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All the Small Things by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 1 : All the Small Things
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All the Small Things

"Cho, darling, you must eat something."

"Not hungry."

"Biscuit, then?" Mother's voice said, and a plate with two biscuits appeared in front of Cho's face. "Or pumpkin juice, dear?"

Cho stared blankly at the flowery tapestry, the shadows of the willow tree outside casting beautiful shapes across it. She merely shook her head once, and wiated until Mother had left the room quietly, before sighing. It had been almost two months now - two months, since Cedric Diggory had been killed. Or murdered - Cho wasn't sure which was the correct term. A murder was something that was planned, whereas 'being killed' meant something unplanned. She had no idea of what had happened to Cedric, how he had died - she just knew that he was gone. No one wanted to share any details with her - mainly because no one else knew any details, and those few ones who did, didn't want to tell her. Not that Cho had really made an effort to discuss it any further, of course.

At first, she had been confused. 'Dead? What do you mean someone's dead? Who? Who!? Cedric? C-Cedric? Cedric is dead?' Then, it had hit her, when she had seen Mr Diggory cry over his son's dead body. She had cried nonstop for days, until there were no tears left anymore. How could she not? Hadn't Cedric promised to be back soon? Hadn't he handed her a note, only moments before entering the maze, that they would go on a date? It was a promise to come back, to return to her.

But what had he done instead? He hadn't returned.

Most people said Cho had overreacted. A few vicious rumors went around, that they hadn't even dated a long time, that they didn't have anything serious going on. Was love really measured in time, how long you've known each other?

It was true, though. They hadn't known each other for long, but there was certainly a connection. The way Cedric looked at her, stared at her, and talked to her made her blush and feel weird inside. It was all the small things, actually, that had eventually made her like him - even love him, in the end.

The worst part was the 'what could've been'. If he hadn't died - what would it have been like? Winning the tournament - Cho didn't care about that. She still would've seen him as a champion. What would the first date have been like? Awkward, maybe. They would probably grow closer with each other. Eventually, they would be so close that they could argue about anything, before making up again. They would go through rough times after his graduation, and having difficulties remaining close with the great distance between them.

Would he come to visit her during Hogsmeade weekends? Owling each other all the time, missing each other, and looking forward to Hogsmeade weekends and the dates. Every meeting would be special. Would he buy her flowers, or chocolate? Probably not both, though. Too much was just too much. Maybe some nice necklace? A locket with his picture would be nice, too.

After her graduation, they would be togetehr all the time, maybe even moving in together. A small apartment somewhere in London, where they could still be in contact with both worlds - Muggle and Magical.

If things got rough, they would take a break from each other. Not for a long time, though - long enough to realize how much they loved each other. Then, when she least expected it, he would probably propose. He just seemed to be that type of guy to just spring the question on a girl. The question written on the sky with fireworks, a ring hidden in the cake in a nice restaurant, a huge banner in the sky - it seemed like something he would do.

Cho had always wanted to have many children. After a few years of marriage, they would probably have their first child. Three children sounded like a nice number - two boys, and one girl. The girl would, of course, be a total princess, and a daddy's girl. The boys would protect her all the time, and look out for her at Hogwarts, where they would all make many friends.

After seeing all their children graduate, and start their own families, she could just concentrate on growing old together with Cedric. Having worked almost all their life, it would be an easy choice to retire with old age. Maybe move to the countryside, where their children - along with children of their own! - would visit them on special occasions. Just sitting there on the porch, old and wrinkly, but not regretting the wrinkles. They would age gracefully, and regret nothing. They would reminisce on their Hogwarts days, the Triwizard Tournament, and how exciting it had all been. They would wonder what happened to their friends, if they were as happy as they were.

When the time came to depart from this world, the other was to follow soon. A life without your soulmate just didn't seem like a life at all. Then, they would be happy together in heaven, and watch their children live just as happily as they had lived.

A tear rolled down Cho's cheek, and she let out a little sniffle. She slowly got up, and walked over to the window. The ground looked so far away. It would probably hurt... a lot - but she wasn't scared. Cho swallowed hard, as she turned her dark eyes up towards the blue sky. She felt the warm sun kiss her face, as she closed her eyes with a smile.

"It would've been lovely," she whispered. "All the small things we could've had..."

He had left her behind - but she would follow him soon...

~ * ~

Ahhh, it's been FOREVER since I wrote a one-shot - and first one about THIS couple. I hope you liked it! :)
- Lily xxx

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All the Small Things: All the Small Things


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