she whispered “I can’t help it sometimes” I nodded in agreement I knew what she meant. There was silence, my mind was shouting at me to tell her just say that I love her. I was fighting a losing battle


“Elisabeth” I said, she looked up at me I took a deep breath. “I…” I white spec flew in front of me right at the moment when Liz said


“it’s snowing!” she jumped up and looked at the sky. Flakes of snow fell down they sparkled in the moonlight. Liz did a twirl in the snow; her dress flew out in a beautiful spiral. I had never seen Elisabeth look so amasing, so gorgeous, so beautiful, and so perfect. She spun again, snowflakes got caught in her hair and melted causing her hair to glimmer and shine. Her laugh filled the empty night, her arms were outstretched as she looked up at the sky. I stood and walked towards her wrapping my arms around her waist. I leant my head on her shoulder


“Elisabeth” I breathed in her ear


“Mmm” was all she said in reply I swallowed hard once before I sucked it up


“I love you” I whispered her reaction was not what I had expected. She giggled and turned in my arms to face me and put her hands on my chest


“I know” she said her eyes sparkling with mischief. I cringed at her words I had no idea why they affected me so. She giggled so more as she raised her hands from my chest to the back of my neck she got on her tippy toes and whispered a soft


“I love you too” against my lips before she kissed me. A warm feeling spread through me, I loved the sound of those words coming from her lips. She was mine and I was hers, who would have thought. I pressed her closer to me and kissed her passionately until we were both gasping for air. Her purple eyes locked with mine I don’t know how long we stood there just looking at each other but I could stand there forever. It wasn’t just looking it was like we could see into each others souls. Suddenly Liz shivered violently. I had been too stupid to notice she wasn’t wearing a coat and it was snowing. Her lips were starting to turn purple.


“We should get back” I said Liz sighed in agreement and looked up at the sky one more time before she took my hand and we walked towards the door.


Disclaimer anything recognizable belongs to the awesome J.K. Rowling


Ok so finally! I have been working on this chapter for a while; it was difficult to write it the way I wanted. I finally finished, at 3:42 am, oops I guess I lost track of time oh well it’s done and I’m happy! I hope you loved it as much as I loved writing it. If there was any chapter I would like reviews on its this one and the next one. So please tell me what you think! It’s simple scroll down see the little grey box? Leave some words! Have no idea what to say? Here’s some ideas, what did you think about the dresses? Hate it love it? Can’t wait for more? How about when James told Liz her loved her? Was it too cheesy? What are your thoughts on the memorial ball and the food? Please I thrive off of reviews they really make my day honest please! You don’t even need to have an account! Ok enough of my little rant how about a sneak peek?


He snaked his arms around my waist, I turned and put my arms around his neck. It reminded me of earlier; I sighed and leaned my head on his chest. His hands rested a little too far down my back but I didn’t mind. We swayed together just enjoying the moment, enjoying each other. It seemed as if time stood still, before either of us knew it the song had changed but we didn’t part. James pulled away from me I frowned at his actions I saw Scorp standing behind James “er-mind if I cut in?”


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