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Everyday by wish right now x
Chapter 2 : Diagon Alley
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I’d been staying at Taylor and Ryan’s for nearly a week now and I still felt a feeling of joy every time I woke up on their uncomfortable couch. Ryan was currently training to become a healer, and when he finally became a healer, he would have be earning enough to buy his family a nice house and be able to afford many new things for Rio at his time in Hogwarts. However, at this current moment, he and Taylor where just getting by with the money he had managed to take out of his trust fund before my parents had completely cut him off.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t eve scrape a single sickle before they closed my trust fund.

Not like I wanted to live off their pure-blood money anyway.

Today, I was taking Taylor and Rio into Diagon Ally, so I could collect some books and other necessary witch stuff.

I strolled into the Leaky Cauldron, with Taylor following closely behind me, clutching Rio to her chest. She’d rarely been in the Leaky Cauldron, being a muggle, so going to Diagon Ally was a scary idea for her. However, she’d soon be coming here almost every year, with Rio, who was sure to be showing signs of magic soon.

I tapped the bricks on the wall with my wand, with Taylor staring on in awe, at something that still seemed so amazing to her eyes. For me, magic wasn’t that fascinating, growing up with it and all. To Taylor, magic was just this crazy new thing.

We strolled down the alley, popping into any shop where there was something that caught my eye. We managed to buy Rio a small present, not much though. He was fascinated by the owls, and I promised myself that I would by him one for his eleventh birthday, when he would get his Hogwarts acceptance letter. A dark brown barn owl with dark eyes stood out to us, although we had to keep Rio away to avoid him being pecked by it.

At around midday, we found ourselves sitting outside Florean Fortescues’ ice cream parlor, read for a quick lunch of ice cream. In the middle of it, Taylor ran to the bathroom with morning sickness, leaving me and Rio on our own.

“Lexi?” A familiar voice called out behind me. I turned to come face to face with Dominique, who was skipping towards me almost surprised to see me.

“Hey Dom!” I smiled, my voice almost wavering. This was the first time I’d seen her since the horrible embarrassing incident at the station last week. She ran forward and leapt into my arms, giving me a bone crushing hug.

‘It’s so good to see you!” She smiled.

‘It’s only been a week Dom” I reminded her.

“Auntie Lexis” Rio asked, reminding me of his presence, “Auntie Lexis, who’s this?’

‘Rio, this is my best friend Dom” I told him in the simplest way I could. “Dom this is my nephew Rio’

‘Ryan’s son?’ She asked, “Hi Rio!’

‘Hi Dom!’ Rio said back, hiding his shy face behind my arm.

‘Lexi, why didn’t you tell me about your family?’ Dom asked. The mood suddenly became tense as the conversation I was dreading came up.

‘Because...they’re crazy! I just didn’t know what you’d think anymore” I admitted, not daring to look Dom in the eye.

‘Well, so are my family! Look at them, they’re not exactly normal’ She reminded me in a caring tone.

‘Yeah but you saw them at the station! And I might as well tell you that they’ve disowned Ryan because his wife Taylor is a muggle’ I told her. “Besides, after the mess they caused at the station we had a huge argument and I moved in with Ryan and Taylor”

“Who are Ryan and Taylor?” Another familiar voice asked me. It was Dominique’s dad, Bill Weasley who was standing next to her mother. Yet her mother only seemed to be focusing on Rio.

‘My brother and sister-in-law’ I told him, smiling as he leaned down to give me a hug.

‘It is nice to zee you Lexi” Fleur told me in her thick french accent. ‘But who is this?” She asked as she smiled at Rio.

“This is my nephew Rio, Ryan’s son” I told her. “Rio say hi to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley”

“So why are you living with your brother now?” Mr. Weasley asked me.

“I had a little fight with my parents at the station and I just needed to get out” I told him.

“Well you know that you’re always welcome at our house” Fleur reminded me.

