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Harry Potter and the Magic of Merlin by harrylover90
Chapter 8 : Back to Hogwarts
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 “I couldn’t have been more proud of every single one of you this morning.” Harry was sat at the head of the table in the conference room at Grimmuld Place. “A month ago none of us could have won a battle on that scale never mind with no serious injuries. It is just proven that the training is working. I have spoken to Dumbledore who is at Hogwarts making sure everything is running smoothly. We both think that this was just to put fear into the public. Does anyone have any contacts within the Prophet?”

“I have a couple of people that owe me favors. What are you thinking?” Mad-eye barked in his usual tone of suspicion.

“Try and get them to spin the story so instead of Death Eaters Attack its Order Saves the Day. People will focus on that more than the actual attack especially since no one was hurt in the battle.”

Mad eye looked momentarily shocked. “That ain’t a bad idea Potter, people around this desk are still questioning your ability to run this organization, but with no offense to Dumbledore because I love the man but we have  achieved more in a month with you than we did in a year with him. This is the army I imagined Potter and it is down to you that none of us were hurt. You have my up most respect and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Harry’s throat was constricting, to be told by an ex auror that he was doing an amazing job of running an army of qualified wizards was the highest compliment and he couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He looked around the room and there were nods of agreement and acceptance. He looked back at Mad Eye and managed to nod to him. Mad Eye smiled back understanding and left the room.

Harry took a minute to compose himself before continuing to the rest of the group. “Well like I said well done, but the work isn’t over, I need some people to patrol the Hogwarts Express. I have some DA members doing it at the minute and they will be on hand if you need them but I still need 2 or 3 volunteers. As a reward for you all a feast will be held here tonight at 7 for anyone who can make it, so you can have a relaxing night if you decide with the feast and then move on to the liquor cupboard upstairs”

“Harry, you are leader choose 2 or 3 people who you think should be on the train.” Remus advised

“Um… Ok then. Tonks I know you got hurt but are you up for it?” Tonks stood and nodded “Lupin and Kingsley will you join” Both men stood up and all three walked out the room to the apparition point. “If there is nothing else you are all free to go” Harry finished

“But Harry what about the prisoners in the cellar. We have caught 3. They all seem low level but what do you want us to do with them?” Mr. Weasley asked

“Will you interrogate them please Dad, try find out what they know, Madam Bones will you help him.”


“I am incredibly proud of you three today.” Harry, Ron and Hermione were in Dumbledore’s office. After dismissing everyone from the Order they came to Hogwarts were Dumbledore wanted to speak to the three of them. “The leadership skills that you three held were incredible.”

“Thank you sir, coming from you that is a great compliment.” Hermione said deeply touched by Dumbledore’s comment.

“Miss. Granger coming from anyone that is a great compliment coming from me it is a mere observation, you seem to hold me in this light as if I am a God when I am a man, a human just like you.” Which caused Hermione to blush and look at the floor. Harry tried to grab her hand but she pulled away obviously still angry with him. “I wanted to talk to the three of you because you all seem to have a special subject that you excel in.”

“Excuse me sir but what the hell is mine?” Ron asked obviously confused because he didn’t feel he was particularly good at anything.

“I am sure you know Mr. Weasley you have an excellent gift at Care of Magical Creatures.”

“I am not that good at it” Ron mumbled

“Shut up Ron, I wouldn’t have passed if you didn’t help me revise. It is the only subject that I would prefer you to check my homework rather than Hermione.” Harry smiled, which in return made Ron smile.

“The three of you will be part of 7 student teachers, a new programme Hogwarts is starting with 6th year students, Each student will have the same authority of a professor and will assist their professor in their specialist subject as well as  take corridor duty and anything else Professor’s see fit. The student teachers will have their own dormitory each and share a common room on 3rd Floor, in the same space Fluffy used to reside.”

The three student professor’s shared looks of shock and excitement, “This is amazing sir thank you so much, who are the other students and what are their subjects?” Hermione asked.

