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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 3 : Party Time
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“OhMyGawd… What the feck am I going to wear”

“Rose, take a deep breath and calm down. We’re going to an ROR party hosted by Scorpius Malfoy and your cousin, it’s not a big deal” Although I am starting to get nervous. Oh Merlin, what is wrong with me? I need to get a grip and by the look of Rose and how she’s literally chucking her wardrobe on the floor I’m not the only one.

“Not a big deal! NOT A BIG DEAL! Are you fucking serious Anya Marie Parker?” Shit, she used the full name.

The full name only means one thing. RUN AND HIDE! Which makes this a perfect moment for Helen to walk in and maybe safe me from one of Roses not so pretty moments. This is what I call it when she basically has a hissy fit in our dorm room. Don’t laugh, They are terrifying.

“Come on Rose, why are you making such a fuzz. You’ll be fine, you can borrow some of my clothes” Oh yeah because burrowing some of Helens is always such a good idea, that’s if you can call them clothes considering how little fabric there is to them.

“Hmmph I hate parties, why am I doing this?” she replied to Helen, I was pretty glad that she didn’t mention the clothes thing again. Seeing herself in Helens clothes wouldn’t have made her any calmer.

“You’re doing it because it’s Scorpius birthday and we said we would be there, him and Al are expecting us you banana, how stupid would we look if we didn’t turn up. Also you want to help your best friend in the whole wide world spy on really hot guys!”

She should be thankful that I said she’d go to this party, after her massive blushing session the other day, and getting her to admit to it via threatening to tickle her tummy, we can finally be one hundred percent sure that she thinks Scorpius Malfoy is super sexy. Although that doesn’t mean she likes him as a person apparently. She only likes his body… apparently.

I grabbed a green mini skirt and a black top out of her trunk along with the blazer that was on my bed and threw them to her, with great accuracy seeing as I am a chaser on the Gryffindor Team. GO GRYFINDOR!

“There you go, wear that you’ll look gorgeous, green always looks good on you” She looked down at what I’d thrown to her and finally seemed to give in and started to put on the clothes. Personally I grabbed my new floral patterned purple top and a little black skirt and decided to pair it with my new leather jacket. I was actually pretty impressed, the problem with being a red head is nothing ever seems to go with your hair.

“Right come on let’s go drink some firewhiskey and party with the Slytherins, see you their Helen” I shouted to Rose whilst heading to the door.

“I’ll be right behind you, make sure there is a quidditch player waiting just for me” Helen winked as she said it and I felt slightly sorry for the poor sod that she was going to target. She’s lovely but she eats men for breakfast!


Eeeeek! Okay now is so not a good time to start feeling nervous, we’re about to go into the ROR but no one else I around. OH MY GAWD, what if we got the dates wrong! I’m being ridiculous. I sound like Rose. I need to get a grip. We are here it is the right day and time and we do not look like idiots. Rose looks like she’s thinking the same thing as me. Maybe there wouldn’t be any shame in not turning up, I mean I doubt Scorpius and Albus would even notice. I glanced at Rose and could instantly tell that we were thinking the same thing.

“I uhh Think we might have forgotten umm to …. Errrr….. DO THAT ESSAY FOR MCLAGGEN!” Ugh okay just a bit confused here. Mclaggen is the quidditch coach why would he set us… OH.

“Yeah, I thin…” But then I suddenly got cut off by a voice behind me. A sexy voice actually.

“Rose what are you going on about? Mclaggens the quidditch coach. Why would he set you, a girl who doesn’t play quidditch, an essay?”

Oh Shit, of all the moments for Albus Fucking Potter to come along it had to be this one didn’t it. Now we don’t stand a chance of getting away. I mean it’s half his party and he’s Roses cousin which means we don’t stand a chance of lying as he’ll see her obvious tells like straight away. Why do we have the worst luck ever?

“Errr, yeah I was reminding Anya, yeah she plays quidditch. I was telling her that she should do it tomorrow.” It seemed like he’d finally noticed that Rose was not alone as he looked over to me and gave me a quick nod.

Tosser. He could at least speak. He has a mouth for a reason. Okay maybe two but I didn’t mean snogging okay. Well I wouldn’t mind he is rather hot but you know, I like to leave the slutty stuff to Helen, she’s the expert. Not me.

“Yeah, Gryffindor thing. He really hates me. You know always picking on me and ugh stuff. Yeah” Bugger, now both Rose and Albus are looking at me as if I’ve grown another head.

“She’s been affected by the pre-drinks we had in the dorms” Thank God for Rose. Although I’m shocked. That has to be the first successful lie she’s ever told.

“Umm, okay. Well are you coming in then? Or are you going to stand in the corridor talking about homework all night long?” He seemed to think he was being funny but to be honest I was totally not seeing it.

“Yeah” both me and Rose replied at the same time which led to an awkward silence which allowed Albus to open the door to the ROR. Let’s just say I was in for a shock!


As soon as Albus opened the door I knew that tonight was totally not the kind of night you wanted to miss out on. It was mental. Like proper mental. When Scorpius had said we wouldn’t be the only non slytherins he wasn’t lying. By the looks of it everyone fifth year and above was at this party and that is a lot of people. Merlin’s Pantyhoes! Although I doubt Merlin ever wore pantyhoes… were they even invented in his time…

Anyway back to the crazy party which I have found myself in. How do I manage to get into these situations?

“Rose, I don’t know whether to be scared by the vast amount of people here or excited that we are at a crazy party.

I think I’m edging towards scared though because Paul Fargoat is walking over here” Which means we need a way to escape. Fargoat thinks he is a super sexy manwhore. The boy needs a reality check. He is in fact a pervert who looks like a pig. An ugly pig at that.

“Shit.” She replied as I saw her eyes scan the areas looking for a place to go when all of sudden I felt someone grab me behind and throw something over me.


“Shut up, do you want Pervy Paul to find you?” my kidnapper whispered from behind me after clapping a hand over my mouth.

It was at that moment that I realised I could no longer see Rose, like at all! I am majorly confused, she can’t just have vanished into thin air. Hang on, why is Pervy Paul turning round? What the hell is going on? I felt something being lifted off me and realised that whoever had abducted me had removed their hand from my mouth.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? That was just bloody stran…” As I turned round to give my abductor an earful I had an awful realisation.

My abductor was Albus Bleeding Potter and my face was turning the same colour as my hair! Talk about the worst look ever. Oh Merlin, now I am standing here like an idiot with my mouth hanging open and for some reason I can’t seem to do anything about it. I went to speak, not really knowing what to say then suddenly out of nowhere. And I mean nowhere.


Clearly Rose was not thinking clearly, I mean everyone is looking at us. Well specifically her and Malfoy but still, she is my best friend which makes this just as embarrassing for me! Rose has a temper to match both of her parents and I wouldn’t want to be Malfoy right now. To be honest I’m starting to regret coming to this party, I think this may be major social suicide. So therefore I’m going to do the only sensible thing.

“SHUT UP!” I screamed. There goes any coolness I previously had. I pointed at Malfoy and then sort of stared at Albus in a hopefully non-creepy way whilst grabbing Rose’s arm.

“You, you and you with me, some things need to be explained” And with this I dragged a fuming Rose out of the ROR and forced her and the two boys into the nearest empty classroom. Well after screaming a little at the snogging couple in there to “GET THE HELL OUT!”


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Who Is She?: Party Time


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