‘Thank you, but it was late at night and I didn’t really want to intrude” I told her.

“It’s no intrusion, my family seem to be over all the time, whether invited or not’ Bill laughed.

“So that’s where you’ve got to Alexis!” I heard another familiar voice behind me, but this one made me feel almost sick. What was it with everyone recognizing me today? Actually, why was everyone in Diagon Alley today?

‘Morning mum” I told her spitefully.

‘Alexis Susannah, you are coming home right now and you will be starting Dumstrang in September” She said in a commanding tone.

‘I’m happy where I am at the moment so I’d prefer not to come to the house you live in” I stated, ‘and as for the Dumstrang invitation, it is not happening”

‘Really Alexis? You can’t just mooch off of other people forever you know, eventually you will come back to us and live your life the way you’re meant to. As a pure-blood...’

“I don’t know why they call it morning sickness, It happens all day!’ Taylor’s joking voice called out as she wandered out of the bathrooms. She looked around and recognized the sudden crowd that was surrounding her sister-in-law. Her face was confused before turning to a look of sheer disgust when she saw her husband’s mother.

“Kyria. What a pleasant surprise” She greeted mother, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

‘Taylor’ Mother’s vindictive voice spat.

‘So, what’s going on here? From seeing you Kyria I doubt it can be good” Taylor asked, staring my mother down as she tended to Rio, who sensed the tense atmosphere.

‘I was just warning my eldest child that she must return home at once”

‘What about Ryan?” I asked.

“That blood-traitor is no child of mine, and don’t you expect to be if you don’t come home with me now”

“What makes you think that Ryan and I can’t look after Lexi? She’s almost seventeen and that’s when she legally becomes an adult in your world, until then I am perfectly happy to be her guardian” Taylor interrupted.

‘Why would I let you feel her head with all your muggle ideas? She’s a disgrace enough without associating with your kind of people” My cruel mother said.

“Why don’t we do this the easy and fair way?” Bill Weasley finally interrupted, before my mother and Taylor got in a huge fight. In short, Mother hates Taylor for no particular reason but the fact she is a muggle. Also in short, Taylor knows this and has to fight back. She also hates my mother. “Lexi, where do you want to live?”

‘Anywhere but with her!” I answered as quickly as possible, standing as far away as possible from my mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if she grabbed me and tried to apparate me away and kidnap me!

“So it’s decided!” Taylor smiled, “Lexi will stay with Ryan, Rio and I, just as she wishes”

“Alexis” My mother said in a slow, patronizing voice. “You will be coming home with me right now, and you will not be complaining about it”

“You wouldn’t be able to drag me to your house with you kicking and screaming” I spat.

And that was the moment when she slapped me. Right on my face. The sound was so loud the birds fled from the scene and everybody else became silent. I felt my hand come up to my cheek, which I guessed was going redder and redder by the second.

“Trust me Alexis, if you don’t come home right now then it will get a lot worse than that” She hissed.

“Like hell she is leaving with you now” Taylor said, walking infront of me and guarding my body in a protective way.

“She is sixteen and my daughter, and can do whatever the hell I like with her”

“Really Kyria? Because I will take you to court and I will battle you for the right to be her legal guardian” Taylor declared.

“Really? And with what money is this may I ask that you will be able to get a... What is it you revolting muggles call it? A lawyer?” My mother uttered.

“We will find a way” Taylor told her.

“I’m not so sure you will Taylor.” Mother laughed, ‘You’ve been living off Ryan’s trust fund for quite a while now, it was large but I imagine it will run out soon. You have Ryan, Yourself, your son and apparently another baby soon who’s mouth you need to feed. How do you reckon you could afford not only Alexis, but her school fees, and food, and clothes and now her lawyer fees. Just admit that if you take her in you’ll be out of money within a month. But I could take my daughter home and teach her some manners, so she won’t end up associating with your type of people; vermin”

“We’ll pay for the lawyer fees’ Mr. Weasley quickly responded, seeing that Taylor was deeply upset by the truth in her mother-in-laws words, and was running out in quick-witted responses, “And we will take Lexi in if it gets too much for Taylor and Ryan to handle’

‘And how is that suppose to convince me?” My mother cackled.