“Miss. Granger you will be assisting Ancient Runes, Mr. Weasley you will be assisting Care of Magical Creatures, Mr. Potter you will be assisting Defense Against the Dark Arts, Mr. Longbottom will be assisting Herbology, Mr. Dursley will be assisting Transfiguration, one student I can not reveal just yet but she will be assisting Charms and Mr.  Malfoy will be assisting Potions.”

Ron turned red with anger, “You expect us to share a common room with the ferret, Not happening, not a chance, no way.”

“Mr. Weasley please calm down, I have done this intentionally, young Mr. Malfoy has looked up to Serveus for some time and has always confided in him. Draco knows Serveus’ true intentions in the war and agrees with our views, Serveus recently saved Draco from the dark mark and I would like you three to make him feel welcome and maybe even befriend him.”

“Why didn’t I know about this?” Harry asked

“What do you mean?” Hermione looked confused but Harry kept staring at Dumbledore

“I am the leader of the Order of Phoenix and you are keeping things from me, how am I supposed to rule and make decisions if you are keeping things from me?”

“I am sorry Harry but I felt you needed to feel comfortable in your role before I told you this piece of information, since you are sharing quarters with him I felt it was time to tell you. It will not happen again.”

“Anything else you need to tell me before I find it out for myself?” Harry asked with an edge in his voice, to which Dumbledore shook his head. Harry calmed down and looked at Ron who still didn’t like the idea of becoming friends with Malfoy. “Are you sure Draco can be trusted and doesn’t want to become a Death Eater?” Dumbledore nodded and his piercing blue eyes twinkled behind his half moon glasses. “Then we will induct him into the DA and become his friend.” Harry looked back at Ron who nodded reluctantly.

“Thank you I think he will be very much an advantage in the war. Now I would suggest that you go to your Professor’s for instructions but the Defense Professor is busy until just before the feast on Order’s from someone far greater than myself, Professor McGonagall is on the train telling Neville, Draco, Dudley and the other student so if you go to Hagrid Ron and Hermione why don’t you check out your new quarters while I speak to Harry for a moment.”

“Sir why is Dudley a student Professor not that I am complaining but surely some other people would have been better fit, is it because he is my cousin, I don’t want him getting special treatment.” Harry asked

“Well at first Professor McGonagall wanted Miss. Granger and there was quite a debate over which subject you would go to, and Professor McGonagall won which made Professor Sinistra a very unhappy woman, there were only going to be six student professors. But when Dudley took his test for acceptance within the school professor McGonagall was incredibly impressed and offered to take Dudley so both women had a student professor saving me a lot of headaches over the next year.”

“I trained Dudley myself in transfiguration and wouldn’t let him leave until each spell was as good as my own.” Hermione mumbled

 “Very well done Hermione, I trust you are happy with ancient Runes?” Dumbledore asked.

“Oh yes Sir. I am incredibly excited I love Ancient Runes and hope to have a job in it when I leave school.”

“I am pleased, now why don’t you both run along time is ticking and it won’t be long before the train arrives at Hogsmeade, the student Professors no longer belong to a house and will be sat at the staff table next to their Professor.

Hermione and Ron bid goodbye to Dumbledore, Hermione ignored Harry and Ron just nodded to him.

“I don’t think men can ever win a battle against women Albus” Harry said with a frown upon his face.

“I think your right Harry; I kept you here to tell you how proud I am of you and how well you have changed the order around.”

“No offense sir but they are simple changes why didn’t you think of them when you was in charge?”

“Because I am an old man Harry, The Order needed imagination of a youth and thankfully you have that which is one of the reasons I decided to step down now, In 10 years I hope you still think like you do today. Now forgive a nosey old man but it seems to me that Miss. Granger thinks you are not boyfriend of the year.”

“I don’t even know what I have done wrong Albus, we were talking last night and I said that I can’t get up to some of the adventures we did like previous years. I have to focus on the war and become a weapon that can destroy Voldemort. She went crazy and hasn’t spoken to me since. Neither has Ron.”

