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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 25 : A Girls Day Out
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A/N: I'm not JKRowling. Sorry it took me so long to update, I've been getting use to being away at college and am just now getting back in writing.
“It’s perfect Hermione!” Ginny squealed jumping up and down while spinning in circles in front of the mirror. “I absolutely adore it, and it doesn’t make me look bad. Even though it is a slight cupcake dress” she started looking a little puzzled in front of the mirror looking at it, almost trying to find something wrong with it.

Hermione shook her head “Ginny, you look beautiful. That is what everyone is going to see, not that it’s a cupcake dress, because it looks beautiful on you. And honestly, Blaise is going to die when he sees this.” She stated winking at her.

The two girls then decided that they would buy the dress and have the Zabini house elf bring it back to the Manor. The house elf appirated right in front of them. “Dinky, I want you to take this dress back to the Manor, but put it in Mums closet because I don’t want either of the boys seeing it before the wedding, alright? And keep an ear open for me calling you again, if we find my dress I will ask you to do the same thing. Thank you Dinky, you may go now. Oh and when you get home, get yourself a nice iced tea, I made some this morning.” Hermione then handed the dress to Dinky and she snapped her fingers and she was gone, leaving the two girls alone.

“Let’s go look for my dress! I want to go to a muggle shop that I know of though, they have some of the most amazing wedding party dresses. We might be able to find some good ones. So who are you having as your bridesmaids Ginny?” Hermione asked not knowing who she was planning. She knew she was maid of honor, but had no idea who the others were.

“Well I was thinking of asking Fleur and Luna to be my bridesmaids. I don’t exactly have many female friends… or friends at all for that matter. Having been disowned by not only my family but basically the entire Gryffindor house, I lost the majority of my friends.” She said starting to look down at the ground trying to avoid crying.

Hermione looked at her and knew exactly what to say. “Well hey, let’s go get a butterbeer first before we go looking for my amazing dress. We will get some food too, we will need to eat at some point today.”

The two then walked down Diagon Alley to the Leaky Cauldron where they asked Tom, the bartended, for two butterbeers and a table. When they were sitting they started looking over the menu and thinking about what they wanted. Tom came over to take their orders.

Ginny started “I believe I will have the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, with no tomatoes and dressing on the side please Tom.” She then folded up her menu and gave it to Tom while she let Hermione order.

“Well Thanks Gin, way to make me feel fat. I will have a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with no lettuce and a baked potato on the side.” She also gave her menu to Tom.

“How exactly does that make you fat? I don’t understand, you’re eating grilled chicken and a potato. Both of which are healthy for you. Don’t you even think about calling yourself fat young lady.” Ginny glared at Hermione.

“Who are you calling young lady? I’m older than you.” Both girls started giggling and gossiping before their food came. They continued chatting while they ate and when they were done Hermione paid and the two girls thanked Tom and left. They were in the middle of Diagon Alley when Hermione stuck out her hand for Ginny to take, and as soon as she did, they appirated to an alley in London. Hermione knew where she wanted to look for her dress because she had gone with her mother to look for dresses for an occasion over the summer.

“It’s this way Ginny” Hermione said pointing down the street, “It’s not too far, don’t worry.” And with that they were standing in front of the most beautiful shop Ginny had even seen. There were dresses everywhere. They looked around a bit before a worker came up to them.

“Ah, Miss Zabini, you’re back so soon?” she asked kissing both of Hermione’s cheeks.

“Actually Michelle, its Malfoy now” she said smiling holding out her ring to show the girl.

“Well, Congratulations. Now, what can I help you with today?” Michelle asked the two girls.

Hermione smiled and looked at her “My best friend is getting married” she motioned to Ginny “And I need a fabulous maid of honor dress, but we haven’t exactly nailed down a color just yet”

Ginny was looking around and said “Try on whatever dress style looks good and I’ll look for a color, I’m thinking along the lines of a Malibu Blue color. So try on that if you can.”

Hermione smiled and walked towards the dresses with Michelle with Ginny following behind. She was happy that she was finally getting to have the wedding of her dreams. She was so glad that Hermione and Blaise’s parents agreed to pay for the wedding. She didn’t know what she would do if they hadn’t. she began thinking about what else she wants for the wedding when Hermione came out in this dress that was absolutely gorgeous. It was a strapless dress that hugged her in all the right places, and made her very small baby bump look amazing. The dress would look amazing on her even if they had the wedding when she was eight months pregnant. They hadn’t nailed down a date, so they didn’t know how much Hermione would be showing, but if she really wanted to they could place a concealment charm on her stomach for the wedding and there would be no baby bump in sight.

“Hermione, I love it. You look truly amazing in the dress.” Ginny said starting to cry. “You need to get it; the color is amazing as well. Blaise will deal if he doesn’t like the color. And both Fleur and Luna are pale and blonde, so the color will look amazing on them as well. Speaking of, we need to bring them here soon to find their bridesmaid dresses.”

Both girls were exhausted by the time they got out of the shop, they called for Dinky and had her bring Hermione’s dress to the Manor and put it in their Mums closet with Ginny’s dress. The last thing they need was to have the boys see the dresses and have the surprise ruined. They went back to the house and collapsed on the couch and fell asleep for a little mid-day nap.
Please read and review, I'm going to begin writing the next chapter either tonight or tomorrow, so I should be done and ready to put it up by the time this one gets validated. Thank you for reading, and don't forget to review.

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Final Chance: A Girls Day Out


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