“Because, Mrs. Moore you know who my family are. You know that if I want to take this to the ministry of magic, I will get this argued and we will win. Lexi can do whatever she likes, and it seems she has already made her decision” Bill smirked whilst my mothers confident smile faded slowly off her face.

“Fine, but this isn’t over for any of you’ My mother said, suddenly apparating away furiously.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Fleur Weasley, Dominique’s mother’ Fleur said, alerting Taylor to the fact that they were still here.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m Taylor Moore, Lexi’s brother’s wife’ She introduced herself.

“Bill Weasley”Bill shook her hand, ‘And I’m guessing this is your son Rio?”

“Yes, of course” She smiled. “Rio are you going to say hello to the Weasleys?”

“Hello” Rio finally said to them, although he was slightly scared about the events that had just taken place.

‘So when are you due?’ Fleur asked Taylor, trying to improve the atmosphere.

‘Oh, December 16th”

“Do you know the gender yet?” Bill asked.

“I’m leaving it as a surprise but honestly I want a little girl this time” She grinned.

“Believe me, I have two girls and one boy, the girls are a lot harder to raise” Bill laughed.

They then got into a long conversation whilst Dom and I ordered ice-creams and sat at a separate table. Dom was questioning me about the events.

“So, your mother honestly threatened to send you to Dumstang after the incident at the station!” Dom asked me shocked.

“Yep” I told her.

“And after a little argument, you just ran?”


“What are you not telling me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that you are missing out an important detail”

“I am not!”

“Five years of friendship, I know when you’re lying”

“Fine, I’m missing out a little detail, lets leave it at that”

“No, tell me Lex, get it off your chest”

“If I do you must promise that you won’t tell anyone” I warned Dom.

“Finally, Now spill!” She demanded.

“Do you promise” I asked nervously.

“Yes I promise”



“She used the Cruciatus curse on me” I whispered.

“She what?!” Dom bellowed causing everyone one to turn and look at us. “Lex that is really serious”

“I know but I just don’t want anything to do with them anymore. Please just don’t tell anyone” I begged.

“But Lexi, do you know how serious an offense that it? Why do you not want to report it, have them arrested?” She asked.

“Theres no real proof”I told her, “Besides, the less I have to speak about it, the less it really happened”

“But it did really happen, you have the experience...” She began.

“And its something that I’d like to forget and not like to talk about” I grunted. “Just don’t tell anyone”

“Even Vicky?” She asked.

“Especially Vicky” I told her. Vicky was Dom’s older sister, Victoire. She was a lovely person, one of the nicest you’d ever meet but she could not keep her mouth closed.


“You guys okay?” Dom’s parents asked as they strolled over towards us.



Dom and I spoke at the same time, our voices dripping with that guilty tone that you could tell we were lying.

“Okay then” Taylor asked, squinting her eyes and looking confused.

“So, what’s up?” I asked them all.

“Well, we were just going to head home.” Fleur said to us, “We’ve been speaking to Taylor and Lexi you are really more than welcome to stay with us. We’d love it in fact!”

“Is it okay if I stay with the Weasley’s Tay?” I asked after a moment, “I promise I’ll be good and I’ll come see you and Rio as often as possible!”

“It’s fine with me, but you know that there is always room for you in the flat” She laughed at mine and Dom’s childlike excitement. “You just need to warn your brother”

“So I can stay with you guys?” I asked, excited. I received a nod from all of the adults around me. Dom and I jumped up with a childlike thrill, excited at hanging out for the whole summer.

Away from Hogwarts, away from the rules, away from my parents....

And James Sirius Potter too if I would be lucky.


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