Dumbledore sighed took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Harry for a smart bloke you are incredibly stupid.”

“Why it’s true! I thought of all people you would agree with me Albus”

“Harry why do you have feelings for Hermione?”

“Because she doesn’t see me as the Boy Who Lived or the Chosen One, with her I am just Harry.”

“Exactly!” Dumbledore shouted slapping the table making Harry jump. “Hermione loves you for that same reason. But what you are doing now, not being yourself focusing on the war and making it your number one priority, you are becoming the Chosen One that the media has made you out to be. She likes your bravery and courage you show through your adventures together, your sense of humor and lack of responsibility once you get into one of your moods, she likes how you can be as mischievous as Fred and George one minute and as serious as Serveus Snape the next.”

That was the moment it suddenly hit Harry what he had said. “Thank you sir I have to go make everything right.” Harry said standing up and making towards the door. He turned back to Dumbledore going through his draw. “Sir if you don’t mind me asking but how do you know all this."

“Because Harry I made the same mistake, whilst battling Grindewald I put the war first and never thought of what it was doing to my relationship, we split and she found someone else. I told myself once the war was over I would win her back, but the war went on longer than I anticipated and she fell in love and married. Now I have to see her everyday knowing that she no longer loves me, knowing I lost Minerva forever.”


Harry got to the 3rd floor and stopped at what was a door 5 years ago but now a statue of a three headed dog. “I don’t have the password” Harry said directly to the statue, it didn’t answer but the middle head just shook, “Erm… Fluffy?” The statue moved to reveal a corridor decorated in a rich red. The corridor was about 12 feet long and ended with  huge oak door, as he approached it the door opened itself. The common room was the same size as the Gryffindor Common room. There were sofa’s and chair’s around the fireplace, a raised stage which Harry presumed was for practical practices, bookcases scattered in between doorways and 7 separate desks as well as a big communal table surrounded by chairs. The room was amazing and Harry could definitely see himself spending the next two years here. Hermione and Ron were on the sofa near the fireplace, they looked like they had just stopped talking, Ron was looking uncomfortable and Hermione was glaring at Harry.

“I am going to go up to my room.” Ron mumbled and rose out of his chair

“Sit down Ron, I have something to say to you both” Harry answered but didn’t take his eyes of Hermione.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean it how it came out, I won’t just focus on the war, you two are my first priority, we will still have adventures, but this year we will have fun ones. We will have a proper year at Hogwarts this year how they should be.” Hermione’s face relaxed and she smiled up at him.

“I am so happy you said that because me and Ron have just been talking and we have decided it is time the Marauders’ come back.”


Harry, Ron and Hermione were in a small chamber next to the Great Hall, each member of staff were in there waiting to make their entrance. They kept looking out for Dudley and Neville but Harry only saw Tonks walking up.

“How did the rest of the journey go?” Harry asked as soon as she approached.

“Uneventful, we split up a duel between a few DA members and Slytherins as soon as we arrived but nothing major after that.

“Thank God for that, are you not joining the rest of them for the feast a HQ?”

“Didn’t feel like it, plus I am working”

“Oh I didn’t know that Aurors’ would be patrolling Hogwarts again this year” Harry asked

“Yup, Fudge is trying to make the best of what he has, it is obvious that he is going to be kicked out of Office soon but he is hanging on.”

“How long do you think you will be here for then?”

“One year I think maybe 2 but not much longer than that.”

Harry was saved a reply when Neville and Dudley arrived in the Chamber, followed by Ginny. “Harry isn’t this amazing, we are student teachers, and I thought that I was only just good enough to get into Hogwarts never mind become a student teacher as well.” Dudley said excitedly

“Yer, its great Dudley.” Harry replied but moved over to Ginny “Thanks for showing dudley were to go Gin but I think you better get back to the Great Hall before it starts.”

Ginny looked shyly to the floor, “Because we all became so close over the Summer I wasn’t looking forward to coming back and not spending as much time with you all because I would have to focus on my OWLs and everything else going on so I decided to send a letter to Dumbledore asking if there was any chance I can skip a year, then when we came here for Dudley’s test we did mine after in secret and he asked me to be a student teacher but I had to keep it from you all. I hope it is ok with you Harry.”

“Ginny this is great, we can all still be together, you must of impressed them if you was allowed to skip a year I think Hermione will be jealous. What did mum and dad say?” Harry asked while hugging Ginny,

“Well when we were training Dudley I decided to train myself as well, so it’s not as if I am as smart as Hermione or anything I just worked hard like you did. Mum wasn’t too impressed with me not having any OWLs but couldn’t help but be proud of me when I got in. I will still have my NEWTs and they are all that matter really.”

Harry was about to turn to Hermione when Dumbledore called for everyone’s attention. “The student’s are very nearly ready for us. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for coming to teach this year and wish everyone luck for the year ahead of us, as tradition drinks will be served in here after the feast for everyone including our new student professors.” Dumbledore looked upon the group of teenagers stood at the back. He stuck his ear against the door. “I think they are ready for us now.” Dumbledore opened to door and lead the members of staff to the table which was about 4 feet in front of the door.

Harry sat in his place looking around for the new Defense Professor presuming they were late, as he was looking down the table he saw out the corner of his eye the seat be filled. He quickly turned his head to see Tonks grinning at him. “Wotcher Harry”

“Tonks are you the new Defense Professor?” Harry asked shocked

“Sure am, this year is going to be a blast with you as my little bitch” Tonks smiled

“Tonks that is great I am glad it is you and not somebody like Gildoroy Lockheart, and I am not your bitch, I am here to assist you.”

“If you say so bitch”

Harry was about to retort but the front doors opened and Hagrid led in the first years. Everything looked so different to Harry from the raised staff table looking down on the students. Quite a few students were staring at him, Harry noticed a few of the girls were checking him out, the Slytherins were glaring at him and the Gryffindor’s had confusion etched on their faces. Harry just smiled and focused on the Sorting.

The Sorting passed relevantly quickly, especially seen as there was nearly double the normal amount of students. And before Harry knew it he was kicked out his stupor by Dumbledore standing again.

“I have a few announcements to make but they can wait until we have full stomachs. Tuck in”

And just like in previous years the table was full of every food you could think of. Harry looked to the other side of Dumbledore Ron wasn’t wasting any time talking and devouring the first thing in front of him.

“So how come you didn’t tell me that you was coming to teach?” Harry asked Tonks while putting some pork chops onto his plate.

“Thought it would be a nice surprise, the Auror department is making cuts so I offered to leave as long as I had a job guaranteed in a year, this way I can help with your training.”

“That’s great, I am glad you are teaching rather than Umbridge.”

“Well from what I have gathered, Minerva, Serveus and Fillius are all planning on leaving in the next couple of years. So I think we are supposed to be training you guys up to become full teachers once you leave school if you want it. If not then the position will be offered out to the public.”

This gave Harry something to think about, the only career he really thought about was an Auror but he did enjoy teaching the DA and would he really want to fight Dark Wizards for a living once Voldermort is dead, he has already dedicated his first part of his life to it, would he want the rest going the same way? The rest of the meal went on in silence on Harry’s part while Tonk’s was talking to Professor Flitwick, on the other side of Harry sat Malfoy and Harry hadn’t heard him say a word since he sat down.

Once the feast was over and most of the chatter died down Dumbledore rose from his seat once again “Now we have all socialized and been fed it is time for announcements, don’t worry they won’t take long before you can go to bed, I know how eager you are for an early night so you can be focused for classes tomorrow” a few older students laughed “Now you might of noticed that the Staff table is definitely longer than it has been in previous years. 7 of our best 6th year students have shown an exceptional talent in a specific subject and as Hogwarts way of harnessing that talent they will become student professors. They have the same authority as the rest of the staff so please treat them with the same respect you treat us. After the poor decision of Defense Professor last year I personally made the choice for this year’s which I think most of you will be more than happy with. Professor Tonks has agreed to take a year off from being an Auror to teach Defense along with Professor Potter.” There was a round of applause and Tonks stood up dragging Harry up with her. They both waved and sat back down. “Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that magic in corridors is forbidden and the list of forbidden items has rose once again and can be found outside his office. To first years and most older students the forbidden forest is still very much forbidden. And the final most important announcement. Professor McGonagall has decided to step down as head of Gryffindor due to other responsibilities and her age. Taking her place and sharing the role is Professor’s Tonks and Potter.” Harry suddenly raised his head with this shocking piece of news and looked at Hermione who looked just as shocked but he didn’t have chance to do anything because he was being dragged up by Tonks again to a huge round of applause and nearly all the Gryffindor’s were standing. Once everyone settled down Dumbledore continued “If you need any advice or guidance then please don’t hesitate to ask either of your heads. That is all tonight, I hope to see you bright and early tomorrow morning ready for a very uneventful year ahead.”

The hall started breaking up and leaving for their dormitories but Dean, Seamus, Lavender, Luna and Pavarti all came running to the front were Harry and the rest of the student Professor’s stood minus Malfoy. “I can’t believe this you guys, it’s amazing!” Dean said coming up shaking hands with everyone,

“But Harry head of Gryffindor house that is a bit extreme isn’t it.” Lavander asked

“It is definitely extreme, I didn’t know about it until Dumbledore said. I think I am only sharing it because Tonks is Head and obviously I am under her.”

“Still we better go before our Head of house gives us detention.” Seamus laughed “It will only be me and you in our dorm now Dean how cool is that!” They all walked the opposite way out of the Great Hall.

“Shall we go have a few drinks with the Professor’s then, this is going to be weird.” Ron said

They all turned around and moved to the door they entered from.

“This year is definitely going to be different"

The drinks after the feast were definitely awkward so they all decided to go back to their common room and relax by themselves for the night. Harry even got Kreacher to fetch them a bottle of firewhisky which was waiting for them when they got back.

“Harry, Hogwarts is amazing, no wonder you never wanted to leave. 2 years is nowhere near enough to get to know this place.” Dudley said amazed at his new school.

“Well you never know one day Duds you might be teaching here.” Harry had decided to keep Tonks’ secret about them being trained up to himself for now.

The group of six entered the Common room and Ginny, Dudley and Neville were amazed by it all. “I was expecting something small nothing like this!” Neville exclaimed. Hermione moved over to the sofas were there was a parcel waiting for her.

“Hermione what is that?” Harry asked cautiously

“Well since you agreed to our little discussion earlier I thought I better contact Fred and George. I explained what our plan was and they sent some of their best equipment. We need to get started so it will be ready for tomorrow morning.”

“And what exactly is the plan Hermione?” Neville asked obviously scared since he had never seen Hermione like this before.

“Well Neville we have been talking and decided that this year is going to be different. While we will be focusing on defeating Voldermort, we will also be determined to have fun and by doing that we are bringing back the Marauders” Ron explained.

There were gasps of shock and Dudley asking confused “What are the Marauders?”! but what stood out was Draco Malfoy’s snort as he walked into the common room and was making his was to his room.

“Have something to say Draco?” Harry asked politely

“I just find the thought of a bunch of innocent Gryfindor’s trying to pull of pranks amusing, they require skill and cunning.”

“So why don’t you help us?” It would of sounded ok coming from Dudley he didn’t fully understand the history, or even Hermione who tries to reach out a hand to anyone, a bit shocking coming from Harry but just impossible when Ron said it. And every other face betrayed the same thought.


 The next morning consisted of Harry getting up meeting the other 6 student Professor’s in their common room and them all walking together to the Great Hall with the feeling of anticipation in the air.

“Wotcher Harry” Tonks greeted as the gang sat down in their allocated seats.

“What? Oh hey Tonks.” Harry replied distracted.

“You ok?” Tonks asked suspiciously “you seem on edge.”

“I’m fine honestly, just didn’t get much sleep, looking forward to starting work though.”

“Let’s eat and we can discuss work in the office after ok.” Tonks said sympathetically believing his tired story.

Harry and the gang just picked at their food all glancing nervously at each other and back at the clock watching it count down to the time everything would take place.

At precisely half past 8 “come on Harry we need to give the students their timetables.” Harry looked like a deer caught in the headlights

“Erm. Ok. Yer. It will look better if I was busy anyway.” Harry mumbled to himself and took a stack of papers from Tonks and followed her to the Gryfindor table . Tonks took one side whilst Harry took the other and handed out the easy timetables to the 1st-3rd years.

Harry had just nearly finished his side of the table when the clock struck 9’o clock. Being the frist lesson of the first day every student was free anyway so it wasn’t the school bell making that noise.

But it was coming closer and getting louder.


An army of dwarves ringing bells with multicoloured smoke coming out of them swarmed into the hall wearing only nappies. The students were in uproar laughing at them and even a few of the teachers were mildly amused. Harry couldn’t help laughing himself the sight was definitely something. He looked up to see Snape with an unamused expression on his face and next to hm Malfoy looked on with a sneer.  It wasn’t until every Dwarf left the hall in the same manner they arrived that the real prank started. Harry rushed up to the staff table as quick as he could knowing that that was the only safe part in the hall.

The smoke that trailed behind the Dwarves kept rising and spreading out until there was a huge multi coloured cloud way about the students so dense you could barely see the day’s sun beaming through. Snape stood up in the aim to disperse the cloud but Dumbledore’s hand on his arm made him sit back down and see what was to take place. This confirmed Harry’s suspicion that Dumbledore loved a little pranking himself.

The cloud became so dense it started raining multi coloured raindrops showering the students soaking them through their school robes. But suddenly the room wasn’t full with students. The Gryfindor tables was full of red stags running round, the Ravenclaw table was covered with what looked like dark blue wolves while the Hufflepuff tables was occupied by florescent yellow dogs. But Harry looked over at the Slytherin table which was crawling with bright green rats. Most the older teachers let it happen after working at Hogwarts you have seen some sights and most just learn to get on with it. Snape looked furious while Dumbledore wasn’t looking at the students he was looking at what was the multi-coloured cloud which had rearranged itself and now spelt the words. “BEWARE FOR THE MARAUDERS NEVER DIE”

Dumbledore leaned across to Harry “This is interesting Harry, I wonder who could of pulled something off like this.” He smirked.

“Well I think it’s obvious sir, nobody else but The Marauder’s could have pulled something off like this.” Harry tried to reply in his most innocent tone.

“Do you think this prank will last all day, it could be dangerous.” Dumbledore indicated to the zoo that was below them, Most of the students had ran, crawled or galloped out of the hall and were running around the castle going crazy.

“Oh no sir. We both know The Marauders would never do something that dangerous I am sure it will wear off any moment now.” Hermione who was listening tapped her wand under the table and sure enough, the animal’s running around the great hall and most of the castle were once again students. However the colour’s had not disappeared and each student was a different colour depending on their house.


The first day back at Hogwarts was always exciting, catching up with old friends, comparing holiday stories and already debating on Quidditch however today was like no other day harry had experienced at Hogwarts. Their little prank at breakfast started a full scale prank war between every student. Whenever a professor wasn’t looking students were hexing each other without a second thought and everyone was taking it in good jest, laughing at themselves while covered in boils or trying to make their legs stop tap dancing.

            Madam Pomfrey had never been so busy but she just gave the student’s a potion and sent them on their way, no rants, no complaining she seemed content with her job and even laughed out loud when Rachel Sturner a second year Hufflepuff came to the Hospital Wing with her head but the rest of her was a turtle.

            Harry had forgotten how much he enjoyed teaching until he was back infront of a class. He was only given the 1st years to teach alone to start with but by July Tonks said he would be teaching 50% of the classes.

“Some of you have come to Hogwarts with previous knowledge, having grown up in a Wizarding family while some only found out they were a witch or wizard 2 months ago.” Harry said to his 1st years. “Some of you will think that this matters and that coming from a Wizarding family matters. Well let me inform those people that they are wrong. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, what is in your blood. Here everyone will be treated the same. I have placed my life in that hands of a Muggleborn and will continue doing so while I find a constant stream of Pureblood’s trying to attack me.” He spared a quick glance at Tonks who was sat at the back of the class who nodded for him to go on “As some of you may know we are in the middle of a war. A group of people seem to think that these ideal’s I mentioned are how we should live. That Muggleborn’s don’t deserve their gifts and have dirty blood. They seem to feel that it is their responsibility to correct this, attempting to take over our Ministry, kill the Muggleborns and use torture, death and plenty of other Dark Art’s to get what they want. In this lesson you will learn to defend yourself from these Dark Art’s. You will learn about magical creatures that may cause you harm and you will learn how to duel. The skills I will teach you will help you fight if the need arises and survive this war.” Harry finished to a group of pale stricken 11 year olds. He and Tonks had spoke about it and agreed that this would be the best way to deal with the first years by being honest and getting straight to the point, some of the Muggleborn’s wouldn’t have known about the war that is raging and it was their responsibility to inform them. Harry was sure that their friend’s would fill them in with everything else as long as they knew the basics.


Harry had gone to meet Hermione in the Runes classroom but was interrupted by Luna coming steeping in front of him on the stair’s. “Harry I have been calling you for the last 3 flights of stairs, you really need to get those Nargles sorted out. Now I suggest you stand naked in a bath of skimmed milk and purple cucumbers and wash yourself Dragon feaces. On a full moon of course otherwise you will just look silly.” Luna said in her usual dreamy voice

“Yes, of course Luna, sorry I was just thinking. What did you want me for?” Harry had learnt along time ago to just nod and agree with Luna however with her eccentricities she is the nicest person Harry had ever met and never takes anything for granted.

“I was just wondering if you are carrying on with Dumbledore’s Army this year. I know you teaching defence is better but it was nice having friends and I figured we could learn what we wouldn’t normally learn in your average lesson.”

“Actually I was but it will be a bit different than last time. I want you and Neville to round up everyone you think is trustworthy and would want to be in the new Army ok? Tonight same time and place.” Harry instructed Luna.

“Ok see you then Professor.” Luna replied and skipped off. Harry just smiled and carried on to Hermione’s classroom but met her at the top of the stairs. She greeted him with a kiss.

“And what was that for Miss Granger?” Harry asked with a cheeky smile on his face and Hermione still in his arms. “It is not acceptable behavior in the corridors and I would expect a Student Professor to know better.”

“Well Professor Potter are you going to give me detention?” Hermione asked with a flirtatious smile and another kiss.

“If you carry on I will do but for now let’s just get to dinner.” Harry said and they walked hand in hand to the Great Hall.

They didn’t part until they got to the staff table and Hermione was given quite a few evil looks from different girls but she ignored them. As Harry took his place Dumbledore leaned over to him with a glint in his eye and a smile on his face.

“Thank you Harry. The Maurader’s little prank today has carried on throughout the day and the students followed example and have been pranking each other all day. It’s been great!” Dumbledore said excitedly to a confused Harry “I never though we could go back to our old ways.” He then went back to his dinner while Harry turned to Tonks never looking more confused in his life. He wasn’t expecting that kind of response.

“In the days when you Dad, Sirius and Remus were at the school today was an average day at Hogwarts, the students loved it and the teachers turned a blind eye while secretly rewarding house points for a particularly good prank. And that’s how it was and then one year I was in my fourth year. Two years after your dad left. It just stopped, the students stopped pranking, the war got more serious and families were pulling their children out of school every week. The last thing we had on our mind was hexing friends. And it had never been the same since. Dumbledore always said we will only ever recover from this war when Hogwarts goes back to them days but I never thought it would be possible until today. Keep this up Harry and you will give Dumbledore his wish.” Tonks explained.

“One day Tonks, maybe not this year. But one day Hogwarts will be the same.”

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